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AndrewLips on Mar 14, 2011:

hey sheri! this may seem a little strange but can you remember what dvd i sent you on the DVD(region1)/CD Swap?? was it the designated mourner?? xx

acescorcio on Aug 11, 2010:

Hi! Im your sender partner on I´m a bloger follow me Swap from Swap Bot, I visited and comment your blog on July 26u, please, rate me ! Thank you!

Annette on Aug 1, 2010:


Would you like to do a one on one CD themed swap with me?

jojoanna on Jul 25, 2010:

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I am now following your blog and added a link to your blog on my blog http://a-peachy-life.blogspot.com/

Also, I left a comment but I am not 100% if it went through or not. Please let me know if it didnt go through.

CuppieCake on Jul 22, 2010:

Sent the swap Be my blog follower on Blogger (I mght have put the wrong swap name when I wrote)

currentlyautumn on Mar 23, 2010:

i quit swapbot for awhile, but i'm sort of back. i just forgot to thank you for angel-ing the dollar store swap for me. i really appreciate it! so thoughtful and kind of you. thanks again!

JudyP on Dec 14, 2009:

Hi Sheri- I was just wondering if you got the CD and DVD i sent for the CVC/CD Swap? It's been a couple of weeks since I sent but the USPS isn't letting me track it for some reason...

AndrewLips on Sep 30, 2009:

another thang..how do you get pictures on your profile..like the nirvana one? x

AndrewLips on Sep 30, 2009:

i remember your mix cd. it had I was born a Unicorn on it which i fell in love with! i think i mention it in my swapbot video on youtube . x

Starberrie on Sep 4, 2009:

Please check out the new swap! HG

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