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About Me

Hello friends!

I live with my hubby and two toddlers in Canada along the shore of the Great Lakes. We're so close to the water I can hear the waves when our windows are open, with a quick walk to our beach access I can see if the water conditions are optimal for a flatwater paddle or a surf session. I have a science degree in Biology. I work as a Naturalist leading nature walks and talks. I also perform data collection and other fieldwork on the different species and ecosystems within the park I work at.

I love being outside. Hiking and biking through any green space makes me happy. I adore the lake and I am so incredibly grateful to live right beside it. During the summer I'm swimming in it constantly with friends and family. My favourite outdoor recreational activity is paddle boarding. I've been canoeing since I was a small child, and I'm a certified canoe instructor. Yoga is something I've enjoyed on and off for years. I love the natural world and being immersed in it. So anything nature or outdoor themed is a safe bet with me! 🌿

Favourite Crafts

I've always enjoyed doing creative things. It is really fun sharing my crafty creations with others here. I bound my current sketchbook myself, which was super fun. Recently I learned what junk journaling was, so my sketchbook now has a bit of that going on, not a full on junk journal, but lots of scraps, stickers, tags, and washi added into it.

When I paint I mainly do illustrations with watercolour, but I sketch too. When I want to do an illustration without having to wait for paint layers to dry I colour with alcohol based markers. Usually I draw things from nature, and people. I adore combining those two things to make ethereal being, like mermaids, fairies, or goddesses.

Nudity does not offend me, especially in art.

Favourite Animation

'My Neighbour Totoro' - I adore this movie, the music, the story, the animation, gorgeous! Let me tell you, man is it handy having a toddler friendly movie as my favourite. I can watch it over and over and never get tired. I'm a fan of other Studio Ghibli films as well. 'Tangled' and other Disney films/fairy tales.

'Avatar the Last Airbender' is an animated series that makes me happy. 'Fullmetal Alcamist' (the original and brotherhood) is my favourite anime. These series have a spectacular story with phenomenal characters and character development. Another anime with an epic story is 'Code Geass,' whoo that ending! Gettin' chills now just thinking about it. Highly recommend.

A very new addition to the list is the Netflix original 'Arcane,' based off the 'League of Legends' video game. The storytelling! I can't even, I'm so in love with this series. Imagine Dragons did the opening song, which is amazing.

Favourite Video Games

I consider myself a casual gamer, espicaly now since I'm a mother of small children with little time and I'm not very good, but a gamer nonetheless.

I have to talk about my love affair with Pokemon, the infatuation is decades old. I've been playing it since the very beginning and have played every single one of the mainstream games since. Pokemon doodles often make their way into my sketchbook. I'm also into the trading card game, my husband and I do that together. We're very much looking forward to when our sons can play it with us.

If a video game has beautiful art I'm drawn to it. 'Ori in the Blind Forest' is absolutely stunning. Same with 'Zelda Breath of the Wild,' the world is gorgeous. 'Final Fantasy' has spectacular character design.


A - adventure, art, animation, autumn, amphibians, astrology

B - biology, botany, beetles, bats, butterflies, birds, beaches, biking, bookbinding

C - cards, crafts, cactus, caterpillars, cicadas, canoeing, campfires, cottages, character design

D - daydreaming, dragonflies, dragons, dendrology

E - envelopes, evening, elves, ecology, entomology, evolution

F - forests, ferns, florals, fossils, fish, frogs, foxes, fireflies, fairies, fantasy

G - greenhouses, gemstones, geodes, glaciers, geology, Greek mythology

H - hiking, handmade, hummingbirds, herons, herpetology

I - illustration, insects, ichthyology

J - journeys, jellyfish, journals and journaling

K - kitsunes, kingfishers, kayaking

L - letters, lakes, leaves, lichens

M - mermaids, mountains, mushrooms, moon, moths, moss, meadows, meteorology

N - nature, newts, narwhals, northern lights, night

O - outdoors, octopus, owls, otters, oceans, ornithology

P - pinecones, plants, Polaroids, photos, paper, painting, paddleboardling, picnics, Pokemon

Q - quests, quiet

R - rivers, rain, reptiles, ravens, relaxing, reading

S - stickers, stationary, spring, snow, snakes, sharks, stingrays, salamanders, streams, snorkeling, surfing

T - trees, travel, tea, turtles, toads, tundra, Totoro

U - underwater, universe

V - vines, villages, video games

W - whales, winter, waves, waterfalls, woodpeckers, wildflowers, writing, washi

X - eXploring

Y - yoga, yarn

Z - zentangles, zines, zoos

Favourite colours - blues, greens, purples, soft pinks, pastels, earthy tones

Thank you for reading 😄


IsaArt rated for Pokemon Letter and Cards on May 25, 2022
Comment: I love Applin and Appletun! Thanks so much for the letter, cards, and bonus print!
Response: Yay! I'm so glad, I really like them to. This was a super fun swap and letter to write
suepier rated for Pretty Writing on Pretty Paper #8 on May 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the nice letter that you wrote to me on the pretty paper. You have beautiful handwriting and I really liked reading about your goal about your yard.
Response: Thank you! I always think it's hard to read
Comment: Paddleboarding sounds fun, never been! Spending time by the lake sounds lovely~
Response: I've been spoiled living so close to the lake 🤙
petitzouzou rated for The Days of My Life - March on Apr 19, 2022
Comment: Thankyou to share your March month !
Response: 👍
Poohtat rated for VF: Mushroom Fun - INT on Apr 19, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the lovely mushroom goodies. The stationary is so cute. Happy Swapping
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you like the stationary. It is so cute!
CindyE rated for Decorated Envie and Note #13 on Apr 12, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the bird envelope and note. I’ve seen a Puffin but in Newfoundland, not here. Our Red-winged blackbirds and Grackles are returning too, along with other migrating birds.
Response: Puffins are such cool birds, I'd love to see one in person
Comment: This letter was beautiful
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun with this one 😄
Comment: Thank you so much for the letter!
Response: You're welcome, it was fun to write in cursive for a bit
SunflowerRose rated for Wanna be PenPals? on Mar 1, 2022
Comment: Ill be writing back soon
Response: Sounds good 👍
Comment: Thanks for the lovely letter, lovely embellished envelope, stamped and wax sealed. Lovely
Response: You're welcome! I've really gotten into the wax seals recently
kizzlets rated for Fun with MailArt #2 on Dec 22, 2021
Comment: Beautifully crafted envelope! I masterfully and successfully saved your wax seal! haha
Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! Definitely one of my favourite decorated envelopes I've done
laterdayze rated for Decorated Envie and Note #12 on Dec 9, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cardinal on the envelope. Yes, we do get Cardinals in our yard too and I love then so much, so beautiful :)
Response: One of my favorite birds to see in the winter, they look so striking against some snow ❄ Glad you liked the envelope!
AmySue2 rated for A Happy Wish With A Fairy Flip on Dec 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much! This swap was so cute. I do love the pink and brown and I loved everything you sent!
Response: Good, I'm so glad you liked it! It was a very fun swap.
Kraftylady777 rated for Put a surprise on! #april2021 on Sep 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter and all the goodies! I will write back as soon as possible! 🥰
Response: You're welcome, glad you liked them
Comment: Thank you for the letter! I'll be writing back soon <3
Response: You're welcome
Comment: Thanks so much for your lovely letter! I love your stationary and the way you decorated the envelope, and your house sounds amazing 🥰 I’ll write back to you right now!
Response: So glad you liked it! I definitely have a thing for stationary haha 😄
Apelser rated for Positive Postcard Swap #5 (PPS5) on Jun 27, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. I love the quote.
Response: You're welcome, glad you liked it
theprairiemailbox rated for Summer Themed Envelope #1 on Jun 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely envelope and goodies! Happy summer!
Response: You're welcome! Happy summer to you too 😄
Fuchsi rated for Decorated Envie & Note #2 on Jun 20, 2021
Comment: Hello Mabel and thanks for the wonderful decorated envelope! ^.^ It's beautiful. My favourite Avatar-character... I like Zuko and Iroh, but my favourite is probably Aang himself. XD Have a wonderful day! Yours, Maxi
Response: There are so many good characters in that show! I like Iroh and Zuko a lot too.

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