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/!\ Important update ! /!\ Due to current uncontrollable circumstances I have to take a break from SB, I will send everything I have to send but there will be dead lines passed, I’m so so so sorry for the inconvenience ! Trust me, if I could I would send everything in time and wouldn’t take a break … You know, life really sucks sometimes ! I will also rate everything asap when received, please bear with me, and again I’m so sorry for the inconvenience ! I hope I’ll be back soon ! Take care ❤️


My name is Laure, I am a caregiver, working in a nursing home specialized for people with Alzheimer and other senile dementias. And I love my job ! If you work in a social/ medical field, I’d like to know what made you choose this path and what you like/hate about it !

I live in Marseille, south of France, with my rescued dog, Lucky, a 9 years old English setter (his estimated birthday is 12 march 2015) . I’m originally from Switzerland and I absolutely love cows (of course I love all animals as well).

I love sending / receiving postcards and letters since forever ! I am on Postcrossing of course, and the limitations there are so frustrating ! I want to send more and receive more mail !

My dad recently passed away (cancer, I’m 100% ok talking about it if it’s something you’d like to discuss) and was a huge postcard collector, so now I have way too many postcards waiting to be sent all over the world and I absolutely can’t restrain myself from buying every postcards I see so the collection is growing ! I need to send everything !

When I don’t work, I spend my time walking my dog and exploring the world with him, he loves to hunt butterflies (don’t worry he never catches any) and he’s the best at cuddles and being dumb cute. I adopted him in September 2021 so he was already almost 7 years old and i have no idea what was his life before his rescue. But it must haven’t been lots of fun.

If you have or used to have a pet, please tell me everything about it ! I love stories of connection between humans and animals so much.

My mother in law is a big stamps collector so I give her every stamps I get on enveloppes for her birthday & for Christmas and she is always so happy (she lost her collection a few year ago in an inundation). She’s the cutest.

I collect washi samples so I’m always happy to see them as extras ! I try to fill a big journal with every washi tapes ever (yes this is impossible but it doesn’t matter !)


  • Animals, especially cows and dogs, but I love them all really (not a big fan of birds tho, except howls and little birds such as robin) (PS: I do not count farm birds as birds, so yes I love chickens, peacocks, turkey, pigeons and all these !)

  • Botanical, I love plants as well, not only flowers but everything from trees to vegetables, favorite flowers are edelweiss and pansy

  • Calligraphy, I like looking at your beautiful writings, but I’m bad at it lol

  • Death, ok that sounds weird, but I’m interested in it’s representation through the years and cultures

  • English Setters, of course my favorite dog breed !

  • Fall is my favorite season, so anything related

  • Green and Blue (and everything in between) are my favorite colors, I also like purple and silver

  • History, true historical events or totally fictional tales, I love both !

  • Insects, especially butterflies, but I kinda like them all (in pictures and drawings ! I’m scared to death of real life centipedes)

  • Just postcards, my first snail mail love

  • Kamchatka (random but I needed a k and this place is so beautifully stunning)

  • Letter paper, latest stationery addiction, but I love a beautiful letter paper and it’s not that easy to find (especially with assorted envelopes)

  • Medical stuff, anatomy, human and animal, especially comparative anatomy

  • Nature, especially mountain and sea

  • Old things, whatever how old, from prehistoric to yesterday

  • Polaroids and analog photography

  • Questions ! Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I’m really open minded and will be glad to answer !

  • Russian things, I’ve been studying Russian for a while now and start understanding and being able to read easy sentences, I love all former Soviet countries as well and hope to go visit some days (I know it may sound weird due to current events, but I’ve had this interest ever since I was a child, no idea why)

  • Stickers, I’m addicted to stickers omg, this is a serious addiction problem, I also like washi tapes

  • Taxidermy and other bizarre things you could find in a Cabinet of curiosity

  • Tea, I love tea ! My favorites ’green and blue tea, but I drink black and white tea as well and love herbal infusions ! Nothing too artificial tho, and I have a irrational disgust for rooibos

  • Utopies, I wish the world was a safe space for everyone

  • Veggies, I’m mostly an herbivore, I only hunt mushrooms and always bring zucchinis and eggplants when I’m invited to a BBQ



let me know if you have any problem with my swaps, I will be glad to resent to you and will never rate anything other than 5 without discussing it first with the person. Please do the same.

Post service in France is SO SLOW even a snail would be more fast ! And we have so many strikes and protest all the time here (especially February / March / April / May 2023, …), let’s just be patient !

Thank you so much for reading all this ! See you soon in my mailbox ! Have a beautiful day !

Bonne journée !


mejulia rated for PTG: Unwanted Postcard on Jul 2, 2024
Barbara rated for Free Advert Postcard Intern. #2 on Jun 22, 2024
kiyasu rated for Let's Brag! #3 on Jun 21, 2024
Comment: I know your mail has a tendency to take more than a month to reach me and even one time your French postal service had to put a plastic bag over an incident that happened to your envelope (but in the end I still safely received your mail), which is why I waited extra long, but then today I am surprised to find you're actually suspended from Swap-bot with Ones and a bunch of overdue swaps, and that you actually last signed in on April 22nd :'( You marked this "Let's Brag! #3" swap as "Sent" on April 9th, and now looking at your profile, I'm starting to wonder if you actually never sent me anything this time around :'( And all this time I thought it was your usual very slow mail... I think I may have to first rate you a 1 but I will change it to a 5 if I ever receive your swap. Also messaged you as well. Hope things work out for you. ~Kiyasu
susieq11 rated for IFM: Make a List #8-Tea on Jun 20, 2024
Comment: I never received this swap. I’ll change the rating once I do. Hope you are ok.
susieq11 rated for PTG: Touristy Postcard on Jun 20, 2024
Comment: Laure, I hope you’re ok. I will change this rating when I receive the postcard. I hope you’ve received the swaps I sent you months ago too. Please get in touch when you can.
ultracinematik rated for Happy Mail #4 on Jun 8, 2024
Comment: Hope things turn around and you come back to swapping. I enjoyed your swaps. Will change rating if received. Take care.
anicka22 rated for IFM: Touristy Postcard on Jun 8, 2024
Comment: I will, of course , rerate if I receive something and hope everything is all right
Comment: never sent, no communication, hasn't been on SB for 2 months. :(
Stampalia rated for CPG: Kind or Kid Postcard Global on Jun 6, 2024
Comment: I never got this swap. I will re-rate if I recieve anything.
LadyJo rated for CPG Joyful or Japan Postcard Global on Jun 6, 2024
Comment: I never received this or heard from you!
Comment: thank you :)
craftynut rated for Ugly PC Swap #81 on May 17, 2024
Comment: Sorry to read that you are having difficulties at the moment. Don’t worry about this swap. Sometimes there are other matters much more important.
Comment: everytime I receive a delightful swap from you, I thank my lucky swap-bot algorithm stars that I got paired with you! Everything you send is so lovely, from the way you decorate the envelope to the card and tuck ins you choose, to the cheerful notes you write (with assistance from Lucky)! Thank you for sharing some of the postcards and ephemera you collected on your trip- I feel I got to experience a little of it through you! Hugs to you and Lucky! .
Comment: Thank you! I did enjoy your postcard selections, Laure :)
Comment: Thank you for the generous selection of postcards you chose. I'm delighted with each and every one of them. Lovely seal on your envie too! Happy days, and may we meet in the mail again soon.
young46356 rated for WIYM: FLAG POSTCARD SWAP #4 on May 11, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the flag postcard. I hope you and Lucky are doing well. Best wishes, Richard
Comment: Thank you for beautiful butterfly card - the dried flowers are beautiful
Comment: A lovely postcard and reccomendation! <3 Thanks so much
vontakk rated for Greetings from my Country PC #2 on May 6, 2024
Comment: I absolutely LOVED this! Thanks so much! Sorry it took me so long to rate, we had a death in the family.
redyellownow rated for SSM: QSCP #70 on May 4, 2024
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely card and fun/sparkly decorations. Truly a treat for me to see. Happy Day to you!

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MuggleMom on Mar 24, 2024:

Our bdays are one day apart! No wonder we are both so funny!!



Rainydancer on Feb 24, 2024:

Welcome to Sunshine Swaps!

chimerix on Nov 16, 2023:

I just got your original bloody PC for the Funny sh!t swap. Thank you for sending it to me. It is great! Aloha

scrappermama on Nov 14, 2023:

TY very much for the re-send of ravens & crows. You really didn't need to do that BUT it is much appreciated! Happy holidays friend!!

shiggy on Apr 3, 2023:

Partner Based Profile Deco ❤️

Have a lovely day!

llamamail on Apr 2, 2023:

Hi Laure, this is for the swap Partner Based Profile Deco 🥳
I've never seen edelweiss flowers in nature but they always remind me of Sound of Music 🎶💖
Wishing you a happy spring! 🌸

blue butterflies

two cows dancing



ElisaMarcuz on Mar 31, 2023:

Partner Based Profile Deco ❤️


i hope you like these images!!


Ace330660 on Mar 26, 2023:

"Thanks for swapping"

mchesser12 on Mar 23, 2023:

3rd picture... sorry, I hit "leave comment" too quickly

mchesser12 on Mar 23, 2023:

for: International Waffle Day Profile Deco

I am a purist when it comes to waffle toppings - just syrup. If I was to add any toppings, my top two choices are strawberries and cooked apples. My dad makes the BEST waffles and, as an adult, I still ask for him to make them.


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