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IMPORTANT: When sending items to the Philippines, please avoid declaring at customs. Packages, parcels, or even just envelopes with the customs sticker are taxed (service fee) here in my country, even if they are sent as gifts. We have to pay quite a large sum (compared to the value of the package) to receive the mail.

I am sending swaps through my country's ordinary postal service which will take several weeks (the longest was 63 days!) for it to arrive at your country. Unfortunately, this service does not offer any tracking number but I will be happy to send another package if you don't receive what I have sent after a month. Please send me a message and let me know first before giving me a negative rating!

Hi! I am Diane or @poppypaper on Instagram. I'm from the capital city of the Philippines, Manila.

About me:

  • I love to travel and to see things with my own eyes which is why I’m not a very big fan of photography or tourist/view postcards. I especially love traveling to Japan! I try to travel to Japan at least once a year and would like to live and work there someday.

  • I am in love with all cute things in general! I love kawaii characters (current faves are Little Twin Stars and Korilakkuma), Disney, cute food, and illustrated rabbits. SEND ME SOMETHING KAWAII AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER❤️

  • I am a huge Disney fan and have been to all the Disneyland parks in the world. My favorite is the one in Tokyo! I haven’t been to Walt Disney World though so it is a big dream of mine to be able to go there. Although I love Disney, I’m not that much of a fan of Pixar, Marvel, and Starwars.

  • Aside from collecting postcards, stationery and snail mail, another hobby of mine is baking. A couple years ago, I decided to study pastry arts on the side and got my 2nd diploma.

  • I am a huge fan of bargain hunting! The thrill of buying something at the lowest price possible just excites me! Here in the Philippines, we have Japanese Surplus Shops. Those are my faves! They look like thrift shops but all of their items are used items from Japan! They offer a wide range of products, from furniture, tableware, clothing, to stationery. I've found a lot of great finds from those types of stores.

  • Do you know the show Extreme Couponing? I think I would be really good at it, if only coupons were available in the Philippines...

  • I drink coffee or tea at least once a day. My favorite kind is fruity tea and anything sweet-flavored like vanilla and caramel. I am not a big fan of herb tea as I would rather eat herbs than drink them. I like chai too! I love cute tea bag packaging (like Karel Capek) and am thinking of starting a tea journal soon. *April 2019 update: I finally started my tea journal!

  • I am pescatarian! This means I don’t eat beef, chicken, pork, and other similar meat, except for seafood. I do eat dairy and eggs, still!

  • I studied Mandarin in Beijing for a few months in 2019 so if you know how to write in Chinese, please do so! I would love to practice/ review my skills!

  • I started my postcard collection in September 2017, when I joined Swapbot.

Can't wait to swap with you!



  • white, cream, pink, pastels
  • Korean illustrator stickers and memos (eg. manet story, creme bonbon, ddoja0325, etc.)
  • letter sets, note pads, postcards
  • washi tape (without words)
  • kawaii from Japan
  • Koupen-chan
  • Upcheeka
  • Papier Platz - Yoko
  • Sanrio/ San-X (My current favorites are: Little Twin Stars, Korilakkuma, Bonbonribbon, Mewkledreamy, Wish me Mell, or any character with food)
  • Karel Capek tea and postcards
  • illustrated bears, penguins, rabbits (eg. Maruco & Momi rabbits), etc.
  • Disney (Pixar, Marvel, Starwars not so much)
  • Disney Store Japan 25th Annniversary Postcards
  • kawaii/ Disney Japan Merch
  • vintage or kawaii Winnie the Pooh
  • classic Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse Club (not clubhouse)
  • Rapunzel from Tangled
  • Wonderground Gallery
  • stationery/ postcards with food illustrations, for example: characters dressed as food or characters eating food, characters sitting on top of giant food, etc.
  • lemons, honey, picnics
  • couple illustrations
  • children's books illustrations
  • cookery postcards from Penguin


Please avoid sending me...

  • journal/ scrapbook/ planner items
  • reward stickers/ kiddie stickers/ planner stickers
  • neon and dark colors
  • horror, halloween, goth, skulls, skeletons, bats, zombies, demons, horns, etc.
  • kpop, video games, celebrities, random movies
  • currency or religious items
  • space/ galaxy (except kawaii)
  • glitters, holo, and sequins
  • photography
  • keep calm series or cards with words
  • kiddie cartoons like Spongebob, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, Looney Toons, etc.
  • adult cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick and Morty



  • I prefer illustrations, drawings, sketches, cartoons, over photography.
  • I prefer postcards written with a fake/ small value stamp, in an envelope (I will not rate down if swap requires it to be written and stamped and you send it in an envelope)
  • I have Disney postcard box sets so I prefer not to receive those
  • I collect Tangled lantern scenes (I already have all from the Art of Disney sets)
  • I like receiving illustrated postcards of your country's local/ native delicacies
  • Please avoid sending me anything touristy/ country/ city/ state-related (unless it's a food card or if it's a swap requirement).


Special Request

I used to work as the Product Manager for Philately at the Philippine Postal Corp. During that time, I started a mail and postage stamp seminar which is still ongoing up til now, thanks to my colleagues. In this seminar, we teach internal officers and also interested participants about modern philately and mail, including swapbot and postcrossing. We give out used postcards and used stamps as examples to the participants. If you are looking for a new home for your used postcards and stamps, please don’t hesitate to send them to me and I will gladly pass them on to my old teammates at the post office :)


Comment: Hi Diane, Thank you for the fun recipepostcard you sent. I have never had Palmelo but will look for it in my local Asian market. One never knows what is available there with fruit is in season. I will be trying the recipe with a blood orange here which may be as close as I can get. It is not a sweeet as a orange. Enjoy the day! Demaris
Comment: Yay!!! I finally arrived and in pristine order! I love, love, love the tiny pooh stickers you used to decorate the back. To answer your very neatly written question about my favorite Pooh version, I like the Disney one (with his red shirt) because the legend goes that Mickey gave Pooh his shirt so his friend wouldn’t be cold in winter! 😉 There’s a cute poster of it on Pinterest...
Response: I’m so relieved that it finally found you after 2 months! I saw the Pooh and Mickey story and it's so sweet. Thanks for telling me about it ☺️
Comment: Thank you so much, the card and the stamp are both wonderful! Wish you a very special year!
Comment: Very nice card that fits my profile! Thank you!
Comment: Thank you and merry christmas 🎄🎁
Comment: Thank you for your cute postcard! Coffee-wise we're opposites LOL: I can't stand it black and drink it with plant-based milk and sweetener :-D Happy holidays!
Comment: Thank you Diane for the cute meetingcard. I've never been to that big meetups, but I've been to a few, always great to share similair interests. Have a lovely day!
Comment: Thank you Diane, A lovely postcard with a theme that fits me very well. I usually watch all of the Harry Potter movies on my Christmas brake. This year most likely will not be an exception.
Comment: Thanks for the orchid postcard and hibiscus stamps.❤ You have beautiful handwriting. If you haven't tried a snake plant (aka sansevieria) or zz plant, give one of them a shot. They both can be across the room from windows (low light) and only need water every 2-4 weeks in my house.🙂
Response: Thank you for the suggestions! I might give the zz plant a shot if I can find one here :)
Comment: Omg I loooooved everything you sent me! Thank you so much♡ P.S I love mitarashi dango!!
Response: So glad you liked it! Hope to see you again in a future Kawaii SSS swap. and I’m so happy to find fellow mitarashi dango lover!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card! Your handwriting is exquisite. I would love to see a volcano in person someday, you are lucky to have seen one!
Response: I hope that you would be able to see one! It was a magnificent sight! I've been to the Mayon volcano twice. The first time I went there, me and my friends rode ATVs and explored its lava trails. The second time, we hiked up the volcano and when we were nearing the highest possible viewing point, it started spewing out ash and lava! We had to quickly turn around and retreat :))
Comment: Such a cool postcard and very personalized for me! Thank you!
Comment: Hi Diane Thank you so much for the Philippine Orchid flower PC. The flower postage stamps are really beautiful. Here it is the last month of 2019 Happy December swapping peace love light
circlebfarms10 rated for 📬 Postcard penpals 📬 on Nov 18, 2019
Comment: Hello !! Almost Thanksgiving here. Love the holiday! Family, laughter, memories, Turkey n stuffing.... what's not to love!! Id love to work at the post office! Have a great week
shellbee8 rated for Disney swap!! on Nov 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you for a great swap! I loved the memo sheets and stickers! I ironically have only been to the disney world in florida!
Response: Update: so glad that the envelope finally arrived :) Hello! May I know why I was rated a 1 for this swap? Did you not receive what I sent? You didn’t send me a message before rating me. Thanks!
Comment: Thank you dear <3 I replied to your letter
Comment: Thanks for the great memos!
Comment: The postcard you sent is officially the cutest I've ever received! 💕It is the exact kind of picture I like. Really love everything about it down to your decorations! Your writing is super neat by the way 😃 I'm really lucky to have had you as a partner ✨ Thank you so much and take care!
Comment: Thanks for the coffee and bagel card you sent me! I really love plain white coffee and iced vanilla latte :)

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fabiana962828 on Nov 7, 2019:

Hi Diane. I'm Fabiana I would like to send a Pen pal postcard Give me your address A big hug Fabiana

ILoVeCoWs on Sep 5, 2019:

Hope you enjoy them :) Deco profile kawaii The Little twin stars

ILoVeCoWs on Sep 5, 2019:

ILoVeCoWs on Sep 5, 2019:

Babycakesxo on Sep 5, 2019:

Deco profile kawaii The Little twin stars


tentmari on Aug 14, 2019:

Happy Profile- Disney

Here are some of my favorite Disney characters.


Dory (Finding Nemo)

Pascal (Tangled)

AlfiahKhaier on Aug 11, 2019:

Cute profile #5

Hug from. Me

Kirkdebb on Aug 11, 2019:

Cute Profile #5 Swap

nancylee on Aug 9, 2019:

Happy Profile- Disney

LoveThis on Feb 8, 2018:

my card just comeback home, thankyou very very much for the amazing decorated card :)

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