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Date Joined: April 17, 2019
Last Online: August 4, 2020
Birthday: March 17
Country: United States
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About Me

Updated as of: 8/2/2020

Isaias is no longer a hurricane, just a tropical storm! “Yay” for good people’s prayers and good vibes! Just in case all the rain still causes some delays in postal services, I am continuing with today’s creative endeavors to complete all my active swaps for mailing out tomorrow!

Thanks for understanding——————

I send swaps on-time, if not early! Partner/Coordinator communication will take place should this status change for any reason.


Please message if you’re missing mail from me!

I learned that our regular mail carrier has reduced her hours due to health concerns. She has been stellar! I 💙 Ms. Penny! Anyway, she now delivers 3 days a week, and the annex that services our mail has been dividing the other days amongst temporary employees. Many of them are so new that they don’t use the scanners correctly & I’ve had “delivery confirmation” text messages sent to me while I am sitting in the living room! Doorbell never rang. No one is even in my front yard, let alone at my mailbox! It’s weird! Point being, this has led to some strange mailing adventures since the pandemic began!

US swaps that are time-intensive and/or value $10+ USD will be sent flat-rate with tracking (I have prepaid USPS boxes/envies). I try to avoid going to the Post Office unless it’s to use the self-service kiosk at midnight, when no one’s there!

🌺Aloha!🌺 My name is Harmony Joy🎶🎵

Yes, my biological parents are hippies. I am a Berkeley ☮️-born and California foster-system-raised “love-child”, who currently lives on the other side of the nation. I have been married since 2009, and we have three children (2 daughters, 1 son). Being “Mama Bear” is my favorite part of life, and I literally enjoy 💙 Mother’s Day more than my own birthday!🎁 In other words, no matter how it’s spelled (mama/momma) I love my kids & I 💙 my “job”. That includes ALL my animals too! 😉

🐾 Our current fur-family consists of 2 canine rescues: Kyna (a Rhodesian Ridgeback & Basenji mix) and Ella (a Black Labrador & Pointer mix), plus a Pit-bull "grand-dog" named Luna, and a American brown-tabby “grand cat” named Maximus 🐾

My OHANA means everything to me.

Besides my “V.I.Peeps”, I also enjoy many HOBBIES:

  • (indoor) Pressed Flower Craft (oshibana), Card-making, Coloring, Painting, Paper-making/marbling, Pottery, Genealogy, Crocheting, Face-painting, Dancing, Reading, Weaving, Watching Movies, DIY, Sewing, Smash/Scrap-booking, and Art-Journaling (I own a Sizzix Big Shot Plus, Portable Tim Holtz Sidekick, & The Cricut Explore Air2)

  • (outdoor) Hiking, Scouting, Shooting, Thrift/Yard Sale or Estate Shopping, Horseback Riding, Rollerblading, Kayaking & Swimming

  • My current collections include: Philately (postal stamp), Numismatics (currency), Deltiology (postcard), and Cartophilia (trading card) to include ALL sizes & shapes of the 7-of-❤️’s playing card!

  • I enjoy listening to audiobooks & many different genres of music depending on my mood. My go-to genres are usually alternative & reggae. I have an all-in-one Radio/CD/Cassette Tape/Record Player in my craft-room, and I 🖤 my vintage vinyl! I like to listen to MUSIC nearly all the time, and if not, there’s usually a tune in my head!

  • I am most comfortable at the OCEAN where I can lose all sense of time hunting for SEA GLASS, smooth rocks, tiny shells, and sea beans {the ones called “hamburgers” are my favorite and I have several to share with others! If interested (USA only), message me w/subject line: “Sea Bean”}
  • I also enjoy spending quality time at libraries, museums, art galleries, or ceramic studios. This is because I REALLY enjoy learning, folk art & handicrafts.
  • In my youth, I enjoyed traveling the Americas alone and spent time living in Chile as a foreign exchange student! Now, I prefer to travel in good company, whenever possible. However, most my traveling has been vicariously via postcards recently!

I 💜 snail 🐌 mail! 💌

  • When handwriting, PLEASE PRINT as I have difficulty reading some cursive penmanship.

Neatly written is seldom any problem for me to read though! I’ve just gotten some mail recently that I cannot make out what it says, and if my name isn’t anywhere on it, to the recycle bin it goes. I save good correspondence to re-read when I’m reminiscing though! So, any swaps that call for letters are also welcome to be typed, if you prefer!

Some A to Z’s of Me!

A: Autobots, Avatar-The Last Airbender, ATCs & APCs

(ATC Theme’s I 💙: Star Wars/Disney & Sea Turtles! A big Mahalo @captkristi for surprising me with a beautifully HD/HP Sea Turtle ATC! I admire it often & it always makes me smile inside and out!

B: Bears (Polar, Grizzly, Black, & Giant Panda) 🐼,💙 Blue (esp cobalt & navy), & Bald 🦅 Eagles

C: Celtic Heritage, Cinnamon Tea/Toothpicks, & Classic Mickey (esp Steam Boat Willie)

D: Daffodils, Drum Lines🥁, & Daiso Stores (esp the stationery! We don’t have any stores yet. Sigh.)

E: Earth 🌎, Elvis Presley, Eeyore, & Emerald Green💚

F: Friesian Horses (above; NOTE the characteristically long, wavy mane and tail), Fern Fronds, Fleur-de-lis ⚜️ & Frangipani (plumeria flowers)

G: Groot, Guitar Picks, The Goonies & Gryffinpuffs (I’m a Hogwart House Hybrid!) 😉

H: 🐾Huskies 🐾, Hula (esp Kahiko), 💕Heart-shapes (esp in nature), Hibiscus, & Harmony Bear (purple Care Bear below)

I: Ireland, Icebergs, & Incredible Hulk

J: Juke Boxes, Jade Green Stone💚, 🏀Jordan #23, & ⚾️Jeter NYY #2

K: Koi Fish, Kiwi 🥝 Fruit, & Koru Loops (like this one)

L: Leaf Rubbings, Lucille Ball, LEGO’s, & Levi’s

M: Marilyn Monroe, Music Notes, Sheet Music🎼, Mulan, Moana, Merida, Monarch Butterflies 🦋 (my family and I released these at our wedding - it was magical!), & Maple syrup/leaves 🍁

N: Norman Rockwell Art, Narnia Chronicles, & Notes w/my Name on them 😉

O: Orcas, 🦦 Otters, & Optimus Prime

P: Paddington Bear, Punky Brewster, Princess Bride, & 💜Purple (esp deep, dark shades) Q: Quail (above) & Quotes ( I collect positiveness to refer to when I need a morale boost!)

R: 🌈 ROYGBIV (spectrums-in-nature), Return of the Jedi & Redwood Trees (below)

S: ☘️ Shamrocks, Smokey the Bear, & Sea Turtles

T: Tigger, Tie-dye, & Tribal Tattoos

U: Ukulele,☂Umbrellas (esp oil-paper wagasa) , & Uniformed Personnel

V: VW buses/bugs, Valkyrie, & Vintageitis!


W: Wolves, & Wyland Art (below)

X: Xylophones, X-rays, & Xeruses 🐿

Y: ☯️ Yin-Yang Symbols, Yoda & The Child

Z: Zebras 🦓, Zines & Zentangle

Thank YOU for thinking of me!

Postcard Faves!

  • Pin-ups (esp Bunny Yeager’s Art)
  • Post Office Buildings
  • Mailboxes
  • Giant TREES 🌲
  • Large-Letter
  • VW Buses
  • License Plate, Graffiti/Street Art
  • In-N-Out Burger Postcards have become my new obsession b/c they remind me of HOME!
  • B&W Photography of:
    • People Dancing
    • Close-ups of Hands, Feet, or Paws
    • Vintage Hats, Boots, or Instruments
    • Abandoned Trains, Trucks, or Cars
    • Old Books, Typewriters, or Globes
    • Saturday Evening Post, LIFE or TIME
    • Pacific Islands & Polynesian Culture

I Pledge to Rate

Hakuna Matata!

  • I genuinely enjoy sharing with others!
  • I also consciously avoid negativity!

200+=Good Vibes! 🤙🏽

  • Having been diagnosed with the autoimmune thyroid disease known as Hashimoto’s means that distress is my kryptonite.
  • For this reason, I seek peaceful and positive things.
  • I am participating in Swap-bot to improve my mental health and hope in humanity.
  • My kind of people as those who are genuine, down-to-earth and kind.
  • I have also been diagnosed with ADHD. Literally, everyone in my house has been! However, after my son was diagnosed with ASD, I learned that we both live with what’s known as Asperger’s (HFA).


I share this simply to gain some understanding for my seemingly “uptight” rule following.

  • I read the instructions and follow them because they identify what is expected of me in the swap. I respect swap partner’s who’ve also paid attention to the details because that demonstrates a careful investment of their time and effort.

This is the way - for satisfied swapping adventures!

  • The good news is, if you’re reading this, then you’ll know that my special interests (in boldface above) are the direct ways to earn yourself a heart-worthy five rating from me! ;-) I’m neither high-maintenance nor hard to please. Linus has his blankie...I have my S.I.’s! 💗

  • Last but not least, I am a disabled American Veteran of the USAF. I struggle daily with the challenges posed by Anxiety, and PTSD w/major depressive episodes. My mental health challenges are a result of post 9-11 service to my country. And I pride myself on being one of the few female EOD💣technicians to have served in the armed forces.

- “FOR IT IS IN GIVING THAT WE RECEIVE.” (St. Francis of Assisi)

  • I❤ Clover 🍀 or Shamrock ☘️ appliqué, charms, fabric pieces, ribbon or trimmings.

EXTRA THANKS to several generous swappers who've shared ample paper pieces with me for my Grandma Cook’s memorial project!

My Mahalos

Huge hugs of aloha go out to the following folks for:

Cookie Monster ATC's - @georgiafae who made me my first one and I fell in love with it...now I have a whole page full of little “happy” cards to bring a smile to my face each time I look at them!









for creating me amazing Cookie Monster ATC’s! I 💙 cherish each one! 😃


  • Some swappers enjoy having a list of ideas to “shop” from, while others feel creatively squelched by too many ideas. For this reason, I have tried to create “harmony” in my profile by briefly listing some of the things I like.
  • I have been asked to identify my strong dislikes, as this is often easier for swap partners to work with. So, these are a few things I DO NOT like:

    🚫 claymation

    🚫 sock-puppets

    🚫 primates (non-human)

    🚫 zombies

    🚫 snakes

  • I will unashamedly regift, recycle, and dispose of what I cannot use.

  • Thank you for understanding, and I appreciate every kind and careful effort with 💖-felt gratitude!

  • Q's regarding my swap inserts and postcard labels? I used our Admin's image of Ernie the Envie by @racheljohnson to create them on Zazzle:




Comment: Thank you for the yummy ice cream postcard. Your memory reminded me of going to my grandparent's drug store when I was growing up, where they had a soda fountain. I fell in love with the fresh peach ice cream and have never found any like it since. Still looking! Thanks for the stamps, too! Take care!
chimerix rated for SSM: Name your ATC swap #2 on Aug 2, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the mermaid ATC you made for me and for the extra ATCs and printings for JAMS. Much Aloha!
Comment: Thanks; sending them off shortly...
Comment: I love it! Creative solution! Thank you! I really struggled with my creation...
1koolkrafter rated for PSO: ❤Share The L❤VE Swap! on Aug 1, 2020
Comment: Super fun swap items!
Comment: WHAT THE WHAT?! What's a good word for this feeling? Overjoyed! That doesn't sum it up but it comes close. We had so much fun going through this package, omg. Your thoughtfulness can't be praised enough. The kids and I had a blast sitting on the floor and going through everything. Thank you so very much!
Carlynme412 rated for 3 Thing In An Envelope #5 on Jul 31, 2020
Comment: Let me just start by saying I absolutely loved this package. It was one of my favorites. You really took time to find things of my interest and made it special.
Comment: Hi Harmony joy! Thank you so so much for all the thoughtful goodies you included in the envelope! I absolutely love the Mail related labels and of course the vintage postage! You included some of my favorite stamps, so thanks again! I love swapping with you, have a great day! Micaela💛
samsstuff rated for Travel by Postcard Swap #2 on Jul 30, 2020
Comment: Thank you, these would all be amazing to see. I've seen Mt. Rushmore (as a child), but never hiked there.
chimerix rated for PSO: High-Five! v.2 on Jul 30, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the fun crafting supplies! Looks like my JAMS supply box just got fuller. And thanks for resending - again. I've actually backed out of anything that isn't flat mail for now. Aloha!
Comment: Thank you! Can't wait to work on these too!
Minivandreams rated for JAMS: Prince S/S on Jul 30, 2020
Comment: Your Prince starters are adorable! I can't wait to get started on them!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful dragon starters. Aloha!
Response: You’re welcome! (insert image of Maui, the demigod here) :-)
megan1230 rated for PSO: ❤Share The L❤VE Swap! on Jul 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much! Such a cute swap and a really fun idea!
Response: You’re welcome 😉 Thank YOU for always rating with L❤️VE too!
luluvision rated for SMSUSA: Match-A-Stamp Mail Art #1 on Jul 29, 2020
Comment: OH MY GOSH!! SQUEAL!!! I think I'm the lucky one to have gotten you for a partner! Oh my STARS! Just absolutely love everything about this swap! THANK YOU!! (I actually just bought the pins of the first moon landing stamps and the patches from USPS!!) I've always admired the lovepop cards and what a treasure to receive one!! Woohoo!! I love the rocket stickers and the envelope is GREAT! I'm over the MOON with delight! LOL I wish I could give you more hearts (I actually typed stars first! HA!)
Response: 💖🤩Thank you for rating so quickly! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re pleased with the space-mail I was able to share as well! I’m glad that love pop card found a home with someone who truly appreciates them like I do!!!⭐️🌟🚀🌠🎇💌💛💖🤩🥰
Poeprincess rated for PCA: July Swap on Jul 25, 2020
Comment: Oh, you are a creative genius! Love the way you put this one together. Thank you for joining the swap.
Response: Aww 😊 shucks, you’re making me blush! Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the PC! Many thanks for rating with ❤️
kristid1970 rated for JAMS: MUSIC S/S on Jul 24, 2020
Comment: Bob Marley was awesome!
Response: Thank you! I’m so glad that you liked the JAMS starters & that you joined this music-themed ATC swap! 🎵 ❤️
kizzlets rated for SMSUSA: Here’s 2-U! on Jul 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the swap! I received both your envelopes and I appreciate all the goodies you sent me! I loved how you decorated your second envelope with a green color to match the botanical mail theme. Ahh loved it!! Thanks much!
Response: You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing the kind message and rating with ❤️ so promptly!
Comment: If I could give all the ❤️’s I would!! Thank you oh, so, so, so much for all the wonder multi-colors of Perler excellence you have sent me. These will definitely get some good use from me. 😁😁😁 I’m seriously overjoyed.
Response: YAY! I ❤️ knowing they’re in good hands and won’t be wasted now! Thank you for swapping with me ;-)
Autist rated for GAG: MY Disney Faves on Jul 22, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the Herbie the love bug and Ray ATC!! I love them so much. Ray is so important to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
Response: You’re so welcome, LYLAS!

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SerenaAzureth on Jul 14, 2020:

Thank you so, so, so much for angeling for me for the GAG: Star Wars Mandalorian and the GAG: Toy Land - Rainbow Brite ATC swaps. They're both adorable cards and it truly means a lot to me. ^.^ Cheers!

ktk8 on Jun 15, 2020:

Hi and THANKS for adding to my beautiful zen tangled card.....it made it home today and is so very very nice......big hugs.....

DRMOM on Jun 15, 2020:

Group: Infinity and Beyond - Prize Thank you for the lovely surprise participation challenge gift :-) I love the stamps and can always use more!

soyprincesa2 on May 4, 2020:

Thank you for the awesome collection of RAK postcards. I love the assortment. Sending blessings to you this time of Quarantine.

megan1230 on May 4, 2020:

Thank you so much for the Q-Time RAK postcards! They were so neat! I love them!! You're such a sweet person!

catlingmex on May 2, 2020:

What an absolutely awesome variety of postcards you sent me as a RAK from the Q-Time Capsule PCs swap! Thank you so very, very much.

MissPaula on Apr 20, 2020:

Thanks for working on my Collaboration PC! I love the word bubbles! ♥

lynnpinkdaisy on Mar 29, 2020:

Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday card! It's one of the most beautiful handmade ones I have ever received. You are so kind to have made that for me. I hope you have a wonderful week and stay healthy and safe!

chimerix on Mar 27, 2020:

Thank you so much for the fun package for the Pick 3 Tag. Aloha!

CajunLady on Mar 14, 2020:

Thank you for the box of goodies for the JOYOUS 80’s PC w/Giveaway!

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