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tiggerkitn25 on Sep 17, 2013:

taoiionam on Sep 15, 2013:

Heyyy, awesome girl ^^ Stay wonderful like that!


taoiionam on Sep 12, 2013:

Yeeeey! But it really took a while ^^ I'm home already, trying to get used to working routine... hehe... but yes, we did have an awesome vacation ^0^ Hugs, will write you asap!!

renate on Aug 29, 2013:

thankyou gimmiemail

abbyaguas on Jun 8, 2013:

Hello :D

I hope you are doing well :D Thank you for being a part of ASIA Republic!

anrtist on Jun 2, 2013:

Hi! I just sent you an invite to LLL (Location) GROUP ;-) So you can keep up with world happenings & SWAPBOTTERS in Your Area! ENJOY & Blessings, cc

taoiionam on May 29, 2013:


Hey there! The mailman had something awesome for me today!! Thank you so much ^0^

tiggerkitn25 on Apr 9, 2013:

taoiionam on Feb 21, 2013:

Yeeyy, happy to hear that ^0^ Hugs to you ^3^

ColoradoKate on Feb 10, 2013:

Thank you so so so much for the adorable stickers! I love them so much! What an amazing RAK. ^_^

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