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Date Joined: March 6, 2011
Last Online: July 18, 2012
Birthday: June 2, 1973
Country: United States
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About Me

*****I am out of state since June 13, 2011. My dad had to have surgery and I went to help out with his recovery. While here I found out that I have a spinal degenerative disease and have been put on tons of medications and will be seeing a spinal reconstructive surgeon on August 15, 2011. If I have any swaps with you and you have not received them, I ask of you to please be patient with me as I am trying to handle my health issues at this time. I will follow through on my swap agreements, however, they may be late and I do sincerely apologize for that. I did not expect to receive news such as this. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience with me as I try to regain my health.

******First of all, If you do not receive your swap from me, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me! I live in Brooklyn, NY and we've had many issues with the postal service here.



Im 38 years young, married to my best friend for 2 years! * We dont have any children (because we can't), but we have 6 spoiled rotten kitties (Lily, Daisy, Gidget, GaIahad, Joe & Ruckus) and 2 foster kitties (Jasmine & Willow) *

I was born and raised in Louisiana until I was 15, grew up in Indiana, and now live in New York.*

I am Apostolic, but I DO NOT shove my beliefs onto anyone. Everyone has the right to believe how they choose to believe without being judged. :) *

Im a true gemini, born June 2nd. I truly do have more than one personality. *

Im a stay at home wife so I have plenty of time for my swapping :) *

I love to burn Yankee Candles and tarts * I love to use tons of johnson and johnson's lavender baby powder * I love the rain * thunderstorms * lightning and snow * I love to watch a mama kitty nurse and bathe her babies * i also love to watch my kitties bathe themselves * To me there is nothing sweeter or cuter than that! * I love the smell of a baby when they've just been bathed and they smell like baby lotion :) * I love to watch people and birds * I love to take tons of photos of my kitties * I love spending time with my family * I love to veg out on the couch with the hubby and watch a good (or a not so good, sometimes) movie *

I also love to spend time alone. LOTS of alone time * I love to watch Dexter, but I will only watch it at night when Im by myself and its late. Color me weird, right? LOL *

Now..for the not so loving side...hahaha. Ive got road rage like you cant believe. Its best that I dont drive unless absolutely necessary. *

My family, my kitties, my religion and my church family are everything to me. I don't and won't put up with anyone talking down about them. *

I despise bullies or bullying. I will not put up with it. I dont care who you are or how much bigger you are than me. I will go toe to toe with you in a heartbeat.*

I despise people that are abusive to children, the elderly and animals.*

I believe in being honest, loyal, compassionate, courteous, kind, generous, unselfish and trustworthy * These are things I require in a friend as I require them of myself.*

ok..thats me. somewhat. lol *

Oh and I dont mind receiving anything religious.. BUT if you send me yours...Im sending you mine :) So be prepared! :)

Favorite Music

southern gospel * gospel choirs * celtic, * enya * classical *

Favorite Books

Bible * "She's Come Undone" * Archie Comics * Ramone Cologne (see link below) * Twilight Series * Sweet Dreams series (1980's young romance) * love to read True Crime books.

Ramone Cologne

Favorite Movies


Pretty In Pink*

Sixteen Candles*

The Breakfast Club*

Pride & Predjudice*



Iron Man*

Where the Heart Is*

ANYTHING by Tyler Perry*



Anything with Chevy Chase (Vacation Movies)*

The Green Hornet*

Twilight Saga*

Batman Begins*

The Dark Knight*

The Princess Diaries*

Bridget Jones' Diary*

The A-Team*

Gone With the Wind*

Marie Antoinette*

The Duchess*

Fried Green Tomatoes*

Steel Magnolias*

The Chronicles of Narnia*

and soooo many more :)

Favorite Television

hawaii 5-0*


Criminal Minds*


WIthout a Trace*

Celebrity Apprentice

Law & Order (all of them)

Please Don't Send..

No makeup or jewelry...I don't wear either.*

Im not a cartoon fan..so please no cartoon things (i.e. simpsons, family guy, south park, etc),*

No music other than what's listed in my music section, please*

Im not "into" wrestling or Nascar*

No candy,food, or drinks of any kind unless Ive signed up for a swap for it :)*

I dislike, VERY MUCH, tarot cards,horoscopes, clowns, contortionists, seafood(except for fried catfish), advocados(that includes guacamole), salad dressings, any kind of unusual or weird foods,

I am not a fan of postcards. Please do not send unless Ive joined a swap for them.*

NOTHING satanic, evil or demonic!!! I cannot stress this enough. If it is sent to me, I WILL destroy it. I hate to be rude, but I don't allow anything of the sort in my home!*

DEFINITION OF SATANIC : satanic - extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell; "something demonic in him--something that could be cruel"; "fires lit up a diabolic scene"; "diabolical sorcerers under the influence of devils"; "a fiendish despot"; "hellish torture"; "infernal instruments of war"; "satanic cruelty"; "unholy grimaces" fiendish, demonic, diabolic, diabolical, hellish, infernal, unholy evil - morally bad or wrong; "evil purposes"; "an evil influence"; "evil deeds"


demonic - extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell; "something demonic in him--something that could be cruel"; "fires lit up a diabolic scene"; "diabolical sorcerers under the influence of devils"; "a fiendish despot"; "hellish torture"; "infernal instruments of war"; "satanic cruelty"; "unholy grimaces" fiendish, satanic, unholy, hellish, infernal, diabolic, diabolical evil - morally bad or wrong; "evil purposes"; "an evil influence"; "evil deeds"

DEFINITION OF EVIL: evil [ˈiːvəl] adj 1. morally wrong or bad; wicked an evil ruler 2. causing harm or injury; harmful an evil plan 3. marked or accompanied by misfortune; unlucky an evil fate 4. (of temper, disposition, etc.) characterized by anger or spite 5. not in high esteem; infamous an evil reputation 6. offensive or unpleasant an evil smell 7. Slang good; excellent n 1. the quality or an instance of being morally wrong; wickedness the evils of war 2. (sometimes capital) a force or power that brings about wickedness or harm evil is strong in the world 3. (Medicine / Pathology) Archaic an illness or disease, esp scrofula (the king's evil) adv (now usually in combination) in an evil manner; badly evil-smelling

What I Love...

I love ANYTHING cats * sparkly stuff,* glittery things * fairy tales * Cinderella * unique handbags * Fiesta Ware* any cookbook put out by the TASTE OF HOME*
rubber stamps (any kind) acrylic stamps, inks * Josephine Wall Jigsaw Puzzles * ANYTHING Marjolein Bastin* BUTTONS, BUTTONS, BUTTONS! Any kind of buttons!! * Lace, Lace, Lace! * OLD KEYS (i.e. skeleton keys) * gorgeous brooches * flowers (anything! real, silk, dried, stationary, etc) * bright colors * anything LISA FRANK * fbs * slams * crams * decos * butterflies * faeries * hand made items * Tupperware * books in different languages * anything retro * antique shops * thrift shops * yankee candles * diamondcandles.com (LOVE those candles! especially the green apple!) * Hello Kitty * unique picture frames from all over * the New York YANKEES!!! * Im a huge baseball fan and fan of PETE ROSE! :) * Im also a big Twilight fan * My husband is a huge fan of KISS. Collects anything with KISS on it. If you dont know who they are...check out the link


What I Need To Do:

I need to get on a plane, not knowing where it's going and get off that plane ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime. * I want to not worry about anything, just experience my life and find out who I really am.* I have made my life about the people around me. I like what they like, I do what they do, Im who they are. I need to find myself.*


Comment: I will change the rating when I receive something, thanks.
Comment: 9/18 Never received anything.From the beginning you even extended the date to send by without even telling me. Last I heard from you was in June and you said you would have your husband send them out soon. I see a notice about personal things happening in your life but you made it seem like you were already done and they would be sent. If I do receive anything in the future I will change the rating.
mrsalgien rated for Recipe Card Scavenger Hunt #5 on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful recipes! I cant want to enjoy making them!
trelviastreasures rated for JULY 4TH ATC on Jun 12, 2011
Comment: thanks
honeyblossom rated for Email - Our Favorite Songs #21 on Jun 11, 2011
Comment: ty so much suzanne
Gwenelle rated for F is for .... ATC on Jun 8, 2011
Comment: Fun ATC! I really like the hanging tag you added, too.
Nandin rated for Private FBs Swap on Jun 6, 2011
Comment: Yay! I got them today! Thank you SO much!
ArtTeachToBe rated for Recipe Card Scavenger Hunt #6 on Jun 6, 2011
Comment: OMG you are the best!! Thank you so much for findiing me gluten-free recipes. They sounds amazing!! I so cant wait to try them out. Thanks!!
Response: you are so very welcome! i hope they taste alright. :) Ive never eaten anything gluten free..so I didnt really know what to expect. I think this recipe scavenger hunt is for me...every partner Ive had except 1 has had some sort of allergy or illness and either had to be vegan, gluten free, dairy free...etc. Ive really learned alot about those things just from being in this swap :) Enjoy! :)
dynamaticgrl rated for FB Swap on May 29, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the n&n FBs!!
Marsha907 rated for Bumble Bee ATC on May 26, 2011
Comment: What a cute ATC! I really like it. Thank you so much.
caregvr1 rated for FB Swap on May 26, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the great swap!
roblynwin rated for Text Me! - ATC Swap - US Only on May 25, 2011
Comment: I love the cat. I am a cat person, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. You did a beautiful job.
Response: awww thank you so much! that was my first time using inks to make my own background. I was so worried it would be "too much" SO happy you like it :) thanks for the great rating! :)
honeyblossom rated for Recipe Card Scavenger Hunt #5 on May 22, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the recipes. Can't wait to try them.Suzanne
Response: Thanks for rating me and with a heart :) I hope that I managed to keep onions out of your recipes. I called myself double checking, but I always seem to overlook something :)
morwesong rated for A-Z Movie ATCs: O on May 21, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the Oceans 11 ATC! The way you made the vault with all of the goodies inside was so clever! :-)
Response: IM so happy you like it! and a little FYI..some of the original Oceans 11 was filmed at the Sahara (the name on the front of the vault.) and they just closed it down for good. :(
Dougal375 rated for E is for .... on May 13, 2011
Comment: Jennifer what a clever idea for the E, lots of little envelopes, must have taken you ages. Thanks so much
Response: no..thank you!! I appreciate the rating and taking the time to leave a very nice comment! :)
Demonna rated for Recipe Card Scavenger Hunt #4 on May 12, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for going out of your way to avoid the foods that my family and I can't eat :) And the little Lisa Frank notepad made me smile. So thank you again :)
tkichinka rated for New to ATC's on May 12, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the "rad" atc :) and for looking at my profile and tayloring it to my tastes!!
Response: :) SO happy you liked it! Pretty in Pink is like so totally one of my fave movies. :)
viv1972 rated for Easter Card Swap on May 10, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much. Way above expectations. You made my day!
PeNeLoPe rated for abcd atc's catch up swap :) on May 10, 2011
Comment: Your package arrived already... wow only took 5 days to get here. Thank you for the lovely atcs.. i LOVE the button and death ones :) those are def my favourites! I hope well swap again some time soon.
Response: Im so happy you liked those! Archie is a comic book character here and I have read him since I was a little kid so I had to use him for A. :) The buttons one is a fave of mine too...my first cloth ATC Ive ever made :) So Im ecstatic that you like that one :) The cupcake..well I think I was hungry when I thought of that one. LOL and the Death..that was a given. I needed a reason to use my blue stars and white colored pencil. :) I hope we swap again soon as well :) Anytime you want, just let me know :)
swappintoya rated for New to ATC's on May 9, 2011
Comment: Thank you sooo much :)

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Nandin on Jun 20, 2011:

Did you get your Birthday card?

PeNeLoPe on Jun 8, 2011:

hiya... just read about your holidays and dad's surgery (hope all goes well and he recovers quickly)... when youre back and fancy a catch up on those recipes, give me a shout :) id love to do another swapsy with you... take care and have a good holiday

Nandin on Jun 3, 2011:

Happy Birthday!

Nandin on May 31, 2011:


I'm inviting you to join my Swap!

Nandin on May 22, 2011:

I was actually able to send them off today!

Nandin on May 22, 2011:

The timing is perfect! Thanks for doing this swap with me!

Nandin on May 21, 2011:

How many do you want to do? Could we start small- like about 10 or so? Do you prefer them to be a certain way or do you take anything? I'm not picky at all. I even love to get Friendship Sheets".... I'll let you set up the swap since I'm flexible on dates.


Nandin on May 20, 2011:

Would you be interested in a Private FB Swap? I finally have enough now to go around! :-)

PeNeLoPe on May 10, 2011:

just wrote out the first of your recipe cards :D still makes me laugh.. i hope you get the 1st package any day now...

PeNeLoPe on May 10, 2011:

lol ive just seen that you are my partner for the recipe swap as well :) how cool is that?????

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