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About Me

I am a SAHM; since the kids are all at school, I find myself with quite a bit of spare time, so had to fill those hours with something other than housework.

We live in the West Midlands of England, close to the Welsh border.

We have quite a few pets: a dog (a 6 months old pedigree border collie called Cooper), two cats (Stella and Becks), a tropical fish tank, a gecko, a hamster and I am sure that the list will grow as we all love animals. As predicted, theres a couple of new additions to the household.. my baby axolotl Nepumuk (he is just adorable) and a tiny african frog called Kermit and i almost forgot about the apple snail Pugwash... loads of babies growing up around here now :)

I am quite shy, so find making friends hard. I love chatting on craft forums though and enjoy trying out new crafts. I am hoping to meet many new people here, who share my love of crafts and other interests.

Favorite Crafts

I love to craft and over the years, I have tried many different things. I used to cross stitch a lot, but have not really done that in quite a few years.

I always have and still really enjoy making cards. My family have gotten used to me not buying cards ever, but making them myself for any and all occasions.

I also love to scrapbook, I mainly do digital scrapping now but I still have a huge amount of stash I stroke and play with regularly. I really enjoy making little brag books and have been trying to keep up with the Mini A Month challenge. I have been keeping albums for the kids, our wedding, our animals and holidays.

I have a silhouette and love to make new patterns and die cuts with it.

I like to use rubber stamps/acrylic stamps/clings (well any kind of stamps really) when I am making cards or when I am scrapbooking.

I like to alter things too. I find it fascinating how I can utilize a cardboard box for a pretty storage container, or turn a little tin into a tiny little scrapbook album. My daughter loves her altered trainers :)

I am also very fond of crochet.. especially since I have discovered amigurumis. I'm still working on a throw for our bed, but I keep changing my mind about the colour scheme.

I love to see family use crafts I made for presents, I recently made everyone shopping bags out of spare fabric, and it is so nice to see those items being used.

I also bake a lot... cupcakes and muffins are the in thing at our house at the moment, but I also love to make "proper" cakes. Though, the cute muffin cases and yummy toppings you can buy are just too tempting.


My husband bought me an android ereader for christmas and it has become one of my favourite toys. I am in the process of loading all of my paper books onto it, then sending the "real" books to the charity shop. It is saving so much space and I can read at night without disturbing my husband. I was a bit skeptic at first, but soon got to fall in love with it. I love reading all sorts of genres, from autobiographies to novels, its all there. I like funny books, serious books and factual books. I really could not choose a firm favourite author, i read them all from H.C. Andersen to H. Zimmern. I adore kiddy books, my favourite is Alice In Wonderland.. or maybe its the chronicles of narnia.. no wait, paddington bear has my heart.. or rather winnie the pooh. I also love all the new children's/young adults books that are coming out. Luckily i have a good excuse to read them all, as i need to sample what my children are reading :) We are all Harry Potter fans, i love the septimus heap series and of course the other classics, such as Lord Of The rings and the hobbit. Trudy Canavan and Cat Patrick are two other favourite authors of mine, along with Neil Gaiman and Tamora Pierce. I also love reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz. The discworld series also features as a favourite in our house. I could go on and on for ever listing all the kind of books and literature i enjoy.

I like to listen to music, I am not very particular and will listen to anything from pop to rock. If I can sing along to it or dance around the room, even better.

I don't watch much TV, though I love some of the american series like army wives, vampire diaries, true blood and cold case. Again, my choices are rather haphazard and there is no real rhyme or reason to my liking a show or movie. I can quite happily get into a disney film and at the same time appreciate something like "An inconvenient truth".

I like:

This is just a list of things i like, not things i expect to get!! its there to give my partners ideas.

Craft related:

anything I can use for my cards/scrapbooks

ribbons and fibres

stickers (but not the kiddy reward ones please)

rubber stamps/clear stamps/clings/unmounted stamps, in fact, any kind of stamp

embossing powders

ink pads

anything I could alter, such as notebooks, small boxes, tins and so on

buttons, eyelets, brads

fabric/paper/chipboard flowers

patterned papers (I can even make use of your scraps :) )

anything cupcake/baking related such as muffin cases, decorations, recipe cards, small moulds

fabric scraps

pretty, decorative napkins and tissues

Other things I like:

Photos!!! i love to see the world! i am working on a photo wall, so ill be needing a lot of photos :) places you visit, a pretty flower, a funny animal, interesting road signs.. the only ones i dont tend to use are those with people in them, other than that, there is no limit

scented candles (though prefer foody type smells, vanilla, cinnamon, apple, berries etc please)


funky socks (im a UK size 5)/scarves/bandanas


small magnets

letter sets


cute pens

little trinkets and treasures

anything handmade with love

I like coffee and tea (my husband is taking an interest in all things green tea, so those i wouldl pass on to him)


I like all colours, though I tend to prefer bolder/more vibrant colours over muted/pastel ones

puppy toys


pon and zi

hello kitty, especially the gothy one :)

dark dudes


anything bento

totes, purses, bags

Things I would LOVE to receive:

some cute crochet stitch counters

handmade bracelets

an organiser for my crochet hooks

patterned papers for my cards/scrapbooks

rubber stamps

amigurumis or anything handmade

altered blank journals/calendars

reusable shopping bags from other countries

i'm intrigued by all the fbs/slam swaps.. i would love to join in some of those, but have not a first idea on what they actually are.. so if you would like to show me, thatd be great

i LOVE christmas and the advent period.. we decorate the whole house inside and out. I love snowflakes, snowglobes, snowmen, stars, ornaments for the house and the trees.. yup we have at least 2 trees :) told you i LOVE christmas.. stickers, papers, gingerbreadmen, ribbon i just adore anything and everything christmas. I love making the kids and my husband's advent calendars each year and i send out lots of mail at christmas time. I enjoy wrapping and giving presents (and also receiving them). I bake a lot during advent...

I am not so fond of:

Things I don't like:

There really arent many things I would not want to receive.. anything rose/lavender/too flowery smelly If I should find something I really couldn't make use of, I would probably reswap it...

People who cant even take the time to post a simple "thanks" in response to a swap packet

Just a note to my partners:

I try hard to make a nice swap for you, wherever possible i will try and read your profile and (at least) make sure that i don't send you something that is listed in your Dislikes. I know that i won't be able to please everybody, all of the time, but that's what i am aiming for :)

I send all packages out 1st class Royal Mail (airmail where appropriate) but sometimes Bank Holidays, weekends or just late pick ups, mean that the packages might be delayed. If you haven't received something in a timely manner, I will usually get in touch with you myself, or please, do send me a pm so that we can sort things out :)

I like to take time when i am making something for others, i may not send my swap EARLY, so, if you see that tomorrow is due date and i have not sent yet, it doesnt mean that i am going to flake on you, it just means that i am still putting some finishing touches on.

If i should be late, i will always contact you and let you know. I am old enough to know that some times, life throws something unexpected at you, but i believe, that i should at least try and let you know. Likewise, if you are going to be late, its no big deal, just let me know :)

I usually put a photo of my swaps in my picasa album. So, if you want to have a sneaky peek at your package, and its marked as sent, chances are, you will find a photo there.

I rate on the day i receive the package. If i feel that you have spent time reading my profile and making my swap, i will give a heart, regardless of extras or not :)

I get all excited checking for ratings, so i would really like to read what your thoughts were on my swap. I wont always include extras, as i sometimes rather spend a bit more on materials and the actual swap than throwing in some random bits and pieces that you may end up not enjoying. I love to angel, so, if you have a list of flaked swaps on your profile, chances are that i will include something to make up for one of those.

Flaked swaps/Non raters

People who flaked on me:

@scrappinjenn40 (partially suspended) for MiniMail swap (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/86742}

@quiltknit abcd catch up

@CandyLover for Recipe Slambook (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/90312)

@ncbabe for Recipe Card Scavengerhunt #5 http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/88338

@craftymom2 Recipe Card Scavengerhunt #7

People who did not rate me:

@trippy Recipe Scavengerhunt #6

@quiltknit abcd catch up


Amypamy rated for Cookie Recipe EMAIL swap on Apr 27, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great recipe! I can't wait to try them!!
Response: Thank you for leaving me the rating. Hope you enjoy the cookies when you make them!
amandahawley rated for Cookie Recipe EMAIL swap on Apr 24, 2012
Response: Thanks for rating.
badangel4fr rated for Cookie Recipe EMAIL swap on Apr 24, 2012
Comment: Love it my mom used to make like this!heart for your awsome recipie card!
Response: I am glad you liked the recipe card :) Thank you for taking the time to rate and for the heart. Hope you enjoy the cookies!
Lauriez rated for EMAIL: Let's please our partners on Apr 18, 2012
Comment: WOW! Such a wonderful collection of images you shared with me! I am beyond "pleased"! Cooper is darling as ever, that stingray needs a hug and WTH is that thing in your garden!?! (eek!) The story on the sign IS funny! The patterns are pretty, your rin is lovely, and the flowers...OH MY GOSH! I could go on & on...I loved them ALL! Thank you too for your kind words of support...it HAS been a crazy past few months...! Such is life, 'eh? Thank you agaihn for being so thoughtful & generous! {{HUGS!}}
Response: Hello again :) i am so happy you enjoyed those photos, cooper is getting BIG now (as you can see by how much space he takes up in "our" seat).. that "thing" apparently is a caterpillar that will turn into a huge moth!!! and the face is it's derriere :D I sure hope our paths cross again here on the bot! Lots of good thoughts and best wishes going your way, thank you for rating me!
art3osb rated for EMAIL: Let's please our partners on Apr 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much for putting them in a photo sharing site for me. Much easier to view. What awesome photos.
Response: Lol well that was interesting :) glad you could see them and that you liked them. I had fun finding those for you, especially the little horsey :) Thank you for your rating!
Shiraz rated for Christmas ATC on Jan 23, 2012
Comment: I never got the first ATC which she said she sent. On January 6th she emailed saying she would send one again right away, I still have gotten nothing. So I will give her a 1. If something does arrive i will make a change Barbara Hahn
Response: I am glad you got your package now... i notice you did not reflect that in your comment, but i guess it was ok as you pmed me to let me know that you have received it now. Thank you for amending the rating and for letting me know that the mail got there ok.
EnchantedKittenz rated for Christmas ATC on Jan 10, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much for resending! It was a lovely ATC and quite a few extras! I am pretty excited to use these things soon! Thanks!
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to rate me and i am so glad you enjoyed your parcel. I actually got a refund from the post office as i had the proof of posting and obviously both your messages saying that you didnt receive the original parcels! They contacted me yesterday to say that the postbox had been tampered with...
Lauriez rated for Four Photo's Four Seasons on Nov 18, 2011
Comment: OH!MY!GOODNESS! What a BEAUTIFUL package you created for me! The photo calender is so lovely and the EXTRAS-WOW! You SO spoiled me! The smashed pennies are AWESOME and the photos just amazing! Cooper is a dollbaby, and i adore the cemetery & your family pix!and CHOCOLATE TOO!!! YOU ARE SUCH A DOLL of a swapper! LUCKY ME! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!! A million hearts & hugs to you! :) ~xo~
Response: Oh wow... what a lovely comment! Your kind words made MY weekend, thank you so much. i had such fun with putting your package together, reading your profile i just felt like i totally "got" you ikwim :) we seem to have a lot in common so it was a pleasure to find those things for you. Thank you for taking the time to comment and leave a rating for me.
Comment: Thank you for the great pictures of the Zoo animals! I see you have the pale maned lions at your zoo. We have the darker maned ones here. From what I hear the darker maned ones are more common, so you're lucky to have the lighter maned ones. I LOVE the picture of the tiger yawning/panting with its tongue out! Also, thanks so much for the chocolate and the stamp booklet.
Response: Yes, we are lucky to have the white lions in our safari park, they also have the "normal" ones, but those cubs and daddy were just too cute. We are off to the park tonight for an early halloween experience with the kids, that should be fun.. Thank you for taking the time to rate and your lovely comment.
Comment: Thank you for your email and beautiful layout. I had a miscarriage in 2009. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and heart. I am so sorry that we share this experience, but it also comforts me to know that there are so many of us in a strange way.. im sure all our angel babies looked down on their beautiful candles.
Comment: Thank you so much for your kind words I am truly sorry for the loss of your baby. Glad to hear you have 3 children & you are absolutely right your little angel is waiting for you to join him.. Wish you all the best <3
Response: Thank you so much for your rating and the heart! It was comforting to know that i share this experience with a lot of other people and to keep all those special angels in my thoughts, thank you for taking part in the swap and sharing.
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful poem and photo. It meant so much to me. I appreciate your letter as well. Thanks so much for your kind words.
Response: Your reply really touched my heart, so i was glad you were my partner and i could light a candle for your angel baby! Thank you for the rating and the heart..
lisamocker0412 rated for Mini Envelope Fun on Oct 10, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the extra special package, the girls loved their treats. Thanks for thinking of them and me. Have a great day. xLisa.
Response: I am glad you and the girls enjoyed the package :) hope your leg is healing well too and youre on the mend. Thank you for your comment and rating!
PhoenixRonda rated for Mini Envelope Fun on Oct 6, 2011
Comment: Thank you so very much. Your package arrived on a day that as not going well, and then it changed when I open my package. Blessings to you extra hearts and thanks
Response: oh i am soooo HAPPY that you got your package in fact, in just pmed you telling you how worried i was about it taking this long to get to you!!!! thank you so much for your comment and i hope your day gets better!!!
ArtyBeth3 rated for The Envelope Please #2 on Sep 29, 2011
Comment: Yesterday I received a WONDERFUL package from you. You really went way above & beyond for this swap! I am eating the last piece of chocolate as I write this (I ate the first piece before breakfast - it was delicious!). The Mail Art mini book is AWESOME! I love the techniques you used on the mini envelopes to present the ideas. You spoiled me with the other goodies you sent - the hot chocolate packets, the vanilla tea in the neat mini handmade packet with a tea theme, the 2 Pritt glue sticks (THANK YOU!), and the fun sticky labels. I enjoyed reading your note too. You made my day and my week!!
Response: It was such a pleasure to put this swap together for you... and to read how happy it made you has made MY day now. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and rating.
grandmaroro rated for The Envelope Please #2 on Sep 20, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package that I received today. All the little notecards and envelopes will come in handy for swaps. Happy Swapping 9-21-11 UPDATE: No, no, no, Not disappointed. I could not possibly be disappointed in a swap so full of your handmade goodies. My dear, you earned the rating that I gave you. And, btw, I loved the yummies that you sent.
Response: ithank you so much for your lovely comment, pm and rating.
manders2280 rated for Bakery in a Baggie on Aug 16, 2011
Comment: A gazillion thanks for a most wonderful swap package!!! The book answered a long-standing question, with a recipe for maids of honour. (I read lots of English novels.) The cute little pan is perfect for a nice dessert for my spouse and me. And calorie-free treats too! Many, many thanks for your thoughtful well-stuffed baggie.
Response: I am so glad you enjoyed your swap package :) and what a coincidence about the recipe! Thank you for your lovely comment and for rating me!
ArtyBeth3 rated for The Envelope Please on Aug 9, 2011
Comment: I really LOVE all your envelope ideas & the envelopes you made with all the ideas (napkin, embossing, patchwork, rubber stamping, and wrapping paper)!! You were sweet to match matching cards for some of them. You sent me cool extras - the chocolate cherry hot chocolate mix looks heavenly. I enjoyed seeing Wolverhampton. The stickers are fun too. Lastly, please repeat after me..."I will never apologize for my art, or make excuses that it's not good enough." I was very impressed with your first attempts at a Zentagle. I've only tried it once and my was definitely sad compared to your work of art! I think you are most definitely ready for some Zentangle swaps!!
Response: oh wow what a lovely comment you have left for me :) i am so glad you enjoyed the envies and cards, i sure had fun making them for you. I think im addicted to zentangles, i have just order the totally tangled book, cant wait to get it and have play. Maybe we should do a private tangling swap.. im hoping to fill a 24x24" canvass with zentangles as an art piece, let me know if you would be interested in that. Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave the comment and for your rating!
pynart2 rated for The Envelope Please on Aug 9, 2011
Comment: WOW, what nice Envies. Love the extras too. Looking forward to the flowers blooming.
Response: I am so glad you liked the envies... and hope that those flowers will bring a smile to you when they start coming through. Thank you so much for your comment and leaving my rating for me.
rabu rated for Cookie Monster on Aug 1, 2011
Comment: thanks so much
Response: Thank you for coming back to rate me :) i am glad that you liked the package i sent you and i hope that you will have lots of fun with you daughter making cookie families :)

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shellsajerseygirl on Jun 8, 2012:

Thank You for sending Savannah home. She shared her goodies & adventures with the girl scouts.She was so happy to share the book you had made for her. Alex also loved all the goodies you sent. Maybe next time Alex and I will mail ourselves to you,lol. Have a great weekend =)

art3osb on Apr 18, 2012:

yes it was. Have to wait and see if I'll have problems with my other partner. Thanks so much:)

VeronicaLD on Dec 7, 2011:

Not sure I let you know I got your stuff. Very sorry for your loss. Everything was wonderful and precious. I will always cherish it. Thank you

Lauriez on Nov 18, 2011:

Sweet Nicky, what a DOLL of a swapper you are! You just made my day (WEEK!) with the wonderful Four Photos & a Note-Four Seasons swap you sent me! Thank you so very much for your generosity and kindness in sending me so many special things that you KNEW I would love! BIG bless you hugs, and give Cooper & all your babies a big hug from me too! :)

Mugsie on Oct 18, 2011:

Nicky ~ you went way over and above! You made me so happy with ALL those awesome "hearts"! I can't thank you enough!!!!! YOU ROCK ~ Kelly:)

Amigirl on Oct 13, 2011:

Thanks a lot for the lovely packages. My grown children really liked the candy from England. I can tell you worked hard on it and I appreciate all your lovely things.

grandmaroro on Sep 20, 2011:

What a time consuming project for you to tackle to angel one of my flaked swaps. The little Wreck this Journal is wonderful. I really look forward to working in it. I've already read every prompt, and chuckled more than once. Again, thank you so much for being such a thoughtful swapper.

And, I loved reading your profile. I love all the information you included. Good job.

LavenderLizard on Jun 28, 2011:

Thank you SO much for angeling my owl stuffie swap! I just love the pair of amigurumis you made...they turned out beautifully,a dn are settling into my flock so well. It was so thoughtful of you to send them!

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