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angelgram on Dec 8, 2018:


ᵺḁṅḵṩ Ƒґіеԥď for the Great Ȍ Pumpkin / walk fast past the White Picket Fence abandoned house that changes scenes when when viewed at different angles. Really ₡ŐŐŁ Ρ₡
"pour moi" with our shared fav orange Åῧ†ῧмῂ мϕтϊƒ. (π) ҬіМіҊğ щΆ₰ РΣГϝΈćţ ŸōÚ ķŃōW щħΫ -ΉЏ₲₷

☻ Ò ☻ Ò ☻ Ò ☻ Ò ☻ Ò ☻ Ò ☻ Ò ☻ Ò

ScrapHappyGabi on Dec 5, 2018:

Squee! I LOVE THIS Tim Holtz pumpkin postcard SO MUCH!! THANK YOUUUU!! xx Gabi

SunTradeToo on Nov 30, 2018:

Thank you so much for your super fun Thanksgiving postcard. I hope you had a great veggie day!

kittyhahahotbot on Nov 27, 2018:

swayzer on Nov 27, 2018:

Hi Kitty, Thinking about you. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Myself333 on Nov 22, 2018:

Thanks for the PC of your pets in costume lol. I've seen videos like you mentioned about your cat, where the cat will just fall over like a plank if you try putting something on them, like a harness. If you Youtube that I'm sure you will be quite entertained haha.

ScrapHappyGabi on Nov 17, 2018:


Aladyjackson on Nov 10, 2018:

It’s completely ridiculous how much I loved that thing!!! I used a coupon to get yours because I thought you would crack up laughing like I did! I am definitely getting my own this week! Nooooooo lol

Mimi7 on Nov 9, 2018:

Hi I hope this finds you well and getting ready for Thanksgiving!! Donna

weatherwax on Nov 8, 2018:

Thank you for stopping by to say Hi. This makes me so happy :)

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