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It's been a tumultuous summer, and just when it looks like things are leveling out, along comes another something. Maybe I'll write a little novelette when life returns to normal. (Oh, please, may this chaos not become my new normal.) In the meantime, I am not logging on too often, and only participating in some ongoing swaps. Ordinarily...

I observe irregular work hours with a long commute and don't make it to the post office every day, so don't panic when I don't rate 'right away'. I would always, always let a partner know if I had not received before rating down, and will rate promptly upon opening.


Gardening is my always go to. Even in the dormant season there is seed trading, workshops, cooking, crafting, plotting, journalling.....

Zetti art (love, but not so good at), and mini-zines (oh my gosh, don't get me started), collages and junk journals and hand made envies.

I don't do idle. I tend to have a bit of crochet, knitting or embroidery in my bag, "just in case". My television habits consist of binge watching an entire season of something if it is raining on my day off.

I like to know how to do something, even if it turns out to be something not for me. Like quilting. Or felting. Or possibly zetti art.

Coming Soon...

Oh, what will it be?


Like: Foreign coins... examples of poor punctuation or grammar in print... tea... happy notes and snarky quotes... botanicals... anything kiwi...novelty thermometers ... fortune cookie fortunes... orphaned beads and earrings... die cuts... buttons... flare pens... line dried bedclothes...

I prefer stamps to printed postage and my postcards naked (but not too cut). Even if it's not "mail art", a little decoration on an envelope is quite nice, and while I make a terrible pen-pal it's true, I'm voyeur enough to want a peak into your life, and exhibitionist enough to give you a peak into mine. Tell me the last thing you overheard, if nothing else.

More than a dislike: Smoke or mildew odor. Please. Both are asthma triggers, and dangerous for me.

Housework is detestable (loathe is not strong enough to describe my abhorrence).

I don't have an appreciation for glitter, religious materials, or address books. I've threatened to glitter up a Jesus, Mohammed, Jeannie collage, but I actually don't have it in me to disrespect another's icons. I am a notorious and unapologetic regifter, so if I receive something that someone else will enjoy more than I would I'll just recycle the love.

Kiwi Quirks

I am inconsistently compulsive about tidiness. My vegetable gardens are in neat rows, but my closets are stacked haphazardly with a mishmash of items. My house in general is a messy, dusty, clutterbox, but I'm compulsive about the kitchen and office, in particular the desk and fridge. I love to cook and really, just don't mess with the desk.

I know how to behave in public but I'm not much fun there, I prefer a less filtered, more transparent company. Intolerance, hypocrisy and uncalled for meanness offend me more than a raunchy joke or colorful language.

I don't decorate, I accumulate. "Collections" find their way to my shelves like magic. It all started with a piggy bank that looked lonely on the window sill.

I send mail everyday. If you or someone you know needs something in the mailbox, message me.

No, I didn't correct "flare pen". Isn't a flare pen fun to imagine?

'Sticker slapped' has entered my family's lexicon as a substitute for a phrase not used in polite company, meaning anything sloppy, perfunctory, or careless.

Other persnickety stuff

I've raised, sponsored, hosted and fostered teen-aged girls as a single mom in a one bathroom apartment. I have no patience for manufactured drama.

To me "this was an extra special package" means that the requirements were exceeded, the time and thought put into the creative process are apparent, the end product is not careless, sloppy or perfunctory. Even if they are quite serendipitously perfect for me, extras have negative value if they accompany a truly dismal swap that does not meet requirements; I'm open to them, (like yes, a zetti kiwi anything sans glitter) but more often than not they leave me wishing my partner had invested as much effort in the swap itself as in the extras. If, after reading my profile, you are at a loss as to how to earn a heart, and not receiving one will crush you or send you to the public forums, please include a note to that effect with your swap.

More about that three... I think it would be disrespectful to EO to donate my way out of it. She was very kind to me in a time of great difficulty, and the rating says more about both of us than its absence would. Hosts and founders must decide what's best for their swap or group.

Totally random

"He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can't look away."

They might as well just say, "You're gonna die, Jeff."

OMG is that giraffe EVER going to give birth!


FairyThyme rated for Use It Up! on Sep 27, 2017
Lilpurplepig rated for HMPC: Put a "Cat" on it on Sep 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great PC! I love how you incorportated the eclipse into it. And I love the eclipse stamp, they are by far my favorite stamp ever. The next eclipse will be centered 25 minutes from my house. Actually where I work in Ennis, TX. To tell you the truth I did not even get tot see the eclipse, I had to be at work, so I was driving. It did get a little darker and cooler. lol Maybe in 2024 I will get to see it.
ktk8 rated for Pass and Paste PC #39 on Sep 6, 2017
Comment: Oh wow what a beautiful envelope to start off with..... and then a great card to work on... I am so honored.....wow!! fun fun fun!
PrairieKittin rated for Collaboration PC #43 on Aug 31, 2017
Comment: Love this one! Looking forward to creating on it.
Comment: thanks, love them all
EllenWilGraagPost rated for Pass and Paste PC #37 on Jul 17, 2017
Comment: Did I really not rate you? I am soooooo very sorry! I did sent it on in the next round. Thanks a lot for hosting this wonderful swap!
btbeth rated for Pass and Paste PC #38 on Jul 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you I got this today and I can't wait to work on it.
USAFwife rated for a poem a day on Jun 8, 2017
Comment: Not only did I enjoy your poems (and your handwriting is perfectly fine! :) ) but I also enjoyed the journal you made from envelopes! Wonderful mix, and now my children are also reading what you chose. :) Thank you :)
Comment: Love the patterns & colors, waiting for #4
Loonstruck rated for mpu: zine zone on May 24, 2017
Comment: Who doesn't love a good giraffe! Crazy people. Thank you!
JeanetteC rated for mpu: zine zone on May 22, 2017
Comment: What a fun zine! Amazing giraffe info, I didn't know about the horns. Loved the envie too, amazing what you can do with a regular highlighter...I love it! Thank you.
Comment: Love the scarf! Heck, it'd even make a neat wall hanging! :)
bbsporty rated for mpu: zine zone on May 21, 2017
Comment: Awesome Giraffe zine! Thanks!
Artstamper rated for mpu: zine zone on May 19, 2017
Comment: Thanks for your fun zine! Giraffes are on of my favorite animals.
JeanetteC rated for mpu: whud i miss? PC on May 15, 2017
Comment: I want to paint this card! Thank you too for the wonderful image of handing laundry, esp the 'unmentionables'. It is the best smell!
DaisyNY rated for Collaboration PC #38 on May 15, 2017
Comment: I take it this is #38 - it doesn't say anywhere on the envelope or card, but the date is about right. This one is going to be hard to finish as it seems complete already.
oblivionspin rated for mpu: whud i miss? PC on May 11, 2017
Comment: ah, line drying. My folks hang wooden bars (one inside for after ironing and one outside to dry) to hang their clothes on. Went to visit them a few weeks ago and didn't even think about the bar being up when I was walking downstairs until my husband nearly garroted himself on it. Apparently marrying into a short family is a dangerous move. (on the flip side, when we visit his family heaven forbid I want a coffee mug...)
Comment: Thanks so much for your swap. Im more of a letter writing snail mail person. I like emails, but letter writing is more personal. I am forever going to the post office.
joybells2426 rated for mpu: whud i miss? PC on May 8, 2017
Comment: Okay. Unmentionables betwixt the bedsheets really cracked me up! Glad you're enjoying spring!
Shellyr rated for Collaboration PC #37 on May 2, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the note and extras.

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carol on Sep 3, 2017:

Thanks for sending my long-lost Collaboration PC home! I started that one back in round 30--near Christmas, and it went through all of the holidays (and seems to have spent some time at every stop!). I'm glad to finally have it home!

And I LOVE the eclipse! I got to see totality in Idaho! This will be a nice reminder. Thank you!

Artstamper on Aug 4, 2017:

Thanks so much for your art and effort on this zine, love it.

HannahEnilk on Jun 25, 2017:

Thank you for angeling the #Write_ON swap! I just heard of another 30 day challenge beginning July 1! Hoping to participate in that as well. :)

DaisyNY on Jun 22, 2017:

Shhh - here is the end result of the Collaboration PC :

mariewilliams810 on Jun 2, 2017:

Thanks so much for the Write-On kit. I will for sure be joining in 2018. Thanks for hosting a fun swap.

sleepingrover2010 on May 31, 2017:

What a lovely note you sent along with the Write-On Kit. It was so nice of you to send 4 stamps, 4 writing sets, and an invitation for 2018 in your note. I loved your story about your writing letter history. Thank you for sharing a big part of yourself with me. I will participate in this swap as long as I can.



HannahEnilk on May 28, 2017:

Received the Write On Kit! Wow! What a lovely idea! I wish I'd thought to do that. Definitely want to send out some kits of my own next year. You are so generous to have included 4 stamps and several stationery items. I love the apple post-a-note. Thank you!!

starhiker on May 23, 2017:

Thanks so much for the fun giraffe RAK! Love the envie! I put the lil sticker on my laptop have giraffe will travel. You're a gem thanks again.

bbsporty on May 21, 2017:

Thank you for the awesome RAK Giraffe Zine! It was so cute! I keep track of who I send my zine's to on the back of the original.

bblue on May 12, 2017:

Hello! Thanks for the "what does a kiwi do when the stars align" RAK! The letter was a delight to read. Thanks for the accessories as well.

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