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I am a 5th year university student studying to become a mechanical engineer. I've been working at my family's Chinese restaurant for over 12 years. If you're ever in Kentucky, please stop by Great China. I can't seem to get away from food service. I've worked in a food court and was a waitress at a semi-fancy sushi restaurant. That said, it's really refreshing to co-op and have research jobs related to my major.

My workload on top of school is CRAZY! Oh man, won't the insanity stop?

I love swapping because it keeps me sane

Favorite Music

I love music! The best shows I've been to have been ska shows. I listen to a lot of foreign music and musicals as well. The only thing I don't like is country music.

I'm always on the lookout for this genera I made up called "Haunted Circus Music." If the song sounds creepy and it's something you could imagine a circus playing... I would love to hear it (I know this is really weird)!

Jrock/Jpop: hide, dir en grey, ellegarden, fake?, ayumi hamasaki, utada hikaru, zigzo, luna sea, pierrot, the back horn, shiina ringo, the candy spooky theater, hi-standard, LM.C, anna tsyuchiya

Ska in any language: the aquabats!, mustard plug, the pinstripes, kemuri, five iron frenzy, pain, brian's moving out, ska ska club

More Bands: gogol bordello, danny elfman, hot hot heat, weezer, rilo kiley, regina spektor, the mr. t experience (mtx), no doubt, la oreja de van gogh, queen, the kooks, tegan and sara, the blow, the dresden dolls, kaiser chiefs, lily allan, kate nash

(and you don't have to tailor to my likes for the themed music stuff. If the theme is your favorite music, please go ahead and put down YOURS even if we don't have the same tastes)

Favorite Movies

I love stop motion pictures!!!

I also like children's movies, musicals, comedies, kung-fu movies, and the occasional drama. Here is a random mash of movies:

nightmare before christmas, big fish, the little mermaid, psycho, singin in the rain, modern times, robin hood men in tights, princess bride, charlie and the chocolate factory, kung fu hustle, shoulin soccer, ong bok, V for Vendetta, spiderman, pirates of the caribbean, wallace and gromit, ameile, coraline, district 9, serenity, chicago, the black book, pan's labyrinth, mystery science theater, freaks, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

I am a huge fan of Tim Burton movies... and Johnny Depp... and if Danny Elfman wrote ANY songs in it, I am all over it (example spider man and chicago)

Favorite Television

I don't watch much TV anymore because my roommates are poor and cut our cable to save money. We do love getting tv series. Here is a list of my favorite shows:

Courage the Cowardly Dog, Animaniacs, Myth Busters, most Xtreme (from animal planet), CSI Las Vegas, Scrubs, Heroes, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Dead Like Me, Carnival, Pushing Daisies, Dr. Who (especially the 9th and 10th doctor! I love David Tenant!), Robin Hood (BBC version), Might Boosh, Flight of the Concords, Serenity and other things by Joss Wheden

Yo Gabba Gabba! This children's show is directed by the MC BatComander from the Aquabats!

Favorite Crafts

I really like polymer clay stuff, but i do not know how to make anything out of it.

Anything functional has a plus! Pins, jewelry, scarves, hats (i love hats), bags/purses/wallets.

But I loooove plushies!! Toys are awesome. XD I like a lot of DIY stuff, so don't stress it ♥


I love cute things in general. I usually join kawii swaps. I'm not a kawaii purist because I like Korean, Chinese, European and US kawaii-ish items. There are cute things everywhere! I enjoy using my stickers and stationary to decorate things... like my friend's skateboard... and redecorate random advertisement postcards haha.

As a result, I'm in a constant demand for stickers and stationary. I'm don't live near any good kawaii stores, so I occasionally buy things online... or make stuff from what I have. It's fun.

I'm always on the lookout for monsters, fairy tales and the Sanrio brand character: Nyago (the cat that's always asleep).

I generally like stickers and stationary that are:

Monsters (Kappas, vampires, witches...), fairy tale related, chubby children, long limbed people (like those Tokidoki girls), cuddly animals, Milk-kun, Pucca, cute common household things with faces (like pencils and bubbles), cute food... especially if they have spastic expressions.

I don't like Spotty Dotty, Deery Lou, Charmmy Kitty, gum and blah boring things, or Blythe dolls.

My list is very broad since I like a lot of things, just make sure everything is in relatively good condition.

Since I'm a student, school supplies are always welcome. I go through erasers like nobody's business.

Unexplainable Love!

I have a crazy unexplainable love for:

~Fairy tales: This ranges from all different storytellers like Perault, Hans Christian Anderson, Disney, and the peasant tales. I love good alterations of the classic fairytale to something modern or historic. Whenever I work on art I wind up doing a lot of variations of Red Ridding Hood and vaguely less popular tales.

~Hauntingly beautiful circus related things. Just think of strangely eerie things with a dark glamor. Now see if they relate to circuses!
I look for music, clothes, and books related to this theme. I really like human oddities like Jonny Eck, Violet and Daisy Hilton, and the Human Torso. I do not like creepy clowns. Haha, I would love it if you could feed my obsession :D

List of Random Likes:

Engrish (I think it's hilarious!) sushi, pandas, hippos, dinosaurs, dark chocolate, fruit flavored candy, ♥ Nightmare Before Christmas ♥, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, cute cartooney things, Asian desserts, pirates, harry potter, comics (superheros and the Japaneses manga are all good), DIY jewelry, polymer clay, homemade toys, video games, Mario characters, hair accessories, pins, Disney villains, Robin Hood, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soft yarn, Fruits and Lolita fashion, Banksy, Giacometti


creepy clowns, candy with liquid fillings, white chocolate, incense, heavy scented perfumes or lotions (i like light fragrances). I think Tinkerbell is okay, but she is not my favorite.

I'm pretty easy to please :D


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Comment: tegan and sara is AWESOME! love them loads ^^ thanks for sharing~ (:
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Comment: Thanks for sharing the great songs.
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