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About Me

10/3/2017 - This is Christy's husband....she's in the hospital again. She wanted me send msgs to a couple people she will be later sending her swaps to...I'll try to figure out how to do that for her. Also, she had some ready to go out that she thinks she had already clicked as being mailed that didn't make it to the mailbox. I will try to mail those for her in the next couple of days. She says she thinks they have to do with a giraffe and a frog? And she will be late sending one for favorite things and one for cupcakes and maybe one to do with tea or teapots.

9/27/2017- In June, I started making-up the swaps I failed to complete late last year due to illness. I only have 4 to go and they were the biggest ones...multiple stocking stuffers. I had to order some and make others. Those will go out next week. Not everyone has re-rated and several haven't been on S-B in a long time.

Nearing 50, married, Christian, mom to 1 grown daughter and 4 grandchildren (and 1 son-in-law!) and 2 step-daughters.

Also human mom to 2 furbabies of the canine persuasion. Both are rescues. One is a Dachshund/Min Pin mix, now about 7 years old. He came with my husband (or the other way around?) 5 years ago. Pippi will be 6 next month. We rescued her a year ago, a month after the passing of my little Tipsy. Both are/were Chinese Cresteds of the hairy hairless persuasion. (I kid you not!)

Disabled by illnesses now, but I did have a career before I became ill. I was a certified and state licensed ophthalmic dispenser & technician.

Have recently gotten back into pen-palling after a long hiatus due to my ill health. Participating in swaps too.

Nothing quite makes me as happy as handcrafting gifts! Since I'm chronically ill, I don't have a 'normal' lifestyle and rarely leave the house, so very little 'real' contact with people outside my small family. Can't even make it to church all that often :0(

So, I love reading entire profiles and discovering 1 or 2 tidbits that inspire me to make something special just for that person! I even design for some of these swaps..so not just made for you but DESIGNED for you!

Finding Swap-Bot has sort of given me a new interest in life... but, I still only craft on days ending with a 'y'! (lol) But my hands are nearly always busy and that makes my heart happy!

And I ADORE handmade! Please do not be self-conscious if you are a newbie crafter or want to try something new...everyone has different skill levels at different times and you will only gain more and expand the ones you have and gain confidence if you use them!

If you do the best you are capable of and put some love (maybe good wishes is a better expression, after all, we barely know each other, lol) and time into it, it will be very special to me.

I've been active 'swapper' on crochet (and sometimes PC) email groups for a long, long time. Before the internet, I swapped 6" crochet squares as well as letters.

Favorite Genres - Books, Movie

Mysteries! Mostly British, mostly murder...

To say I am a mystery buff is a bit of an understatement! I read them, I watch them in movies & TV shows and I listen to them...mostly really vintage audiobooks and old-time radio shows. My user id for all things mystery is MurderMostBritish. I do sometimes post reviews on my FB page of that title.

In books, my favorite sub-genres would be historical, vintage and cozy. My favorite mystery author is Agatha Christie. I read and enjoy many, many others though!

I plan to add some classics to my reading list in 2017.

For non-fiction, I like Christian authors like C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, George MacDonald, Max Lucado and so on. I read more modern authors too, just don't remember their names at the moment.

1940s is THE movie decade for most of my favorite mystery, thriller, suspense, crime and espionage movies! I love classic movies!

Favorites at the top of a very, very long list of favorites would be Lured, Gaslight, Suspicion, And Then There Were None, The Spiral Staircase, Fingers at the Window, Rebecca, The Lady Vanishes...gosh..I could go on and on!

My favorite Disney movies are The Great Mouse Detective, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Wind in the Willows (The Adventures of Mr. Toad)

I haven't had TV service for years, but we do get DVDs of TV shows from Netflix and the library. I love a great many of the BBC, Acorn, or ITV productions of mysteries, historical melodramas and thrillers.

I also enjoy some sci-fi, Christian and comedy movies & TV shows with my husband. We also watch the occasional historical or scientific documentary.

Favorite Crafts

Needlecrafts - crochet, plastic canvas needlepoint, latch hooking, XS & embroidery (usually on crocheted fabric), needle tatting and want to learn needle felting

I have done a bit of sewing in the past, even making clothes for my daughter and myself. It's been awhile but I hope to pick it up again and also try my hand at quilting. I have some smaller sewing projects planned. Not sure I'll ever do clothes again...

I also love to paint on rocks! I've done some tole painting, painting with acrylics, watercolor & oil painting, painting ceramics and smaller items, like ornies. I sketch & draw, work with pastels & charcoal. I do these with more enthusiasm than talent I'm afraid!


Papercrafting is my newest crafting hobby! Cardmaking, digital art & stationary making. I love pyramids/stackables, die cuts, making stickers.

Quilling and Origami are in my future plans.

And general crafting, beading, play with clay and so forth.

I dabble in making scented wax tarts and bath & body products.

Favorite Things & Themes

The colors pink* rose* dusty rose* French rose, pink coral* carnation* azalea* cotton candy pink* bubblegum pink* seashell pink* mauve* taupe* plum* lavender* orchid* soft green* seafoam* teal* aqua* butter* sky blue* robin's egg blue* light blue* periwinkle

shabby chic style, more country (NOT primitive) than French Provincial (think flea market more than antique store, lol)

polar bears* arctic animals*

small-ish woodland/forest critters: (squirrels, hedgehogs, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks, badgers, rabbits, foxes, beavers, moles, groundhogs, prairie dogs, porcupines possum, mice, etc.) *

dogs (Chinese Cresteds in particular)*

sea life - NOT whales, thanks. But otters, seals, sea lions, walrus, elephant seals, manatees, yes, please! (most are also arctic animals)

marsupials & Australian critters interest me

pink roses* pink & pink-ish flowers of any kind* peonies* azaleas* stargazer lilies* orchids* hydrangeas* rhododendrons* flowering cacti*

berries (blackberries are my favorite, but love all berries)

cupcakes* sweet treats* scones* muffins*

coffee* tea*- I will try most any tea at least once. My VERY favorite tea EVER was the Vanilla Maple put out by Celestial Seasonings a few years ago, but it was discontinued :0(

Eeyore!!!!!!!!!! This would be my spirit animal, my mascot, my alter ego, my astrological sign, maybe even patron saint! I believe Eeyore is also afflicted with Dysthymic Disorder and maybe even MDD at times.

Totally fallen for Kawaii characters, especially the little white bears, the pandas, Rilakkuma, Sugar Babies? Sugar Hai? Sugar something anyway, Beni Bear, Choco something, Choco Mint, Summiko Gurashi polar bear, My Little Melody is cute...bears, bunnies, rodents, dogs, rabbits...just over-the-top ADORABLE (not crazy about cats, but they are still cute)

And am loving little envelopes! I have no idea what I'll do with them, other than collect them, but they are sooo dang cute! (little memo sheets too...I could send 'little' notes I suppose?)

scent/smell of vanilla* cucumber melon* plumeria* lavender & vanilla* blackberry* coconut*

nail art* nail polish* (pinks & soft, muted purples) Clinique make-up* (fair skin colors) Bath & Body Works products* (more of a fruity-scent rather than floral or musk, earthy scents person. Vanilla is awesome)

Also Christian & inspirational themes

I may participate in swaps for things for my husband or other family members...frogs, wolves, vampires, werewolves, sloths, butterflies

Collections & Decor

POLAR-PHILATELY - (polar bears and other arctic animals, birds, expeditions, explorations, explorers, indigenous peoples and their culture/arts, research stations on postage stamps, postcards or First Day Covers of the same)* (both poles)

Also in POSTAGE STAMPS: roses, lilies & orchids (any color)* flowering cacti* PINK & PINK-ish flowers* woodland & forest critters* honey bees & bumblebees* Chinese Crested dogs* any dogs* wolves* sloths* Australian animals (cute n furry over scaly and scary please)* marine mammals (EXCEPT whales) needlework & lace* classic movie stars & movies* Disney* Ancient Egypt* archaeology* book/reading related* historical fashions* folk costumes* SOME Christmas - only those with pastels* ice hockey*

STICKERS - Kawaii* Sumikko Gurashi animals (also Kawaii I think)* Rilakkuma Bear, SugarHai* My Little Melody* Hello Kitty & assorted friends* Lisa Frank* Suzie's Zoo* Mary Englebreit* Marjolein Bastain (sp?)* Sandy Lion* Hallmark* ANYTHING ADORABLE, BEAUTIFUL OR KINDA QUIRKY-

ESPECIALLY polar bears* arctic animals* cupcakes* woodland/forest critters* dogs* cats* animals* movie related* book related* roses* flowers* butterflies* frogs* animals* Disney* fruit* snow/water globes* Christmas* winter* foam (squishy)* fuzzy* puffy* scented* 3D* halographic* velvet*

polar bear snow globes* polar bear spoons* pretty much anything polar bear*

handcrafted bookmarks* handcrafted fridgies* (refrigerator magnets) handcrafted Christmas ornies* (darker pastels)

Christmas ornies with polar bears, woodland critters, snowmen, cupcakes, sweets, candy nutcrackers, snowflakes, roses

Christmas colors are pastels, cooler, muted and/or dusky tones...pink, rose, mauve, cream, ivory, off-white, white, sage green, seafoam, mint, light & soft blues, aqua, soft teal, periwinkle, lavender, lilac, orchid, plum, butter yellow, light yellow, burgundy, wine

crochet patterns* other craft patterns, charts* beads, cabochons, charms, any little craft supplies* die cuts & templates* (I don't own a Cricut, so any you can send is GREATLY appreciated!) scrapbooking papers* washi-style tape*

recipes for scones, muffins, fruit & nut breads, homemade candy & dog treats (pretty much if it is a baked yummy!) Would love international recipes!

teapots that are homes to little animals* pink roses on anything*

dolls in historical fashions* (would love to start collecting paper dolls in historical fashions!)*

Kitchen is done in cupcakes, sweets, coffee & tea in muted darker pastels - teal, dark aqua, rose, pale yellow, seafoam (sorta of a 1950s/ vintage cupcake/bakery theme)*

Living Room is a movie theme in dark red, charcoal, tan, pale yellow and just a splash of vintage pink

bathrooms are penguins in one and brightly colored rubber duckies in the other- would like to start collecting rubber duckies!

Craft room is currently decorated in 'early tornado'! I plan on it being my shabby chic & Eeyore space. Lots of happy pastels!

Things I'd like to Swap

In any of my favorite themes would be AWESOME!

stickers* die cuts* (I can always use Cricuit-type diecuts as I don't have a machine) computer stationary* handmade envelopes* handmade bookmarks* handmade fridgies* handmade Christmas ornies* pocket letters* puzzle letters* postcards (favorite theme related)* postcards for coloring* adult or favorite theme coloring pages* Washi or washi-type tape samples* nail art* origami papers* cabochons beads*

crochet or plastic canvas patterns*

postage stamps (for collecting)* First Day Covers*

recipes for scones, muffins, homemade candy, dog treats, coffee and international recipes*

tea bags & coffee packets (no K-cups)*

Other Hobbies

Main hobbies are eluded to above...crafts & reading/watching mysteries, but I do have other hobbies!

pen-paling* swaps*

old-time radio mysteries* watching classic mysteries* reading mysteries, mostly British historical, vintage and cozy*

creative writing - written a couple short story length mysteries*

yard sales/flea markets*

jigsaw puzzles* word puzzles & games* trivia/trivia games* Cribbage*

baking (when I can!)*


may attempt a raised flower bed or container gardening next Spring. Also thinking about a rock garden

want to start nature photography & MAYBE birdwatching...gotta have eye surgery before attempting these two things

Special Interests

+Ancient Egypt* Ancient Egyptian archaeology*

biblical archaeology* topical bible studies*

British history*

historical fashions* folk costumes/ethnic clothing*

arctic regions* arctic exploration*

animal rescue (mainly dogs)* Chinese Crested dogs*


rose growing* (want to see about growing flowering cacti and then perhaps orchids?)* general flower gardening and butterflies/hummingbird gardens

bellydance (as exercise)* walk-at-home programs- muted and with my own music choices playing!* chair exercise (yoga/stretching)*

Fibromyalgia awareness and research* mental health awareness



the colors red, black, brown and orange*

patchouli (smells like bug spray to me) & perfume-y floral smells (triggers migraines)*

cigarette smoke (ditto)


Mammybarnes rated for FROG ATC on Oct 31, 2017
Comment: Thank you Christy for the awesome frog ATC. ❤️❤️❤️ Prayers for you and a Big Tight Hug.
blueseabliss rated for Folk Art ATC: Autumn on Oct 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you! I love it!
romyisa78 rated for Christmas Stocking Stuffers #2 on Oct 4, 2017
Comment: thank you Christy for your nice resend. love all the things you ve sent to me.
peipeicl rated for The Four Seasons on Oct 3, 2017
Comment: I really love the atcs you made! I is so amazing you how you hand made the 3d touch effect! Thank you <3
craftymimi rated for Cuppa Joe #3 on Oct 2, 2017
Comment: Thank you ! I absolutely love your ATC! I can't wait to try all the yummy coffees! And thank you for the beautiful letter also! A letter or quick note just adds so much! ❤❤❤❤! XOXO-DAWN
Comment: Thank you for the cool ATC. I love the background information in your letter- it sounds like a great event to grow up participating in!!!!
kathiann rated for Botanical ATC on Sep 30, 2017
Comment: Such a cute bunny and strawberry card! Thank you!
Bluelily rated for Mermaid Madness on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for all the beautiful mermaids. You really have a knack for picking great mermaids. And thank you for sending so quickly. Take care, Susan.
snickerdoodle21 rated for DOG ON IT: ATC on Sep 27, 2017
Comment: Christy, the ATC of the CC is so cute. I'm glad you have your fur baby to keep you company. Thanks.!
Comment: Thank you for the recipes. I'm trying muffin this weekend. <3
Comment: Thanks for your swap Christy. Lovely seasonal recipes, but a little sad these weren't actually postcards but printed (thicker) papers. Not even postcard size.
Response: I'm sorry...I must have misunderstood the swap! I'd be happy to re-send if you'd like. I didn't realize it called for actual postcards. I know it was okay to design & print at home. :0(
MsLee rated for ENVIES…Handmade!!! Early Sept on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for my envelopes Christy. Blessings from Burbank.
Bridgette rated for Cuppa Joe #2: Coffee Themed Swap on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the coffee ATC, it is so pretty, I really like the textures! Love the coffee goodies too! Thank you for your prayers they are very appreciated!
Cinnabear rated for Interest me No. 50 on Sep 13, 2017
Comment: Sounds like an interesting book - I will have to check out the series!
Christine6035 rated for Envelopes on Sep 2, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package of pretty envelopes!
em1023 rated for Envelopes on Sep 1, 2017
ShandaPanda rated for Red Poppy ATC on Aug 31, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much, Christy! I love everything you sent but most especially the butterfly bookmark! It is so pretty. Hugs, Diane
Okispice rated for Koi ATC on Aug 28, 2017
Comment: I think the card is beautiful and I specially like the packaging! Thank you so much
JewelThief rated for Handmade pin cushion swap on Aug 17, 2017
Comment: Received 8 months after due date -- but met swap criteria otherwise. :)
Response: Resent 8/4. USPS says delivered on 8/7. Probably just hasn't had a chance to re-rate yet.

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Heya, might want to drop from swaps you are in with no partners assigned...you know, to avoid more 1's and 3's and show people you care.

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Just letting you know you're in my thoughts. I hope you're feeling better day by day. :-)

RyeRye on Oct 12, 2016:

Welcome to Inspiration Station!

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Knock, knock!
I'm just stopping by to invite you to take a look at our Christian Swappers Group forums, we have a AUG: $5 Esty Gift Card Bible Trivia Game going on in the group forum now.
Come join in on the fun!
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God bless you!

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Profile Check for Homemade Postcard SWAP #3 Hope you enjoy the swap! Happy Swapping!

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