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Birthday: November 12, 1981
Country: Taiwan

About Me

I'm 36, single, a technical writer for a server computer manufacturer.

My favorite color is dark red, and I'm owned by a ginger tabby I found in a park a few years ago. I love reading about others' lives, so don't hesitate to share a thing or two about yourself. :)

Following are the topics of postcards I'd love:

Cats (love ginger and tabby), other feline beasts, maps, watercolor, oil painting, nature, books.

Homemade cards are fine! But I'd like them to be simple and clean, as I kind of have trypophobia. One to three items are pretty much enough. Just don't overdo it.

As for small gifts, I'm a stationary junkie, and any useful stuff would make me very happy! If you're an artist, I'm more than happy to get some small pieces of your work (sketch or watercolor).

I'm a yaoi and otaku girl. It seeems sub-cultures are not so popular among users here, so if you happen to share the enthusiasm, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

I started writing letters on regular basis at a very young age (about 11). Mostly I wrote to friends whom I met during international events or those who moved abroad, and the communication between us lasted until emails became popular (around Y2k). Then we never wrote any more, thinking emails are more efficient. Ironically, it didn't last for more than 6 months until we gradually stopped writing to each other. I do believe online communication could more or less replace phone calls, but it will never replace good old written letters.

Recently I started learning to use fountain pens with converters, mainly to pick up the techniques of ink-and-wash sketches (check my deviantart link if you're interested). And one day I suddenly missed how it feels to write letters to people. I used to do a lot of thinking, looking back to my days to search for interesting things to write about. Realizing I don't do that anymore because there's no one to write to, I suddenly felt very lonely.

So I joined Swap-bot and Post crossing (IDs are the same) with the hope to find casual swapping pals as well as those who are interested in establishing bounds with old-school means of communication.

Also, if you just want to write to someone about random stuff or specific topics, I'm more than happy to exchange snail mails. Just message me for address, and tell me what you want to write about.

Note to Swappers

Urgent: Alia from Arizona, please message me and let me know which swap you sent the gorgeous postcard for...I couldn't find either your ID or the swap name on the card. I've tried digging into my list of sent swaps in vain...

I tend to send the swaps as soon as I get everything ready, so if you haven't received it after an unreasonably long period of time, please text me and I'm always happy to resend. :)

I usually rate as soon as I get the letter or postcard, but with email swaps I might be a little sloppy as there're just too many emails flooding in my inbox everyday. So if you find me not rating on a e-swap, please don't hesitate to text me, as I might have checked the mail on bus and forgot to rate.

Favorite Books

  • History
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Historical novels
  • Biography
  • General psychology
  • History
  • Apocalypse

Favorite Music

  • Baroque: Bach
  • Arabic music
  • Game and movie soundtrack
  • Minimalism: Phillip Glass
  • Indie Rock

Favorite Television

  • Crime: Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, NCIS
  • Suspense: AHS
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi: Firefly

Other activities

  • Belly dance (oriental, fusion, Egyptian)
  • Ink-and-wash sketches of animal and human faces
  • Cooking
  • Baking (bread, cake, brownie, tiramisu, biscuit)

Things I like

  • Anything traditional and cultural.
  • Adventure time. My favorite is Fiona.
  • Tea. If possible, please select something bred and processed in your country. We have the best oolong in the world, and don't hesitate if you want to swap or try some! I'm willing to send them with or without swaps.
  • Stories. Whether it's happy or sad, I'm always hungry for more stories.
  • Cats and other feline friends.
  • Rare postcard themes
  • video games

Things I dislike

  • Hello Kitty (it just doesn't appeal to me)
  • Marvel/DC/other superheros
  • Over-decorated cards (I welcome homemade cards but prefer them to be simple)


Comment: This is a really cute card!! It's sad that the leopard cat is endangered, though... I'm glad you enjoyed my catzine! The cats are my favourite to write about. Kakâ must be the same, hahaha. I will definitely look into your book recommendation! Thank you very much! Happy swapping!!
Response: Tanks Marci, I'm so happy you like the leopard cats. I love them too, but their survival is undergoing hard challenges. >_< And yes Kakâ is my constant source of inspiration! He's so fluffy, lazy, and friendly. BTW I saw your ATC galley. Love them! <3
wheresnika rated for Ghost Story Swap - Email Version on Sep 23, 2017
Response: Thank you <3
USAFwife rated for Collected Journal - Int'l - Round 2 on Sep 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much! I am enjoying reading through your journal entry and your letter. :) Adding your photos was very nice as well. :) Thank you for joining the swap and for the wonderful goodies to read. :)
Response: Hehe I'm happy you enjoyed reading it. <3
Comment: Thanks so much for the ATC and note. Your cat looks just like mine....including his chubby belly!😅 Mine is 8 years old and I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. His name is Milo, but he answers to Mo, Bubba, Chunky Butt, Fatso, Handsome and about a dozen others, lol! Thanks again...happy swapping!
Response: Mine is also 8 years old! I found him in a park when he's about one. He's very vocal and whines a lot for attention on regular basis. :D
Babsmomof5 rated for Transport Postcard Swap #3 on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: This is such a BEAUTIFUL postcard! Thank you so much for sending me such a treasure. I love your beautiful go,d pen you wrote with to!
Response: My pleasure! Glad you like it. :D I used that pen because fountain pens did go well on that specific card, but it turned out looking quite good!
MarianPater rated for A-Z Places Atc on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you Amy for the beautiful Atc: Alice Spring. I like the style very much. Thanks...
Response: My pleasure. <3
Sissi rated for City / Town / Village with P R2 on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for your wonderful card! I really like it!! Happy postcrossing!!
Response: My pleasure! :)
stiffneck78 rated for For Cat and Dog lovers on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard. 'Coffin' is my husband's name and I absolutely LOVE our name. It fits my character and style. When I first met him, I thought he said his name was 'Kaufman'. I didn't know it was 'Coffin' until several weeks later. Anyhow, I'm not sure where his name originated from. I know that he distant relative was named 'Levi Coffin' and he helped with the Underground Railroad during the US Civil War. I know that my husband's family are from Britain. I, myself, am of Hispanic decent and am a native New Mexican. Thanks for your interest! This was fun.
Response: Ooooh that underground railroad?? It's so cool! Could it be because coffins are used for trafficking? Digging into the source of one's family name is really a lot of fun. <3
kssunlover1947 rated for Art pc #36 CAT on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and for telling me about the flowers on the card.
Response: Glad you like it. <3
NiniJae rated for Autumn Tea on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Amy, these teas look and smell amazing! Thanks! I will reply to your letter soon. :)
Response: I'm happy you like them. <3
Comment: Thank you! What did you think of the ending of bones?!
Response: I really like it, though it's sad to have to say goodbye to the series. The characters feel truly like family in a virtual world after I see them on TV for a decade. The head injury is a great design and the effects are very convincing. It's been quite some time since we last saw Temperance appearing vulnerable and confused, and I really like the way they portrait this side of her personality.
Comment: Thank you
Response: Thank you. <3
Churchmouse70 rated for Random PC International #9 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great card!! I got such a kick out of your essential oil blend because rose and geranium are my favorite oils. I like them blended together and separate. I just made my hubby a blend for his arthritis tonight. I hope it helps. 💚❤️💚
Response: Thanks! I'm so happy the fragrance is still there on the card and you like it. <3
Beckstar rated for Handmade Envie with Items 2 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thankyou Amy <3 loved the goodies. xx
Response: Glad you like them. <3
Melpapercraft rated for Random PC International #8 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thanks so in love with it Hugs
Response: No problem. <3
Comment: Great list... love the "escaping to an alternative reality" really made me laugh and so kind sharing the food in your neighbourhood. Ginnie is gorgeous :-)
Response: Haha I'm a timid person and tend to endure unpleasant situations rather than protesting. So this is a very useful escape tactic for me.
Response: Thank you <3
KatrienVD rated for ANIMAL PC #8 H is for... on Sep 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you!!
Response: Thank you <3
Comment: Thanks so much for the postcard...I love PC's from galleries! also thanks for the book recommendations! I haven't read both series yet, I'm always in need of suggestions.
Response: Thanks! Let me know if you like the books after you read them. <3
Eel9585 rated for ESG: Quick friendly profile comment on Sep 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the comment
Response: Thank you <3

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chaari on Sep 19, 2017:

ESG: Quick friendly profile comment:

你好. 很高興認識你. ☺ That's really all I know ^^ Sorry :D It's so cool to meet someone who likes Arabic music! It's so sad, because lately I fell that everything arabic has this negative stigma due to the recent history, but I really love arabic music too! You should check out this tunesian singer Cheb Khaled. He sings french and arabic and I really think he's great :D

Have a lovely day! Greetings from Germany ♥

MissCharlieD on Sep 15, 2017:

Hello! I visited your Goodreads and found a few to add to my TBR list, thank you! I must say, I only recently learned what Otaku meant, after reading the first volume of Princess Jellyfish. I loved it! Happy Swapping! -Charlie ESG: Quick friendly profile comment

littlemissme84 on Sep 15, 2017:

Hi, I enjoyed reading your profile. I am owned by 2 feline masters - my rescue boys. They are definitely in charge. I too do postcrossing though I've taken a break over the last few months. I need to get back into it really. Happy swapping, Ree x

USAFwife on Sep 6, 2017:

I cimpletely agree about letters vs email (dont get me started on social media! Haha) If youd like a pen pal in the USA, SEND me a PM. :) Cindi (usafwife)

curlywurly on Sep 3, 2017:

Thank you, for sharing your lovely playlist with me, Amy! ♥

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