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SuMay on Jan 18, 2017:

Dear Rift, Thank you very much for your photograph of the scrub jay and for your kindness in sending it to me. Jays are amazing! In my city, we get one type only: garrulus glandarius, the Eurasian jay. Garrulus is right, because they love to chatter. They are also clever, cheeky and have a gorgeous plumage. I have one that buries acorns in my window-box. Every spring, I have to pull out little oak trees!

kittyhahahotbot on Jan 17, 2017:

Your Welcome and thank you for the beautiful bird postcard. I love the matte paper.

Froggy2974 on Oct 4, 2016:

I received your wonderful packet of seeds. Thank you so very much! I'm very excited to watch them bloom next season.


Sammoning on Aug 28, 2016:

Thank you for the beautful raccoon photo-postcard, it sounds like a great experience to watch them in the wild like that :)

Froggy2974 on Aug 6, 2016:

Thank you so much for the wonderful postcard from the postcard roulette swap! I have never seen a Love-in-a-Mist flower before and would love a seed pod if there are any left, it would look amazing in my sea of yellow lilies.


mariaelisabeth on Jan 3, 2016:


Welcome to join my new group Vegans of Swap-Bot! Hope to see you around!

kittenred on Dec 3, 2015:

I've been getting some of your postcards, i've got the Halloween one up on my board :) very cute and much appreciated!

StarMouse on Aug 22, 2015:

Hi rift! Thanks for the postcard. Love the elephant garlic blossom with cucumber bug! Got it in the mail as I got home from physical therapy. Perked me up just before I slept for two hours! Joy back!

racheljohnson on Jun 17, 2015:

Thank you for the beautiful flower and bumblebee postcard you sent celebrating the 200,000th swap! Such a nice surprise! It is so great that you did both the 100,000th and 200,000th swaps... you'll have to do our 500,000th and millionth swaps, too! :)

Karen07 on Mar 24, 2015:

Love the Lorax owl!

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