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Pretty much all the things I make can be seen at the links above. The Available ATCs file is kept up-to-date - if you see something you want, hit me up!

About Me

Hey. I'm Stephanie; a nerdly dorkish lady of nearly 40 years, married, with one grown child still at home. We live in Tallahassee, FL with a couple of senior pups. I'm a homemaker and try to cram as much creative playtime into my day as possible between one boring chore or another.

Most of my creative focus goes towards collage/mixed media projects. I make postcards, ATCs, wall art, assemblages, glue books, zines, artistamps....anything to use up my sizable stash of paper goodies. I also trade actively on ATCsforALL (same UN) and via Instagram/blogs. When I'm not messing around with paper, I like repainting figurines.

I am very enthusiastically a homebody, thanks to some introversion, social anxiety and other personality issues. Art (and swapping) is my way of coping with the internal junk and connecting with people.

My personal style preference is to make art that is bright, colorful, fun & upbeat. If it's fun to make, it should be fun to receive....that's all I can really hope for. I can make pretty, fancy stuff too, but I'm a reformed class clown so I much rather be goofy & random.

Some visual insight...

My "craft cave"

My stamp shelf + a few collections

Our backyard

Our mantel

Our front door, with scruffy pup

I Love

  • Nature: palm trees, tropical foliage, ferns, succulents, cacti, fruit trees, camellias, sun flowers, bugs, wild flowers, lotus, Spring, Summer.

  • Animals: cockatoos, Boston Terriers, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, chickens, llamas, alpacas, gibbons, dolphins, goats, big cats (lions, tigers, jaguars), Sphynxes, donkeys, zebras, owls, ravens, raccoons, squirrels, alligators, lizards, dinosaurs, emus -- pretty much all creatures great and small (with the exception of sharks).

  • Places: Walt Disney World, Japan, South America, beaches, deserts, The Caribbean, Egypt, Hawaii, thrift stores, all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, IKEA, Tarpon Springs, FL (hometown), St. Pete/Clearwater/Tampa, FL, St. Augustine, FL, The Everglades.

  • Prints/Patterns/Colors: neons, halftone, polka dots, doodles, paisley, grunge, graffiti, paint splatters, saturated colors, 70s-80s designs, high contrast, busy florals, prints labeled "obnoxious," neon grunge, tie-dye, weird toile/damask (like this Cthulhu damask)...

  • Subjects/Themes: pop culture, Anthropology, Biology, Natural History, memes, symbology, Astronomy, Floridiana, sci-fi/fantasy, Universal Monsters, the 70s, travel, vintage anatomy diagrams, comic book art, mythology, occult, psychedelic, celestial (sun, moon, stars - not angelic), Halloween (gothic, creepy & macabre).

  • Artists: Edward Hopper, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Nick Bantock, Anne Bagby, Jean-Michel Basquiat, James Jean, Tara McPherson, Carrie Ann Baade, Ray Caesar, Rex Ray...

  • Misc.: cheeseburgers, deep-sea diving helmets, the number 12, waffles, hands, plus signs, peace signs, poop emoji, Pepsi.

  • Television: Happy!, Legion, Lucifer, The Good Place, Drunk History, Bob's Burgers, Stranger Things, FaceOff, At Home with Amy Sedaris, This Is Not Happening, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Laff Tracks, Fresh Off the Boat, Bright, Archer, Fargo, The Gifted, Gotham, Silicon Valley, Teen Titans Go!, The Chew, Rick & Morty, Preacher, Nature, Planet Earth, various DIY/Food/HGTV shows...

  • People/Characters: Darth Vader, Buddha, Roger from American Dad, The Joker, Wonder Woman, Grim Reaper/Death, clowns, Maleficent, SpongeBob SquarePants, Skeletor, Carrie Fisher, Edgar Allan Poe, Elvira, Mr. T, Terry Pratchett, Gary Busey, David Letterman, Chrissy Teigen, Leslie Jones, Ali Wong, Billy Eichner, Sarah Silverman, Gudetama, Max Headroom, Granny Weatherwax, Mr. Blobby....

  • Movies: The Fifth Element, Tombstone, Step Brothers, Snatch, Wayne's World, What We Do in the Shadows, Howl's Moving Castle, Young Frankenstein, Army of Darkness, The Empire Strikes Back, Monty Python and the Holy Grail...


I'm really keen on...

--profile-based ATCs & other frameable art
-- random (or profile-based) handmade postcards
--small art books, mini zines
--arty envelopes (fully decorated envelopes, mailed empty)
--stamp sheets (sheets of paper stamped all over with rubber stamps)
--"paper bombs" (small envelopes of random assorted paper goodies)
--specific paper swaps - for particular type/style/theme paper goods
--collage sheets, artistamps & personalized labels (I have a decent color laser printer)

If you would like to swap for any of these things, PLEASE PM me! Chances are good I will jump at the opportunity. Private swaps are the best.

Paper Items I Obsess Over

for paper swaps, not hints for extras (please don't feel like extras make a swap)...

Graph papers, vintage 40s-70s yearbook portraits (real!), painted papers, text printed scrapbook paper, papers with plus signs/stars/arrows, printed tissue paper (text/script, music, polka dots), halftone prints, graffiti images, surfing & skateboarding mags, travel mags, design mags (interior, graphic, architectural), MAPS! I would say that my paper supply is split 30/70 scrapbook/repurposed. I don't hate scrapbook supplies, I just tend to prefer more creative sources for paper materials.

Specific Swap Notes

  • For (store-bought) postcard swaps: I don't collect any specific type or theme of postcard. Though I will say touristy postcards are my least favorite, unless they feature an interesting landmark. Free postcards are cool if they're funny, weird or art related.

  • I like kawaii & manga stuff! The sillier & weirder the better - it's all funny to me. I also have an in-house Asian cultures aficionado, so if something doesn't suit me it will go to her.

  • I like reward stickers! Especially ones that express general positive vibes like "Excellent!" or "You Rock!" I also go through reward stars like nobody's business (I use them a lot for space themed art).

  • Swear words, nudity, dark/morbid humor, sarcasm and adult themes in general are all A-OK by me. Yes. Very. Fuck.

  • For sender's choice art swaps: please, I want to see YOU in YOUR art. Even if it isn't "my style" I will 100% respect and appreciate your creativity!

I'm not real picky when it comes to this stuff. Stay on the swap topic, have fun and send something authentically you & that you're happy with.

I Don't Love

Please kindly consider these things strictly off-limits as far as I'm concerned:

--Sharks. (phobia)(yes, even pics)
--Religion. (atheist, not interested in the least)
--Grocery items of any sort (candy, tea bags, spices, coupons, etc).

Those are the majors, which I can generally avoid by the swaps I join. Everything else here is just a minor annoyance, really.

Items I have no use for: teeny-tiny punched shapes/confetti, holiday greeting cards, mini note cards, purse turds (tea bag tags, food wrappers, WalMart receipts--these are not usable ephemera in my book), cancelled current US postage, super old & antique papers (brown patina things are not my jam), paint chips.

I won't get bent if you send me these things, you'd just be wasting your postage as they'll get tossed in the trash. ✌️

Themes That Make Me Go "Meh": zombies, steampunk, shabby chic, sports/patriotic/wedding, Paris, most traditional holidays, country, diva/princess.

Please don't send me your clutter! I DO like a lot of things, but I am perfectly satisfied just liking them and not owning them. I already tow a fine line in my own home keeping things organized. Knick-knacks, books (whole books) and larger craft supplies that can't be mailed flat are actually frustrating to receive.


supersquirrel rated for Fantasy ATC on Mar 21, 2018
Comment: This one will have a permanent place on my desk! I love your work stephiedee. Thank you for the gnome and his friend - me!!
Response: So glad I got to send that one to you - it was meant to be! :)
DeAnnaVarela rated for ATC : ) Between Stephanie & Dee on Mar 20, 2018
Comment: Hola! I know the moon cards didn't make it but it's okay if you resend or not. I love your work and to me relationships are more important than a rating. Hugs, D
joybells2426 rated for PVT: Spring Into Spring ATCs on Mar 19, 2018
Comment: I love these ATCs! The flower one is my favorite because of the snail. Thank you!
Response: You're welcome, Joy! Happy you liked them.
RockyBeach rated for PVT: RockyBeach & stephiedee on Mar 13, 2018
Comment: The cardinal has landed! Thanks so much, I like it a lot! Oh it must be fun to have such a colourful bird around in winter.
Response: So glad he made it and you like the pc! They are really striking birds - such a vibrant red. We like leaving seed out for them (and the squirrels). :)
MyRetroSoul rated for PVT: MyRetroSoul & stephiedee on Mar 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful ATC and envelope AND extras! I really admire the way you collage. You have a great eye for patterns and colors and arranging them to create pieces that look like were always meant to be together. Thank you so much!
Response: Thanks for the great comment! I'm really glad you liked everything.
123Poggy123 rated for Stamped ATC x 2 on Mar 6, 2018
Comment: This is a beautiful ATC. I love the colors you used & that you wrote what you did.
Response: Thank you, happy you enjoyed it!
shinyserra rated for Stamped ATC x 2 on Mar 5, 2018
Comment: I love the moon! I also really liked the notecard and envelope :)
Response: It's a goodie - I don't get to use as often as I like. Glad you liked the whole shebang! ;D
joybells2426 rated for PVT: joybells2426 & stephiedee on Mar 5, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the awesome PC! I love it. 😍
Response: Yay! Happy you love it!
ttbishop rated for Cuss Symbol Mail Art - #@$*&! on Feb 27, 2018
Comment: Awesome as usual! Love! Thanks!
Response: Great :D glad you liked it!
smmarrty rated for FCMA: Rubber Stamped on Feb 24, 2018
Comment: Love it - so cool. Thanks!
Response: You're welcome, glad you liked it! I love stamping all over things like that. ;D
Comment: Two wonderful Steph postcards in one week! I’m HAPPY! LOL! I so love your style and as I said on Instagram, your postcards are absolutely delicious front and back. 💖💖💖
Response: Yay...I'm glad you're happy, Wanda! That makes me happy! :D
graciepie49 rated for MPU: Remail Masterboard on Jun 7, 2017
Comment: Of Course I love it! It's a Stephanie Dodson original :-) Thank you for making really great masterboards; it's nice to learn from one of the best.
Artstamper rated for MPU: Cut It Out on May 26, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the wide variety of fun stuff! I will enjoy using them. Ideas are coming already.
Artstamper rated for JUNKIES: Master Backgrounds on May 24, 2017
Comment: Beautiful backgrounds! Especially like the colors and collage bits. Thanks so much.
geekgirl1001000 rated for JUNKIES: Master Backgrounds on May 24, 2017
Comment: great backgrounds! thanks
sweetgypsy rated for JUNKIES: Master Backgrounds on May 23, 2017
Comment: Love the backgrounds! Thank you :)
ttbishop rated for MPU: Positively Postage on May 23, 2017
Comment: I inherited a large and completely disorganized stamp collection recently. It's been fun sorting through it and making albums. It reminds me of my 4th grade sticker collection.
joybells2426 rated for JUNKIES: Sassy Saying on May 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you! I also love that particular saying!
graciepie49 rated for JUNKIES: Dotty on May 14, 2017
Comment: I adore this ATC! It has three themes I really like - blue, circles, and Buddha. The Praying Baby Buddha you clipped from the Design Toscano catalog is way cool. I had one of their catalogs once a long time ago, but they didn't have many of the more interesting themes as they do now. I ordered one; thanks for the tip.
graciepie49 rated for JUNKIES: Shape Study on May 12, 2017
Comment: I've probably apologized before for not rating "in a timely manner," and I'm doing it again. It just gets away from me until I notice a pile of unrated art piling up on my desk. I think your Shape Study ATC is Very cool, and I prefer to see the triangle shapes as mountains. I sometimes enjoy gazing at the mountains and imagining they are large boulders, and giant people are sitting on them having conversations. But, I guess, not ones with triangle points. Triangles are my favorite shape of all. And I enjoyed all the other elements of your ATC also. You are so talented with incorporating multimedia elements, even on art the size of ATCs. The other predominant shape on the card is the circle, which is my second favorite shape. There's kind of a bokeh effect on the ground area that is so imaginative, and the big yellow sun ties in with the ground and makes the whole card look balanced. Thanks for a really nice ATC :-)
Response: Thanks for the nice rating, Grace. I'm glad you like the card.

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oblivionspin on Mar 14, 2018:

Ugh, has it been dumb? I have been doing mail too sporadically to keep track (also not checking my p.o. box as often as I should) so I thought mail times seemed a bit fucky but was chalking it up to me. -_- duuuuuumb

oblivionspin on Mar 13, 2018:

Bah. I got your awesome ATC a couple days ago (I have no sense of time) and an envelope going out to you in a couple days (again, no sense of time). Figured you'd at least want to know the postal gods didn't eat anything this time.

Dsweeny on Mar 10, 2018:

Hi sweety! I received your SPECTAULAR resend for the PF Wishlist tag!! HOLY MOLY! I LOVE IT ALL!! The Planet stories postcard, the kick butt stickers!!! EEEEE Thank you so much!

jukejan on Feb 27, 2018:

Glad that you are back, honeybunch.

LizzyJo on Feb 26, 2018:

Thanks so much for the Beatle book RAK. It really brightened my day!

kiddomerriweather on Feb 25, 2018:

Thank you so much for the Hawaii Kawaii apron! I love it! Now I can participate in messy crafts! Or sew myself to it. LOL! That was so sweet of you to think of me. <3

Hell0Z0mbie on Feb 18, 2018:

Thank you so much for the PC!! I love it!!

Hell0Z0mbie on Feb 18, 2018:

Yay! Super glad you like it!

bbsporty on Feb 17, 2018:

Thank you for the awesome pc rak! Love getting some of your art again!

jillybird on Feb 8, 2018:

I got the package you sent me for the favorite theme ATC today! I love it!!! It's so cheerful! The quote is absolutely perfect. I also enjoyed your zine - thank you for sharing that with me. I need to learn how to work with the copier instead of against it! Thank you very much for such a lovely tag package. You made my day!

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