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ReadMoreBooks33 on May 13, 2018:

Sarnobyl on Mar 22, 2018:

I just noticed we signed up for the same postcard swap. I finally caved in and joined Swap-Bot. hahaha. :D

fbresnah on Mar 9, 2018:

Awesome furr baby pics! Love!

stiffneck78 on Jan 2, 2018:

kittyhahahotbot on Dec 25, 2017:

ContraryHousewife on Dec 21, 2017:

Happy Solstice

doodlebugdezines on Nov 20, 2017:

I love and appreciate you point of view. Life is short. Seek Peace and Harmony!! 😉

stiffneck78 on Oct 31, 2017:

VivaLaDiane on Aug 14, 2017:

I'm not sure how I happened upon your profile but it peeked my interest and I absolutely enjoyed it!! Thanks for making me smile. I lost my dad a few years ago also and in the past held on to far to much anger. A stroke after he died put life into perspective for me. --Anyway, thanks again for the smile. ♥

emilynhr on Dec 24, 2016:

Meowy Christmas!

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