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About Me

6/2022: regarding my latest 3 rating from 1koolkrafter. I had sent the swap, on time. You can see from my many ratings I don’t ever NOT send a swap. Ever. It apparently got lost and they let me know so I sent a resend. They clearly received it but then rated a 3, with no explanation. I have messaged them twice re: said rating and they’ve read it and chosen not to respond. Beyond frustrating.

5/2022: I am taking a SB hiatus. I try to stay away from drama and a certain person wants to keep trying to create it with me and I’m just not interested. The situation has taken the joy out of swaps for me. And with my busy life, I want to spend my free time doing things that bring me joy. And right now, unfortunately my heart isn’t in it.

I have sent out all of my current swaps, so am caught up. If you are missing one from me, please EMAIL me with swap name and address and I can resend.

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

I'm a WFH administrative assistant and also cat sit before/after work. I LOVE cats. Crazy cat lady here. I have FIVE cats. They are my kids. They make life worth living!

Favorite Postcards!

-See ABC list below
-Anything Cat!!!!
-Animals in general. All of them! From spiders to bumblebees to octopi to jellyfish to cats to rhinos! I don't discriminate on all creatures great and small!
-Buddha !!!
-Retro/Vintage (Example: Pin-Up Girls, Old Ads, etc.)
-Book Related (Covers, people reading, etc)
-Boho/Hippie/Positivity/Mindfulness/Zen Lifestyle
-I Love Lucy
-Sesame Street/Mr. Rogers/Vintage Children's, etc.
-Norman Rockwell
-Anne Taintor/Housewives From Hell/etc
-Classic Disney (Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, etc.)
-Funny, Someecards, inappropriate, bizarre
-Andy Warhol
-I love zazzle postcards, or homemade if they are well done! So even if the rules state no Zazzle/Homemade/etc. if you think I would like it and it's good quality, feel free to send!

-Honestly, I don't like tourist cards at all. UNLESS they are vintage/artsy types (Think Lantern Press or similar.) or places I like, see below. Even if I sign up for a tourist swap, it's to swap out some of mine, I won't mind if you send me non-tourist for a tourist swap!
If you have to send a tourist card, the ones I don't completely hate are:
-National Parks
-Grand Canyon
-South Dakota
-Niagra Falls
-California (Especially LA, Beverly Hills or San Francisco)
-New Orleans
-Branson, MO (My dad lived there) -Eureka Springs, Arkansas
-Boston/Salem, Mass.

Things I don't want/swap:
-Friendship books
-Tea/tea bags
-Used stamps
-Religious anything
-Gift tags
-Teacher/reward stickers
-Homemade envelopes
-Post-It Notes/Note Pad papers, etc. I have SO MANY

My collections

For items you may add into swaps (With cards or what not) See above for what I do not want use, here's the things I can always use:
- Again, anything cat related. Stickers, postcards, notecards, figurines, ANYTHING!
-Blank postcards
-Your fave recipes written on recipe cards -Blank recipe cards -Stickers! I love stickers! Just not planner ones/teacher rewards/cheap, junky ones
-Smashbook stuff/Journal Cards
-Return address Labels - Cute graphics are appreciated!
-Unused US stamps in any denomination!
-Anything having to do with "You Are My Sunshine" or "Amazing Grace" (Lyric art, etc) My dad loved those songs and the last song I ever sang with him before he passed was "You are my sunshine." so it holds a special place in my heart!

The Fur Kids

I sometimes join cat swaps, so if you are wanting or needing to get something for my cats, here is a little bio on them!


This love came to me in October 2015, her name is Tillie and she is my blind, calico beauty. She had her eyes removed after her rescue due to reversed lenses and major ocular pressure that caused her a lot of pain. Her likes are:
-Paper Ball Toys
-Mylar Balls
-Really any small toy she can carry or bat around
-Those colored balls with colored tinsel -- she is OBSESSED
-Freeze-Dried Chicken Treats. Literally the only treat she will eat.

Miss Pippi showed up in my yard when I got home from work and catsitting on September 30, 2016. I feed about 4 strays that come and go but they're all skittish and 'Pippi' walked right up to me. I brought her inside to keep her safe until an owner was found, except we gave it a week and nobody ever claimed her. She was vetted and chipped and determined to likely be homeless. She's very cuddly and friendly, and also a troublemaker. She thinks she's the alpha in the house and loves to tell her siblings that she's the boss.
-She LOVES very potent/strong-smelling catnip toys. Think the YEOWW! brand, or similar.
-Preferred treats are Whisker Lickins, Temptations or Friskies!

Once I lost my beloved Tortie Bella in December 2016, I decided my life was incomplete without a tortie in it. Those who have ever been blessed to love one will know exactly what I mean. So I asked my local animal rescue friends and turns out that Tillie's foster mom had this tortie, named Bella Knight. "Bella" was out on a farm and raised many litters of kittens, then was rescued and 'dried up' but at one point was introduced to some kittens and started producing milk again. I decided to name her Bea as an homage to my "Queen B--Bella." She's an absolute sweetheart, a chatter box and even wags her tail like a dog. She loves boxes and the early evening when the sun hits the crystal in the window and she can chase the rainbows.
-She loves any bouncy ball toy.
-Bea loves cat treats. She doesn't have a preference.

In April 2017, my mom decided to foster a group of 4 baby kittens. She bottle fed them for months and one of them was just not thriving. It was believed she wouldn't make it. I decided then and there, if she pulled through, I would adopt her. She got some fluids and ended up pulling through and of course I followed through on my promise and brought her home. She's now our little Penelope (Penny). She's got attitude, but we love her for it. She loves watching the birds and squirrels in the window and bugging mom while she's trying to eat.

-Her favorite toys are felt pompom balls and pipe cleaners. I shudder to think how many are currently under my fridge.
-She also loves any other type of ball/toy she can carry and bat around!
-Also catnip!

Meet my 5th kitty. I'm most definitely in crazy cat lady territory now, but I always said I had room for a blind kitty if one came along...and here he is...
Meet Hank. He came into a local rescue in early 2018, alone and battling a severe eye infection in both eyes. They tried so hard to save his eyes, but they were unsuccessful and he had surgery to remove them. He ended up in a foster home of a lady I catsit for on occasion and since she knew I had a blind cat, she contacted me for pointers. I went to meet him and it was a done deal after that. He's making great progress! When he went in to get fixed, found out he was cryptorchid so had surgery to fix that. In his short life, he's been diagnosed with Stomatitis and had to have surgery twice to remove teeth, he'll eventually have them all removed but are just taking them out as needed. And now we found out he has asthma, but he's been wonderful with his inhaler! This poor boy has had a rough start, with 4 surgeries before he was 2!, but he's so insanely happy and sweet and I LOVE him immensely.
-Hank loves to play with the 'ball on track' toys.
-He loves bouncy balls and this feathery bumblebee toy.
-For treats he seems to prefer Friskies!

ABCs of Me!

It's always so fun when people have a nice ABC list of random things they like. I always try to skim it to see if I have a card that matches something random on their list. So here is my list!

A: Arrows, ASMR videos, Alpacas, Art, Aurora Borealis, Acrylic Painting, Abstract Paintings, Angel Cards, Affirmation Decks, Alice in Wonderland
B: Buddha, B&W Photos, Bright Bold Colors!, Birds, Buddha Doodles, Books, Baking, Bees
C: CATS, Cacti, Crystals, Cookbooks, Children's Books, Cursing, Cherry Blossom Trees, Cows
D: Ducks, Deer, Dala Horse, Dreamcatchers, Dateline
E: Elephants, Estate Sales, Enamel Pins, Etsy
F: Fox, Flowers, Feathers, Field Guide Books, Fall Foliage
G: Geese, Gnomes, Gold, Giraffes, Golden Girls, Grumpy Cat, Goats, Gratitudes, Greeting Cards
H: Hippos, Hamsters, Hedgehog, Hippie, Harry Potter, Hummingbirds, Handmade Soaps & Lip Balms
I: Incense, Iceland, Ireland
J: Jellyfish, Judge Judy, Journals
K: Katie Daisy, Kittens
L: Llamas, Lilacs, Leaves, Lucille Ball, Lions, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lip Balm
M: Mourning Doves, Mushrooms, Meditation, Mindfulness, Maneki Neko Cat, Moon Phases, Mary Poppins, Mugs, Mucha, Matisse, Mason Jars
N: Namaste, New Age, Nesting Dolls, Narwhal, Native American Photography
O: Octopus, Olympics, Old Photos, Owls
P: Positivity, Palo Santo, Painting, Photography, Potted Plants, Pinterest, Pioneer Woman, Podcasts, Pineapples, Pigs, Pippi Longstocking, Poppies, Pinterest, Postage Stamps, Porcupines
Q: The Letter Q!!! Since my last name is Quincey, I collect Q's.
R: Reiki, Rhinos, Recipes, Recipe Cards, Rainbows, Real Housewives of OC & BH
S: Succulents, Squirrels, Snails, Stickers, sloths Swedish Gnomes, slime, someecards, Smudging, Serenity Prayer, Sheep
T: Trees, Tomte, Tapestries, Tumblr, Trader Joes, Thrifting, Typography, Typewriters, Target
U: Umbrellas
V: Vintage Cookbooks, Vintage Native/American Indian Photos, Veronica Mars
W: Whales, Watercolors, Warhol, Washi, Wildflowers, Wishbones, Willie Nelson, Witches, Wizard of Oz, Wildflowers
X: X sucks. Go away.
Y: "You Are My Sunshine"
Z: Zen, Zazzle!
Other: 11:11, (the) 1920's


Another thing I would love is handwritten recipes from people! I love fun recipe cards and have a recipe box. I don't have old recipes from family, so am attempting to create my own.

If you want to send me a handwritten recipe with a swap, here are some likes and dislikes!

Absolutely do not eat:
-Beef (but can substitute ground turkey for recipes)
-Onions (but can easily omit in most things!)
-I am diabetic, so try to limit my carbs and sweets, but I also LOVE carbs and sweets, so will welcome those recipes!

Things I love:
-Again, carbs/sweets, to my detriment!
-KETO versions of things
-I do eat some poultry (chicken/turkey) and love fish (LOVE Shrimp)! but I have dabbled in Vegetarian, as I'm really not a huge fan of meat. -Desserts.... I LOVE trying new desserts
-Casseroles/Hot Dish
-I'm not very experimental, I like to keep things simple and not a lot of ingredients! I'm also very busy, so I love things that are quick and easy or that I can prep ahead and throw in the oven after a long day!

I have an Instapot and AirFryer and always looking for new ways to utilize both!

Looking for a rating?

If you sent me a swap and haven't seen a rating yet, please don't hound/message me.

I work 60-80 hours a week. Sometimes I don't get to ratings right away and will do it in one group once or twice a week. I don't just rate a 1 without messaging first, so if I notice it's been a while and the swap hasn't arrived, I will message you and let you know. If then I don't hear back, I will then rate accordingly.

But I always rate, just not every single day.


octobereve930 rated for ANY CARD FOLLOW THE PROMPT #16 on Jun 30, 2022
Comment: thank you for your presidential list and card with the girl catching butterflies... too cute. 6/30
octobereve930 rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #33 on Jun 30, 2022
Comment: the beach there looks awesome in cape town... white sand looks amazing.. thank you 6/30
Comment: Great postcards! And I learned something about the St Louis Arch!
CHOWEFACE rated for PH: 3+ Stamps on a Postcard #2 on Jun 30, 2022
Comment: Thanks Sarah!
young46356 rated for Raining Cats and Dogs #19 on Jun 29, 2022
Comment: Thanks, cute card. How many cats will you be catsitting for? Rich
bestdayever rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #32 on Jun 29, 2022
Comment: Love the trout stamp! Cute card. Thank you!
octobereve930 rated for I SPY #32 on Jun 28, 2022
Comment: Niagara falls...been there loved that... thank you ..yes and it is such wonder to see the double and triple rainbows from the Maid of this Mist. 6/28
Comment: Thanks so much!
debbiespoms rated for ANY CARD FOLLOW THE PROMPT #15 on Jun 28, 2022
Comment: Thanks very much Sarah!😀
Comment: A quince-twofer today! Really like the Guatemala one. Thank you!
Lonestarchild rated for PH: Variety Pack #7 on Jun 27, 2022
Comment: Lovely variety! thank you!
NHJenB rated for I SPY #31 on Jun 26, 2022
Comment: Thank you
Eulegirl rated for PH: 3 + 3 Postcard Swap #9 on Jun 26, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the excellent postcards and the extras!
Sagebrushs rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #31 on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you.
kristenlyns rated for WTL: Please take this washi! #5 on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much!
MarHelene rated for Flower Power, the 2022 Edition #4 on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thanks!!
noone7212 rated for Puppy Dog PC Swap #24 US Only on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the card! :-) It's always so delightful to meet a sweet dog!
heidiblooms rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #31 on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: I went to Mt. Rushmore when I was 2! Thanks!
noone7212 rated for Non- Touristy PC swap #50 on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the card! :-) I hope you're having a great June!

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