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My Pintrest my art is in a folder there.

About Me

Here are some photos of things I've made.

Fused glass sugar skulls.

Feather Doll.

Altered Spoon.

Button Fairy

Gizmo the Clown second pic is Miss Gizmo his wife. Miss Gizmo is a doll I promised I would make for a friend of mine who did this circus act.

Circus Twins.

Day of the dead doll made for a friend in their favorite colors. I love her hat!

Various little houses..

Pretty much my 1st Dotee doll whimsy style.

A set of beaded medicine bags full size and mini. The large bag got second place at the fair my older brother got 1st place and grand champion.

A beaded wooden box, beaded bottle and large beaded crystal.

Naked wood nymph


Needle book for a swap

This is my addition to public art. Stonehenge is on my property by the road so everyone can see it.

Hello, My name is Andi and I joined swap-bot because my daughter is here @smadronia I know she enjoys it a lot and I love to send and receive mail so it sounded like a fun place to be apart of.

This is the only profile I have filled out anywhere online. I'm am old hacker but not big on social sites. I make a good hermit. I’m in my real late 50s ooops time to update this I cant make this claim anymore. I'm an old hippy and I live out in the country with my cats. Its not too far from the big city but we can get stuck at home by flooding at times. We also tend to lose power several times a year. I say this just in case I’m late mailing something which I hope will not be the case. I’m one of those people who still has not stopped smoking cigarettes (yes I know I’m bad) and if you’re a smoker or not I will make every effort to not send cat hair or items that smell like smoke. They might smell like fabreeze or dryer sheets however. It would depend on what was sent. Please don't condemn me because I smoke I know its a nasty evil habit. I’m working on it.

I come from a long line of artsy crafty folk and have had so many hobbies I’ve forgotten half of them. I love to make and create things and as I said at the start I love to send and get mail. As it says above my human child is already a member of swap-bot and lives in another state so sending me goodies for her is pointless.

Crafts, Hobbies & Likes

I love Stitch and toothless!

I do lots of different kinds of crafts and always loved handmade items. Store bought gifts are never as special as something a person made themselves. This fan belongs to @smadronia it was made by her uncle and beaded by me.

I’ll list the things I have been into most recently because if I put them all in here the list would be way too long.

Glass beads and beadwork of all kinds. I started doing Indian beadwork when I was young I have started beading again but with larger beds than once upon a time. I have a big collection of seed beads and beadwork from around the world. Please don't send me mixed seed beads I have kilos already.

Kiln formed glass. My daughter got me hooked on fusing glass.

Anything with The Great Wave on it by Hokusai. I have a huge poster of it above my bed.

Sewing and needlework.

Junk crafting making things with lost objects.

Postcards old and new!

Old books I know I said I didn't read many but I have 1000’s of books.

Things that have to do with the stars and planets.

In general any kind of stars are ok with me. I've had starhiker as an email addy for 20 some years stars have became my signature. Glow in the dark anything I’m old but I have stars painted on my bedroom ceiling.

Rainbows butterflies flowers. TyeDye.

Maps any kind of maps.

Circus and carnival things. Old gate tickets for any kind of event like this. Ride passes fair passes stubs from rodeos shows etc. ephemera of that nature.

I like all kinds of old things maybe because I'm getting old I don't know.

I love Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. I don't care about Lilo but have had Stitch as a traveling companion for a decade.He's got his own red spaceship and everything.

Other Stuff Dislikes

Now I've been here long enough to know what to say here. I only have a few dislikes. I’m not a girly girl. While I played with dolls as a child and still collect them, I was a grown up by the time I was about 10. Not to scare folk but I can go from the most elegant lady you’ve ever met to the toughest broad you’ve ever met. I have to be a tough person sometimes I’ve been a boss for 48 years. I don’t do it any more but I used to change the oil in my truck, I’ve changed my share of tires too, shoveled manure in the barn. When I work I work physically hard and my hands and body are starting to slow down. If you get a typed note from me don’t feel slighted be happy you can read it. If you get a hand written note from me I’m sorry my writing is crappy aren’t you glad I print?

I’m really not into pink, ruffles, cute, hello kitty, cutesy or kawaii. I’m more into elegant romantic antique and vintage things. I’m an old hippy so peace love and happiness work. Steampunk is cool off color is ok. I have my own entity to worship so please don’t send me anything about your god. I don’t want to do any FB’s with anyone. I already share more information about me here that what is prudent. I suck at social sites facebook doesn't have a video of what I’ve posted because I don’t post I mostly read.

Please no loose sheets of memo, notebook, or plain paper. They quickly become cat toys or fire starters. If you wish to send a pad of paper, pretty printed heavy card stock, vintage or fancy paper that's fine.

Stickers, I really don't use them to speak of anymore I send boring envies so folks don't steal em,.

Nothing religous or Christian related please, I'm agnostic. Peace and love are fine but please keep whatever higher power you have to yourself.

I really like cats better than dogs. I like old things glass beads, books, paper scrap. I'm indian so I'm not adverse to using animal hide, feathers and fur in my crafts. They make good cat toys too.

I guess I'm a snob in that I don't use plastic much in crafting. I like natural stone and glass beads if I'm going to make something beaded. I use mostly tiny tiny seed beads for beadwork and I use larger beads to add to my fused glass and leatherwork. I have kilos of seed beads please don't send me any I have enough.


When I host a swap I will angel (which is a misnomer when applied to me I’m not a sweet old lady, I’m a plain spoken old lady) the person who didn’t receive their item. You have to go thru the standard steps of rating the flaker a 1 and so forth first. There is no point in putting that info into each swap, it should be a given if a person host a swap. I have to say I think swap bot should have higher standards for swap hosts than swappers.

I would think it’s bad karma as a host to send late or not sign on and assign partners until the send date of a swap but now I’ve seen that happen. I assign partners the next day on swaps.

My envies tend to be plain so they don’t get caught up in the sorting machinery. If one of the swaps I send gets lost let me know I’ll send another one. As far as I know everything has I have sent has arrived. update 2/19/14 I think 1 was eaten by the postal gods on its way to Holland we'll see. Oh dear the postal gods are up to 2 swaps eaten now. As of 10/16 no other swaps have been lost in the mail.

The photo above is my favorite carousel its in Oaks Park Portland Oregon.

In 1947 my grandpa ran away and joined a carnival to sell food, although we no longer travel with a show we still sell food at the same fairs and events he did. I worked in an amusement park as a teenager and have many circus friends so all three of these themes tie together for me. I’m not a carny because I don’t travel with a show but I am a showman.

  • Intaminatis Fulget Honoribus

One of my ancestors founded a college this is the family motto. This translates to Untarnished, She Shines With Honor. Pretty good motto to live by I think.

Thrift shop things

Wish list & Thrift shop List

A million bucks (hey wishing is free ya know).

Fancy old tea cup & saucers,

Glass paperweights figurines or candlesticks.

Bags of sewing notions, ribbons or old craft kits. I use the parts in them so even half finished things are fine.

Old postcards of circuses or amusement parks.

Anything about Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch).

Odd shaped glass bottles to melt in my kiln. Tiny old perfume bottles or decanters, things like that. Mobiles. thats what I make with the tiny bottles.

Big glass beads of any size but they have to be glass. I don't use plastic. Necklaces with large glass beads melt nicely in my kiln. Please no seed beads I already have more than I can use in a lifetime.

pearl, shell or glass buttons. wooden nickel's smashed pennies.

anything from any Worlds fair. silk scarves. I use old scarves to dress dolls.

Key chains magnets souvenir spoons

Cat toys for my kids.

I doubt anyone will find this but a little 3 cup corningware teapot. Mine got broke and its easy to find larger ones but the 3 cup size is what I want. I have the larger size already.

world peace.


If I'm in your group and I'm not active enough, go ahead and drop me.


Comment: thanks, saving!
Response: Okey dokey!
Comment: Wow! Wow! WOW!!! I'm so tempted to start tearing into these, but I am going to wait (at least until after Thanksgiving). Maybe I'll do a 12 days thing, one each day...we shall see. Thank you so much - they look lovely and festive. I'll thank you more properly after I open them. xo
Response: LOL I find it hard to restrain myself over pretty packages as well.
Whimsy1 rated for TSJ: Thriftstore Art à la Calder on Jul 6, 2017
Comment: You are BULLYING me and basically HARASSING me publicly. Accusing me of lying abput my moms passing???????, just because I didnt announce it privately or publicly before all your BULLYING? That is sick, that is BEYOND sick and you need help. Heres what I wrote about a swap having to do with my brother: Hi! Im ur partner for this and had to send this out tonight as opposed to yesterday when ut was due, in mail. I had to ask my bro for some help with details, so i kinda needed to work with his schedule. Hope u like it! Ill send track number asap.
Response: You have to sign on swap-bot to read PM's its been 2 weeks since you signed on last. You sent late to another in the same swap and didn't rate promptly they were both requirements of the swap. I asked about being rating before removing you from the group. Only 1 reminder to rate followed by a week and half later dropping you from group not 4 times as you say. EDIT 7/11/17 You need a dictionary you have not been bullied there was no pressure from me no personal attacks. Unlike your attacks.
smadronia rated for TSJ: Please Send Souvenirs! on Apr 2, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the magnets, Momma. I stuck them on the fridge next to the X rated word magnets =P
Response: Anytime babe, x-rated words lol I'm in!
wolfeagle rated for Forest Friends Art Doll on Mar 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you.
Response: Your welcome have a good spring! ; )
Comment: Oh my gosh! What a beautiful and fun piece of art you made!!! I LOVE it! Thank you so much. I've always enjoyed souvenir spoons and even collected them when I was a kid - wish I had kept them. I noticed the tiny roadrunner dangling from the Arizona spoon right away! Thank you for the sweet little glass box and the extra spoons too. A wonderful swap! =)
Response: I bought a bag full of spoons at the thrift store and thought those would make a nice wind chime. Thank goodness part of them had holes already drilled. Happy to hear you like it! ; )
happymama rated for TSJ: Curious Kitchen Contraption on Feb 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much...That roller cookie cutter is really neat! I think I might use it on pie dough for setting on top of a berry pie. :)Then the extra you sent can be used too!
Response: I hadn't thought of it that way but it works! Thanks so much for the nice rating.
Comment: Love love love what you sent...the glass heart is awesome!
Response: Thanks so much!
wolfeagle rated for White Art Doll on Jan 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much. Love the glass sugar skull and feathered doll face.
Response: Its always fun to make you dolls!
Comment: How gorgeous! I am speechless to how awesome they are! Thank you and Happy Holidays !!!
Response: I'm just happy as heck your neighbor bought you the package the PO misdelivered. LOL Your welcome glad to hear you like them.
pne rated for It's a FOPS Christmas on Dec 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the interesting card and the surprises inside!
Response: Your welcome! thanks for rating I kinda liked that card yuleish but not too over bearing.
nwgirl rated for It's a FOPS Christmas on Dec 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the mug mat and NY maps!
Response: Thanks for rating! Have a happy yule season.
Comment: PRECIOUS! Andi, thank you for the 2 glass cats you made - I love them so much - one looks just like Tillie, my sister-in-law's kitty cat. The stocking is wonderful and will be displayed with pride.
Response: I made a whole litter of cats this year gave em all away except one that looks like my little girl. They'll work for a xmas tree or as sun catchers.
Ruthless rated for Stocking Stuffers x10 USA Only on Nov 28, 2016
Comment: WOW! what an awesome package! Where do I begin? My favorite by far... The lady bug!!! I will cherish this awesome gift!!!!! You are very talented! You really made my day! The pin cushion is great as is the quilted pot holder! The postcards will be used for sure! I'm always looking for cool cards and you just happened to send me some! Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful gifts. I had such a great time opening all of them! (I couldn't wait!) May your Holidays be filled with love and Joy! Thanks for making mine brighter!
Response: The ladybug was the profile part of the gift, only one I've made and she turned out so cute she's my favorite too! Thanks so much for the rating.
Comment: Thanks so much for the great glass ornament! Happy holidays to you.
Response: Thanks for rating welcome to SB!
JudalineZ rated for Handmade Cat Toys - USA on Nov 28, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the toys that you made. My cat went nuts with the stuffed socks and feather.
Response: Simple toys work the best. There's nothing left of the feathers I gave mine LOL.
emilynhr rated for Handmade Cat Toys - USA on Nov 24, 2016
Comment: Love the toys and the adorable ornament! My cats are thrilled and acting crazy throwing around the catnip toys. Thanks!
Response: I had to make my kitties their own set of toys to keep them out of the toys I sent. LOL
boredwifey rated for Secret Santa - Gift Exchange on Nov 23, 2016
Comment: I received your swap really early, thank you. I love the ornament thank you so much, that was really thoughtful. I will write more after I open the gift. However if the ornament was pretty great I can imagine the gift is also great. Take care, Happy Thanksgiving! Oh my goodness! I loved the skull, thank you sooo much. It is going into my window.
Response: I really hope you like the gift, I think you will though. Better early than late.
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful gifts...beautiful wrapping and such cool glass...I love them all especially the cat creamer...
Response: Aww thanks! I thought you might like the little cat.
susieq40 rated for TSJ: Autumn Leaves on Oct 22, 2016
Comment: And I FYI. The house was broken in the back into small pieces, but it was so cute, the napkins were pretty and holder was in great shape. Hate that the PO didn't take better care ...and you had it wrapped so good.
Response: Oh dear I'm sorry! Well I guess its good that I sent more than 1 thing. So sweet of you to rate so nicely Thank-you!

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lorettadog on Oct 25, 2017:

Howdy! :o)

smadronia on Oct 22, 2017:

Happy Birthday!

starhiker on Jul 7, 2017:

Whimsy1 I was the host of the swap and yes I noticed you sent late it is my business as host. For a week and a half there was a comment asking to be rated.You need to sign on swap-bot more than twice a month. Sending on time and rating promptly are 2 of the requirements of my swap.If you don't like swap requirements don't join. You told your partner you would be late because of your brothers schedule or something of that nature. Its it your mother or your brother slowing you down?

Whimsy1 on Jul 6, 2017:

Thanks for publicly SHAMING me on my page. First off Ive only done 3 swaps for TSJ. I have completed on time, and rated all! Second of all if Ive been late on other swaps that atent even any of your business, Ivr notified partners. And lastly, my mother just passed so THANKS SO MUCH for your constant MEAN SPIRITED posts on my page. NEVER DID U ONCE, MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY. What a cold heart to judge me, and kick me out of group when I broke no rules. Hope you feel AWESOME!

lorettadog on Jun 9, 2017:

Hi Andi! :o)

Just stopped in for a few minutes to see what's changed, etc. I hope to catch up with you soon (truthfully, I can't depend on myself for too much these days, it's so sad and infuriating). Every time I talk to Scratt, he tells me to stay on track - such a nagger, but I love him to pieces!

I haven't sent a postcard since I can't remember when, because I've become obsessed (once again) with beads, stones/cabs, and most recently decorating rocks.

Hope you've been well,

Sandy & Scratt :o)

TereDiane1954 on May 28, 2017:

Andi, you are a sweetie-pie! Thank you for the hug♥ It was so good, I'll use it more that once!

ChinaCat on Jan 6, 2017:

I love your art dolls with the clay faces!

wolfeagle on Dec 29, 2016:


sassafrass on Dec 24, 2016:

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

starhiker on Dec 24, 2016:

Seasons Greetings have a joyous season!

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