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Birthday: August 31, 1982
Country: Germany
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Hi there :) Welcome to my profile! Although I registered ages ago, I recently got back into the world of swapping, being crafty and penpalling. Getting rated seemed so hard back then and my rl has been busy, but now that I got my degrees and a full-time job, I'm ready to start over :) I'm a 29 y.o.(30 soonish and probably the only female in the world who's excited about it^^) "girl" from Germany. (scratch that...I'm 30 now *yay) I love the old-fashioned way of getting snail mail. A letter is a gift to me and I like putting effort into it. I like to decorate my letters, giving them themes and create a nice envelope (I just found out that there's even a name for it - mailart^^).

I also like watching movies and tv-shows, reading and crafting. I like being creative and love languages and other cultures. I'm a introverted person but can be very chatty^^.My friends call me pessimistic, I rather think I'm realistic.^^ I love to laugh and I'm fluent in irony and sarcasm. I'm a coffee-addicted bookworm and a summer-child - I rather sweat than freeze^^. I love animals and I'm a vegetarian...not a very militant one, though...in other words: I'm strict about my diet - I don't eat any meat, fish or gelatin but I'm not going to argue about what you eat ;). My favourite animals are (sting)rays but I love pretty much the entire animalkingdom. You know the way most women react when they see a baby...I do that whenever I see an animal^^^. I recently moved together with my bf - it was about time after being a couple for more than 10 years.^^ Now we are living together with our cat (although I'm more of a dog-person) in a cute little house. I enjoy sitting outside in the garden with a cup of coffee and writing letters and postcards - let's see how the gardening part will work out...^^ I work in the social field in a kind of children's home/protectory as manager and social worker. I'm interested in psychology and social sciences in general, philosophy and neuro sciences.

You can find me with the same username on postcrossing ;)

Feel like we could click? I'd love to find a new penpal...

Favorite Music

I like all kinds of music - it's really depending on my mood. Lyrics matter most to me (and the melody of course ;-)). I'm into rock & alternative mostly, but classic, pop...everything goes...

Favorite Books

I'm a bookworm. I usually read 2 or more books at the same time. I'm addicted to crime, thrillers and mysteries. Yes, I'm a adrenaline-junkie. I also like vampire-stories & urban fantasy (I'm pretty obsessed, actually^^ - my addiction started with Anne Rice not with Twillight ;)), classical stuff, teenage flics,...not really into science fiction and classical fantasy. I love Jane Austen, too.

Favorite Movies

I tend to watch movies only once (I'm a bit quirky about that)...there are a few exceptions to this rule, though: Mansfield Park, Scream, Jenseits der Stille ( a good german one) and Becoming Jane (I love James McAvoy). My favourite genres are horror, comedies and teen flics.

Favorite Television

I don't watch much TV, if I do I like to watch documentaries and quiz shows. And I'm addicted to dvd-boxes. Some of my favourite TV-Shows:

♦ Sherlock ♦ Fringe ♦ True Blood ♦ Vampire Diaries ♦ Gossip Girl ♦ Torchwood ♦ Supernatural ♦ Warehouse 13 ♦ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ♦ Veronica Mars ♦ Psych

Favorite Crafts

Drawing, Collages, Mailart, Smash Books

I love...

I collect / things I like to receive: ~ these - as well as my links- are just meant as hints (I find it easier to look at pics to get an impression of what my partner likes)...I don't expect anyone to spend a fortune on me or expensive/brand items..if you send me something similar or somethings that's free but matches (e.g. a used and empty starbuck's card, an m&m ad card, a poster from a magazine), a personal letter, something handmade...it will be loved and appreciated. I don't give hearts because someone send me extras - if I have the feeling that someone read my profile and put effort into the swap, it deserves a heart :)

♣ Postcards (esp. goldfish, (sting)rays, Tinkerbell, Sesame Street, M&Ms, Absolut Vodka, Starbuck's & coffee in general, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, ladybugs, b&w, Audrey Hepburn, Barbapapa, movies & TV shows (especially with James McAvoy) rubberducks)

♣ stickers

♣ Notepads & nice and unusual post its

♣ everything with Maneki Neko/lucky cats

♣ Mugs

♣ Totebags

♣ stationary

♣ Candy / coffee / chocolate / chewing gum

♣ deco tape / washi tape

♣ everything about/with M&M, Starbuck's, Absolut Vodka, Finding Nemo & (Sting)rays (especially plushies), James McAvoy, my favourite TV-Shows, rubberducks, Sesame Street - free stuff like empty gift cards, postcards, posters are absolutely welcome

♣ beauty & bath products (vegan & organic products)

♣ fridge magnets

♣ things for scrapbooking/smash books

♣ elongated coins/pressed pennies

♣ notecards/swapcards

♣ copics (I got a teal-coloured one now *yay) and sharpies as they are really hard to get here or any similiar pens...I don't really write with gel pens

♣ jewelry ( I like beads, pearls, paua, bronze)

♣ I recently started weight watchers...so foreign products would be loved

♣ I tried Cool Aid and would love to try more...same with Swiss Miss (all kinds without marshmellows)...I love dove chocolate and milky way midnight which I can't get here in Germany and I would love to try Twizzlers (I guess I watched too much Warehouse 13^^)...I'm also in love with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - no shops in Germany :(

♣ stampers (clear and wood mounted ones)

♣ I fell in love with Tim Holtz products...another thing that is hard to get here...everything that looks similiar or punch outs or something like that is very welcome

♣ Ephemera

♣ everything London and Eiffel Tower related

I love: coffee (I'm addicted^^), letters & postcards, crafts, orchids, hibiscus flowers, frangipani flowers, lucky cats, (sting)rays, having a good chat, sunshine, books, movies, fish, being creative, spending time with my friends, foreign candy (especially american), quotes, adding little gifts to my letters, hunting in 1€-shops, movies with James McAvoy, jewelry

...colourwise I like black, wine-red, teal, cream-white, fuchsia...in general I like all colours depending on the purpose^^

I like everything floral, ornamental, shabby, boho, gypsy, vintage...

Things I really wanna do this year:

♥ starting a smash book

♥ starting my own book with travelling sheets

♥ doing my first ATCs

♥ filling a jar with paperstars

As it seems impossible for me to find deco tape and other scrapbooking/smash book stuff as well as elongated coins here, I would love to find someone who's willing to do a private swap with me. I'm also looking for (instant) coffee trades, candy and penpal supplies...or something from my "I collect"-section :)

I like less

There isn't really anything I truly hate...but I'm not so fond of:

â™  candy with gelatin (->vegetarian) or alcohol...I prefer pure milk chocolate

â™  raisins (I secretly call them dead grapes^^)

â™  artifical peach scent

â™  beautyproducts with parabens & mineral oil

â™  leather & real fur

â™  neon-colours (I'm a summer child, but colourwise I'm more the autumn-type^^)


tanjch rated for Coffee+Hot chocolate+Tea+Note :D on Mar 3, 2013
Comment: i am sorry, but i didn't get the swap and it's been quite some time since the swap - i PMed you twice (unread), but since you haven't loged in since january... i will re-rate if i ever get anything
Colinde rated for Coffee+Hot chocolate+Tea+Note :D on Feb 5, 2013
Comment: Sorry for my late rating... but thank you very much for your package!! I liked it a lot :D THANKS!
Kartsu123 rated for Quick Christmas Postcard Swap! on Dec 14, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much. I liked this postcard^^ Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.
CENDING rated for Quick Christmas Postcard Swap! on Dec 13, 2012
snow0mii rated for Quick Christmas Postcard Swap! on Dec 11, 2012
morwesong rated for A Newbie Christmas. on Dec 7, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much! Both my kitty and I love our goodies. :-)
Response: I'm glad it finally arrived! And that both of you like it!
CzechFriend rated for Profile Based PC November 2012 on Nov 27, 2012
Comment: Sandra, you chose a PERFECT postcard for me. I love The Little Prince. Thank you very much!
emilynhr rated for Profile Based PC November 2012 on Nov 26, 2012
Comment: Thanks for both postcards! I love them! Happy swapping!
Comment: Well it finally arrived! It turned out that the package actually went by ship mail rather then air (lol) and unfortunately the nougat chocolates you put it melted - there was bits of them all through the package (might be worth putting them in a little bag next time to prevent this from happening). But nothing really got damaged thankfully. The ink pads & stamps are gorgeous, love the Copic marker and can't wait to make something from the flower-y paper & chipboard. My favorite thing though.. was the postcard. Hands down the most lovely wolf postcard I've ever seen! Thank you so much!! :D
Response: Gosh, I'm so glad it finally arrived and you liked the things I chose for you. Nougat chocolate was a last minute idea and obviously not my most brilliant one...*lol...Tushita cards are always great, but I fell in love with this one, too. I keep my eyes open for wolf postcards... :)
SusiLetter rated for Post to GERMANY on Nov 2, 2012
Comment: Vielen Dank für das tolle Briefpapier! :)
Response: Gern geschehen :)
grstamping rated for happy mail art/notecard/surprise on Nov 2, 2012
Comment: Sandra, I have received your swap and I enjoyed reading from you. Thanks you for the suprises. You have a very pretty writing!
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :)
mariadastrouxas rated for Germany & Portugal on Oct 26, 2012
Comment: Hi Sandra. Thank you for every goodies you sent to me: teas, pens, spices, toothpaste and lip balm ;) I loved the map flag pen from Berlim. It´s different! I love your hand-lettering too, so beautiful ;)
Response: Looks like our mail-connection is really quick! I'm glad you like everything! I was so excited to find that pen in Berlin...it's really funny...after I packed the box, I saw so many multifunctional pens...while it was really hard to find some when I went shopping for you^^
ica1986 rated for Pen-Pal Interview on Oct 23, 2012
Comment: Thanks :) very lovely to getting know you and the background was lovely :D
annim rated for Pen-Pal Interview on Oct 22, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the email! It was so lovely. :) You sound so similar to me, it was like reading my own writing at times. :D
Response: Aww...I was a bit worried that it sounded really lame...^^
Racheyface56 rated for Pen-Pal Interview on Oct 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you, it was lovely to know about you :) What I wrote for people feels a little inadequate now! xxx
Response: D: Why??
Comment: Yes, I must admit, that I was bit disappointed when I saw, that my partner was from Germany too. But now that I have received this package... I could not have bought something more fitting myself. All the items are such, that I have never seen around here in the 1e-shops. I love the glow-in-dark fairy. The hair pins are very Lolita, and I will for sure use them a lot. The notebook is the type I have been searching. Hard. Small enough, exactly. And how practical is the pen - I usually keep like ten with me, because I all the time loose them or it takes so much to find one from the deeps of my bag. This notebook even fits to a pocket. 3D-card is cool. Ribbons in christmas-colors and the tape are things I should have in my supply, but for some reason I have not managed to get any. Now I don´t need to. I boycott Néstle because of their milk-policy, but in other hand, I have nothing positive to say about that company, so even without that big reason, there would be enough small ones. I will enjoy cup of the hot chocolate already today. All together, thank you very much for the thoughtful envelope. It´s like pre-birthdaygift.
Response: I would have felt the same way...*lol...I think getting something from a foreign country you can't get here is part of the swapping excitement...but now I'm sooo relieved that you liked my package! *yay I When I had a first glance at your profile, I thought it's going to be a challenge...especially as I thought my small town doesn't offer that many great items compared to Munich but I could have easily bought a million more things once I got started ;) I've just recently read about their milk policy, I should boycott them, too...
littlehana86 rated for Double HAPPY-ness on Sep 30, 2012
Comment: Thank you.. It really makes me happy.. Luv the butterfly magnet ;)
rainbird00 rated for ~~~Pick 10 penpal-swap~~~ on Sep 22, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for this wonderful package and also great letter, i loved it, btw your handwriting is very beautiful:) Lots of hearts to you:)
Response: Aww...thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you like the things I chose for you! :)
AngelikFiona rated for Getting to know you on Sep 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you! I enjoyed getting to know you.
tizzicat rated for I Want an International Penpal! on Sep 3, 2012
Comment: Wonderful letter - will reply soon

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blackkiwi on Feb 20, 2013:

I do hope you liked the swap I'd sent to you for the Coffee+Tea+Hot Chocolate+Note swap :) I didn't hear back from you either way so I hope you drink them in good health!

Bee1981 on Nov 28, 2012:

Dankefein:-) Mach dir keinen Stress mit dem Brief:-)...obwohl ich mich natürlich drauf freue flöt Schlaf schön! <3

Bee1981 on Nov 22, 2012:

Hey:-) Heut auf sixx beginnt die Serie "Ringer"...da spielt Logan in Folge 6-15 mit...ist zwar nicht Logan, aber sieht immerhin so aus ;-P hoff es geht dir gut! Liebste Grüße aus der Nachbarschaft!

Vanillacreamteas on Nov 19, 2012:

Thank you for the lovely xmas card, stickers tea and chocolate!!! Super amazing tag!! xxx

Artistic on Nov 15, 2012:

So glad you got everything for double-HAPPYness. Thanks for rating!

Bee1981 on Nov 4, 2012:

yippiiie Freu mich, das er da ist:-) Mach ganz in Ruhe mit deiner Antwort;-)...aber ich freu mich natürlich, wenn er da ist pfeif ;-P

Bee1981 on Oct 31, 2012:

Huhuuu, nur ganz kurz...mein Brief an dich ist in Arbeit, habs am Wochenende leider doch nicht geschafft, aaaaber zum nächsten Wochenende hin hast du Post! Hoff, du kommst zwischendurch mal zum Durchatmen! Drück dich!

pimbot on Oct 31, 2012:

Thank you soso much for the suprise tag i loved it :)

Bee1981 on Oct 18, 2012:

juuuhu ich freu mich:-) Hoff, ihr hattet schöne Tage?! Bis ganz bald:-)

Popcornikimppu1 on Oct 14, 2012:

You can write german, but don´t expect me to answer in geman, since I am too lazy to get the grammar right. Shame on me.

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