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Date Joined: March 16, 2010
Last Online: June 17, 2024
Birthday: November 18, 1973
Country: Canada
Instagram~cards, art & calligraphy

About Me

Actively looking for :

*Pastel, white or any shade pink or blue-green (turquoise, teal, aqua) RIBBONS especially if the have GOLD THREAD. Will trade or even buy. They are for boho braids I’m making for myself. Also called (politically incorrect) gypsy braids.

*Private swaps for coins from any country except standard Canada and USA coins. Special editions, retired, vintage, unusual coins or pressed coins welcome from anywhere. Low value is fine!

*Gently used or new postage stamps

-vintage or special editions from anywhere. -special finishes like pearlescent, foil etc -butterfly, unicorn, mermaid, rainbow, floral, shell, beach, nautical or ocean themed.

*Seashells, sea glass or sand.

Love to get these as extras in my swaps or PM to make a deal.

04/19/21 I can’t believe I didn’t add that I got a dog over a year ago. Ellie Mae is a Bernedoodle, about 60 lbs with long wavy fur and she’s the light of my days. She’s Black and Tan with markings like a Bernese Mountain Dog except she only has a tiny bit of white. My kids are almost self-sufficient now (for a while anyway) so she is my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. I’m training her to be my service dog and I already take her everywhere with me. Of course we can’t go hardly anywhere right now but you get the idea. She’s very sweet-natured and loving with a happy, spunky personality. My whole family is crazy for her. I’d love to get extras for her if you have anything to give or trade. I love girlie stuff for her. I even made a huge bow for her collar.

Almost everything I make ends up on Instagram at some point. Hope you’ll visit me over there. BecCreates1 Link above.

Please see bottom of this section for a note about suitability of some items you may wish to send due to my religious beliefs. No Xmas or Halloween please.

I SEND ON TIME UNLESS I'VE LET YOU KNOW. However, I was just informed that a swap I sent on time was postmarked 12!! days late. (ETA: another swap, one I put in the mail early -a miracle for me- was also marked well after the send-by date.) I live in a small town with a pretty rinky dink PO but that's still ridiculous. I'm sorry but I don't have a choice as to where I mail my letters! So if this happens to you, please let me know before rating me down. Thank you to a (two) dear friend for letting me know! (May 20, 2016) I also have a bad habit of forgetting to hit the Sent button even when I’ve mailed. So please PM me before rating me a 3 for sending late.

I ALWAYS RATE. However I have a busy life and a bad memory so please give me some time. I rate email swaps once I've gotten all the emails and I have sent. I rate snail mail swaps within a day or two of receiving them so if you don't see a rating. I haven't gotten it. If you PM me and I don't reply right away, again, give me a day or two. Don't be offended if I don't reply immediately. I have three autistic children vying for my attention and they come first. I won't ignore you, I promise.

Hi, my name is Rebecca Ednie (1973) and I am a SAHM of three boys, Jameson (Feb 2001), Spencer (May 2007) and Theodore (Dec 2011). Married to Tim (1973), a paramedic with Toronto Emergency Medical Services and now a manager.

I used to work as an RN (still licensed until 1/1/14) but I am disabled with lupus so I can't practice anymore. I live in a small town but I am close to a much larger one and 40 min drive from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have a brown/black and white tabby cat, Jesse! My home is a suburban end townhouse on a quiet street. We live right next to a park for the kids and the school is great! I love living in such a small town yet so close to a larger town and a major city. If you drive 5 minutes (or less!) in any direction, you find horse farms and corn fields.

I’m a very practical, down-to-earth person with some sass and a wee bit of snark. Looks and outward appearance mean almost nothing to me as long as you aren’t slovenly or dirty. (But I hope you look good to yourself and feel good.) I’m most comfortable in PJs, hair up, boobs down. But I can fancy myself up when I want to.

I talk too loud, love really hard and am outspoken especially on subjects I’m passionate about. I’m messy on the surface but organized underneath. If I lose something I look calmly for a while then go bonkers. I don’t like confrontations but won’t back down if someone insists. I like a good debate but keep it nice.

I’ll never put you down or deliberately hurt you but I sometimes say dumb stuff without realizing it until later. My brain is constantly in overdrive and I overthink EVERYTHING. I speak (and type) without thinking sometimes but do my best to be kind. I am sure I’m autistic so please give me some leeway if I say something stupid. Just tell me I hurt you and I’ll apologize profusely. And we can go on being friends. :)

Jameson is an adult now! He doesn’t live at home anymore. Miss him!

Spencer is huge into cars and anything mechanical. He likes going to the park and riding his bike. He has a 3-D printer and a Cricut cutter. He’s Autistic and has Type 1 Diabetes so please don’t send him candy or gum unless it’s sugar free.

Teddy loves all the same stuff as Spencer. He loves stuffies and anything with cute animals. He likes STEAM kits, we get Kiwi Crates for him. He is also Autistic. So he can have candies but no gum. He’s recently into riding horses, my hobby from ages 18-21. I’m beyond thrilled to get back to the smell of hay and saddle soap. Thinking of horses used to get me down because I’d been away for so long due to being disabled. But I’m ok again so bring on the horses. Anything from images to Washi tape!

PLEASE READ the section below - IMPORTANT NOTE - regarding things I cannot accept due to my religion. Thanks, I really appreciate it.


Scrapbooking, card making, ATCs, BTCs, matchboxes, mixed media collage, 3-D paper boxes and packaging, rubber stamping, all types of paper crafts. Home dec. Jewelry design and creating including metal working, soldering, cold connections, wire wrapping and weaving, mixed media, beading, sawing, repurposing vintage or broken pieces. Also sewing, making soap and bath products.

I've also done and enjoyed teddy bear making, many types of needlework, gardening, reading, some crochet and knitting but only small projects as I am really slow and arthritis makes my hands ache. I just don't do these on a regular basis.


From Your Country: COINS! or low value paper currency, candy, chocolate or treats, postage stamps (used ok), local attraction/tourist maps.


FAVOURITE: soft pinks especially ballet and other soft pinks, aqua, turquoise, teal, metallic gold, butter yellow, coral

others I like: soft or muted yellow, plum, kraft, chocolate, deep red, vanilla, metallic copper, silver, eggplant, Sage, celery, rose; almost all blues except bright blues like cobalt or primary blue, any soft or muted green

Anything dog- or horse-themed!


I do not celebrate my birthday or any religious or secular/national holidays because of my religion. Please no religious, paranormal, occult, Xmas, Halloween, Easter, thanksgiving, New Years, Valentines Day etc related items. Happy to receive thanks, fall, winter and spring items. I DO however happily celebrate my wedding anniversary, November 25, 1997. Almost TWENTY FIVE YEARS!! Also the Memorial of Jesus' death. (Near Easter) I appreciate your consideration. I won’t preach but am happy to answer any questions.


Dog bandanas or fabric to make them. She’s mostly black so I put happy ‘candy’ colours or pastels on her. Darks just don’t show up. Love happy girlie prints like florals, rainbows, hearts, tie dye, unicorns etc. She’s big and fluffy so needs a large or extra large. Or 1/2 yard fabric.

Coins: special edition Canadian or USA. No regular issue as I have them. Standard issue, vintage or out of circulation from any other countries. Prefer multiples of the same because then I have one to keep and the others to swap. I’ll happily trade for extra coins. Low value is fine. Also looking for low value paper money especially from France pre-Euro. (I had some but lost them so I’d like to replace them.)

Vintage photos, letters, envelopes, postcards, account book paper, used or unused. Other vintage business paper. Like tickets, claim check or inventory tags, advertisements. Reproductions or high quality copies are great too. Vintage seeing supplies, old glasses, used paint brushes. Vintage book paper, text or illustrations. vintage sheet music preferably without words and definitely non-religious

Any type of interesting metal bits like cogs, gears, bottle caps, brass stampings etc. for my mixed media art. Rusty, patinated or tarnished is fine. Broken jewelry or watches with gears inside

Unusual ribbon, fancy brads, Tim Holtz memory glass, TH embellishments, colour sprays, any paints or other colour mediums. Ribbon, silk or paper flowers, glitter paper esp metallic, neutrals or pastels, Scrapbooking or cardmaking embellishments.

Swarovski crystals, flat back or for beading, rub on letters especially in coloured or in brown, white, pink or ivory, vintage (esp w thread still in them or on original cards), mother-of-pearl or special buttons, fancy white ribbon (I colour it with Copics), vintage ribbon or lace, crocheted lace, vintage school themed stuff in deeper rich colours, fine or glass glitter Japanese paper tape, washi tape


EXTRAS: I have too much stuff especially bits of paper, punchies, playing cards (I don’t use them) and ATC backgrounds! And I primarily base my ratings on the swap's design and creativity anyway so please only send extras if they are things on my wish list. However, I sometimes give a heart based on extras if I like (rather than love) your swap so if you have something from my wish list, I'd love it! Thank you

Colours: primary colours, bright orange and yellow, mustard and pumpkin. HATE Emerald or Kelly green, cobalt or other bright blues, fluorescent yellow and green (if it’s muted, pastel or jewel tone, I probably like it. See likes above)

Scents: musky, Woodsy, patchouli, Karma from Lush, mint, apple, watermelon and pretty much anything else not listed in favourites

Bath Products: lotion, bath beads

Flavours/Food: mint, coffee, tea, watermelon, mango, guava, papaya, passion fruit, heavy or hot cinnamon; seeds of any kind like pumpkin or sunflower

Themes: Anime, illustrations of children with huge heads and/or missing facial features (popular with some stamp companies) like Anya and Ian, anything obviously computer generated esp if pixelated, anything religious or related to holidays or celebrations (please see 'Important Notes' section), creepy birds, mythical or fantasy creatures except cute faeries, anything to do with occult; tattoos, blood, gore, diseases-I care, I just don't want to see it in art, violence, crime, police, anything anti-female, the Simpsons and other 'adult' cartoons, Barney; crass humour; modern cars; airplanes, exercise, Disney's Goofy or Donald Duck, Bugs except butterflies, ladybugs or bees but they have to be cute with NON-realistic eyes, bug eyes creep me out;

Odd stuff: stiff ribbons, stickers with white borders, old style scrapbook papers (I really like newer ones that have light distressing), plain shirt buttons


Enamel pins: anything pretty (flowers, rainbows, fruit, plants), mermaid, ocean, unicorn, crafty, mom-life, or mildly snarky. Girl power, art supplies. No swearing. Hell or damn ok. Nothing worse. Don’t mind is the post is bent or not sharp. I’ll cut it off and make a magnet.

Dog bandanas! See above.

Postage Stamps: see above

Vintage ephemera, ribbon, lace

Shells and Sand: I use them in my mixed media art. If they are really pretty but chipped or broken that’s ok. Please make sure nothing is alive in there! Especially bugs in the sand. Maybe a quick microwave trip before sending?

Coins and Paper Money: Any special edition, no longer circulating or vintage Canadian or USA coins. Any foreign coins and I’m happy to receive doubles or even triples of the same coin. I then trade them!

Sealing Wax: I LOVE making wax seals! Id love a couple of seals!! Happy to share some of mine too, just ask.

Anything Mermaid, Ocean or Unicorn Themed.


I have three lovely little miracles in my life and I'm so blessed to have them because many women with lupus miscarry repeatedly!

Dirty Dozen Design Team at SplitcoastStampers Jan-June 2017

Designer for Flourishes (clear stamp company) Sept 2016-May 2017

Designer for Crazy 4 Challenges 2016-2021

Designer for The Shabby Tea Room June 2015-close

Designer for Unscripted Sketches Nov 2013-June 2014, Doodle Pantry 2010, Feb-Aug 2012, Our Creative Corner Challenge Blog! Jan-June 2011, So Sketchy (guest) and Clear Dollar Stamps (guest), Twinkling Tuesdays/Whimsical Wednesdays challenge design team 2008-2010 Lily Pad Cards blog (guest) May 2012

Published in Rubber Stamp Madness in 2006. I'll have to look up the issue and page.

Still looking for rubber stamp, colouring, card making or sketch design team opportunities.

I graduated from Humber College as a Registered Nurse. On the Dean's List all semesters, got the highest mark in the class in 3 semesters out of 6.

First Aid and CPR teacher. Volunteer for First Aid at Church building and renovation sites. 300 hours of Candy Striper service as a young teenager. 2 summers volunteering for the local nursing home.


Larina rated for AMA: Fish Shaped ATC - May on Jun 10, 2024
Comment: I love whale sharks! The detail is amazing! Thanks so much for this beautiful piece of artwork!
Comment: Thanks for participating!
MamaKek rated for RAK - Destash on Jun 6, 2024
Comment: Happy Swapping 💕💕💕
Inesrv rated for AMA: Sender's Choice Mail Art - May on Jun 4, 2024
Comment: Thank you Rebecca for this ocean ATC and decorated envelope, I appreciate it! Have a wonderful summer!
nannycat rated for AAA: Sender's Choice #357223 on Jun 3, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the lovely A.T.C. and for the little cut outs ,I was looking for something to finish a journal page and they were perfect .... Kind regards nannycat .... [wendy}
PatrycjaBakiera rated for ATC int #34 - Travel on May 21, 2024
Comment: Thanks for a lovely ATC and the stickers:)
hibiscus rated for MAE: ATC with a Twist #23 on May 17, 2024
Comment: This swap really is amazing.. three really excellent cards all different wonderful techniques and just so appreciated what amazing time and creativity you spent on this trio. Of course I loved the mermaid .. the dimensional garden scene (loved the boots!). That beautiful twenties dance and that glittery black lattice .. just wow! Thank you for these cards.. for the very generous extras .. and last but not least I loved the envelope the stamps the whales .. how creative and I am keeping in with my prized collection of art from swap partners! Thanks you so very mych
Comment: Thank you for the mixed media ATC, Rebecca! I love the colors and the sparkle from the glitter and gold accents. Your awesome background really makes the black leafy sprig pop! Thanks, also, for the extra papers and stickers. I look forward to using them on future art.
Nehalennia rated for MMA: Bird ATC (International) on May 1, 2024
Comment: Thank you for your gorgeous ATC and Extras <3
nannycat rated for AAA: Sender's Choice #356139 on Apr 23, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the lovely A.T.C love what you made
luv2kraft rated for MAE: ATCs with a Twist #21 on Apr 17, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful ATCs.I Absolutely love The all black ATC. Thanks for the extras.
WoodlandBanshee rated for MAE: ATCs with a Twist #22 on Apr 13, 2024
Comment: thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much for the atc’s. I love how they are both simple and beautiful. Thank you.
Crafty rated for TAG SWAP 2 for 2 with a TWIST #14 on Apr 4, 2024
Comment: These tags are STUNNING! Thank you so much for making these for me. They will be a treasure shared in one of my journals. Hugs from Ireland.
Comment: Pink perfection! What a lovely set of cards..I am impressed by the quality and creative design of each.. love the cat.. looks like my cat and so pretty the details in this card .. the stamps amazing selection in colors .. the layering and effect of the sewing card.. just so beautiful.. thank you for extras and clever holder! What a great swap thank you so much
Comment: Omg 😲 😱 This swap is amazing. It will be perfect for my cover of new bullet journal. I hope I can make things like this in future.
addieixmarie rated for ATC int #32 - sender's choice on Mar 19, 2024
Comment: Rebecca, thank you so so very much for this gorgeous ATC that you sent me for this swap! I just love everything about it! I am so excited to add it into my collection! I also love the goodies and also the plastic card sleeve that you sent the ATC in!! Everything is truly perfect. Thank you so very much again! I am just so grateful and appreciate everything<3<3
Liiskah rated for CH: Two Partners/3 Coins on Mar 18, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the great coins :)
marclively rated for CH: Two Partners/3 Coins on Mar 17, 2024
Comment: Thanks, Marc
PlantSim rated for Earth Day ATCs on Mar 13, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely Earth Day ATCs you sent me! The details and 3D bits on them are so lovely, and really make them stand out, and I adore the colors as well :)

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hibiscus on May 17, 2024:

I am so very thankful for you sharing your creativity with me… what an artistic mind you have.. you truly made my day.. thank you

hibiscus on Apr 2, 2024:

Amazing work on the ink box cards .. you have a wonderful style

YooperHill on Feb 16, 2022:

Thank you for Angeling the pink ATC. It is quite lovely!

user6937 on Apr 5, 2020:

Please rate me for the email swap I sent on April 1 (Intern'l Children's Book Day) - thanks; hope you liked my selections!

StwbyQT on May 5, 2019:

RAK Stash Clean Out - StwbyQT

I love quotes. I hope you don't mind I chose more than one! <3

"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." – Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

"Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity." – Christopher Morley

jjhere on Feb 20, 2019:

I DID pop over to your blog and wow! I love your design style with your cards.

JustMeCreating on Feb 1, 2019:

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my profile! You just put a smile on my face! 💙

shinyserra on Jul 9, 2018:

Thank you so much for the kindness die cuts!!! Those are so perfect.

tcornell on May 18, 2018:

Thank you so much for the beautiful card and your heartfelt words, it means so much to me. xo

YooperHill on Apr 4, 2018:


I received “the feel better soon” card for my Father and me. It is very much appreciated! I needed a little art in my life today.

I won’t forget your kindness. Thank you.

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