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Date Joined: June 29, 2015
Last Online: November 8, 2018
Birthday: August 7, 1975
Country: Denmark

Get to know me...

(Updated May 2018)

Hi! My name is Ann. I'm a Danish girl... (can I still say 'girl' even when I passed the big 4-0?)(Oh, my, now it's the even bigger 4-2! How did that happen so quick?!)

I live in a beautiful little town with hills, a lake and just a walk to the beach.
If I get on my bike I have 5 minutes to the woods and if I take the car I have 5 minutes to the sea.
I love the nature surrounding me through all four seasons. I love all four, each has it's charm but nothing beats a warm summerday with the sound of kids laughing, playing watergames and the smell of freshly cut grass...

My home is a house in a great neighborhood with a garden of nothing but grass as neither me nor my husband of 20 years has any green thumbs (but lots of thumbs when it comes to gardening...)
I have two wonderful kids; a rascal boy of 10 and a beautiful girl of 12.

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Favorite Books

I'm a bit of a bookworm!

On a good week I can chew my way through a couple of books or three.

I love...

  • Crime novels, mysteries of all kinds, mostly by Scandinavian authors.
  • Action, suspense and thrillers.
  • Supernatural and ghoststories.
  • Stephen King for his supernatural talent. And for scaring the crap out of me several times!
  • Harlan Coben for his wit and incredible ironic sense of humor.
  • Jeff Lindsay for his twisted mind.
  • George R.R. Martin for his epic mind!
  • Linwood Barclay for his way of untangling the past.

If you are a book reader, please do recommend me your favorite authors and books. I am always on the lookout for something new to read.

Favorite Television

I might be an addict... For TV-shows...

Absolute all time favorites...
Game of Thrones.
Buffy, Angel, Firefly... Love Joss Whedon...
American Horror Story, first season.

There's so many great shows, just to name a few...
The 100, Gotham, Banshee, Fortitude, Misfits, Under the Dome, Secrets and lies, United states of Tara...
Lost, Desperate Housewives, 24 hours...

Favorite Crafts


Some years ago I bought the book 'One zentangle a Day', I don't remember why or where I found it.
I really liked the idea of the patterns, worked through the book and used the patterns every now and then but not much really...

Not until December '15 when I discovered pinterest and found the most amazingly wonderful drawings and doodlings. The books were great for learning the basics but cannot hold a candle to some of the work I found on pinterest.

Right then I decided I needed to learn!

I don’t do much tangling these days, but still it sneaks it’s way into my work all the time. My favorite tanglers are Margaret Bremner and Lily's Tangles.

I started a journal at the same time as tangling, that is also a new favorite of mine. When joining swapbot I started a smashbook where I save envelopes, cards and anything else received in swaps. One page per swap and my rule is I can only use what I received to decorate that page.
I am now on my 3rd of these books documenting incoming mail and I love flipping through them.

I am completely hooked! I love making these little coordinating cards and picking out little goodies for my partner. I have found that I also enjoy writing (and reading!) the letters.
The pocket letters I recieve, I store in a binder which means I prefer my PLs decorated on the front with goodies in the back.

When I'm not tangling, I knit and crochet, mostly for the kids' teddies but I have also made some shawls, baby blankets and love making small projects like snowflakes and hearts.

Occasionally I dig out the sewing machine and sew clothes for my kids and their Teddy bears... Once I sewed a pair of pants for myself, but I do prefer the smaller projects.
2018… Realizing that I have only used my sewing machine once in the past 4 years. I tried to sew a mixed media flipbook, but my machine couldn’t handle it (that may be due to what we in Denmark call a “fejl 40”) now it’s just sitting in the closet laughing at me. (I swear I can hear it every time I watch a youtube video of someone decorating their mixed media works with awesome sewing!)

I have made quite a few of these, so much fun!

So I jumped this wagon too! Started bullet journaling and enjoying very much not having all those little notes laying around! 2018: My BuJo has been neglected for the better part of a year, I had almost given up. But lately I have revived it by only doing a one page month and a tracker. One line a day and crossing off is (almost) doable for me. … Still have all those little notes floating about in my kitchen window sill…

I started art journaling in 2017. After watching pretty much all videos by youtuber Kyra Pace I worked up the courage to try it for myself, and though it looked like total c**p, it was such a joy. I am now jumping around in 4 journals (different sizes and paper) and have almost finished one!
It feels like I’ve come home. This is my all time favorite! And by now it’s not looking half bad! (No, let's not even talk about the amount of mixed media related craft items I have accumulated in record time!)
If you would like to see my stuff, follow one of the links for my instagram or youtube.

My latest obsession is making little zines from A4 sized paper. So far I've only made 4, but I am hooked!
(If you are my swap partner, don't be surprised to find a copy of my latest zine tucked in your mail!)
If you are a zine maker, I'd love to receive one of yours!

Something I'd love...

I love animals...
Owls, butterflies and birds are my favorites.

I also love anything with...

I love bright, happy colors.
My favorite color is teal and all other blue tones, but really I just love color.
Lately I am loving teal and deep blue with dark yellow.

* Book pages, old or new, any language
* Maps, any kind
* Music sheets/ledger paper/sewing patterns/dictionary…
* Magazine cut-outs of flowers or birds or mushrooms
* Used postage stamps - any kind on/off paper - love them!
* Napkins/Decoupage paper
* Doilies
* Paper clips in cool/funny colors or shapes
* Diecut pieces in black or white or watercolor paper. Especially words like dream/love/smile/adore/hello/lovely etc etc...
* Wood veneers
* Washi tape in pretty patterns/sentiments/mason jars/butterflies/polka dot/stripe/chevron...
* Project Life cards (patterned or image/sentiments/quotes. I don't use the grid ones)
* Little pockets/paper bags/envies
* Scraps of glitter paper I can use for punching
* Vellum, Acetate - patterned or clear
* Stamped images for coloring in - waterproof ink please :)
* Heat embossed stamped images for coloring in
...and all kinds of other little things that can be used in creating pocket letters and flip books...

I love receiving snail mail!
Pretty envelopes with real postage stamps makes my day!

If you take the time to write me a note or even a letter, you make my day even better.
It could be about something you did recently, some place you went, about you, your job, something funny your kids said, anything at all really.

Please don't worry about sending me something handmade, even if it didn't fall in my taste (I'm sure it will) I would still appreciate the time and effort spent!

Something sweet...

I have a sweet tooth... Actually that's the only kind of teeth I have!

My favorite candy is sweet licorice.
Chocolate, especially white chocolate and chocolate with licorice. Milk chocolate with nuts, coconut, fruit, caramel... I love to try new kinds. We don't have a lot here. (No dark please.)
Nuts of any kind, salted, roasted, smoked... It's all good.
Chewy caramel, toffee.
Marshmallows. Gummy candy...
Pretty much all candy, sweet, savory and sour.

I would love to try candy from your country!

I love hot chocolate and ice-tea...

Favorite fruit is watermelon and cherries

No thank you...

Please don't send me stuff with...
Hello Kitty
Children/reward and puffy stickers


Caithness rated for WIYM ~ Cover My Envelope SWAP! on Oct 26, 2018
Comment: Wow, what a gorgeous envelope to receive in the post. It really was a delightful package to open up and devour every lovely thing inside - I wish I could give you a 10. Thank you very much. Julie-Ann
Response: Thank you for all your kind words ♥️♥️♥️
Comment: Kjære Ann, din swap var bare den beste jeg har aldri fått! Tusen takk for så mange fine ting, tusen takk for å dele ut din kreativitet. Jeg kan ikke finne ordene for å beskrive hvordan jeg har følt mens jeg åpent det. Tusen, tusen hjertelig takk! I'll write it in English too because I think it's fair that people know how skilled and generous you are: Dear Ann, your swap was simply the best I've ever received! Thank you so much for so many nice things, thank you so much for sharing out your creativity. I can't find the words to describe how I was feeling while opening it. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart :)
Response: Ana, thank you so much for all your beautiful words! You just made my day! :D
Comment: Your pocket letter is a such a treat! Thank you for your beautiful work and all the lovely goodies you included, especially your zine! Take care!
Response: I'm very happy you enjoyed your happy mail! :D
angeness rated for WIYM ~ Cover My Envelope SWAP! on Aug 31, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for this absolutely beautiful mail. Everything you sent was gorgeous and took my breath away! This is the kind of mail I dream of getting, it is truly a work of art and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the thought and effort that went into it. The raven stamp might be my new favorite thing ever. I would give you five stars if I could! Thank you ever so much!
Response: Thank you so much for all your beautiful and kind words! 💗
raveniacono rated for Mini Handmade Art Journal R37 on Aug 14, 2018
Comment: Wow. Ann, I love everything you sent especially the letter you wrote. You are super sweet and I loved the page you created. I hop you get my journal one day.
Response: Thank you so much, Raven! This swap is just awesome! I love seeing the way others do art journaling. Thank you for your kind words. :)))
gothbarbie rated for Mini Handmade Art Journal R36 on Jun 29, 2018
Comment: WOW! Ann! This was a prize package of wonderfulness! I love everything! First off, gorgeous envelope with lots of fun stamps! I'm keeping that BTW : ) Then the amazing art journal and beautiful spread you created! And all the fun goodies! So much fun to get a tarot spread in the mail! I'm going to look up all the meanings today and meditate on them : ) Love the cactus and cupcake washi and the neat old book pages! I will use and treasure everything! THANK YOU!!!!! And thanks for joining this series of swaps, everyone will LOVE your contributions to their journals FOR SURE!
Response: I think I just got 10 inches taller! Thank you for an awesome rating. :D
Comment: wow, just wow thank you so much for the lovely selection
Response: I am very happy you enjoyed the swap. I had a lot of fun making the envie and picking napkins. Hope to see you in the next one. :)
Comment: I love what you sent. Your creativity is awesome! 💞❤️💗
Response: Thank you, Juli! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. What a great idea for a swap. :)
sakura15 rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #14 on May 10, 2017
Comment: You seriously went above and beyond. I loved everything from the envelope and tapes to the card and your beautiful hand-writing. Thank you so much you lovely human-being. Thank you.
ladyfluorspar rated for Newbie Friendly Mail Art on May 2, 2017
Comment: This is honestly the best swap I've ever got. It's evident you read my profile so thank you for everything and the warm welcome!!!! It has been raining heavily the past few days so your envelope got wet and and I ripped it so I can't reuse it, but yeah I am extremely into recycling and will put the mini envelopes and doilies and book pages to good use in wrapping for other swaps! I'll use those kawaii sticky notes as address labels. Those washi tapes were super impressive, it was exactly what I wanted. Thanks once again for the awesome swap!!!! 😘😘😘
Response: I did not expect this to reach Canada in just a week. I think we got lucky! But not lucky with the weather. I'm sorry the envie didn't hold up. Wonder how the watercoloring look upon arrivel in wet weather. 😬 I am happy you liked everything. I had a great time putting it together. Thank you for a wonderful rating! ♥️ Sending sunshine your way 🌞
FelinaSP rated for Mini pocket letter PURPLE on Feb 10, 2017
Comment: Wow...you really surprised me, wow me, and made me very happy... I think this is one of the most beautiful PL and with more details that I have received, you are a great artist, everything is beautiful, your calligraphy is beautiful, the envelope is amazing, the godies are fantastic, ufff! I lack hearts to thank you ... Greetings from Chile Virginia
RockyBeach rated for Rockybeach & JustMeCreating PL on Jan 12, 2017
Comment: What a lovely (this time full) pocket letter again. And I enjoyed reading your letter very much too. Thank you! Also thanks for all the fun goodies! I'm in love with the brass ornaments.
RockyBeach rated for Mini pocket letter YELLOW on Nov 10, 2016
Comment: Ann- thank you so much for your little package! :) So lovely! The handmade stickers - simple and great idea. For me the yellow one was also a challenge, for the same reason. You made my day! So much fun to open everything. Now I'm off searching youtube. :P
Response: I am happy you enjoyed it. It was fun to make, despite the challenging yellow theme! 💛😄
Beatrice rated for Mini pocket letter 2 COLORS on Nov 1, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for your mini pocket letter! it's sooooooo awesome and lovely I cant' believe! I really love every single thing. Everything is done with care. Thank you soooooo much ;)
Response: That was quick! Thank you for all your kind words. I'm so happy you loved it! 💌👍🏻😃
curiousfae rated for Project Life Card Swap #1 on Aug 25, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful package! Not only are the cards and goodies fantastic, your envelope was amazing! I am going to keep it just to look at:) Thank you again, and thanks for organizing the swap!
Response: You are so sweet! I am happy you enjoyed my letter. ❤️
Lilian rated for • Washi Tape Big Parade • on Jul 28, 2016
Comment: First of all, the embellished envelope is so cute, I just adore the stamps! Thanks for using them :) Now, all you sent is fantastic, I loved how you built the pocket in the card, and the selection of washi tapes is just amazing, you know? Some of them, I have the entire roll, and that means we have the same taste in washi, haha :) Thank you so much for this envie, the bag of buttons is wonderful, I'm looking forward to wear them as brooches :) Thanks again, you put this together with lot of care, and I appreciate it so much :D I'm glad you liked my profile! I feed the birds in my balcony too when they visit my budgie and my cocktail :) I would love to swap again soon, Thanks again! Wish i could give you more than one heart ♥♥♥
Response: Thank you for all your kind words. I am so happy you enjoyed my letter! ❤️
Comment: OH thank you so much for the the beautiful envelop, the lovely washi samples and the washi stickers! what a great idea, they are so cute.
Response: I am very happy you enjoyed everything. Thanks for joining my swap! :)
Comment: It's always a pleasure to receive from you!! (^^ )/ I love everything, from your beautifully drawn mail art (what a cute kitten!) to your letter to the lovely selection of washi samples! You even decorated the notecard into a cute holder to put the samples in and I like that very, very much along with the diecuts! Thank you for making this such a wonderful swap and it made my day, I'd love to give more hearts to you ♥♥♥♥♥..... :D
Response: Aw, Shelly, thank you for all your sweet words. ❤️ It was a pleasure mailing to you again. See you in the next washi swap! ;)
MJBCoffee rated for 2016 Reading Log - Quarter #2 on Jul 14, 2016
Comment: I was already going to give you a heart even before I even opened the envelope! You are quite an artist! I just love it all! And by the way, odd as it may seem because of my nickname, but I do not drink coffee! I had to give it up several years ago because it makes my heart skip. I drink ground dandelion root coffee substitute instead.
Response: I am so happy you enjoyed my mail even though our reading habits are quite different! I love that you don't drink coffee, funny story! :)
mellyrose89 rated for 2016 Reading Log - Quarter #2 on Jul 11, 2016
Comment: Oh my goodness! I wish I could give you more hearts - at least 10!! You put so much effort into this swap, including making it into a book, and adding extras. Thank you so much!!!
Response: Hi Melanie. I'm so happy you liked the 'book' I made for you. Hope you found some reading inspiration in there. Thank you for hosting the next one! ❤️

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