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X~Mas Card Swap International

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Swap Coordinator:GothyVamp (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Seasonal  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:428
Last day to signup/drop:November 9, 2008
Date items must be sent by:November 29, 2008
Number of swap partners:6

Hi Everyone. I just went through the swaps and didn't see a Christmas Card Swap so I decided (sp?) to make one. For this swap we will be sending out Christmas Cards. They can be store bought or handmade. You'll have 6 partners. This swap is open to everyone all over. Please rate you're partners and Have fun.


cupcakechica 07/ 6/2008 #

oooooooh i would LOVE to have Christmas cards! i rarely get any anymore :( it's like...everyone's too busy.

mutantpenguin 07/ 6/2008 #

Is this international?

GothyVamp 07/ 6/2008 #

yes it's international

Krazyquilts 07/ 8/2008 #

I assume we are supposed to write a message in the cards, not send them blank?

I am really looking forward to sending & receiving Christmas cards internationally!

GothyVamp 07/ 9/2008 #

Ya you write a message in them. Please don't send them blank.

Heather71 07/ 9/2008 #

Oh a nice easy swap to ease me back into swapping once more. Thank you :)

paulavelosa 08/14/2008 #

the postcard goes in an envelope or should be stamped and no envelope?

acescorcio 08/21/2008 #

Hi ,Is not December, 3 a Xmas closest day?, Because it will be rush time in Post offices all over the world. Maybe mine arrives after Christmas Day because I live in Brazil. My parcels and letters always arrives in 20 days in normal time I dont know when my cards could be be there in Xmas time. Could I participate?

acescorcio 08/21/2008 #

I could send my cards in November.....

Heather71 08/22/2008 #

Mine will go off in November to ensure they are received in time for Christmas.

The last posting date from the UK to the USA is 10 December.

Heather71 08/22/2008 #

paulavelosa 08/14/2008 # the postcard goes in an envelope or should be stamped and no envelope?

Paula - They're Christmas Cards, not postcards, so yes they need envelopes.

paulavelosa 09/ 2/2008 #

oh, right! ok.

GothyVamp 09/ 3/2008 #

Acescorcio I changed the due out date so all of the cards could be recieved on time. I hope this helps. ~Tanya~

solarts 09/17/2008 #

Hello, I have three fun swaps so please check them out. 1. Halloween Spooksville Fun Mail (Postcards)!


  1. Boo! Halloween Swap! http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/19880

  2. Cats! Cats! and Meow Cats! (Postcards) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/21702

NickyStratton 09/18/2008 #

kool this swap sounds awsome looking forward to it as i am in Australia .i love sending and reciving xmas cards

moonglow 09/22/2008 #

I think I'll try this. It will be my first swap, everyone, so I might need some help. I'm lost here!!!

moonglow 09/22/2008 #

I think I'll try this. It will be my first swap, everyone, so I might need some help. I'm lost here!!!

moonglow 09/22/2008 #

Okay, I signed up. Now, what do I do? Does someone give me a list of my partners? Thanks!!!

moonglow 09/22/2008 #

Okay, I signed up. Now, what do I do? Does someone give me a list of my partners? Thanks!!!

reauk 09/22/2008 #

im signed up

burrum 09/22/2008 #

My first foray into the swaps, and have also signed up for the Postcard one as well. What a great idea, and are there any other Australians in the group.


kawaiiichinmoku 09/24/2008 #

I am new on this site but I assume we will get the list of our partner after the last day to sign-up. Am I right?

NeedleNinja 09/25/2008 #

Yes, once the deadline to sign up passes, the coordinator will assign partners. you will receive an email telling you partners have been assigned. :)

CherylLaVon 09/25/2008 #

Tanya, I go postal with a HUGE fist of Christmas cards on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (29th this year) I know you've changed the date once... could you PLEASE make it for the 29th so I'm not postmarked late and can still mail all my cards at one time?

I know, I'm a real PITA :(

Merries 09/25/2008 #

I am really looking forward to this swap it should be fun! I'll start making some beautiful Christmas cards now.

missheili 09/25/2008 #

Sounds Great!!! Count Me In!! :)

Bonnie 09/26/2008 #

could i please have only usa partners....

TerryF 09/26/2008 #

The system assigns partners automatically, so you cannot specify whom you do or do not want.

jewels313 09/26/2008 #

I am VERY NEW at this and I need to know who to send things to??? Please Help

jewels313 09/26/2008 #

Is there,rules,or anything i should know or use in this card swap? Should they all be the same (6 alike)send 1 to eveyone on the list?Or do we just do our own thing? I sound very very new.

alkwing 09/27/2008 #

Oh I'm going to join you :) I love making cards ;)

Kaddi 09/28/2008 #

Hey. :) It's the very first time I'm using this site.. I've read that the system assigns partners automatically. When will I know who are my partners ? :D

missychrissy 09/28/2008 #

@ Kaddi After November 10th (the last day to sign up)Swapbot will automatically assign the partners and you will receive a message saying so. You will then be able to look up their addresses and send to them.

@jewels313 As you have 6 partners that will be all over the world, the cards can be the same if you wish as your partners will not know each other and compare cards! You will be assigned your partners after 10th November.

@Bonnie Looks like this swap is international so you stand a high chance of getting overseas partners. If you only want USA partners you'll have to join a USA only swap.

Hope this has answered your questions girls.

Colargolskaos 09/28/2008 #

I have signed up for this swat, and I really look foreward to try to partissipant in a swat, as I have signed up right now.

Sharlzie 09/29/2008 #

ohhh I LOVE christmas & dont get too many chrissy cards... no-one seems to send them much anymore. Yay for Christmas cards!!!!! :-)

Christeebelle 09/30/2008 #

For all of you interested in spreading the holiday cheer, I just wanted to advertise my Favorite Christmas Music Mix CD swap! Happy Swapping!

Favorite Christmas Music Mix CD

Catra 10/ 1/2008 #

I love senting cards!!!

Dummanios 10/ 1/2008 #

I still send cards to friends. Seems like most of my friends only send if they get one. I'll send mine for the swap as soon as partners are assigned in case I have anyone outside of the US. I LOVE cards from other countries and especially in other languages. Traditional are alright, but I love weird or funny too.

mydecemberht 10/ 1/2008 #

I have no idea how to make cards..Is it okay if I just sent store bought ones with a nice note inside? :)

claire08 10/ 3/2008 #

claire I want to make christmas cards= when do we get our partners?

deirdrebeth 10/ 3/2008 #

Hey, this will be the perfect way for me to remember to send X-Mas cards to everybody else too!


LaTosi 10/ 3/2008 #

I went out today and bought my paper to make my cards,this will be really fun.I especially like the idea of it being International. Peace all.

Smudge 10/ 5/2008 #

Hi everyone,

I have just joined this site after a friend recommended it and have decided to join you all in this swap. :)

Evilwitch 10/ 6/2008 #

Hello everyone. this is my first swap and its the best one to start with (for me) as I make all my christmas cards, so I can't wait to send my cards out and receive some back.

aneta 10/ 7/2008 #

This is my first time signing up for a swap! I'm really excited! :D :D

ainewicca 10/ 9/2008 #

Well this is the the first swap I'm participating in on this website. Hope this will be fun!!

DawnOctopus 10/ 9/2008 #

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Crazipurplelady 10/ 9/2008 #

I love Christmas decorations, but I prefer to send "seasons greetings" cards. I'm going to join too!!!

bbsporty 10/10/2008 #

This is going to be great! Look how many people signed up. We'll get cards from all over the world.


Euphory 10/10/2008 #

I'm in ! Since I'm new, I have a question: Will I get ratings when my pals will get my Xmas cards ? And how do raitings work ? I haven't see any FAQ telling about them :(

Jodiez 10/11/2008 #

this sounds so fun, count me in! :D christmas is my fave time of the year! xx

CherryBlossom 10/11/2008 #

holy cow...234 people


hbootsman 10/12/2008 #

This looks like fun! Can newbie's also join? I never get any Christmas cards anymore so it would be fun to make a few for some nice people ^^

1Scrapper 10/12/2008 #

Count me in! I love the holidays and sending and receiving cards too. I am with the majority here, most folks don't take the time to send cards any longer. Although I will place a note inside that can be removed easily, so that others can resend the card to family and friends or use them for gift tags too - is that acceptable? Looking forward to who my partners will be!

Crazipurplelady 10/14/2008 #

So.....let me get this straight!
-We send 1 card to 6 different people -they can be store bought OR hand made -it's an actual greeting, from me each one of the 6?

Have I got it right?

juliewong96 10/14/2008 #

I am ready to send the Christmas Cards I have bought them already ^_^ am excited to receive mine as well. Can't wait

scooter63 10/15/2008 #

I would love to be in this swap. Love sending and receiving cards of all kinds. May be a chance to make some new friends also.

aghebert 10/15/2008 #

hey guys, I have a swap, it is my first to host, please take a look. Today is the deadline to sign up and the sign up is short.


valentine69 10/16/2008 #

can we sign up twice for this one ---I love getting cards too and people just dont send them any more.?????

observer 10/17/2008 #

I'd love to join..........please add me

AliChell 10/19/2008 #

Thank you for starting this swap....Christmas cards are so nice to receive. I cant wait! Ali

kitcat 10/19/2008 #

I too am ready for a Christmas swap! Love making and sending cards! What a great way to make new friends.
Can't wait for partners

craftylicious1234 10/22/2008 #

I can't wait for my card making kits to arrive!! I want to get started too :P ....!

craftylicious1234 10/22/2008 #

WOW there is 316 ppl in this swap!!

blubluthing 10/22/2008 #

I stopped sending Christmas cards few years ago as I never received anything in return. But this time I know for sure I will get some! yay! I love international mail and it will be so nice to see different styles whether crafted or commercial!

ninou 10/23/2008 #

I'm in!!! I got so excited reading that a lot of you guys were actually making your christmas cards! It's the motivation I needed to make my own as well this year!! I'm soooo looking forward to this!

ninou 10/23/2008 #

I'm in!!! I got so excited reading that a lot of you guys were actually making your christmas cards! It's the motivation I needed to make my own as well this year!! I'm soooo looking forward to this!

LaTosi 10/23/2008 #

324 people WOW!!This is so nice to see.I'm looking forward to see who my partners are.I hope they'll be all over the world.

LaTosi 10/23/2008 #

324 people WOW!!This is so nice to see.I'm looking forward to see who my partners are.I hope they'll be all over the world.

user6937 10/24/2008 #

My first swap and it'll be a good one - I'll start cutting up paper right away :)

Maggiesmother 10/26/2008 #

hello everyone. This is my first swap and looking forward sending and receiving cards from my future partner. I am off to cut, make, and have fun.......

nchrisco 10/26/2008 #

I'm so excited for this swap. I haven't received a Christmas Card since High School and I graduated in '01.

Sharlzie 10/28/2008 #

bring on the christmas cards.... I cant wait!!! :)

craftylicious1234 10/29/2008 #

It's great this swap - such a great number of people in it! This is my one of my first swap-bot Christmas swaps and I am getting excited lol!

imkawaiipop 10/29/2008 #

i enjoyed the one i participated in last xmas so im looking forward to this one. thanks!

SunflowerIL 10/30/2008 #

I have never done a christmas card swap. How does this work?

Stitchingnow 10/31/2008 #

I love getting and reciving Christmas cards so I look forwrad to this exchange.

Muriel 11/ 3/2008 #

390 people are signed up for this!! Does anyone know what the record is of people participating in a swap?

tannermom 11/ 3/2008 #

If you have time, check out the "Dog and Cat Xmas ATC Card" swap too!

IslandBroad 11/ 3/2008 #

We are within 1 week of this swap to being. Has anyone been able to get in contact w/ the coordinator? She hasn't logged in since Nov. 19th. I hope she is okay.

ciaobella 11/ 3/2008 #

I'm so happy to be a part of this swap especially with it being "international". Can't wait to get my list of swappers .... Ciao Glamour

rapture197 11/ 3/2008 #

Just in case we cant contact the coordinator I've set up a similiar swap for the same thing as I want to make sure I get to swap and the coordinator doesnt flake on us. Hopefully everything is ok, but just in case.

OpheliaPhillips 11/ 3/2008 #

Just signed up - there´s now 391 of us =) This is my first swap that I have signed up for, so I hope it goes well.

avaadore 11/ 3/2008 #

I'm new to this but would love to swap christmas cards, stickers, and hand made stuff.:-D

craftylicious1234 11/ 5/2008 #

400 ppl!! WOW!

LeRay 11/ 5/2008 #

I brought some cute Australian x-mas cards today ;)

HillWitch 11/ 5/2008 #

Hi!! I just joined swap-bot. This will be my 1st swap!! I am so excited!!

tannermom 11/ 6/2008 #

I've also started a swap called "DOG AND CAT XMAS CARDS" for those of you who want to join in, please find me and have fun with this one too!

constancet 11/ 7/2008 #

Hi...... I am just getting back into ART and love the idea of this card swap -- I would be happy to change for overseas cards if anybody would find that to be a hardship or has trouble with out of USA swap partners. Anyway glad to be a part of this.

clkea 11/ 7/2008 #

All righty...now that the coordinator has been partially suspended, what happens? What a shame if this swap has to be cancelled!

IslandBroad 11/ 8/2008 #

FYI EVERYBODY! rapture197 has made another swap, due to the above stated situation, similiar to this one if anyone still wants to swap Christmas cards. I am still excited to swap Christmas cards so lets make this successful as this one. COME ON GUYS! YOU HAVE UNTIL THE NOV. 21ST TO SIGN UP!


IslandBroad 11/ 8/2008 #

FYI EVERYBODY! rapture197 has made another swap, due to the above stated situation, similiar to this one if anyone still wants to swap Christmas cards. I am still excited to swap Christmas cards so lets make this successful as this one. COME ON GUYS! YOU HAVE UNTIL THE NOV. 21ST TO SIGN UP!


chasnyk 11/ 8/2008 #

I'm first time on this site, but I have taken part in others web communities. So, I'll be glad to swap here .

MsCraftALot 11/ 8/2008 #

I would join this swap, but since there's no rating criteria, I think many people will be prone to flakers. :/

AwtemNymf 11/ 8/2008 #

wow- whats the record for any SB Swap? 424 people as I type this! WOW! Woohoo! FrizzyHermione- If they send it on time and you enjoyed the card- give them a 5. If your feeling generous give a heart too! wink wink If they are late (after deadline send date- give a 3. If you get NOTHING- rate a1! :O) ~A~

OnMyWeigh 11/ 8/2008 #

Ohhhhh only a few more days!!! Can't wait :)))

jessicababyy90 11/ 9/2008 #

The coordinator has been partially suspended. Now what?

CindyCraftyBites 11/ 9/2008 #

Im new here, and you all seems friendly. Plus, I love making Christmas cards. Mind if I joined? :)

I think I get all the terms& condition already after reading all the comments, and wow, there is 400++ participants. cool~

How big must the cards size be?????

Regards -Cindy-

AmmieS2369 11/ 9/2008 #

I just posted a new christmas swap!


jnolan05 11/ 9/2008 #

The coordinator has been partially suspended so I'm withdrawing

AGypsyDreaming 11/ 9/2008 #

I will start a christmas card swap with the same criteria if after the 10th we do not receive our exchange partners, okay? :o)

I really am looking forward to getting some cards. I no longer have much family, lost my mom last year and lost contact with distant relatives, just moved to a new city, so...I realllllly want to send and receive cards!

GothyVamp 11/ 9/2008 #

I'm still here and am assigning partners either tomarrow or at midnight if swap-bot lets me. ~Tanya~

GothyVamp 11/ 9/2008 #

i'm not suspended anymore. ~Tanya~

cfarmer88 11/10/2008 #

Hello there! I am new and do not know where to find the addresses of my Christmas card swappers. What do I have to do? Greetings from Germany, Chris

TerryF 11/10/2008 #

Scroll up to the box at the top right hand corner of this page and click on "See the partners you send to".

Anab 11/10/2008 #

Just making sure everyone is still joining in with this!:-) I have my partners so let me know if it's still going ahead please.

richara 11/10/2008 #

Just amazing ! With 428 people to swap with I have 3 other aussies sending to me and I send to 1 aussie. Not a problem, just an interesting outcome.lol

Peacewytch 11/10/2008 #

I'm glad it's on, but 2 of my partners have completely empty profiles and another has a string of ones going back to january. I hope I get cards back. :O( To the partners I send to: Yours are on the way tomorrow! :OD

cfarmer88 11/10/2008 #

Thank you Terry. I have found the box. I have also more Europeans than Americans. Strange.

mamajoy 11/10/2008 #

And I have none, all Americans...was hoping for out of country partners. Oh well, next time.

Dummanios 11/10/2008 #

Eek. I have all American partners too. Well, if anyone wants to do an international card swap with me one on one just send me a message and I'd be happy to send to you as well!

constancet 11/10/2008 #

Just picked up my partners -- perfect division (3 USA and 3 out of country). I am new here so have no profile and also am working with a challenged old computer so am not sure -- the unpathed waters -- of uploading images for me. Most of my cards are done. YIPPEE -- can hardly wait to send them out.

CindyCraftyBites 11/11/2008 #

WOw, Im new and I have all partners from USA..haha

not bad...let's see how it turn out..cant wait to send them out!!

chasnyk 11/11/2008 #

I sent gift to one of 6 persons today. Do I must "Click here when you have sent your items"? (sorry, I'm new here)

AwtemNymf 11/11/2008 #

Chasnyk- Hi! it's best to click "Sent" when you've send them all, not just one of six. Saves you and others some confusion. Some people check to see if their partners or others in the swap have sent theirs. Let me know if you have anymore questions... I'll be happy to help you out! I was new once too! :O)

chasnyk 11/11/2008 #

Thanks. I prepared yet all this Swap, so tomorrow I send them.

SunflowerIL 11/13/2008 #

will someone be contacting me? how will i know who i am swapping with?

kmkakay 11/13/2008 #

um... i just wanted to clarify something... does the swap deadline mean that the cards would have to arrive by nov.29? cause i just mailed the cards today and the lady at the post office told me it would take at least a month for the cards to arrive at the receivers addresses... so would that mean my cards are already considered late? (sorry for being such a newbie... :p)

SunflowerIL 11/13/2008 #

I havent sent any cards, I wasnt sent any names or addresses. Does that mean Im not in this swap?

Dummanios 11/14/2008 #

SunflowerIL - look at the top right of this page. Click on "See the partners you send to" for the names. It may pop up in another browser window, so look at the bottom of your screen for a second window if it doesn't come up here.

kitcat 11/14/2008 #

Hello All, This is also my first time swapping cards here. I received my first card today but was wondering how do you rate people? Do we rate the people we are assigned to or the ones we get the cards from? I would love to thank the gal I got this card from as it is gorgeous! but I cannot find her name listed in participants- what do I do her name is Missy Dail.


TerryF 11/14/2008 #

Scroll up to the top right hand corner of this page and click on "Rate your partners and coordinator".

kitcat 11/14/2008 #

Hi Terry I guess what is confusing me is the card I got today is from a person who is not listed as one of my partners. Will I be getting cards from my partners listed and rating them or getting cards from other people and rating them? This is where I am confused. I can not find the person listed I got a card from today.

missheili 11/14/2008 #

I reckon everybody should get a heart for the christmas cards!! :)

missynurse 11/15/2008 #

Hi all, I have sent my 6 cards to my partners, I have sent cards to you so that you may use to send on to someone else for the holidays. I hope I did it correctly, this is my first swap. Enjoy! Missy(missynurse)

kitcat 11/16/2008 #

Good Morning Sent miine out today, hope you like!

kitcat 11/16/2008 #

Ok I finally got how to rate partners, took me a while but I finally got it duh!!!! Thanks for all the help !

avaadore 11/16/2008 #

i'm handmaking my cards, there a bit strange, i hope my swappers enjoy!

avaadore 11/17/2008 #

oh boo what a failure! I'm sending regular cards :-|

ded 11/18/2008 #

hello, i received today my first post card i'm happy!! but i don't have the list of my 6 swappers...i hope nobody forgot me...

ded 11/18/2008 #

yes it's ok i've my partners!!!

Poki 11/19/2008 #

Hello, got my first card yesterday ^^ I'll send mine tomorrow, I hope they'll arrive fast (I come from France) : 4 USA partners, 1 Canadian & 1 English =)

zombiegirl 11/19/2008 #

How do I know who to send to? I havent recieved anything giving me details of swop partners :/

I have recieved a card through this yesterday

zombiegirl 11/19/2008 #

oop seen it, sorted and done :)

Crazipurplelady 11/19/2008 #

I've gotten 2 cards already, & I'm thrilled. We always make our cards or write a song ourselves. This year mine are all hand made. this inspired me to start early, so, I'm almost done with the 100 I have to make & I don't usually mail them out until 12/10. thanks!!!

kitcat 11/19/2008 #

Hey Everyone I just happened to notice my profile was gone too! I have put it in 3 times, is there a trick besides clicking the save changes button? I have input again , sorry if anyone tried to look me up and couldn't find anything.

Bonnie 11/20/2008 #

Hello all.. Just wanted to let you all know i sent all cards out yesterday 11/19/08..please let me know when you all receive them


jens 11/20/2008 #

hi all. nice to meet u in this swap. i love x'mas but in my country is not much celebration, as well as my families. so i wish i can send out my "warmest" greeting to all of u. c ya >.< gbu all.

TerryF 11/22/2008 #

This is great getting Christmas cards so early! I love it!

TerryF 11/22/2008 #

Merry Christmas to you too, jens, as well as to everyone else here! I wish I could afford to mail cards to all of you!

kitcat 11/22/2008 #

Hello Received 2 more cards today and they are so pretty. This has been really fun. Merry Christmas to you too jens I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday,

Fittzwm 11/22/2008 #

I am so excited. I, too, have already received some cards. SO pretty & getting me in the spirit!

pbially 11/24/2008 #

I got my first card. I can see this will be lots of fun...

Sunshine9905 11/25/2008 #

I sent all of mine to today and recieved one.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

Anab 11/27/2008 #

I have received two cards already! How lovely. I have sent all mine and just checked my partners again and one of the ladies has had her account suspended! Her card has gone anyway :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone from the UK and Happy Thanksgiving for today!


ninanner 12/ 1/2008 #

I sent all of mine today. I'm sorry for being late, I got caught up in the Thanksgiving holiday madness and forgot that the deadline was 2 days ago. But they have now been sent!

kitcat 12/ 2/2008 #

Hi everyone can anybody tell me why a swap I signed up for suddenly doesn't show when I sign in? I signed up for an Easter card swap for next year and it is now gone.


elmi 12/ 3/2008 #

This has been such a great swap -- I just loved making cards as well as receiving ones! I already got 2 from very special ladies, & I can't wait for the rest of them to arrive.

elmi 12/ 3/2008 #

This has been such a great swap -- I just loved making cards as well as receiving ones! I already got 2 from very special ladies, & I can't wait for the rest of them to arrive.

richara 12/ 3/2008 #

grannyskids has not logged on since Nov 17 and certainly hasn't marked sent

richara 12/ 3/2008 #
blackbody 12/ 4/2008 #

Oh dear, i'm late in sending them. I hope my partners received them by Christmas.

mydecemberht 12/ 8/2008 #

Hey all, If You never get my card please let me know and I WILL resend! I don't want to get any bad ratings! :) Either privately email me or send me a swapbot message!! :)

kitcat 12/ 9/2008 #

Hello I too am wondering if all received my cards, I sent out all my 6 cards but have only heard from 3, I too will send again, can anyone tell me what happens if people don't respond if they got the cards or not, this was my first time swapping here and am wondering, I too don't want any not completed swaps because I would like to do more. Thanks for your help!

ShawnaJ 12/12/2008 #

If anyone needs a card angeled, let me know, I'll Happily Angel them!

blonde998 12/13/2008 #

NyteAngel hasn't logged in since December 4th. Her swap was marked sent, but that was over a week ago and I haven't received anything. Has anyone else received from her?

richara 12/15/2008 #

Tinka says sent Nov 28 but I am in same country (Australia) and our mail is not that slow !!

richara 12/15/2008 #

Is anyone hearing from @user6167 also an Aussie who says sent Nov 30 ?

zombiegirl 12/17/2008 #

I havent recieved cards from JillyStar or sunrooms

Smudge 12/17/2008 #

I am still missing 3 cards as well.

kitcat 12/17/2008 #

I still haven't heard if 2 people got my cards I am getting worried, I haven't heard from anyone, do you think I should re-send? I mailed them last month . thanks guys!

Sunshine9905 12/22/2008 #

Hi, I just finished rating all of my senders and I am very sorry it took so long. I have a new baby and am trying to swing getting ready for the extended family coming in along with maintaining some assemblage of sanity. However, I liked to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year!

kitcat 12/23/2008 #

Hey everybody I still haven't gotten a response from 2 people, should I try and resend? Or does it matter? I want to be able to join other swaps, will it be a problem if people don't respond? HELP!

richara 12/25/2008 #

I have started rating 1's for cards I haven't received. This can be changed if a card turns up. I always pm a person before rating a 1 ( that means leaving a personal message for them) . If they do not answer the message within a few days go ahead and rate.

People not responding to pm's or received swaps is a growing problem. If a swap partner has not rated you they may be a flaker or just too damn lazy to say thank you with a rating. Pm them and also leave a message on their profile.

Maybe list their names here so we can see who the problems are.

kitcat 12/26/2008 #

I just pm'd the person and hope they respond, thanks for the good information richara. I will keep it in mind

richara 12/28/2008 #

If the person doesn't rate you there isn't really much you can do about it.
It does not have an effect on your overall swapping ability. At least you know they received it and you don't have to resend. I advise newbies to look in on the forums where you can ask questions and find out what is happening with other people especially the sections labelled 'help' and 'frustrations' .

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