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About Me

30-something year old female living near San Francisco, part-time student, full time loving wife to a wonderful guy. I enjoy snail-mail and creating ATCs.

I contribute to various art subreddits on reddit, including r/RedditGetsDrawn and r/RedditGetsDrawnBadly. You can see the art on my DeviantArt page.

I just changed my personal info to reflect my married name. If you put either maiden or married name on the mail, it doesn't matter :)

Favorite Television

Reality TV shows are my dirty little obsession. I love comedies, animated movies/tv, and movies based off of books. I also enjoy binge watching series while at the gym. We do not have cable or any tv service and watch exclusively online.

Currently watching:

MST3K, Rifftrax
How I Met Your Mother
Reality competition series (Project Runway, Face Off, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Big Brother)
Drama non-scripted reality programs (Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Storage Wars, Real House Wives of Whatever, My Super Sweet 16, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding)
Any Gordon Ramsey production (Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, Hotel Hell)
Food competition shows (Top Chef, Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, Iron Chef)
Animated series (Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, BoJack Horseman, 90s cartoons)
HBO/Cinemax/Netfix specific programming (Six Feet Under, Big Love, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The Tudors, Borgia, The Sopranos)
The Daily Show
BBC programming (Sherlock, Are you Being Served, Downton Abbey, Dr. Martin)

Favorite Music

The audio content that I've been listening to lately has been podcasts like "My Brother, Brother, and Me" and "The Bugle". I also listen to several stations on Pandora.

Favorite Books

I love reading Mysteries, Crime Novels, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Young Adult.

About Me

ABOUT THOSE ONES....I swapped a LOT here a number of years ago and I moved across the country from the east coast to west coast. At the time I was signed up for a whole handful of swaps, most of them fairly easy (email) and I just completely failed. It all hit me at once around the same time. I was overwhelmed by real life stuff and neglected to do the right thing and drop swaps. By the time I realized that I what was happening, the ones had piled up. I was so ashamed that I just logged out and didn't come back for three years. I'm wanting to get back into swapping very badly, especially Art cards. ATCs were the one thing I was actually really good with (I have an art background). I know the ones suck and there isn't much I can do about it, especially over three years on. I'm just hoping to be given another chance to send out some pretty art. But if I don't meet the requirements then I totally understand. I screwed up and I have to deal with the consequences. I respect the rules and why they exist. :)

Please don't send me

...popcorn (I can't have this due to a surgery procedure I had)

...religious iconography or bible quotes (I'm atheist)

...hard candies (same reason as popcorn)

...scraps of paper (I don't scrapbook and don't collage. All my ATCs are hand illustrated.)

...candy (I have a low tolerance for sugar)

...used stamps (I don't collect used stamps but if you do I'll send you the ones I cut off of received mail)

...coupons (Unless you shop at Safeway, but generally the things I buy are not the same as what you buy. If I want coupons I'll send up for a coupon specific swap :D )

...ATCs completely or mostly covered in glitter (It makes a big mess)

Please do send me

...ATC blanks (especially watercolor paper)
...stickers (even Teacher Reward stickers)
...sketches that you don't think are good enough to keep and want to throw away.
...dog related snacks for small dogs
...decaffeinated tea/coffee
...low sugar or no sugar added drink mixes
...Crystal Light mix for water
...blank index cards
...Japanese/Korean/Kawaii stationary (sets or single sheets/envelopes)

I never require nor expect anyone who I swap with to send me anything outside of what is being swapped. However, it is always a sweet surprise if that happens and I am forever grateful.


In case you want to know what drives me NUTS...

...loud gum chewing ...rap music/rap icons ...cats doing stupid things ...politics ...anything related to any conflict about Israel/gaza strip ...religion ...My mother-in-law ...stepping in dog poop ...ants, spiders, cockroaches ...really poorly produced animated cartoons on low budgets ...crappy art


Comment: Thank you for all the nice letters! I put them in a pile so I could respond to all at once...I am not near as good at it as you are! I loved the stickers and postcards as well. Thanks so much!
Comment: thanks, I love drinking tea on these chilly nights
ilsepulse rated for Creative Writing Prompt #1 on Jan 27, 2015
Comment: Awesome story!! You did a very good job. I can't wait to read more!
Comment: Thank you for the swap. I'm sorry it had trouble getting out at first! I'm going straight to my library's website after I save this rating to see if they have The Book of You, it sounds fascinating. I read a book called You by Caroline Kepnes which is told from the stalkers pov! Creepy but great. I'm surprised you read two books by that one writer, they did sound pretty bad! Thanks for the book as well. I'll let you know what I think after I read it! = )
Response: What can I say, I thought I'd give the author one more shot and the second book was even worse. I think I felt that since I had checked the book out I had to read it (but I've since changed my perspective). I really liked The Book of You and I think you will like the flip-side POV. Thanks for setting up this awesome swap!
lavendarcat rated for Creative Writing Prompt #1 on Jan 23, 2015
Response: Thanks for reading my weird story!
schuylang rated for pen pals all ages on Jan 5, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the letter and also adding things related to my profile. I also recommend One Piece and Cowboy Bebop for anime.
Response: Right on!
moxsapphir rated for the 15 questions-swap #2 on Dec 30, 2014
Comment: My sister is like you, eats oatmeal almost every day. I enjoyed your answers.
ticru81 rated for the 15 questions-swap #2 on Dec 25, 2014
Comment: Thanks for sharing. :) I have been in Disneyworld Orlando. :) Would be nice to visit also in Disneyland.
Jannified rated for the 15 questions-swap #2 on Dec 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you for sharing your answers. I enjoyed reading them (:
jesslynne rated for Follow Me on Twitter on Dec 23, 2014
Comment: Thanks :)
No1Sassygrl rated for Follow Me on Twitter on Dec 23, 2014
Comment: Thanks for following my Twitter account :) Happy Holidays!
Jjean rated for the 15 questions-swap #2 on Dec 23, 2014
kimt1989 rated for the 15 questions-swap #2 on Dec 23, 2014
Comment: Thanks for your answers, I hope you enjoyed your holiday
Comment: Wow what a month! Thanks for taking me along on the rollercoaster ride. :-) There is a lot I want to respond to so I will be writing back sometime after the holidays. I hope your honeymoon to Disneyland was totally fun! Thank you for the pictures- it was realy nice to see faces with the story and the lovely holiday gift of the starbucks card! Wishing you and Emil a wonderful holiday season and the best of wishes for 2015!
Response: Hi! We actually JUST got back from disney today! It was INSANE with the crowds and everything. Please do write back! I'd love to keep you as a penpal if you want!!! <3 <3 Thank you and happy holidays and new year! Drink all the coffee!
abbyaguas rated for Follow Me on Twitter on Dec 20, 2014
Comment: Thanks for tweeting :)
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Comment: Thanks for the follow!
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Comment: Thanks!
BTim rated for Follow Me on Twitter on Dec 16, 2014
Comment: Best. Twitter. Handle. Ever.
Response: HAHA I know, right? I also snagged it for reddit.
kimt1989 rated for 15 Questions Swap on Dec 16, 2014
Comment: Thanks for sending your answers, interesting to read.

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nellswell on Nov 7, 2019:

aka @thecrayonguru

PookiePie1307 on Jan 16, 2015:

I received your letter today! I'm sooooooooo jealous of your MLP experience! I will be writing back soon. <3

angelslater on Mar 15, 2011:

hi im a swap partner and i like to say i loved reading your profile sorry to hear about the no freinds situation i hope you get some soon. i am also looking pen pals. im in the uk and will always reply if you are intrested plz let me know by pm thanks xxx angelslater xxx

Britta2tog on Mar 15, 2011:

I'm one of your partners for the profile comment swap.

I am soooo obsessed with netflix streaming, and hulu as well... I discovered Eureka not that long ago and we watched all the available episodes in about a month... So if you haven't seen that, maybe give it a whirl!

I lived in Bay area CA for a while and I really miss it. I hope you have a great time living there!

Stacieb10 on Mar 15, 2011:

Hi Eliza! You're my 1st I am to leave a comment for and you seem like a fun, interesting person! I would love to visit that store you spoke of! I am a huge DIsney fan and enjoy learning about Tudor dynasty among other periods in history. If you would be intrerested in be penpals, I am always welcoming new friends. I enjoyed reading your profile and hope you have an AWESOME week!!

snifferooski on Jun 17, 2010:

your pirates are on the way!

snifferooski on Jun 14, 2010:

i think i'll be ready for the deadline this time :)

snifferooski on Apr 27, 2010:

OMG! this sounds beyond amazing! i can't wait!

snifferooski on Apr 27, 2010:

i just sent out pt. 2. i am BEYOND excited for you to get it! i know you're going to LOVE it! i almost sent it overnight, but i decided to be patient....ho hum...

BohemianPrincess on Apr 6, 2010:

i loved your dolphin, he wasnt cute he was lovely. You did a wonderful job thank you

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