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Date Joined: February 17, 2008
Last Online: December 30, 2020
Birthday: November 9
Country: United States
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My Flickr Photos

About Me


Welcome, come on in and sit down....I invite you to see what makes me tick creatively and things that make me happy! My motto for now open up, be yourself, trust. I am also practicing active listening. That means I meet your gaze and listen carefully without getting my comment ready to tell you.

I am contently retired from my 32 years at a county job. I am happy with a small side gig and I live on Cape Cod.

This is very important, I am not one for any prejudiced actions or comments. There is no need for perpetuating those sorts of things anywhere in my life. Art especially transcends all of that. [badge

Every day I wake up and take a moment to be grateful for all the blessings in my life. Even the stuff that isn't good contains an opportunity for me to learn something about myself.

About me in the visual sense.... I love anything vintage, the older the better for me, but all looks from the 1800's to the 1970's..

Nature is really my passion. I really adore the following items, botanicals of all types, birds, moss, dragonflies, bees, butterflies, nests, eggs, mushrooms, snails, flowers, any nature themes!

"Campy" images like 50's, 40's, 30's humor, sexual content does not offend me. Betty Page, etc. I love to laugh, send me your humorous quotes if you don't know what to write on a PC.

Colors of the world!! I gravitate alot to green & aqua when I create, but I really like ALL COLORS. I like to combine colors and love metallic finishes, too!

I have started on a new journey of story writing. I find it be a wonderful creative outlet and I have always loved words. I love word games on the PFs.

Favorite Music

I sing the blues. My band is presently on hiatus. We have no guitarist and since we are just jamming in the cellar that is ok for now. My musical interests are all over the place.

KoKo Taylor, Shemekia Copeland link, Susan Tedeschi, Debbie Davies link, Janis Joplin, Clapton, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stones, Doors, folk, Scottish, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ray Charles.... Muddy Waters, BB King, Howlin' Wolf, Aretha, Motown, Do- Whop, smooth style kd lang, Patty Larkin, Cheryl Wheeler, Jimmy Buffett,all beachy music, reggae, Beatles, Everly Brothers, Elvis, Beach Boys. We have a vinyl record collection of over two hundred albums in our "Pub in the cellar". Like most music excluding headbanger & opera.


Favorite Crafts

Mixed media canvases are going to be a priority this year. Wand or prayer sticks as well.

Currently into postcard making and altering. Love to decorate envelopes.

I really like doing collage the best. When I use various cut outs from magazines and make ridiculous new images from them, with exciting backgrounds, I am content!

Watercolor and acrylic painting, watercolor pencils too.

Wands made from driftwood, signs made from old boats, driftwood bit pendants. I collect the buoys washed up from lobster pots, shells, beach debris... anything that catches my fancy. Of course beach glass, too. I have pinned a bunch of future projects on Pinterest.

I love to write letters and get written notes on PCs. I would welcome any letter writers out there.

Starting to make my own jewelry. I am very slow at it, but keep plugging away.

The following badges are compliments of Raven.



Photography - I like nature shots more that people shots. I also love to take pictures of doors. Doors are the portals of our lives, in and out we go in life and death.

Home Base

Married, no kids by choice. Loving the DH 37yrs plus. He's amazing and I am blessed to have a wonderful man...Being a New Englander beach babe, I love to dance on the beach around the campfire and proclaim it to be a beach party. (shades of Annette Funichello). I live 2 miles from the beach and live across from beautiful woods.

** I am not particularly sports minded excluding hydroplane racing since my nephew Captains the US-A TEAM.**. see them here on FB and more

Love thrillers & suspense (not horror) in the movies and books. And I enjoy reading about foreign countries, spiritually based stories and books that develop the characters well.

Totally hooked on the Outlander books and tv show. I am now destashing many books that are just collecting dust.

Celine by Peter Heller was one of the best books that I have ever read. I like mysteries and a well written story.

Indie movies are also a fav. I like movies that have intense emotions and often show the moral compass side of life. I also like feel good movies and I try to not watch the same genre over and over. TV shows that I like: The Americans, Top Chef, Chopped, Outlander, Power, Sugar Queen, Madam Secretary & home improvement type shows are mostly what I watch. Oh yeah, Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes are great, too.

Church of the big blue sky type of spirituality for me. Prayer works in miraculous ways. Serenity is the goal, baby! My totems are the crow and the turtle.

Open minded, but please don't try to convert me. I'm happy that you are happy. It's always important for me to find the path to peace. I believe in intuition and the ability to know what you just know.

Goddesses that are important to me are: Kuan Yin, Diana, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sarasvati, & Isis.

My mom was my craft mentor, clever Lil!

We camp on the beach in the spring, summer, & fall. We are fortunate to travel whenever we can. Punta Cana DR beach is my fav with those palms that go to the water... Costa Rica another visit??? I speak enough Spanish to get by and make an ass out of myself. Got to go on a bucket list trip to Scotland. WOW! I can't wait to go back! Loved the castles and the scenery.

I had the world's most affectionate cat, Smokey Boo Boo Lucky Cat. He went to kitty heaven 1/7/14. Best cat I ever had.

We had inherited Mr. Marmalade. A loving old boy. Had to put Marm down April 2017. Take videos of your pets. I am comforted by the ones that I have of him. Smokey

We recycle everything we can and we are down to one bag of trash a week. Love my garden, my stone walls, the woods across the street and birdwatching. I am a self proclaimed nature girl. I still love that dirty water, too. Boston was my home in the early part of my life.

not so much...don't want

Don't care for superhero movies, action movies( they make me fall asleep)

Disney blech, no likey! I don't care for the vampire look or bloody stuff but appreciate that is your art.

Super cutesy isn't my preference either.

Don't care for country/Americana style.

Pledge/Swaps/Waiting For

I dislike to chase ratings and seems far more commonplace now that I am swapping more.

FLAKED BY: @IAmAlwaysIn for CQ Mini Pinata Free Style- I was the host. Angelled by @Amandalee

FLAKED BY @CraftyAnnie for Make Your Own Bubble Mailers. I was the host on this swap, too. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/72253

@lovestosew never send a WTA from Inspire Me group, I have since left that group.

When I join a swap, I look to see ratings of other participants and if there are a number of 3's, never mind the ones, I leave the swap.I do not care for drama around swapping, period.

I reuse packaging. Be good to mother earth!

Art & craft is always subjective, if I think you sent me your best work I always rate well! I can't say something isn't ART!

My rating (5.00) speaks for itself. I act like a responsible adult and expect the same from you. When I host, I use this disclaimer----I maintain the ability to question ratings and discuss them with you before assigning partners.


Other things I like

The fact is something created by you is great. However, I am NO LONGER collecting ATCs. Please, I am destashing these days, no need to send me extras in swaps. Thanks so much.

I can always use letter sets.

Heart shaped rocks.

Necklaces that are long.

Fairy images.

Fine tip white pens. Fine tip black pens for zentangle.

Would love anything with crow or turtle images.

I have a great appreciation for meeting so many wonderful people here.We have such a varied community and I have come to appreciate that the longer I am here.This is not a snarky place, so go snark somewhere else is my motto.

Nature report

mushroom My Fav nature pic, outside my front door.

My brother passed on 11/26/2009. Dedicating this section to him, my birdwatching mentor.

Beautiful hawk hovered over the dunes this weekend as we sat behind the campers enjoying that view instead of looking at the ocean. Peace

. This is the link to Cornell Lab BirdCams for red tailed hawks 3/11/18 linkforhawks The may be laying first eggs anyday now. 3 Hawks are fledged!

Missoula MT Osprey Cam linkforospreys

Whenever I see a hawk, I think of you, Jack, watching from above. Got to see two and I happened to be talking about my dad.

Watched 2 different hawks dive and get at meal here in August. Simply amazing.

2017 July a big hawk came through my yard this morning as I was eating breakfast on the deck. A big gift! 2018 it flew right over me as I rested on a stone wall. Hi Jack!

2017 April I have been watching the Cornell Univ. bird webcams. Osprey nests are very interesting to me. I monitor 2-3 nests within a mile from my home. 2017 Feb 24 snowdrops cover my neighbors front yard. A lot of geese have been flying in formation over or near my house.

2016 Fall- a very late fall this year, we still have some minor green leaves on low lying shrubs. Also, many yellow leaves still haven't fallen. I am blessed to have the time to take it all in.

I had blooms on window box plants up until Dec 7th.

2016 Spring - took some cool pics of the skunk cabbage emerging in a boggy area on my lunch break today.

Had an intense purple/red daybreak this morning. Love to hear all the birds singing their Spring songs. I could hear cardinals, mourning doves, chickadees, Carolina wrens, Phoebes, woodpeckers, robins and more this morning


"Aging is a kick in the crotchety." from It's Not Menopause... I'm Just Like This, Maxine's Guide to Aging Disgracefully

"Be careful ...the toe that you stepped on yesterday, may be connected to the ass you have to kiss today." Buddy Cianci, former Mayor of Providence RI incarcerated for fraud.

Send me your humorous quote!

Links, swaps, ideas

pic posting


post a pic info from PFs

1st additional oz is 98 cents, so add 98 cents in US postage stamps to $1.15 For 3 & more oz mail weight, add 99 cents postage for each additional oz. PC are .35


Comment: Thank you.
Response: Best wishes
kclicquot rated for CC: September Sender's Choice PC on Dec 10, 2018
Comment: I'm so sorry for the late rating! I thought I'd rated this when I got it! THANK YOU!
Response: Best wishes
Aladyjackson rated for FCMA: Image plus Found Poetry on Nov 21, 2018
Comment: Hi thank you so much for this awesome send. It was super creative although my send was quite different so not sure I did mine correctly now🤔 I will use the extra pages that you sent. ❤️❤️
Response: Thanks for the heart. The desciption left so much flexibility I wonder if I made it right !! XO
ariestess rated for November Magickal Stocking Stuffer on Nov 18, 2018
Comment: UPDATE (12-06-18): OMG! What an absolutely gorgeous turtle pendant! Thank you so much! ~~ Thank you for the gift! I'll be back in December to comment more when I open the gift!
Response: Blessings! I have opened my own gifts this month for my birthday- so fun.
graciepie49 rated for CUCrew: Deconstructed Icon on Nov 14, 2018
Comment: Hi Jan :-) . . . . Thanks for sending your interesting deconstruction. I enjoy watching some episodes of Carpool Karaoke on YouTube sometimes, not really iconic, but he and his shows are certainly popular.
Response: Thanks for rating with a heart!!
Angie rated for CC: Collage Portrait on Nov 8, 2018
Comment: Way cool collage! Thank you so much for sending it to me! You're super talented!
Response: That rating makes me smile wicked big! Thanks Angie!
Comment: Awesome postcard, thank you! I love it :)
Response: So pleased that you liked it! Heart happy!
margaeli rated for HMPC: Put a "Bird" on it on Oct 25, 2018
Comment: Lovely card; I really liked the collage with the cute little bird. Happy swapping.
Response: That was a fun one to make, thanks for happy rating!
Comment: Thanks for a fun card! See you on OFAP!
Response: Thanks for the nice rating!
sharmison33 rated for CPG Handmade PC - Global on Sep 30, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card. I imagine fall is amazing in Cape Cod!
Response: Thank you for the sweet rating. Just starting to see some fall color now.
wittmert rated for CUCrew: Head Switch on Sep 24, 2018
Comment: Love it! See you at WAAR, maybe.
Response: Got there quickly, thanks for the heart. WAAR up in the air, I need to figure it out.
Comment: Your poem made me smile, Jan! Isn't it the truth? Very nice. Thank you♥
Response: Always happy to have you as a partner, thank you!
Comment: I think it's great what you would spend the money for. I'd love to stay at your retreat center :)
Response: Thanks Swan, I so went to fantasy-ville ! Would love to have you there!
Comment: Thanks for this wonderful PC! I love how you switched out the birdie in the cage for a fish. Have you ever seen bird's feet? They look scaly like a fish. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Yes, I have seen those scales. Gosh that got there so fast. I loved that card and so happy that you do too!
Comment: Great PC! Love the leaf effect and the colors you used.
Response: Thanks, frivolous and experimental for me! Heart happy.
Comment: Love the over head view. Thank you.
Response: Thanks, so much for your kind rating!
graciepie49 rated for CUCrew: Paper Hunt PC on Sep 11, 2018
Comment: Hi Jan 😊 Thanks for the postcard. My favorite part of it - the dots between the woman's eyes and the eyes of the seahorse are like little thought bubbles being exchanged.
Response: That's right! Glad that you liked it and heart grateful!
Comment: Hi Jan, oooh aaah, I wonder what it could be? In my sock it goes till Yule. I too am an eclectic, solo practitioner now. At one time, I taught witchy #101. But here in the mountains, one must speak little, and listen much. Life changes and rearranges. Thanks so much for the compliment. BB.
Response: Thanks for sharing your journey and a heart with me.
luleemik rated for CQ: Altered Paintbrush on Aug 30, 2018
Comment: Love the altered paintbrush and all of the embellishments.! Thanks for sending a great swap and participating in our group:)
Response: Oh, I was so happy how it turned out and am very grateful for the heart!
ittybittykitty rated for CUCrew: Abstract Face on Aug 29, 2018
Comment: I like the face you sent! Thanks and I hope you feel better soon! :)
Response: Thanks so much for the heart and your kindness!

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Hi Jan, sending love and hugs your way.

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Happy Birthday!

CurlyTea on Oct 31, 2018:

Happy Halloween!

RooBaRoo on Oct 5, 2018:

Thank you for your support! 🌷🌷 I was indeed very upset, but now I'm composed again. Thanks again for your solidarity! 💜

CurlyTea on Aug 16, 2018:

Never hide your wings!

stephiedee on Jul 25, 2018:

Yay! I'm glad you liked all the goodies, Jan - especially the paper doll. I thought she was cute too and already made one for myself. ♥

stephiedee on Jul 17, 2018:

Hi Jan! Your Misfit Mail Art winnings went out in today's mail!

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Hi Jan, It's nice to be back. Thanks for the welcome. Hope you and yours are well!

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Sorry that I have been so quiet lately.

There is some personal health stuff that has me in a funk and things are crazy with our foster kiddos. I miss you sweet friend!

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