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Hi! I'm Annette... Somewhat of a nomad, having been born and raised in Queens, NY; then moved to Seattle for a short stint before moving to Saint Paul, MN for grad school! My undergrad was actually in business and marketing, but I decided on a career change and am currently working as a traveling Occupational Therapist!

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I travel for work, it is VERY, VERY possible that I may forget to change my address for swaps between placements. PLEASE feel free to check in with me before mailing out your letter/package, to make sure you have the most updated address for me :)]

In my spare time, I love doing yoga! I also love baking (am currently experimenting more with cooking too), animals (though no pets at the moment - hoping to adopt a doggie at some point!), traveling, and anything nature-related! (I especially have a soft spot for bodies of water and beaches.) I love the convenience and "loads of things to do and see" associated with city life, but have been gravitating to smaller cities as time goes on... one day, I can totally see myself on a farm with rolling green hills and a bunch of chickens, bunnies, and maybe a few goats and cows :)

Favorite Music

I tolerate pretty much anything, but my favorite genres are alternative/indie, and soft rock... also some harder rock too... In general, some of my faves are Third Eye Blind, Coldplay, Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, Death Cab for Cutie, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, David Gray, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine... need I go on!? ...oh and I like techno/trance too, and any type of yoga-esque music :) For anyone in a CD swap with me, feel free to send me anything you like; I love hearing new music, and I think I'm pretty open-eared to new sounds.

Favorite Movies

I'm not a huge movie person, but I have been moving more into the movie scene lately... my faves are Harry Potter (LOVE the books!!), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, Memento, Garden State, Shutter Island, Pan's Labrynth (though it was way too gorey! - side note for any swapping - please stay away from any horror or gorey-type themes for me, thanks!)... errrr... and I'm sure there are some others I can't think of at the moment... mostly philosophical-like stuff that makes you think about things in an out-of-the-box way... I also like watching comedies for their entertainment value :) Knocked Up and Hot Tub Time Machine were great!

Favorite Television

How I Met Your Mother is my all-time favorite series! I find it hilarious, with great lessons, and awesome music too. Big Bang Theory is another goodie, along with The Daily Show, Everybody loves Raymond... and anything else that is REALLY funny! (New Girl is another goodie - omg SCHMIDT!) I really like Spongebob too! (I'm a big kid!) Sadly, I am just getting on the Netflix bandwagon and haven't really gotten "into" any of the popular series yet, though I started watching Grace and Frankie recently and it is really entertaining!

Favorite Books

First and foremost, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. Just putting that out there to start...

Aside from that, I actually don't really very much for leisure!! There is a book I've read called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, and that was kind of a life-changing one for me... very meaningful. So, I'm recently mostly into books that inspire self-inquiry and self-awareness, and anything related to yoga - a few off the top of my head that were good reads include: Trance of Scarcity, Yoga Sutras, Things Fall Apart (GREAT book by Pema Chodron), and Tao of Pooh (another "kid's" book, but really has some golden nuggets relating to adult life in there).

My Interests

My main obsessions are: baking and cake decorating, music, photography, snowboarding, Buddhism (from the "maintaining peace of mind" point of view, not the religious) and yoga... Anything related to any of those things would be grand! But, I like arts and crafts in general and I'm not picky :) I also am an animal freak! I particularly LOVE squirrels, owls, and sloths (and other cute and furry creatures)! :) I'm actually a vegetarian (or, pescetarian, really), as well. I really love nature in general - hiking and hanging out at the beach, in particular. I'm trying to get exposure to more types of crafts, but at the moment mainly focusing on paper crafts (ATCs, deco books, etc).

Swap Suggestions

Like I said, I'm not picky... I'm basically a big kid at heart. Also a romantic and someone who's into philosophy and things that keep me and the people around me happy :)... When choosing a swap for me, anything a 5 year old would like, OR anything philosophical-like (yes, TOTALLY opposite ends of the spectrum!) would be perfect, I'm sure... but I'm not picky, so send whatever you feel! :) I love candles and candle holders, either uniquely shaped or great smelling. My fave colors are deep reds/burgundy, taupe, turquoise/teal, and any "deep" colors - I'm not that into pastels... oh and I love ribbons :) and any kinds of paper scraps or magazine clippings are cool too... Also, if you have any "directions" on how to do new crafts, I would love to get those, since I like trying new things, but just need a little push :)... Hmm, let me know if you want me to add any more info! :)


Conni59 rated for ATC Made from Extras on Aug 8, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much for the cool atc and extras
Comment: I LOVE the card! Thank you so much!
Response: Yay, I'm so glad!! <3 Thanks again for your patience!
Cobweb rated for Senders Choice ATC - Newbie Friendly on Aug 23, 2019
Comment: Awesome ATC and I am so in love with those stickers. Great Queen by the way. I love the business advertisement card backs! Thank you so much for the lovely envelope and the birthday wishes.
sharmison33 rated for Speedy Found Image #5 on Jul 26, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for the found image cards. I love the owls. As a kid I collected see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil little figures. Love the cute sloth paper too!
Response: Oh wow, what a coincidence! Glad you like everything! :)
AnnaL rated for ATC with a Logo on Jul 14, 2019
Comment: Thanks Annette for the cute ATC & cute note paper, really appreciate it. Have a great week, AnnaL.
MBakker rated for HARRY POTTER ATC Swap (Gryffindor) on Jul 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful atc and the lovely extra's!! Xx Monique
NRGordon rated for Speedy Found Image #4 on Jul 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATCs and your nice note. I had not heard of the camper conversions but the Sprinter's headroom makes it seem just the thing for it. I like watching the squirrels and chipmunks eating under my bird feeders. I had to install an ultrasonic transducer to keep them out of my shed though. They can cause a lot of damage.
Response: You are very welcome! Agreed about the squirrels - I once had one somehow find it's way under the hood of my car and it chewed its way out through, which was a problem! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend :)
toni rated for Speedy Found Image #3 on Jun 24, 2019
Comment: Liked the atc's and the extras! thanks!
Lazydaisy0104 rated for ATC THESE #8: Fabric on Apr 4, 2019
Comment: Super cute card! You done a great job. Thank you!! 💞
Comment: Thank you for this lovely bear and camping stamp and art atc!
Response: You are very welcome and I'm glad it finally got to you! :)
luv2kraft rated for ATC: Just A Random Fact, Ma'am! on Mar 17, 2019
Comment: Thank you very much for the wonderful ATC. THAT was a random peice of info that I did not know. Very beautiful. Thanks for the ribbon.
Response: You are very welcome, I'm glad you liked it! That particular fact was something that I also learned very recently! I'm glad I was able to capture the segmented legs in my little drawing :)
supersquirrel rated for Fortune cookie ATC on Mar 8, 2019
Comment: SKWERL - I didn't realize you were also squirrel!! duhhh!! Well that makes your swap even that much more special. Thank you so much for the insightful fortune ATC, the 3 of hearts, cool PNW tissue paper and the yellow envelope :)
Comment: Super cool! Makes me want smores! Thank you!!!!
AliCrafter rated for Winter - ATC - Snowflake on Dec 30, 2018
Comment: What a pretty ATC. Adding a hanger is a lovely idea. Thank you so much. Happy Swapping in 2019!
Doodlefingers101 rated for Embossed ATC on Nov 21, 2018
Comment: How did you do this with a pen? I never heard of a pen that can emboss.
Response: Yes, they exist! I pasted the link below... you basically use it to draw and it stays wet just like embossing ink from an ink pad would. Cool to experiment with! Although I think the ink is a little thinner so I'm still working on mastering the effect :) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001M0JNVE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ZUH9BbS493GEM
abshanghai rated for ATC Fabric Scraps on Oct 31, 2018
Comment: Love this ATC! Love what you did putting different medias together. And thank you for the extras! Thank you again!
SeoulQueen rated for Polka dot ATC! on Oct 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the personalized ATC. I love the colors you chose. 💛💛
PixelPixie rated for ATC Fabric Scraps on Oct 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful fabric ATC! All the stars stayed in place during its travels. :)
astrodogg rated for Book Quote - September on Oct 6, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
colleenbUSA rated for Book Quote - September on Oct 2, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the extra Harry Potter quote!

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CherryBlossomLady on Feb 17, 2020:

Hi there! I hope you like my FIRST EVER ATC!! You were my partner... I loved your profile, so I wanted to invite you to join my first hosted swap. It's called: 3-person PC Collaboration #1- Theme: Anything Goes. Would love to have your art skills on deck!

Thank you! Indira CherryBlossomLady

federfuchs on Oct 1, 2018:

Book Quote September

"Now with her looking at me all big-eyed and swaying unsteadily, I knew the right thing to do was fix her up and send her on her way. But then she kissed me and I was pretty sure I forgot my own name."

Rule by Jay Crownover

loveretro on Sep 30, 2018:

Book Quote - September

"If you will allow Poirot to offer you a piece of wise advice: the pursuit of revenge is rarely a good idea."

The Mystery of Three Quarters,, Sophie Hannah

YooperHill on Sep 29, 2018:

Book Quote - September

From Yamas & Niyamas but Debora Adele:

• • • For reflection: “Truth rarely seems to ask the easier choice of us.”" In what ways are you living an inauthentic life?

choke on Sep 8, 2008:

Hi there, I randomly came across your profile today and noticed your bday was today so I wanted to with you a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (unfortunately without all the glitter and pretty pictures, still working on getting that right on here ;) G'day!


Ceinwyn on Sep 8, 2008:

amybelle on Apr 14, 2008:

Thank you for joining my Random ATC swap!

RaeJillian on Feb 20, 2008:

long comments always welcome! the fish in the fence is called a gar fish, that is a little baby one they can get up to three or more feet - scary! i didn't get "dragged" silly, i noticed that you got flaked and i had an extra set, i am glad you liked the pics! maybe we'll swap again, later! :P

TíaBel on Dec 3, 2007:

Thank you!

I like watching Cesar Milan, too, except I get so sad when I hear about the doggies that were abused.

VJP on Jun 25, 2007:

I'm glad you liked all of the sites. Thank you for the 5 and the heart!!

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