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Tea Swap

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Tea Swap
Swap Coordinator:Vicky1978 (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:88
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 22, 2011
Date items must be sent by:October 29, 2011
Number of swap partners:3

I love tea and have enjoyed tea swaps in the past, but there don't seem to be any now, so I decided to create my own.

For this swap you will have 3 partners. You must send them at least 3 teabags (but feel free to send more). The teabags should be sealed. Please do not send three of the same flavour - that's no fun! Lol

Newbies welcome. No flakers please.


HappyPassion 10/ 4/2011 #

Hello i have actually bought a few type of tea n didnt realised it's not individually wrapped but loose sachet. I have cling wrapped them in 3 bags already before i found this swap :)))

The date of items must be sent falls on my birthday :)) so it's easy for me to remember :P

Jester777 10/ 4/2011 #

Hello! All tea lovers are encouraged to join my tea group: Tea is Love ♥, I approve new members daily and we welcome new members from all over!

violetfriday 10/15/2011 #

Trailing off HappyPassion's q: are loose leaf teas okay for this swap? Of course some people don't enjoy them, and won't be sent any, but for those of us who love them, can we send/receive? Thanks ^^

rubyhousesliprs 10/18/2011 #

I would love to join but do not like to accept unwrapped tea bags, it is not safe nor sanitary. No offense, of course.

MsPattyW 10/18/2011 #

I am going to join BUT I only drink decaf tea ( and coffee) So I will be sending decaf and would like to receive decaf please. Is that doable? PattyW

fawnscrafts 10/18/2011 #

@Mspattyw I could not promise that. What I do with teas I do not like, I will send them on in another swap.

I like the orange pekoe and black teas and will add certain other teas to my ided teas, but not all flavors, so I will keep those for a swap for someone that likes them. And if I have them at that time, like for you, I will try to let that person enkjoy those teas.

fawnscrafts 10/18/2011 #

man I clicked leave comment before all of spell check.

Ided tea should beiced tea.

let that person enkjoy those teas. should be let that person enjoy those teas.

amberrenee 10/19/2011 #

I'm so excited I already have my envelopes ready to go!

GrammaSherry 10/19/2011 #

My first Swap - YAY

Jessicapeterson66 10/19/2011 #

i'm excited to do this swap as i love my tea, (green tea's are my all time favorite) but i also really enjoy herbal mint tea too)

bananasock 10/19/2011 #

I am brand new to swapping - my mom does it with miniatures and things like that - how many packages would i need to send out for this? id love to do this one - t would be my very first and my husband and I are avid tea drinkers. :D -bananasock

Itti 10/20/2011 #

@bananasock you send 3 packages (to three different people) of 3 teabags each. So you'll be sending 9 teabags in all, of more than one flavour.

Itti 10/20/2011 #

When it says the teabags should be sealed/individually wrapped, do you mean they have to be wrapped in paper? Like this: http://www.tootoocheap.com/images/dvd/tea%20bag%20(3).jpg

Or do you just mean not loose-leaf tea? So, would this be okay? http://www.tootoocheap.com/images/dvd/tea%20bag%20(5).jpg

TraySeeH 10/21/2011 #

@ltti it would be more like the first, not the second at all. Many brands like Bigelow, Stash, Tazo all come individually wrapped. They are all available at your local grocery stores. At least they are here in the U.S. plus many other wonderful brands and flavors.

bananasock 10/21/2011 #

I went and made up my swaps to send! Teehee...this is awesome! Im excited to see what other people are enjoying. These are three of my most favorites! But I think i'll keep them surprise. Waiting to be assigned my swappers! <3

Itti 10/21/2011 #

Ah, the Twinings multipacks are like that (a little set of 5 lots of 5 types) but they're not sold in most supermarkets here. Tea tends to come in packets and the teabags are loose in the packet. Unless you get a free sample from somewhere, of course.

If I can find any by the deadline I'll join but this is probably a no for me then : (

RadicalRecrafter 10/21/2011 #

I love tea! (Except for Earl Grey/Lady Grey to which I am allergic!) I would love loose tea,actually. So,whoever gets me can send me loose teas if they wish and know I will be happy!

BirdieLynn 10/22/2011 #

I am excited for this. My fav tea is Earl Grey and ALL black teas. plus this will be my first swap ever

Ramoontje78 10/22/2011 #

I love strawberry tea !!!! But I can't see my partners ??

Ramoontje78 10/22/2011 #

I love strawberry tea !!!! But I can't see my partners ??

bananasock 10/22/2011 #

I love Earl Grey too - and anything with bergamot in it :D black teas rock!

Itti 10/22/2011 #

I've swapped with someone to get some individually-wrapped ones. Looks like I can join after all! : )

CraftilyClever 10/22/2011 #

I prefer flavored/scented teas, but dislike rooibos, honeybush, mint, or licorice ingredients. Thanks!

rmrascal 10/22/2011 #

I hope Im not too late? Just signed up and I love hot tea! rmrascal

Ramoontje78 10/23/2011 #

I can't see the address to send too :(

bananasock 10/23/2011 #

where do i go to see who i send these to?

GrammaSherry 10/23/2011 #

very excited to have someone overseas!!! Gotta go shopping for tea!

Veterok 10/23/2011 #

Just put mine in the mail! One of my recipients is from Australia though, so I can't really guarantee what the AU customs will do to my package O__o

tialisa 10/24/2011 #

well i notice one of the partners that sends to me has never been in any swaps before. I hope you dont get a bunch of flakers because there was no min. numbers of swaps required to join. I had to do that with my swaps when i found out how people will join a bunch of swaps and just flake.
But lets hope for the best :)

bananasock 10/24/2011 #

:) Sent My Swaps!!! @ tialisa, this is my very first swap. I know you cannot expect to trust anyone that isnt a proven good swapper, but are there really that many people who will join a swap and just not do it?

fawnscrafts 10/24/2011 #

I have not found that to be so. First timer are susually mostexcited and get out the swaps as soon as they can.

As for your addresses. Click ~~see the partners you send to~~ and the addresses ans names will pop up in another window.

So look below and see if you have another window open.

Then you will see whom to send to.

Like I have for me... @leecytx @Efria @hemlock

So those three will be getting teas from me and two others.

Usually the teas are some of the best swaps, because they are not costly and can be sent for one stamp. At least three bags and less can be sent that way.

rmrascal 10/24/2011 #

My tea "mail" is ready and will be in the post tomorrow.I am so excited

bananasock 10/24/2011 #

:) I took mine to the post office because I used the yellow envelopes lined with bubble wrap. dont want anything getting squished because I have two international swap partners! :)

fawnscrafts 10/24/2011 #

Ok when you all send the teas, then come back and click the ~ click here when you have sent your items~ then just wait for a good rating, and for your teas.

@Banabasick you are so neat, I never send teas in a bubble envy. I have the teas picked out, but I have not written a note or put them in the envy yet. I like to decorate all my envies, even some bills, so it takes me a while to get those ready.

snout 10/25/2011 #

@tialisa One pkg. is on it’s way to you ;)

@bananasock I used small bubble senders too. Mostly because I don't have any large envies on hand and I was reusing some I had on hand. I'm rather new, so filling out the customs forms was a new experience for me.

rmrascal 10/25/2011 #

sent !

bananasock 10/25/2011 #

the customs forms are kind of a drag, but its worth it. i just hope mine find their homes. :D

rmrascal 10/27/2011 #

I ve received my first swap. I am waiting for my first rating!

BirdieLynn 10/28/2011 #

all mine are sent first time I sent International hope it goes ok

GrammaSherry 10/31/2011 #

Sent on time forgot to click - ENJOY!

lemorton 10/31/2011 #

Sent out on Friday, sorry couldn't post until now. All the snow causing widespread power outages. Cable being down. Enjoy your teas! ~lmorton :)

rmrascal 11/ 3/2011 #

still waiting for one!

Clearbrite 11/ 7/2011 #

I'm Australian,and just to put everyones mind at ease,teas are fine to send to Australia just as long as the teas don't contain things like seeds/nuts/fruit peels etc Just received my first tea package,can't wait for the other two!

Ramoontje78 11/ 7/2011 #

Still waiting for one.. :(

snout 11/ 7/2011 #

@Ramona If you don't receive anything soon I would be happy to send you some tea :)

GrammaSherry 11/ 7/2011 #

I received all 3 packages today!!! Can we do another now please??!!! Hopefully my partners will get theirs soon. One is going to the Netherlands - not sure how long that takes. I took mine to a substation to be weighed and measured paid postage and 2 days later they were back in my box - THEN took everything to the main post-office paid more and no send backs - fingers crossed they arrive safely! This is my first swap so I dont want anything to go wrong.

Ramoontje78 11/ 9/2011 #

@Vegfox I already get them all now... ;)

Itti 11/10/2011 #

Anyone else still waiting for @begintohope I sent a message but she never replied.

@Clearbrite Ahhh I didn't realise that about Australia, everyone always says they can't receive tea there!

rmrascal 11/12/2011 #

I still waiting for one? :(

Itti 11/15/2011 #

I'm still waiting too :(

bananasock 11/16/2011 #

@JamieB flaked...:( boo.

Itti 12/ 2/2011 #

Yeah, so did @begintohope :(

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