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Artcrossing - the swap I run

About Me

Hiya! My name's Itti, I'm a 25-year-old girl from the UK. My hobbies include drawing, painting, photography, cooking, gardening, making chocolate, winemaking, crochet, anime (only the good stuff), puzzles, walking by the river and making lists. I'll try any sort of crafts and I love giving new stuff a go! I recently graduated from university in Manchester and I'm now living in Edinburgh with my boyfriend.

I'm also fairly geeky - I love maths, puzzles, board games, crosswords, graphic novels and I wouldn't say no to a tabletop if someone else was organising it and provided those little miniature elfy things.

I suppose I should probably get round to mentioning the fact that I don't really come on here any more. Occasionally I'll return and do a swap or two, but it's really slowed down for me and I don't log in all that often. With that in mind, I may take a while to answer your messages. Sorry about that - please be patient with me!

Stuff I like

Anything based off my hobbies (above).

Anything handmade with care is very welcome. I don't mind at all if the contents were cheap if you spend hours on something - time and money are just as meaningful as each other, when they are put into a gift.

I love snail mail and I send a lot of letters, so letter paper and (maybe) blank postcards would be very welcome. If you are from the UK you could even send me stamps, they'll definitely get used! Any other stationery (paper, pens, pencils, etc.) would be very welcome too!

For postcards, I prefer blanks (unless the swap says otherwise) so I can write them! Something pretty or with a quote on it would be ideal. Failing that, something bright?

Craft materials would be quite cool - spare wool (but not scraps - something long enough to make something out of) or beads or whatever would be nice. Pretty embellishments and things are very welcome! If you're not sure if I'd use it, send a message :)

Personalised things are cool, too - ATCs with my name on, etc. But if you do that, be sure to spell it right! It's Itti, not Itty or Ltti (I know, the sans serif font doesn't help :P). Thanks very much for your consideration! :)

I LOVE pretty and patterned paper. Come to think of it, I loved it before I even started doing anything with it. So in that vein, if you have any pretty materials no matter what they are, I will love them now and find a use for them somewhere down the line I'm sure!

I also like tea, winter and anything miniature. That's all I can think of for now!


I like most things really so if there's something you personally think is really awesome or would love to get yourself, feel free to surprise me!

However, there are just a few things I can think of that I wouldn't like to get:

  • I am not Christian so please don't send me anything religious. But Christmas cards are fine! Just not religious ones.
  • I don't like coffee; cherry and licorice flavours make me feel ill.
  • Please don't send me postcards as a profile surprise unless the postcards specifically fit my profile. Especially don't send me blank tourist postcards from somewhere I don't live - I would never use them.

Random specific stuff!

In case I think of anything that I would love to have, in case you can provide it!

  • A bento box. Preferably standard, non-cute, but I really want one so any kind will do! :D

  • Craft "kits". You know the ones, where you get to try something completely new like candle making or fan painting or something, and they come in a box.

  • Any Klutz book/kit. "Kids" crafts are so much fun! :D

  • "Wool" for crocheting that's 100% cotton. Don't care the colour, I am desperate to build up my collection!

  • I've recently REALLY got into slams! I swap decos and things too but it's slams I'm desperate to swap and see more of right now!

Scents and Flavours

I love anything fruity, especially strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, peach or raspberry. Don't like cherry or banana and not wild about apple (but it's okay in combinations).

Dark chocolate with fruity middles is one of my loves!

For tea, I like black tea and white tea best. Black tea flavoured with a fruit is one of my favourite things - Bigelow and Twinings both do some great options. I like green and fruit teas as well but I don't drink them so often so I have a bit of a backlog, so that's why I'd prefer white or black tea. If you do send me fruit tea, I like "orange/yellow" flavours (orange, mango, peach, lemon) more than "red/purple" ones. I don't like raspberry or cranberry much in fruit tea ("black tea with raspberry" is nice though!), but I do like strawberry. There are lots of others that I like too though and I would love to try new ones so a bunch of new flavours to try is very welcome! Oh yes, and if it's a bigger swap I don't mind getting a couple of the same flavour - then I can try one and keep one for later!

The only black tea I can think of that I don't like is Pu-er tea as it has a very strong smoky flavour. Lapsang souchong as well for the same reason.

With all these yeses and nos, I don't want to frighten you off! I won't be terribly offended if you send me one I don't like or anything, in fact I am a sucker for fancy wrappers, so if you send me a posh-looking tea I'll probably be quite pleased with it whatever the flavour ends up being!

For scents, any of the fruity things I mentioned above would be lovely. I also like trying new perfumes so if you have any miniatures you don't want that would be quite cool.


I have been collecting currency since I was about 10. I would like to get a complete set of each country in the world. In general though I would ask that you don't send me coins/banknotes as I have a lot of them and I probably already have the ones you would send.

However, I do have a few that you would make me very happy by providing!

The notes are the same but each country has a different design on the "heads" side of the coins. I aim to get a complete set of €2, €1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c for each country. Many countries participating in the Euro I already have but here are the missing ones:

  • Finland: need 2c, 1c (I believe they're not in circulation in Finland itself but maybe another country might have them?)
  • Ireland: need €2, 50c, 20c, 2c
  • Luxembourg: need €2, €1, 50c, 10c, 5c, 1c
  • Portugal: need €2, 50c, 10c, 2c, 1c
  • Estonia: need 10c, 2c, 1c
  • Cyprus: need all except 20c
  • Malta: need all
  • Slovakia: need all
  • Slovenia: need all

Since the coins can be used in any Euro country, that means even if you live in France you might have a Greek euro, just have a look at them!

US quarters
I am also trying to collect each of the 50 state quarters. If you could sort through your wallet and see if you have any of the ones I'm missing I would be very grateful!

The ones I have missing are:
Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, N. Dakota, Texas, W. Virginia, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Nevada, Iowa.

There are also some extra "areas" that aren't states that were produced on quarters; here are the ones I don't have:
Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands.

Favorite Crafts

Sketching, painting, charcoal drawing, calligraphy, pen and wash, pastels. I do crochet sometimes too, both amigurumi and the more complicated stuff. I love working with wood. I also make and sell chocolates - here's my website: (click)


If you make address labels for me, please PM me because I would like them for a different address than the one listed on my profile. There's nothing dodgy in this, let me explain!

The address listed on my Swap-bot is the one I actually live at and have my mail delivered to. However, when I stick a "return address" on mail, particularly international mail, I prefer to use my parents' address. This is because there can be delays with international mail and if it takes something a month to get there, a month of waiting for the recipient to pick it up, and then a month getting home again, I may have moved house but my parents definitely won't.

It's against the rules to get you to send me things to a different address, but that's okay, I'm not asking you to do that. You're fine to send to the address I have listed - that's where I live, lol. I'm just asking that if you make address labels of any kind then please PM me so I can give you the address I would rather have on labels. Thank you! :)

Swapping stuff


I have angeled...



kizmet rated for AES: Tea Party! on Apr 11, 2013
Comment: Thanks a lot for the swap Itti! I can't wait to try the teas especially the Oolong as I've never tried it and I was just thinking about getting some. The atc is so cute and both your other creations will find a good place somewhere in the house! And last but not least, really interesting recipe!!
Response: Thanks so much, I'm so glad you liked everything, that's what I was going for! :D
heritagedecouleurs rated for Steampunk Matchbox on Mar 28, 2013
Comment: Try to search some info so you´ll see that creating a match box is so much more than glue two items on a decored paper...it ´ll give you and your partner more satisfaction...
Response: I actually spent several hours hand-"aging" the matchbox before attaching the items (of which there were more than two). I used distress inks and shimmer mist - I'm not sure why you mention 'decored [sic] paper' as there wasn't any. I also spent time working on making the clock 3D and I bought the cogs specially as I thought they went well with the theme. If you don't like it I'm sad about that, but please don't insinuate that I did some quick 'slap and stick' job because I didn't. I was pleased with it so if you don't like it can I have it back?
Comment: Thankyou Itti for your lovely creative journal. I enjoyed reading it. I love how you have created your journal very artistic. thankyou Itti for the cute note, thanks love Jennifer
Response: So happy you liked it :) I had fun with that journal, it was a bit different :)
mwquilt rated for SENG: Non touristic PC - March on Mar 13, 2013
Comment: Thankyou for the nice vintage card.
Response: You're very welcome :)
PapercraftFairy rated for QUICK Pick 5 flat swap #67 on Mar 11, 2013
Comment: Hi Itti, Thank you the my Quick 5 Flat Swap things! I especially loved the lighthouse postcards, very, very nice. Thank you!
Response: No problem. Glad you liked them! :D
bearnbabs rated for Open ink on Feb 2, 2013
Comment: That was alot of writing. Love it. bearnbabs
Response: So glad you liked it! It was fun to make :D
SwappingSan rated for Suggest me Something! on Jan 9, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the great suggestions!
Response: No problem, I'm happy you liked them :D
margoartist rated for a Rainbow of Inchies on Jan 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful inchies! I store my inchies in clear pages for coins - 20 per page. I love looking at them, they're so cute.
Response: Oh that's a great idea! :D I have loads of those pages as I used to collect coins. :)
AmyMarie rated for NOV: Traveling Mail Art Kit 2012 on Dec 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks for sending. You may want try different adhesives since the envelopes you made came apart as did most of the papers / items that were put on the box to decorate it.
Response: Oh no, so sorry to hear that. After gluing the box I did keep it for 3 days to check it was all glued securely so I'm not sure what went wrong :( As for the envelopes, it was my first time making them. I guess the experiment didn't go so well. Perhaps I'll stick to bought ones from now on :( Did you want me to send you some replacement envelopes?
Tanika rated for SENG Teapot October 2012 on Nov 27, 2012
Comment: Many thx for your tea selection. Some really are delicious and thx for looking at my likes and dislikes.
Response: No problem! Happy that you like them! :D
Comment: Thankyou Itti for the shared Journal, it came today, I'm going to read it and come back, take care love Jennifer
Response: Fantastic, hope you like it! :D
sweetdreams rated for QUICK 5 Somethings #47 on Nov 14, 2012
Comment: Loved the swap thank you x3
Response: Great! I'm happy! :D
shellee627 rated for QUICK Ribbon swap #37 on Oct 30, 2012
Comment: So many pretty ribbons!
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks!
Comment: Thanks so much, Itti! I appreciate the excess and the slams are awesome! Hugs, Kim :o)
Response: So glad you liked them! Thanks for a great rating and comment :)
Popcornikimppu1 rated for Non-Touristic Postcard #11 on Oct 27, 2012
Comment: When I rate cards I have received I put them standing next to my computer. Now I have for some time tried to figure out which way should I put this card; where is up, where down. I think I have seen this piece of at before, and already then I found it brilliant. Thank you so much for choosing it for me. Ps. It is snowing here, and that is why I know you have used non-waterproof pen. Only the "swap-bot" is hard to read, but for future, just in case, choose a water-proof pen.
Response: Hahaha, yes, I hoped you would like the Escher postcard :D I didn't realise about the pen, thanks for telling me.
Johkup rated for Country ATC on Oct 26, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the nice ATC :) and graft papers!
Response: So glad you liked it! :D
EsmeAna rated for Uk Shared Journal Experiment #4 on Sep 18, 2012
Comment: Thank you x
papermoon rated for Stereo Letters: Pride ROCK on Aug 28, 2012
Comment: Wow, I love the mix! Thank you so much :) I'm glad to see that you got to learn new bands from your home area(s) just to make the mix too, that's always a great thing :)
Response: yes, I loved that too! Thanks for the kind words and nice rating :)
BeverlyBling rated for UK Shared Journal Experiment #1 on Aug 24, 2012
Comment: Great to read - thanks
TamaraEpps rated for Uk Shared Journal Experiment #3 on Aug 23, 2012
Comment: Thanks for passing on the journal - can't wait to add to it.

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dabellaraquella on Aug 6, 2014:

Hi there! Hope you are fairing well! I am doing a clean out of Tea is Love group and when you want to get back into swapping please PM me for an invite back to our group!


TC on Mar 1, 2014:

Hi Itti, you've been removed from FOPS due to your lengthy absence from SB. If you become active here again and want to rejoin the group, just send me a PM. Hope all is well with you. :)

scottishrosefaerie on May 18, 2013:

Thank you for the teas you sent for Tag Through the Alphabet!

SabrinaDeeBerry on Apr 29, 2013:

Wishing you a happy spring ♡

MichelleWillow on Mar 30, 2013:


rhynah on Nov 18, 2012:

I'm glad to hear the parcel made its way to you safely and also very quick! :D I'm always a bit worried about sending coins in the mail so I tried to pack them well. It was a success, it seems. :)

I'm happy you liked the coins I sent. Also very glad I decided to send the Latvian coins, too. :) You are very welcome!

Hope you have a lovely week! :)

xxkarenlxx on Sep 11, 2012:

Thank you so much for all the pretty stamps from the Tag Through the Alphabet. They will be perfect for my project.

anrtist on Sep 2, 2012:

HEY! I sent u an invite to the LLL~Location, Location, Location Group. I hope you join in & check in occassionally to see who's swapbotting in your area!!! ;-) It 's for all Swapbotters, so u can invite anyone too, ENJOY ;-) Blessings, cc


TerryF on Aug 17, 2012:

Caption Action Winner!

PJ on Aug 16, 2012:

LoL ... I had to laugh at your tag offer ...

"Woohoo! A cocktail recipe!"


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