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Newbie Postcard Swap #2

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Newbie Postcard Swap #2
Swap Coordinator:sammalmquist (contact)
Swap categories: Newbie  Postcards 
Number of people in swap:127
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:December 29, 2012
Date items must be sent by:January 5, 2013
Number of swap partners:3

This swap is ideal for newbies and those who need to get their ratings up! Anyone can join, but please honor the commitment of being a part of this swap by not flaking!

You will have 3 partners and you will send each partner one postcard. The postcard should be store-bought and send naked (written on and stamped, no envelope).

Ideally, if you're new here, you will receive 3 ratings to get you going on swap-bot, and if you're not new you'll have 3 new postcard to add to your collection!

REMINDERS: Please remember to write the swap name and your username on the postcard so people know who to rate! Also please rate your partners when you get their postcard in the mail!

Happy Swapping! Any questions? Just send me a message!


Tinkerbell1982 12/16/2012 #

Is the pc senders choice???

sammalmquist 12/16/2012 #
sammalmquist 12/18/2012 #

Hitting the Top 10 :)

Kayenderes 12/21/2012 #

Mixed up.......so we don't write on the bought post card? How do we place the addy and our addy? Can it be a bought fabric one. Or is it just from where we live??? I am new and would like to know and then join. Thank you

foxyfoxy 12/21/2012 #

Okay I want to make sure that I understand this. Naked postcards are postcards that you write on then send out as if you were sending it to a friend or family member. We would fill it out and then just send it? Does it matter what type of post card it is? Does it have to have a theme?

sammalmquist 12/22/2012 #

@Kayenderes you do write on the post card! It can be any type of postcard, but it's best to look at your partner's profile and see what type they prefer! When I say "naked" that just means you don't send the postcard in an envelope!

@Bunnyhoney You are exactly right! Just fill out your partner's address and a little message then send it! It can be any type of store bought postcard :)

manders2280 12/24/2012 #

Hearts! Please be generous with hearts for postcards. Send something nice that you'd like to receive and you're likely to get a heart. When you receive a card you like then give it a heart too.

StarRain 12/25/2012 #

Alright cool I joined! So...where do we get the address to send the postcard too? I'm sorry. <:) Don't mean to bombard you with annoying newbie questions but I just don't want to be considered a flaker. I actually have a lot of postcards I can send so I can't wait to participate in this! :)

Lizard 12/26/2012 #

@StarRain I'm pretty new too, but I have learned that once the deadline for signing up has come, we get a message and we can then find out who our partners are, including their addresses.

we then ought to click on their user name, so we can see their profile and that might guide us as to what type of postcard. For example, someone may hate getting animal ones and prefer scenery, someone else may prefer one that shows the area where we live.

I like to add a little something in my swaps - whether it is a postage stamp, or a postcard (if it's not a postcard swap), or a pretty piece of ribbon or something. Basically, whatever I send, needs to be something that I would like to receive. So if a postcard looks boring to me, I won't buy that one. If someone's profile says they love frogs, I will try to find a frog postcard, or I might enclose a small frog sticker for a special extra.

Hope this helps. :)

StarRain 12/26/2012 #

@Lizard Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all that. I understand now! :D

AZmom875 12/28/2012 #

I was number 100 to join. How do I know? cause there was 99 players and I joined making me number 100.

BTW Newbie questions are fine, esp I would speculate in a newbie swap, We were all newbies once and wondered how this works too.

sammalmquist 12/28/2012 #

Thanks for explaining everything lizard (:

Of course all questions are welcome!

fawnscrafts 12/28/2012 #

If you get me as a partner and send a fabric one, send it the best way you see fit. I will not rate down for that.

Littletiscrafty 12/29/2012 #

Hello all. If you are a newbie please check out the "newbie helpers" group and please fill out your profile. Thanks!

TwinzMama 12/29/2012 #

My first swap and I can't wait to start sending! Thank you for all of the newbie info you have all posted. It's a great help.

sammalmquist 12/30/2012 #

Partners are assigned! Have fun everyone :)

FyreflyKd 12/30/2012 #

How do I access the partners I have been assigned? Sorry, I am very green... Thanks!

soyprincesa2 12/30/2012 #

@FyreflyKd When you are logged in and looking at this page ... you will see a box in the top right hand corner that says "Swap Member Options"... in the box are the words: See The Partners You Send To. Click on it and it will have your partners full name and address plus their contact email and Swap-bot name. Welcome to the swap!

IdlersDesign 12/30/2012 #

The gallery slide show link doesn't work for me ( in other swaps too) . Do you have a tip to fix that? I've installed Flickr, but somehow I can't find pics of swaps that I'm in...

PinkPosy29 12/30/2012 #

This may be a crazy question, but where can you buy postcards? I don't live in a tourist town. Do grocery stores or card stores typically carry them?

AZmom875 12/30/2012 #

my local drug store carries postcards, as well as walmart, and some of the grocery stores.

PinkPosy29 12/30/2012 #

Thanks! I will check Walmart and the gocery stores.

Lizard 12/30/2012 #

ARGH! The young lass in the post office has FOLDED one of the stamps over onto the front of the postcard!!! :( I don't know which one, because I only saw it from the back and she was fast and ... and ... and ARGH!!!

nightdescends 01/ 2/2013 #


rigchig 01/ 2/2013 #

I'm having real trouble finding any postcards! Would it be ok do you think if i was to make mine? Looking forward to seeing what the post man brings happy swapping everybody

sammalmquist 01/ 3/2013 #

@rigchig I know how hard it is to find postcards. It took me SO LONG to finally find a gas station that sells them. Look in gas stations that are right off the express way, or even hotels if there's any near you. If you cannot find anything, you can handmake them!

FyreflyKd 01/ 4/2013 #

I drove all around yesterday and finally found some place that sells postcards. I apologize for not being able to get cards that reflect people's likes. I collect postcards but I go to shows once every few months when they are in town... never looked for them in a store front before. But, I did finally find a few postcards.. phew!

rigchig 01/ 4/2013 #

Finally found some today and have been sent phew ....it was a close one thanks for the reply xx

PinkPosy29 01/ 4/2013 #

I found some at my local grocery store. Sent them out today! Other places I was thinking may have them would be college bookstores and maybe museum gift shops?

FyreflyKd 01/ 4/2013 #

I spent some time at an antique mall. I found some I like but was hoping to find some that my partners were known to like, yea um... harder than I thought lol. I will keep looking for future! The antique mall had a lot btw if any of you have a place like that near you!

Aletta74 01/ 6/2013 #

I'm just waiting for one of my cards to arrive. I post one on Postcrossing.com to Australia and it was recieved in only 2 days. Why does USA takes so much longer!!! :(

LostboY 01/ 7/2013 #

I found great postcards in a "movie memorabilia" shop-

I hope all of the ones I sent make it- one was overseas, and one has been received/rated already...

porcelain72 01/ 7/2013 #

Oh man...haven't heard if anyone got my postcards yet...this is my first swap, what are the chances that something went wrong with all of them? :(

Lizard 01/ 7/2013 #

I got my first one today! Thank you @BlackRainbow

LostboY 01/ 9/2013 #

Haven't seen anything yet. Hope all I sent got to their destinations. Only one person has rated me so far-

Meepy 01/10/2013 #

Still no ratings :s I hope they're not lost somewhere :s

modrocks 01/11/2013 #

Postcards take time to go across the world :) This is a swap where people need to be patient. I am in Canada on an island... but the cards are sent! They are traveling across the countries!

Aletta74 01/12/2013 #

pffff I recieved 3 cards already, but NON of my send cards have made it yet.... I feel quilty... why does it take that long!

vlinderr 01/15/2013 #

is it a must to write a littlebit on the backside? I receive one without a story, only username.

80sGirl 01/17/2013 #

I'm still waiting for one card...and I just saw that the person's account was deleted...but apparently she sent her postcard on January 7th...I hope that's true. :-/

LostboY 01/20/2013 #

Yes, I have only received one, and I'm still waiting on a rating for one :(

AZmom875 01/21/2013 #

I got a sender who is already suspended so I wont be getting anything from her Jayden Bell (Jaydenbell)

TwinzMama 01/21/2013 #

2 of the 3 I sent have arrived (1 in the UK, 1 to PA) but one to CO hasn't made it yet. Odd.

plasticprincess 01/23/2013 #

I've received one card. I saw that one of the other senders got feedback from another person, so I'm hopeful that I'll get at least one more.

80sGirl 01/23/2013 #

I sent one card from the Northern US to Canada and after 24 days it's still not there :-/

LostboY 01/26/2013 #

Never saw anything from emcdownald :(

I hope she's ok.

hellakitteh 01/31/2013 #

I never got anything from flutterbymama6. She never marked her swaps as sent and she hasn't signed on in over a month. This was my first time being flaked on, I'm sad but I also hope she's ok. :(

Seaglass 02/ 1/2013 #

One card I sent to Korea has not shown up yet, mailed on Jan 3rd. I am re-sending another out today. But still have hopes the 1st one will show up.

TwinzMama 02/ 2/2013 #

I'm still waiting for feedback on 2, and anxiously awaiting one sent from Germany (I know that one will take some time to travel)

LindaRichards 02/ 4/2013 #

I was flaked on by all 3 of my swap partners. This makes me sad. This has been happening a lot to me lately. :(

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