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Musical Scavenger Hunt 4

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Musical Scavenger Hunt 4
Swap Coordinator:Gayle (contact)
Swap categories: Music 
Number of people in swap:76
Last day to signup/drop:June 8, 2008
Date items must be sent by:June 30, 2008
Number of swap partners:2


Let's play some more!

Those who have nice sized music collections might have fun doing this. The job is to find songs that fit at least 15 of the categories below and put them on a CD. Don't repeat a category (unless you want to make a second CD, of course). You must use at least 15 different categories for this (although you're always welcome to make another CD and repeat categories from the first one!). You can use more than 15 categories on a CD, but you have to use at least that many.

Make sure to let your partner know which category each song fits into! And please do let them know the artist and title of the song, just in case they love it enough to want more! You'll have two partners for this, and it's international since CDs aren't that expensive to send even internationally.

The categories are:

1 A song under two minutes
2 A song with a form of transportation in the title
3 A song with some form of punctuation in the title
4 A song that mentions a country other than your own
5 A song that mentions time in some way
6 A song about wealth and/or privilege
7 A song about poverty/lower economic status
8 A song that contains bad grammar (whichever language you choose)
9 Any artist’s first hit
10 A song you like in a genre you don’t
11 A track from a comedic actor’s/singer’s CD
12 Song with one of the four elements in its title in some form
13 A song that tells a story
14 A song from your favourite movie
15 A dark song (your interpretation)
16 A song about a cause that’s special to you
17 A song written for one genre that is translated to another
18 An Irish drinking song
19 A song about work
20 A song that mentions some cosmic entity (moon, star, comet, etc)
21 A song over five minutes
22 Song that mentions one of the US states
23 Song that mentions a month
24 Song that mentions distance in some way, vaguely or specifically (near/far, etc)
25 Song mentioning royalty of some kind, real or not (eg. “Queen of Memphis�)

If you can, it would be nice if people try to explain why they chose certain songs for each category. It's not required, but it'd be nice!

Just so people know, copying tracks off of iTunes in MP3 format can sometimes make it difficult for things to be heard in certain stereos. I've found that this happens sometimes with me and it doesn't with others, so I thought I'd just warn you that if you do that, your partner might not get to hear the music!


1 Rating of 4.5 or better, with no more than one no send in six months. Go ahead and message me if you’ve been rated unfairly at any point or have a good reason for your lower rating or the no sends, and we’ll talk. I’m certainly open to listening.

2 Newbies allowed, but fill out your profiles. Do this before the final sign-up day, because I like to assign partners as early as I can.

3 Communication is key. If you’re going to be late with the swap, let your partner know. If your partner tells you he/she is going to be late, and keeps up the communication, give him/her a break. Sometimes things come up that just can’t be helped.

4 I reserve the right to ban anyone that I think might be a problem. This means people that I've noticed have a history of rating unfairly, nastiness, etc. I believe in playing nice.


rubypickles 05/27/2008 #

Is #10 any song in a genre you don't usually listen to or like?

rubypickles 05/27/2008 #

Oops - never mind... I misread it! I'm okay now!

bethanne 05/29/2008 #

Quick question - the "punctuation song" - does that mean something like "Annie's Song" that has an apostrophe, or a song that might be called "The comma song" or something like that?

Gayle 05/29/2008 #

It would be like "Annie's Song," or "Ka'Ching!" or some such song. The other way would be cruel. I might have to try it sometime.

bethanne 05/29/2008 #

There just might be a comma song! Or something similar, but I wanted to challenge myself and only pick from my Real Music Library so I don't have one here. But I do have many apostrophes, parentheses (that would be a great choice, actually, a song with those subtitles in parenthesis), etc.

bethanne 05/29/2008 #

One more question - can we use the band name as well as the title? I'm running out of royalty unless I used the band's name.

Gayle 05/31/2008 #

Has to be the song. I might have to do one later with it being in the band's or artist's name. That's not a bad idea!

LMNtalAlchemy 06/ 1/2008 #

bethanne... there is indeed a comma song -- "Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend --, which is a writer/editor's delight!

bobilani 06/ 2/2008 #

I love these Scavenger Hunts! I had so much fun with the last one. I've already written down all my songs :)

Gayle 06/ 3/2008 #

Now that's funny. A comma song. I need to find that.

I'm really glad you enjoy the swaps, bobilani. They're a lot of fun to put together and it's great fun to listen to what people come up with!

rebowyer2000 06/ 5/2008 #

is Universe a cosmic entity? universe sort of is the cosmos, so i just wanna check

rebowyer2000 06/ 5/2008 #

a song called "New York City" wouldn't count for states, would it?

maryhassound 06/ 5/2008 #

i love this idea!! i'm so excited.

Gayle 06/ 7/2008 #

Universe would count, yes.

And New York City wouldn't count as a state, no.

I'm glad you like the idea. I've had a lot of fun with it!

lookcloselypress 06/ 7/2008 #

Yay! I had a lot of fun choosing the songs in this mix! What great categories.

dreaminginred 06/ 8/2008 #

Ah! I love these so much! Thanks for making another one, Gayle =)

noirist 06/15/2008 #

What a cool swap! I would love to join, if there ever will be another one! :]

Gayle 06/15/2008 #

I'm planning on another, yes noirist. It will probably be up in the next week or two, so keep an eye out!

idkmybffjas 06/16/2008 #

yay! my first ever swap is complete! I've got one under my belt! that was sooo fun!

I hope my partners love their cds! Thanks for letting my join Gayle!

keroleen73 06/17/2008 #

The CDs are on their way, I hope they arrive in one piece.

If the envelope is larger than 12.5cm, that's about the diameter of a CD, the postage rate doubles from 2 to 4 Euros (1 € = 1.54 USD) no matter the weight, so I have to send my CDs in tight envies without much padding sigh

Godsrockangel 06/24/2008 #

bethanne: What about Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate???

Godsrockangel 06/24/2008 #

Alyssa and LookCloselyPress your CD's are going to be in the mail tomorrow.

I received from Sportsmedchick this morning.

valleychic 06/28/2008 #

CDs are on their way to Anodyne and Hellovader. I hope you like them.

kymm00 06/28/2008 #

Mixes are now in the mail for thelydia and maryhassound :]

Cupcakecalamity 07/ 1/2008 #

I have sent mine yesterday, I just don't have internet at home so I could not mark it sent til today. :)

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