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I've just come back to the site after a 13 year hiatus. I left during a time when I was in a toxic relationship, and struggling with mental heath issues. I left a number of swaps unsent, and received some 1 ratings. I have reached out to all partners I owe a swap to, in an effort to resolve both unsent items and possibly the negative ratings.
Messages were sent to all partners on February 7, 2023. As of February 11, only one message has been read, but I have received no response.

If you have any questions regarding my swap history, feel free to message me.

I'm Renee, 47, mother of two twenty somethings and caregiver to my 85 year old mother. Furmom to 2 small dogs, 6 cats, and 1 guinea pig. During the summer I work in the kitchen at a summer camp. The rest of the year, I work at an animal shelter, mostly answering phone calls, doing customer service, and occasionally cleaning and caring for animals. I also work with my local high school drama club, doing costume mom duties.

I don't tend to be able to list favorite things, it's too hard to pick, put I'll try.

colors - if asked, i will usually respond that grey is my favorite color, but that's a little dull. i like fall/winter colors, muted shades. olive green, burnt orange, dusty rose, heather blue, slate blue, burgundy, wine, black is always good.

i like accesories; purses, socks, hats, pins, patches. anything shiny. i like useless pretty things, but don't really have space for them, so useful pretty things are better. i like wooden things, boxes, carved animals. anything that looks cool and different. i really like wearable art. I'm not real girly, prefer alternative, punky things, but anything different is cool. I'm tattooed and pierced, so things in that aesthetic are always good.

Favorite Music

i love music. almost anything. not big on rap, and country in limited quantities. love anything 80's, almost anything punk and alternative, but i will usually listen to anything. and classic rock, i like any of that, back into the 50's and 60's.

i love punk covers. any song, any era, just a good punk version of it. i like it a little better if i know the original song, but since i know a lot of songs, it's not usually a problem. a good punk cover just cracks me up.

Favorite Books

For the last few years, I've been reading a lot of fanfic. Supernatural, Shameless, Harry Potter, and recently, Our Flag Means Death.

i simply love to read. romance novels, any kinds, Nora Roberts, things you pick up at the dollar store. Anne Rice. books about vampires, werewolves, witches, anything that is original and not regurgitated nonsense. science fiction/fantasy. Terry Pratchet. Douglas Adams. Piers Anthony. young adult fiction. Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, the Redwall series. any type of magazines. manga. mostly shojo, not the cutesy stuff. i like stories with a little romance, a little supernatural, a good story line.

And i like punk rock history books. I have a copy of Get In The Van, autographed by Henry Rollins and Ian McKay. i don't even really have to be into the music, i just like the stories of rock life.

Favorite Movies

i'm a big ADD kid, and movies don't tend to hold me. i like a lot of the old 80's brat pack movies, romantic comedies, most anything with John Cusack in it. Labyrinth and The Princess Bride are favorites. i'll watch anything Disney or animated, but often just don't get around to it. Oh, and I love The 5th Element and Star Wars.

Favorite Television

Now that streaming has taken over most televisions, that is largely what I watch. The ADD brain affects my TV viewing too, and I tend to do a lot of rewatching.

Favorite Crafts

I do a variety of crafts, when the mood strikes. Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, sewing, jewelry making, various paper crafts.

My Family

I live with my mother as her caregiver. My older brother lives with us, as well as my adult children, who are 25 and 23.

Likes and Dislikes

I'm pretty easy going, not a lot of things I really hate or am offended by

Rainbows Anything that represents the Alphabet Mafia. We are a proud LGBTQ+Ally household.

Cats. Octopus. Squid. Cuttlefish. Rabbits. Elephants. Most all animals, honestly.

Not a fan of licorice or cinnamon flavored things. Like almost all chocolate, most gummies, particularly sour things

Smells - I don't like anything too strong, I'm mildly asthmatic and anything too scented and heavy irritates me. But anything fruit scented or lightly flower scented is fine.

organic things. not organic like milk or meat, but like beads. organic as in made of an organic substance, rock, wood, bone. i also love glass and metal, but shiny stones and smooth wood are just really neat to me.

I'm not overly religious, but I'm also not offended by religious imagery. I prefer saints to Jesus imagery.


Old school, preferably retired, Build A Bears. My daughter has worked for them for 3 years now, so new ones come home frequently, but she occasionally searches ebay for discontinued styles, so if you have something you want to rehome, send me a message.

Pins. Badge buttons, enamel pins, anything cute or funny that could go on a messenger bag.

Vinyl stickers, the type you put on waterbottles and laptops. Ones that fit my likes or fandoms would be preferred, but I work at a summer camp, I can pass them off to counselors..

An astronaut pen. i don't know why exactly, but i want one. any pens would be great, actually, i work retail and you can never have enough pens. especially unique ones, so i know it's mine

craft magazines. pages, or copies of pages, are fine, too. i've seen the japanese craft magazines, with all the felt things, i want to try those things.

anything small and smooth. i like to carry polished stones in my pocket. if you can make them into a useful item, like a keychain or bookmark, you are doubly awesome.

i really like the Dover stained glass coloring books, particularly the little pocket size ones. i love cool coloring books, i just can't bring myself to buy them anymore.

Elephants. or rabbits. anything. wood, stone, t-shirts, underpants, notebooks, bookmarks. whatever. i like elephants and rabbits.

Squid/octopus/cuttlefish. again, anything with these on it.

Swap Status

my pledge to you, you should do it, too

ok, so you will never see one of those pretty lists here, like other people have, but i thought i'd put a little reminder to myself, and so anyone who thinks i should have sent them something can PM if they are not here.

if i've forgotten you, let me know.


Comment: This was due in March and was never sent. I will rerate if you would like to send.
Lealie rated for WIYM: MAKE AN ANIMAL POSTCARD #1 on May 19, 2023
Comment: Such a pretty postcard, thank you! Spring in Germany is everything. From -15°C to +20°C. Rain for days, and dry spells. My birthday is in April and I was never able to plan for it. Sometimes we had deep snow, sometimes we were swimming in lakes to cool ourselves down. So I imagine it's similar to your place :)
laura99 rated for Cat Postcard Swap INTL #4 on Apr 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard and the beautiful message! Oh, I‘d love to spend a day in your house!! It would be the most amazing thing ever with so many cats! <3 Also I‘m sure I‘d be the exact same as you if I had your job! 💗
Comment: Hey! I was happy you were able to learn a few things from my swap and I enjoyed reading about your month! Also, I really like the notecard you sent!
Larina rated for Art Journal Prompts & Inspirations on Apr 25, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for all the inspirations and goodies! And yes I will be making use of this absolutely beautiful envelope. My mouth fell open when I saw it. So pretty!!! I love the postcards you sent and will definitely add them to my journal. Thank you!
Response: It always makes be a little bit sad when I get something really pretty, but I know I'll never use it. So I'm glad you liked it and will make use of it, pretty things should be loved.
RedheadLady rated for Easy Random PC Swap #4 on Apr 22, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the cute cat PC.
Response: I have a whole book of the cats on catnip postcards. They are the best. Glad you liked it.
mle rated for Chunk O Cardboard - March 2023 on Apr 20, 2023
Comment: Hi Renee! Thank you so much for this wonderful swap! I was thrilled with everything you sent--so many thoughtful items. Is the little girl with braids an amurigami? I LOVE her SO SO MUCH!! What a wonderful swap!
Response: She would be classified as amigurimi, I believe. She's supposed to be a gnome. Most of the patterns I found were Christmas themed, and I wanted to go a little more spring-y. I'm glad you enjoyed everything I chose, that N was a hard one.
explore rated for WIYM: Notecard with a quote 💌 on Apr 12, 2023
Comment: Renee, thank you for your notecard and the quote, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Well said! I am non-religious but like this quote.
Comment: Thanks for the did you know postcard about foxes and sharing the list of songs. I did not know foxes have retractable claws. Our lists of songs are quite similar. I forgot abut Hot Fun in the Summertime!
heliogal rated for WIYM: Notecard with a quote 💌 on Apr 8, 2023
Comment: Thank you for nice message on the butterfly notecard and the quote it is how I try to live as well!
shreve rated for CR: Map Mail Art on Apr 7, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the card and ATC and the sweet note. I appreciate it so much, And I didn't know that mod lodge and glue don't like each other. Again Thank you.
Macw1975 rated for WIYM: Notecard with a quote 💌 on Apr 7, 2023
Comment: Thank you
Comment: My brother and I grew up drinking a ton of soda, mostly because it was always there and the tap water was flammable. Now I stick to seltzer water, but I do like San pellegrino very occasionally. Thanks for the chunk.
jeka396 rated for Chunk O Cardboard - March 2023 on Apr 3, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for the moonshine cocktail PC- love the colors on this chunk!
SunshineLoveLaughter rated for Fish ATC on Apr 2, 2023
Comment: Thanks for your ATC, it was very creative. Love the rub ons you included and the card that once might have contributed to planting another tree. Thanks again and Happy Swapping.
BobaBarb rated for Random Notes of Happiness #5 on Apr 1, 2023
Comment: thank you!
Comment: This swap was so cute, I especially love the postcards they're going to look perfect on my wall. 🥰
Response: I'm glad you liked them! From your profile, I was pretty sure they were something you'd love.
ccap rated for Random Notes of Happiness #5 on Mar 31, 2023
Comment: Thanks!
SkaGirl rated for 🎶 30 Song Playlist 🎶 on Mar 29, 2023
Comment: Thank you! :) Great songs!!! I love that you included the RBF version of Take on Me...so, so good!

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MaliksMom on Feb 9, 2010:

Thanks for sending off the journal and the T-shirt :D Malik doesn't own any clothing with NFL teams so this made his day. Thanks again, Kerri

MaliksMom on Oct 7, 2009:

Hi, you posted on the 13th of July that you would be sending Maliks Kids journal off the next day. It's now October and you still haven't sent it!!! I have a 6yo here crying about his journal. Can you please do the right thing and send it on.

Japonicapopjoy2 on Sep 21, 2009:

Have you posted Maliks journal yet? Can you update the kids round robin thread and let us now what is going on?

cobaltgypsy on Jul 1, 2009:

a new forum game for you to check out

2 Nice 2 Be 4 Gotten

TheAmpersand on May 16, 2009:

I'm just writing you a note to let you know that I'm hosting an email swap over at WickedSwaps. It's an email question and answer swap that's probably a bit too risque for Swap-Bot's general population. You can check it out here:


If you're the inquisitive type, or just like to share, don't hesitate to join.

RogueArtist on May 12, 2009:

We miss you at Wild Women! stop in and say hello soon!

MamaD on Apr 10, 2009:




Sharila on Apr 7, 2009:

Is there any sign of my chokolate yet? I am starting to wonder if the mailman ate it!

Simone on Mar 22, 2009:


from Swaps for Children 5-16yrs

Sharila on Mar 17, 2009:

Dont forget to post the partners for our swap;)

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