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Blind Surprise Swap (January)

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Swap Coordinator:snailmailer1 (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:114
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:January 24, 2014
Date items must be sent by:January 31, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

Happy 2014 Everyone. I hope this year will see lots of flake - free, posted on time, Blind Surprise Swaps. If you don't think you can meet the requirements, please don't join.

This is a monthly INTERNATIONAL swap.

Here are the rules:

For this swap, you will send AT LEAST 5 goodies to your partner, in no smaller than an A5 (6x9) envelope.

The idea of a blind surprise is to select and wrap each item individually BEFORE your partner is assigned. For this swap, anything goes...

BUT please only send in the condition you would like to receive.. DO NOT send any dirty or broken items. Items should be as good as new/ new.

Approximate spend: £5 / 5.91 Euros / 7.58 US dollars excluding postage.

This swap is a flake free zone. If you cannot afford to send items to this value, or you do not have the time to, please do not join.

No recent 1s or 3s. I will be checking profiles.

Only well filled out profiles. If you have an empty or brief profile, you will be removed.

Examples of goodies to send:

Small souvenirs from your country




Note cards

Fridge Magnets

Washi Tape

Sticker sheets

Postcards (4= 1 item)

...The list is endless!!

If you receive something you do not use, save it for another swap. Simple :)


I check all profiles, and remove as required immediately prior to assigning partners


Hanit83 12/22/2013 #

Hi.. I'm new in this, so how do I know who am I sending the package to?

Rockabilly 12/22/2013 #

@hanit83 You will get your swap partner's address once the partners are assigned. Hope this helps.

Hereiam1907 12/23/2013 #

Ä°s my profile enough?

Hanit83 12/24/2013 #

@Rockabilly Thank you :)

snailmailer1 12/28/2013 #

@Hereiam1907 You've completed one swap and received a 3 for it. Sorry, you'll need to improve your ratings before joining this swap. Those not meeting the criteria will be deleted immediately prior to assignment of partners.

nadyasorayaola 01/ 2/2014 #

i actually dont understand about the criteria, and i guess my profile is not enough, help OTL

snailmailer1 01/ 4/2014 #

@nadyasorayaola My previous experience is that new, unrated people with bare or minimal profiles have often flaked. In an attempt to avoid this, I ask that people who sign up have a well-filled out profile. Take a look at other established members profiles for examples.

lilrawker 01/ 4/2014 #

I would love to join this swap, but I don't want to join if newbies are allowed... I've been flaked on too many times. Would you consider hosting one that is for seasoned swappers only?

laurenvicknair 01/ 6/2014 #

It says monthly. So is that every month of this year we are going to be sending something to our partners or is it just for the month of January?

bebeboo 01/ 8/2014 #

I would join but got flaked on by partner whose profile is now suspended.

snailmailer1 01/ 8/2014 #

@lilrawker - I'll give it some thought.

@laurenvicknair - No, you don't have to join each month. I just meant that this swap takes place on a monthly basis.

@bebeboo - I'm sorry you were flaked on. I do my best to prevent this happening, while believing in giving new members a chance at the same time. I have checked my messages, and I can't find one from you informing me that you were flaked on.

To all: You may see 'bad' swappers in the list of participants. The list is not final, and I will be checking EVERY profile and removing those I feel may not fulfill the swap.

emina 01/ 8/2014 #

hey im new to this but i would really like to be part of this so... is my profile enough? or do i have to change it?

snailmailer1 01/10/2014 #

@emina - your profile is great. Thanks for joining :)

LokiAngel 01/10/2014 #

Ok we have to gift wrap each item yes?

snailmailer1 01/11/2014 #

Yes please. Individually wrapped.

femkevd 01/11/2014 #

Is my profile filled out enough?

TammyMarie 01/11/2014 #

I am also very very New, but the moment I read this I already had my game plan set. I am SO happy I found this site. I have been training myself the Craft of Paper crafting. I have a passion for canvas painting. But for the past months (Since I stumbled across a Stampin Up Catalog. I have become a monster. I never want to leave my craft room. (Except to play with the dogs) If I am still too New I will understand. But I would love to be apart of this Swap?

DezCollins 01/11/2014 #

So for this swap I need to go ahead and get the envelope ready BEFORE I get my partner? What if I get a guy and give him a sheet of Lisa Frank stickers? lol

femkevd 01/11/2014 #

''If you receive something you do not use, save it for another swap. Simple :)''

DezCollins 01/11/2014 #

That's what I was thinking, I'll make it neutral enough to not be uber girly ;) I'm a newbie and this will be one of my first swaps. I've been involved in other 'swap/barter/auction' sites with excellent feeedback but they're pretty specific. I don't want to start out here, bomb and end up with a low rating. It seems as long as you send it on time, follow the swap rules and put some thought into it, you're not going to get a low rating here tho. Thx for the prompt response ;)

snailmailer1 01/12/2014 #

@femkevd - have a look at some established members profiles for ideas of how to expand your profile.

snailmailer1 01/12/2014 #

@TammyMarie I've sent you a message on your wall.

@DezCollins Yes, please wrap your gifts prior to your partner being assigned. There's no saying a guy won't like Lisa Frank stickers. If you want to make your items gender neutral, that's up to you.

snailmailer1 01/14/2014 #


femkevd 01/14/2014 #

Is my profile better now? I'd really like to start collecting little gifts :)

cm99camper 01/15/2014 #

Is my profile sufficient as a newbie... thanks!

mommyof3 01/15/2014 #

i would love to join but am new as of today to this site and not sure if my profile is enough.

snailmailer1 01/15/2014 #

@femkevd @mommyof3 and - Yes, that's great :)

@cm99camper take a look at others' profiles for ideas on how to extend your profile. :)

thetrinketmarket 01/15/2014 #

Is my profile enough? How would i know if im in the list?

ladydy5 01/16/2014 #

Wow! If all the watchers join in you are going to need time or help to check them all out. Good luck, nice idea I just can't do International swaps anymore.

happynau 01/17/2014 #

Am i in the swap? Have partners been assigned? I'M SO EXCITED. I missed swap bot ♥

tammy510 01/17/2014 #

When will the partners be assigned?

tammy510 01/17/2014 #

When will the partners be assigned?

owlgirl05 01/17/2014 #

where do i send my stuff too

xsugarycarnival 01/17/2014 #

Jesus people, it says in the description the 24th!!!

TammyMarie 01/19/2014 #

When will be notified where to send the swap to and how do we know when we have a partner? Thank you

snailmailer1 01/23/2014 #

I'll assign partners on 25th January as soon as I've checked through all the profiles and deleted as necessary. :)

onewaysiying 01/23/2014 #


I am new to this & i just join this swap~ i am wondering do we need to mail the packages out with tracking number?


snailmailer1 01/23/2014 #

Hi. It isn't necessary that you post the parcel with a tracking number, but if it doesn't cost anymore, it's a good idea :)

Bronwenstead 01/23/2014 #

Hi I am brand new and supper motivated!! I hope my profile is enough - have already started planning!!! Promise - not a flake!!!

Fayme 01/24/2014 #

I'm new on this site and I hope that you have a place for me on this swap. I can send you a picture of the package I'm about to send if you want to make sure I'm OK.

snailmailer1 01/24/2014 #

Hi @Bronwenstead - would you mind filling out your profile with some more detail please. Take a look at others' for idea if you like. I'll be assigning partners tomorrow (approx 2pm GMT)

@Fayme Sure there's a place for you. Nice to have new people on board. You don't need to send a pic, but I sure am nosy and would love to see :)

snailmailer1 01/24/2014 #

ALL: Not long now. Please make sure you meet the criteria before I assign partners. :)

caitmc30 01/24/2014 #


I seen your message on my profile, and I've updated my profile, I hope it's enough :)

Thank you :)

Gslady 01/25/2014 #

I'd like to join but don't know if I'm eligible. Lol I'm not a flake I promise. I hope to get a hang of this soon so I understand better how it works

Gslady 01/25/2014 #

Oh I see the day changed on my post. I'm sorry for the bother. It wasn't midnight here. Maybe I can try next time. Have fun.

femkevd 01/25/2014 #

Just went to the post office and sent my envelope :)

snailmailer1 01/25/2014 #

That's cool @femkevd I think you were the first. Post offices here close at midday on Saturday, so I couldn't send mine.

onewaysiying 01/25/2014 #

I just pack all my stuff :)! SNEAK PEAL: http://tinypic.com/r/2la3nlc/5

My local post office also close midday & doesn't open on Sunday, gonna wait till monday to post out :)~

So exciting ^^

femkevd 01/25/2014 #

Yay! I live in Amsterdam, here many supermarkets have a small post office and they're almost always open. :)

inthewild 01/30/2014 #

Sent mine off today and on the way back a news bulletin bleeped that our postal workers are on strike again!! (The temporary workers are demanding permanent jobs), so, I hope that my parcel will be on it's way soon, and also that I will receive from my partner. Will keep you posted.

snailmailer1 02/ 1/2014 #

Thanks for keeping us updated @inthewild Hope it gets resolved!!

Fayme 02/ 7/2014 #

Now that I read the swap again, I think I have misunderstood the instructions! Was i supposed to package every item in a wrap inside the envelope? Is it bad if I sent all in an envelope without wraps? :S anyway I had to write customs ticket on the envelope, so you can see the items listed before you open it.

inthewild 02/12/2014 #

This message was posted on a group I'm in locally a moment ago - it says it all - how sad.... Hopefully my swaps will escape the fire.... "Just heard an interview with the PO on Cape Talk radio. The postal workers 'up north' are back at work and they have a "bit" of a backlog which will take about 2 weeks to clear, they are working overtime to sort it out too. Apparently some of the post was burnt by strikers, very sad.

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