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Last Online: September 1, 2016
Birthday: December 10, 1985
Country: Canada

About Me

*** Apologies to everyone. 03/22/15: I have had a very rough year and am working at getting back on track. I have sent messages to everyone that I have missed, and would love to remake them up, as well as get my rating back to show I am serious about this and not a bad swapper. Thank you for your understanding and the chance to make it up. 04/15/14: There has been some pretty personal stuff go down in the past month and I honestly just didn't remember to deal with SwapBot, including 3 separate deaths for family and friends. I am slowly going through everything I have flaked on, not responded to, etc. Please please accept my apologies and I promise that I will resend EVERYTHING, even if it was never received by you, and will do my best to send extra. I have a ton of messages and emails to reply to and will reply to each of you but it will most likely take a few days. Please be patient with me, I never meant to neglect anything here, life got in the way and I completely dropped the ball. It shows I logged in last April 22nd, but I have not logged in well over that, so not sure what is going on. I am also going through my SPAM email folder and there are messages in there, I don't check it often but I promise I will get back to each of you.

  • If mail does not arrive to you 2 weeks after the swap deadline, PLEASE let me know before immediately rating me a 1. I live in Northern Canada, in a remote location, and it is not unusual for mail not to reach the US or especially overseas in a 2-week period, hence why I always try to send the swap as soon as partners are chosen. Sometimes it will be a few days later, as I always want to check out your profile and try and send you something you will truly enjoy. I will ALWAYS resend if need be, but if you do not give me the opportunity or communicate, it gets upsetting, as I put time and effort and extras into every single swap I do. As well, this messes up ratings for groups that I am in. I will always send and will always resend, but if you do not tell me, I do not have the opportunity to fix it. Greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that mail reaches different areas of the world at different times. Thank you *

Well, hello there! I am a 28-year old that randomly found this site... LOVE IT!

I was born in Ontario, Canada and currently live in Dawson City, Yukon.

My loves are: * Washi Tape (I can't really buy it here) * Stationery and matching envelopes, or plain ones (I will decorate!) * Postcards - I am in multiple communities! * Penpals * Dolphins * Wolves * Foxes * Lighthouses * Amy Brown * Dark Fantasy * Faeries * READING!!! (LOVE it!) * Playing music (flute) * Water - oceans, lakes, rivers, anything * Beaches * Sunrises/sunsets * Cliffs * Crafts * Camping * Campfires * Girl Guide crests * Tea - I am a massive tea drinker!!! DAVIDsTEA is my absolute favourite but I love it all!

Favorite Music

I grew up with Country music - my all-time favourite artist is Garth Brooks.

However, I will listen to pretty much anything!!!

I love to go to karaoke and have a set list of songs I usually do... mostly country! Terri Clark, Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, Sara Evans, etc .

Favorite Books

I am a huge lover of fantasy, dark fantasy in particular. I read constantly; 3-4 hours a day is not unusual for me!

My favourite authors are Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Jonathan Kellerman, Ann Rule, Cassandra Clare.

My all-time favourite book is called Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan. I read it in Grade 8 and it took me YEARS to find it to purchase.

Favorite Movies

I am a movie fanatic and don't really have favourites unfortunately, there are far far too many! I am not too much of a girly-girl though.

Favorite Television

Ooh, so many! 2 Broke Girls, CSI, Simpsons, Once Upon A Time, Alpha, Bar Rescue/Bar Impossible and all those styles of shows, Masterchef/Hells Kitchen, Bones, Being Erica, Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad... the list goes on!!!


  • 4X6 ONLY PLEASE if possible. I save my postcards in photo albums.
  • Dolphins
  • Lighthouses
  • Foxes
  • Wolves
  • Disney
  • Rainy scenes.lightning
  • Water (lakes, oceans, rivers, streams, etc)
    • I post them in photo albums usually so if you can please use photo size. But if you can't no worries!
  • I love all postcards except cruelty ones (animals.. children... any kind)


  • Amy Brown Stationery. Enough said! Actually... anything Amy Brown!
  • Stamps FROM Canada, not stamps TO Canada
  • Filofax (I have never had one, but use a planner, and a couple friends have told me to get one. I started looking but was immediately overwhelmed so this is a wishlist item, not a necessity. I love teal, purple)
  • Stationery sets (my favourites are from www.lapapierre.com, and Puchimo on Etsy but I love all sets)
  • Washi (my favourite shops are https://www.etsy.com/shop/pikwahchan and www.joann.com)
  • Chocolate
  • Anything dolphin-related
  • Anything Disney-themed


  • I love the following as random little goodies, since I live in a small town and don't really have anything here!
  • Sharpies (all colours!)
  • Pens (my faves are RSVP Fine Point, Vision Uniball Fine Point, but anything that writes well, and fine point is preferred as I have a heavy hand)
  • Stickers
  • Chocolate
  • Tea (earl grey is my fave, but I love it ALLLLL!)
  • Magnets with motivational sayings on them
  • Neopets cards (I play Neopets and buy Neocash when I can but my card doesn't work online)
  • Stamps FROM Canada (not stamps TO Canada). I send A LOT of mail out and am always, always accepting stamps, even 1 or 2 or a small sheet. Canadian, US and International
  • Gift cards from Etsy, Ebay.ca, Amazon.ca
  • Toys and surprises for my kitties (I have 20 bags of Temptations so I am good there!)
  • Girl Guide camp badges for my camp cape
  • DOLLAR STORE ITEMS!!! I love dollar store items... stationery, stamps, stickers, holiday-themed things, notepads, notebooks, office supplies, hair stuff, etc. etc.
  • Surprise me! I LOVE care packages but never really get them... make me feel like I am a college student ;)


  • Please avoid the following as they are migraine triggers for me:
  • Items that smell strongly of cigarette smoke. I am a nonsmoker and I am pretty sensitive to it
  • Super spiced teas
  • Fruity-scented things
  • Highly-scented things

Thank you!

Favourite Colours

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Aquamarine
  • Teal
  • Orange
  • Deep purple


latinka rated for 1 person from 1 Country PC Swap #16 on Apr 8, 2017
Comment: Hi there! At first I put you 1 because I hadn't received a postard from you. Now I know that you were not able to send cards because of some problems. I understand you. I had some problems too and was not able to take part in postcard exchanging process, so some people did not receive cards from me neither. It's a pity, but that is life. I am not asking you to send me a postcard. It was long time ago and the only thing that matters is that we are alive and smiling! I hope you are smiling now and I put you 5 for that :)
Response: PM sent.
Comment: thank you for the lovely postcard, will be happy to swap again :)
Comment: This swap was due February 24. You replied to my message on April 15 to let me know you'd re-send that day or the next. Unfortunately, I never received anything. I understand life occasionally gets in the way of swaps, so I'll be happy to re-rate once received.
Response: PM sent.
EveeButton rated for Blind Surprise Swap (March) on Jun 13, 2014
Comment: If I receive a package, I will change my rating.
Response: PM sent.
pinkqueen rated for WIYM: Mail Call: April, 2014 on May 26, 2014
Comment: have not received anything. I PM'd and did not receive a response. Happy to rerate if I ever receive anything.
Response: PM sent.
violetkim rated for Blind Surprise Swap (January) on May 16, 2014
Comment: hello Deborah, i just received this swap. i look at the date and it was send on 31 January. it was really long journey. i rate you with extra heart because i love everything you send. thank you for the great surprise!
cookies37 rated for WIYM: Mail Call: April, 2014 on May 13, 2014
Response: 03/22/15: PM sent. I completely dropped the ball and I am sorry. There have been some life issues and I am in the process of making everything up and replying to everyone. It will take some time as there is so much but I promise you WILL receive from me. Please be patient. And I am copying this exact message to everyone. Thank you and again, so so sorry.
Comment: I really hope everything is okay with you. You haven't even marked the postcard for this swap as "sent".
Response: 03/22/15: PM sent. I completely dropped the ball and I am sorry. There have been some life issues and I am in the process of making everything up and replying to everyone. It will take some time as there is so much but I promise you WILL receive from me. Please be patient. And I am copying this exact message to everyone. Thank you and again, so so sorry. ** EDITED 05/18/14 6:10AM PST: I have picked out a postcard and will be sending it out on Monday (to all three of you)
Koralaina rated for Cozy Box Swap (No.2) on May 13, 2014
Comment: Sorry, but I've never received anything, not even a message from this member after I've contacted her :(
Response: 03/22/15: PM sent. I completely dropped the ball and I am sorry. There have been some life issues and I am in the process of making everything up and replying to everyone. It will take some time as there is so much but I promise you WILL receive from me. Please be patient. And I am copying this exact message to everyone. Thank you and again, so so sorry. ** EDITED 05/18/14 630AM PST: I have printed out a copy of your profile and will be doing some shopping over the next few days. I will update in here once I am ready to send. This was actually the last swap that I'd sent off before things happened, sad that it never arrived but I loved shopping for it so I am looking forward to playing again.
Comment: Thank you so much for the Fiep Westendorp-washi samples. And I like the superman-stamp, too :)
Ankica rated for Postcard Mash Up 18 on May 9, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and especially for the washi samples. Very good selection. I don't have any of these. ;)
Comment: Thank you!
annesecchio rated for Make a Wish Swap #1 on May 5, 2014
Comment: Hi, thank you very much for the beautiful tapes and the delightful teas :)
mmiatsu rated for Blind Surprise Swap (February) on May 3, 2014
Comment: Thank you for this re-sent packet! :)
vlhafer54 rated for 1 Postcard 1 Partner / #2 WIYM on May 1, 2014
Comment: Thank you - love the PCs. I traveled to Alaska for the first time this year and it was my first chance to see that area of the world. Beautiful.
halewis1213 rated for QUICK flat destash swap #90 on Apr 28, 2014
Comment: The package finally made it! It was a little damaged but hopefully nothing fell out. Thanks bunches!
Response: Never contacted by user, unsure why rated a 1. Message sent.

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Whippet on Mar 22, 2015:

Eight "1's" & she continues to sign up for more swaps! Unfair! to other swappers when you don't send your swaps then ask for more signing up for new swaps!

Mugsie on Dec 11, 2014:

"Happy Birthday Deborah"!

From all of us at "WIYM" group!

Fever on May 18, 2014:

This is really disappointing! You've hosted a swap (Grant 3 wishes) and haven't even sent it out yourself! I was flaked on by my partner and contacted you and after you never reacted I checked. Hosting a swap and not sending it out is even more unfair than "just" flaking. I'm super disappointed!!! I do hope you have a good reason for this behaviour - this is just hurtful for everyone.

WPREGEL on Apr 24, 2014:

I've sent you 2 messages and you have been online. Please read.

lou on Apr 21, 2014:

Please read your private messages ASAP

KSENiA on Apr 19, 2014:

Thank you for sending my yoga-cat postcard back for P.S. Write Back #36!

druideye on Apr 10, 2014:

Thanks for sending my postcard back for P.S. Write Back #36!

kats on Apr 10, 2014:

Just popping over to say hi! Did you ever get the envelope of postcards I sent a while back? Hope all is well, talk to you soon! <3

CINDYAC on Mar 24, 2014:

HI!!!!! from one Canadian to another-- I live in Woodstock Ontario, so its nice to connect with someone else.....enjoy swapbot.......and if ever you need something send me a message, we can do a private [email protected]!!!!!

biasbabe on Feb 27, 2014:


Welcome to the Group

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