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Give and get - A surprise!

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Give and get - A surprise!
Swap Coordinator:Evka (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:15
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:September 6, 2015
Date items must be sent by:September 9, 2015
Number of swap partners:1

Who does not like to be surprised? If you want to be a part of a Birthday surprise, this swap is just the right one for you :)

In this Swap we will send 2 postcards. One to your assigned partner and one to my husband as a surprise for his 50th Birthday.

My man is going to celebrate his Birthday on September, 18th. It would be a great surprise for him to recieve postcards from all over the world with a simple "Happy Birtday" on it... My husband is a Dane and I am Czech, living together in Czech Republic. We have met only a few years ago but our story is close to a love story told in The Bridges of Madsion County.

I will send you a postcard back from the city I live in as my personal "thank you", so please write your address on the postcard!

So what are the simple rules?

1) Select two postcards - one for your assigned partner, one for Ivan

2) Onto a postcard for your partner write what was the most surprising present you have ever gotten (for your Birthday, Christmas or any other occasion)

3) Onto a postcard for Ivan please write a simple Birthday wish and your name + address if you wish to get a postcard from me :).

4) Please, mail your postcards naked (no envelope needed)

Feel free to ask if you have questions:) I am ready to answer..

Address where to send the B-postcard:

Ivan Jensen, Nedachlebice 225, 687 12 Bilovice, Czech Republic

Thank you very much for your help to make my love feel special:)


notme78 08/24/2015 #

You know that, if everyone don't send to their swap-bot partner, that means everyone can rate their partner a 1? So how fair would that be?

TC 08/24/2015 #

A suggestion: instead of making this a non-swapping swap, maybe post it in the public forums in the One-On-One trades section. You'll probably get a better response, and people won't risk getting a bad rating for not sending to their partner.

Aramos22 08/24/2015 #

Or you could make it so that everyone sends a happy birthday PC to your address but they also send a letter or PC or something to their partner so they can get a rating. That way everybody wins.

Evka 08/24/2015 #

Thank you all for your suggestions.. To be honest, I did not think about how you should rate your partner as I believed if you can see "sent" as a status next to a name of your partner you will automatically rate with 5. To notme78: I don't see a reason why anyone should rate SP with 1??? It's obvious that you will not receive a PC from your assigned partner but me :) I do believe in honesty and I do believe if someone desides to participate in this he/she will also send a post card. I simply believe more in the idea itself. I will send a postcard to everyone who will send PC to my man. By the address on a postcard I will see who send it and I can easily send a message to SP confirming the PC was really sent and received. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions... This could also be a non-rating swap;) Anyway, there is still some time to think about the rating.. I like your idea Aeamos22...Thank you!

Beverly1962 08/24/2015 #

My birthday is Sept 30th so a birthday PC would be extra nice. THe rest of them just make up one theme which hasn't been done and let them do that. Just a suggestion.

starrycat 08/25/2015 #

@Evka I see you are a rated swapper on this site who has been a member since 2009 so it was seem that you should know how this site works. At no point in time in Swap-bot history, has the system ever automatically rated people when they hit send on a swap. If it did, this would be the worst swapping site in existence because no one would ever send their swaps, they would just hit send and flake away.

Secondly, as @notme78 has pointed out, the people in your swap WOULD be at risk of getting rated a "1" by their partners because a swapper can rate their partner with a 1 for the sole reason that they did not receive anything from them. Even if the people who join this swap agree to send these PC's to your boyfriend and NOT to their partners, their partner would technically be following Swap-Bot guidelines in rating fairly by rating their partner with a 1 for not receiving anything. If you assume the people in this swap will rate their partners a "5" based on the sole fact that you actually do send them a postcard after they send to your boyfriend, that is being naive. There ARE people on this site that are kind swappers, who would do just that, but there are also people on this site who may use this as an opportunity to ruin the reputation of other swappers.

Also, if someone does not send to your BF- how is their partner going to know to rate that person as a 1- it is not as if you can get into the system and rate the swappers.

As @TC pointed out, this kind of a swap belongs in the Forums either as a one on one trade or as a RAK. @Aramos22 also had a feasible suggestion as well if you wanted this to remain a swap.

As it stands right now, this is a very unsafe swap for the other members of this site and they should all be aware of the risks they are taking by joining swaps of this nature and how it could negatively impact their ratings or reputation here on the site.

starrycat 08/25/2015 #

I apologize, I kept referring to your husband as your Boyfriend, but that still does not change the fact that this swap is not very well thought out in regards to how it will impact the other people in the swap.

Evka 08/25/2015 #

Hi starrycat :) Thank you for your comment. 1) I did not write anything about that swap-bot automatically rate people when they hit send on a swap because I know that The only responsible person to rate is a participant. 2) Yes, I am a kind of naive person, you are right. I still believe in honesty and that people who decide to join this swap are the same kind as me. 3) Yes, I wrote that I liked Aramos22´s suggestion and will think about it ;-) Please understand that in Europe we have different time than you in US. When I wrote my previous comment it was 2am at my country... and it is not a really pleasant time for editing the swap rules... 4) I see your point regarding "unsafe" rating. If everybody writes their swap bot name on the postcard (which is one of the rule), I can easily give a feedback to all participants that it is ok to rate with 5, right? 5) I do not push anybody to join this swap. If anyone feels unsafe or does not want to participate for any reason, it is ok.

So, I can only see a problem in the way of rating and that some people might be afraid of getting 1 or so. Will work on it;-)

Please, apologize my English, I am not a native speaker ;-) It does not matter if you write husband or boyfriend..or partner or spouse.. he is just my man ;-) Thank you again for all your points, which I find very helpful.

roxswapbot 08/25/2015 #

Usually swaps like this work where swappers end up sending 2 postcards. One they get rated for, the other just goes to your partner. I have never seen it like your swap, an honesty rating. I think your swap would be better in a different area of swap-bot, not as a true swap, here, because no one is swapping anything, it's just giving something. Also, when people see swaps like this, they sometimes don't want to swap but will just want to send your partner a card and not get anything in return, in this case, usually the coordinator sends them the address and they do not join anything. Or you can simply post your address in the details. For example, I would send your partner a happy postcard but not join. It's a very sweet thing you want to do! I hope your partner has a wonderful birthday! ~*

roxswapbot 08/25/2015 #


Evka 08/26/2015 #

to roxswapbot: thank you! I will edit the swap :) I hope those who has already signed up will understand and accept the change and those who left comments here will join ;-)

sebastian122 08/26/2015 #

Kudos to you, @Evka , for being so open to suggestions. You have a terrific attitude.

sailorjupiter88 08/26/2015 #

ok , I read the new rules . When you are making couples ? Can I send you my address via mp and don't write it on card?

TereDiane1954 08/26/2015 #

Hi, @Evka , I've joined, and I'm going to go ahead and send your husband's card out tomorrow, because I think it will take a long time to get to your country. Like @sebastian122 said, your attitude is lovely! Welcome to Swap-botΓ’β„’Β₯

starrycat 08/27/2015 #

@ Evka- thank you for taking our suggestions with grace! I am glad that you did not think we were trying to bully you or be negative about your kind heart in wanting to surprise your husband- we just wanted to offer advice so that everyone who joined the swap was clear on what was expected and no one was rated unfairly :)

I have placed this on my watch list right now; I need to see if I have any post cards to send!

Evka 08/27/2015 #

sebastian122: thank you:)

sailorjupiter88: as a swap coordinator I can see your addresses. If you do not want to write it on the postcard you do not have to. I would appreciate you could write at least your SB name on it to be able to recognize the sender ;-) Last day for signing up is 9/6, I will assign partners on 9/7.

TereDiane1954: thank you :) It takes approx. 10days from postcard to get to Europe from US or Canada, 7days within Europe.

starrycat: what to say... if you want to join now, you will..

sailorjupiter88 09/ 1/2015 #

so, after you'll assign partners, we have only 2 days to send the cards?

Evka 09/ 2/2015 #

Sailorjupiter88: for sending postcards you have 3 days..from 7th to 9th.

sailorjupiter88 09/ 7/2015 #

hi Evka. Where is the list with assigned partners?

TereDiane1954 09/ 7/2015 #

@sailorjupiter88 partners have not been assigned just yet.

Evka 09/ 7/2015 #

Hi guys... It's so that because of the time difference SB button for assigning partners has appeared just right now. So partners has been assigned :)

CANNEKCUL 09/ 7/2015 #

Hi Evka, I mailed Ivan's post card last week and just dropped my partner's PC in the mail.

Evka 09/ 9/2015 #

Just to let you know... I've already found in our mailbox about 8 PCs for Ivan. Thank you very much, I am collecting the PCs in a special box and will give it to Ivan on his birthday party which is going to be on Saturday 19th. After that I'll send PCs from my town to you.. Thanks for such nice B-wishes you wrote!

Evka 09/20/2015 #

Thank you everybody for sending birthday wish to Ivan. He was very touched when he was reading your words. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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