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Funky Fridge Magnets (International)

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Funky Fridge Magnets (International)
Swap Coordinator:Sharlzie (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:27
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2016
Date items must be sent by:April 4, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

If you love collecting Fridge Magnets, this is the swap for you!!!

You will have TWO partners who you will send THREE Fridge Magnets to.

The items can be hand-made or store bought.

Please check your partners profiles to see their likes/dislikes & the comments section below to see if there are any specific requests.

Please also include a letter or notecard with your package as it is so nice to receive a little handwritten something from your partner :)

Ratings need to be 4 or above. Newbies of course, are welcome, just please, please follow through!

Thanks muchly & enjoy all! Sharlzie


kathyp 02/21/2007 #

What a cool swap Sharlzie!!

DarkSkullMistress42 02/24/2007 #

Hi, Love magnets! you can't even tell I have a fridge! This sounds fun:)

user5860 02/28/2007 #

wouldn't be fun too if we each sent our partners a snapshot of our own fridges and magnet collections? :)

Sharlzie 02/28/2007 #

great idea Sarah Elizabeth!!

lamazon 03/ 1/2007 #

Tip :If you have to send a package to Europe please wright the 7 with an extra line in the middle . Offently postmen take the overseas 7 for a 1 !

Little question : If possible can you put real stamps on the packages ? Not those ugly white postoffice things :o))) I know many stamp collectors overhere and real stamps are very rarely this days .


user5860 03/ 1/2007 #

that's a good point lamazon

beegirl 03/14/2007 #

I would love to partecipate! my mum will be so happy about it!!!! ^___^

and...pictures of the fridge would be lovely!

Aerochik 03/14/2007 #

another thing I love, magnets!!! Yippee!! I should have used the name PackRat as my screen name!!!

user7105 03/21/2007 #

I think sending a picture of our magnet collection on our refridgerators is a great idea! I'm going to try it!! :)

missfunk 03/22/2007 #

excellent idea for a swap count me in =)

Sharlzie 03/22/2007 #

Great to see a good number of people have signed up!! Have fun everyone - you will be getting your partners shortly :)

user6627 03/24/2007 #

My 2 partner doesn't have a lot of like or dislike do is that ok the send anything that we like or do we have to contact them to see what they like.

Sharlzie 03/25/2007 #

Hi Gina, if your partner hasn't listed anything specific it might be an idea to contact them to see if they can give you some ideas.

Sharlzie 03/25/2007 #

I sent off my 2 packages today to the US & Canada. I hope my partners like them!! Please let me know when they arrive :-)

zanylady 03/26/2007 #

Just to let you know, I sent off magnets to Yuh-Shan in Malaysia and Sharon in CO...enjoy

Fun swap...it was a trip to search out cool magnets.


missfunk 03/26/2007 #

Sent today :) Enjoy my USA partners!

cooan 03/26/2007 #

Mine will be heading out tomorrow... one to Florida, one to Germany! Hope my partners don't mind the homemade :) (I spent all evening working on them!)

beegirl 03/27/2007 #

I sent mine today...one to Canada and one to Germany...I hope everything arrives soon!!!! ^__^

cooan 03/27/2007 #

I have to ask... am I the only one here who had an absolutely paranoid moment after sending their package that the magnets would stick to the metal postbox and their package would be lost forever?

Hehe, I've been freaked out all afternoon.

beegirl 03/28/2007 #

eheheheh don't worry cooan! I think the packages were a little bit too heavy to stick immediately on the box...and anyway I hope that postmen control once in a while the boxes!!! :)

my package, anyway, is coming to you, so I really hope it's not still there!!! ^__^

mayki76 03/28/2007 #

Colleen - WOW! these are amazing magnets! just arrived with special delivery from the post office.

mayki76 03/28/2007 #

sandramatos ans beegirl - your magnets will be on the way only next week. dont worry for the lare delivery! I hope waiting will be worth while. If there is anything special you want: now is the time.

beegirl 03/28/2007 #

Don't worry Mayki!!! I will love everything you choose...we have similar tastes...so everything you like will be okay for me :D

HappyCactus 03/29/2007 #

Sarah Elizabeth and Garden Heather - your magnets are on their way! Let me know when you receive them...

user6627 03/31/2007 #

Magnets are on their way to Qatar and Canton,USA.

Hope you like it.

user6627 03/31/2007 #

I forgot to tel that the two packages are coming from Canada

mayki76 03/31/2007 #

Sandramatos and beegirl - your manets are ready and will be sent tomorrow.

beegirl 03/31/2007 #

thanks a lot! :) one of my partners has already received my package...I hope the other arrives soon! ^^

ladybug267 04/ 2/2007 #


Thank you so much, I got my package today, and I needed the lift :) I was NOT having a good day, and getting your lovely package made my day much better.

artgeek 04/ 3/2007 #

Whoa. I just got Sharlzie's e-mail and didn't realize this send-by date had been changed (my original print out from when I signed up for the swap said 4/16). I'm going to try to finish mine tomorrow, but I may need a few days' grace :(

Sharlzie 04/ 4/2007 #

Sorry artgeek :( That's not a problem, as long as you let your partner know if there will be a delay. Thanks!

mayki76 04/ 4/2007 #

the magnets were actually got to their way today. you have to forgive me - it is holyday time and there are a lot of things i had to do. anyway - i am still in the time frame! and i hopw it wont take the magnets too long. i thought maybe i shouls send them with express mail but they charge about 20$ for that we sounds to me really over the head.

SaReMa 04/ 5/2007 #

Hi! I sent the magnets today! It took me a while to get the magnet to glue behind the magnets, but I managed to get it, adn just sent them to the post. They are on tehir way to "cooan" and "beegirl". I hope you like them! And, sorry for this delay!

zanylady 04/ 6/2007 #

Woooeee...I got a very cool package of magnets from ladybug. Thank you!!! They have already found a home on the frig!

Thanks, Marlene

ladybug267 04/ 9/2007 #


You are most welcome, I am glad that you liked them :)


beegirl 04/10/2007 #

Sandramatos...got your magnets today! Absolutely lovely! :)

gwen1111 04/10/2007 #

graphics_cactus...got your magnets the other day. Thanks so much, it was nice to recieve something from my first swap evah.

user6627 04/11/2007 #


I received your package. Thank you so much! Love everything! The pig is the 100th in my collection on pigs WOW! The little butterfly and thermometer found there place on my fridge right away!

Thany you ! You are a great swapper.!

user6627 04/11/2007 #

Shirley aka??? from Oshkosh,

I received your package today, love the handmade magnet, you have a great talent. Everything are great!

Thank you so much.

missfunk 04/11/2007 #

Anyone else not received anything yet?

lamazon 04/11/2007 #

Still waiting ! One of my swappartners mailed she's going to be late ,the second one : nothing yet . :o((( I'm getting dissapointed . Seems I always get the late ones and the not sending one assigned .

gwen1111 04/11/2007 #

I think we should remember that international trades somtimes take a while to reach their destination. Don't get disappointed yet.

SaReMa 04/11/2007 #

Hi Beegirl! I'm glad you liked the magnets! As for my other partner - cooan -, I don't know if he/she has received them. As for me, I haven't received any yet either. I'm going to keep waiting.

user6834 04/11/2007 #

lamazon, I recieved your magnets & especially love the bird. Thanks a lot!

mayki76 04/11/2007 #

I got one pack (and a really great one). i guess it was mailed early since it usually takes about 3 week so the other one must be on its way.

Sharlzie 04/11/2007 #

Gina's daughter - I'm so happy you liked the magnets! :) Missfunk - I'm still waiting for both of my packages too... but it's not surprising as mail to Oz can usually take a couple of weeks.

missfunk 04/11/2007 #

Phew! I thought it was just me waiting, but whatever happens my packages got to my partners so I'm happy =)

mayki76 04/12/2007 #

You should keep in mind international posting might take a while and not rate your partner "1" as soon as rating is an option. you can check if your partner sent his swap on time in the participants list. I find it offensive.

DarkSkullMistress42 04/12/2007 #

I sent out my magnets on march 23rd way before the deadline and as it is going international on rateing they should wait 2 weeks after deadline date to do rateings if it is international. my one partner got hers the other one has not yet and immediately gave me a 1 after I had wrote to her over and over with all the info tracking so she could follow it too. then it is stuck in her country with I guess customs as it is no longer in U.S. and I get rateing of 1 for the mail problem there.I think I'm going to stay out of international swaps as I have another lost enroute too. but I do have tracking numbers to prove I sent and way before deadline!

lamazon 04/12/2007 #

J.Stevens thank you very much for letting me know my package arrived safe and well !!! I'm glad you liked the magnets :o)))

lamazon 04/12/2007 #

I'm getting very angry about all the swaps I allready missed by people who are taking and not sending :o((((.For this I'm always rating quickly (if my partner didn't warn me she's going to be late for some reason ).People in other swaps have the right to know if their swappartners are fine !When the package arrives I always change the rate .Please try to understand .( it is very very very frustrating to waite for a package who's never coming in.)

TIP :Rating date is always 7 days after final sending date . So if you know your package takes about 2 weeks to get to your swappartner send it AT least 2 weeks before rating date ! When you sign up you agreed with some commitments try to forfill them . I know lifes doesn't always works out the way we planned but at least do warn your reciever its going be late . I'm sure she will understand and wait a bit longer with her ratings .

TIP for international swaporganisers : give at least 2 weeks between last singning up date and last sending date !!!

I do hope you can understand my point off vieuw . Thanks !

user6834 04/12/2007 #

Missfunk, I sent your package out last week along with another. Nothing's come back yet so I'm sure it's on it's way. :]

mayki76 04/13/2007 #

I think the right thing to do is to look on the participants list to see if your partner has sent the swap or at least mail his ans ask. I sent my swap on time and posted it here - still pmy partner rated me "1". it is really frustrating too - to put a lot of effort and still have this "1".

HappyCactus 04/13/2007 #

Hey Artgeek! I received your magnets last night! Thank you so much they ROCK!

missfunk 04/13/2007 #

Hi J. Stevens got your package thanks so much :D

gwen1111 04/13/2007 #

Has anyone got my magnets yet?

ladybug267 04/13/2007 #


I was wondering, did you get the magnets that I sent?? :)

Sharlzie 04/13/2007 #

Hi Garden Heather - i haven't received anything yet... but it's a long way to Australia! ;-) I promise to let you know once they arrive!

lamazon 04/14/2007 #

Kathy did my magnets arrived safe and well ?

lamazon 04/15/2007 #

Well I'm very dissapointed : still no magnets arrival !!!!! No package at all :o((((

WillowTree21 04/16/2007 #

Hello all, I am not in this swap, HOWEVER, I have noticed Wigglywourms isnt around and is late on sending some swaps!

Something must be wrong!!!!! Please don't rate her until we find out whats going on! Thanks!

Admin of WLS Whole-lotta-swappa!

lamazon 04/17/2007 #

Willow Tree she's my partner . She mailed me she's going to be late so I didn't rate her yet . Still waiting .

zanylady 04/17/2007 #

Aerochick.....we meet again!

I got your magnets today....so cute, I'll enjoy them ont he fridege. Thank you!


gwen1111 04/19/2007 #

Getting worried....Why hasn't anyone gotten my magnets yet? Sharlzie, I have family in Australia, and I've had my share of incidents getting packages there (sending them by air...arriving by boat months later). It's just that this is my first swap, and was hoping that everyone would like what they got.
I'm still waiting for one of my partners packages still, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

Sharlzie 04/19/2007 #

Hi GardenHeather, it should take maximum 3 weeks to get to Australia by air, so fingers crossed something is in todays mail :) It shouldn't come by surface unless you paid for it to by sea - and in that case yes, it can take 3 months to get here. fingers crossed it's not on a boat somewhere!! hehe.. I promise to let you know the minute it arrives.

gwen1111 04/21/2007 #

Sharlzie....Glad you got your package! Did you notice that the "scrapbook things" were turned into magnets?

lamazon 04/22/2007 #

Untill today no magnets at all !!!!!!!!! This is very frustrating . I'm always getting the ones who forget or don't send :o(((( I rated both now !!

lamazon 04/22/2007 #

No amorecards nothing yet but I'll be patient an extra week because you mailed me and because you have good ratings ! keep my fingers crossed !

lamazon 04/24/2007 #

Got my first magnets ! Amorecards your package arrived today .

SaReMa 04/26/2007 #

Hi! I received an envelope today, from Jamie, regarding some magnets and a pin, but the envelope was all torn up, and there was only a note on it...I was swpposed to receive an envelope from "greenfreak40"...I don't know if it is the same person, or if it was a mistake. Please give me a help on this! Tks Sandra

SaReMa 04/26/2007 #

I forgot to say that there was no aka referrence, nor a name in the address. Sandra

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