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Favourite MYSELF!!

Right-o. It's July 5, 2009 now. I turn 30 in a few weeks. Thought I might do a swap or two, just for fun. It's been quite a while.

I'm back. (Sort of.) And I'm looking for sweet love. (Totally.)

And I'm totally updating my profile!

I am a 27-year old (I'm 28 now) single woman who is so busy discovering herself that she hardly has time to discover a significant other. But all I really want is to fall in love. Which is why I continue to date (hopelessly). (Actually, it hasn't been so hopeless lately. Eharmony is wicked and I've been dating the same person for a month and a half and he hasn't pissed me off yet.)

I LOVE napping. And slurpees. I am known at work for having naps under my desk on my lunch hour. And having a slurpee for breakfast. I'm a fed and it greatly upsets me that my job does not allow me to utilize either my sweet dance moves or my knitting skills. (I've started listening to knitting podcasts while I work. I'm not so upset now.)

Instead of a significant other, I have two cats named Jesus & Mohammed. They're Scottish Fold so they look quite odd. Jesus likes to pee on my things when he's mad at me. Mohammed is momma's boy and sounds like a wookie on helium. It was their third birthday on June 20! I'm a big freak and I bought them a big climbing tree and sang "Happy Birthday To You" while I brought it into the apartment.

When I get home, the first thing I do is TEAR OFF MY PANTS and put on PJs. Then I read cheesy teen novels or knit/craft while watching movies on my computer. Every Thursday night is girls night. HOLLA. But I generally wear pants there. Well, okay, I'm a big liar. I wear pajama pants. Unless it's at the pub. You never know when you might meet a sexy beast MRAWR!

I believe in a higher power or "Creator", but I hesitate to assign a name or practice or particular relgion to it. I do, however, have an absolute fascination with all religions and would have no problem with receiving items relating to them. WADDUP, RELIGION.

I'm a little bit of a psycho environmentalist. I nag my friends a lot about recycling and I only flush my toiilet once a day. I never feel more at home than when I'm in nature. However, I live in a large city because they have wicked public transit and I don't have a driver's license. (And we have lots of trees.) My work is making me get my license, but that's ok because I'm going to buy an electric motorcycle. (I still don't have my license! But my test is in 3 months?)

I love postcards. I'm currently in the process of planning out a mural using my extensive postcard collection. But I like slurpees most of all. It's not an addiction. It's TRUE LOVE.

(If I was given the choice between a nap or a slurpee, I do not know which I would choose.)

(It would totally be a slurpee. Or a nap. ARGH I STILL CAN'T DECIDE.)

Favourite MUSICS

Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Eat World, Imogen Heap, Mike Schmid, also love Celtic music! I'm a big 'ol music whore. I love everything. Mostly.

Favourite MOVIES

50 First Dates, FUBAR, Swing Kids, Encino Man, Love Comes Softly, Narnia, Wonderboys, Along Came Polly... and I have a sick obsession with Bring It On. I watch a LOT of movies.


I don't own a TV. I do however, own a computer with a DVD player and downloading capabilities. So I do watch TV shows. Just without the advertising. (WOOHOO.) Dead Like Me, Firefly, Roswell, Wonderfalls, Heroes, and Jeremiah.

Favourite CRAFTS

Paper crafts, knitting, carving rubber stamps, drawing, painting, about to start a sewing class. I have a seriously bad habit for yarn. I also like stickers and charms and yarn. I am GREEDY.

Favourite ANIMALS

Sea otters, turtles, weird-looking cats, monkeys, owls, and horses.

Favourite FOODS

Slurpees. Cookies. Candy. Seriously spicy food. Cookies. I am well renknowned on swap-bot for my love of the cookies. Chocolate. Watermelons and strawberries! AND MORE COOKIES.

Favourite THINGS

Hairbands. Peek-a-pooh cell phone charms! T-shirts that say obnoxious things. Hand creams. Sweet, sweet love is my favourite thing of all though. Mrrrawr. Also, I love art Nouveau (Alphonse Mucha is my favourite).

Favourite COLOURS

Red is my favourite colour. Particularly of the dark wine variety. However, I have recently found a love of BLUE. And natural colours like greens and browns. And I look really good in magenta. (Pastels make me look like crap though. I know, you care.)

Favourite HATE-ONs

Please no kawaii stuff for me! I don't hate it, I just don't have a use for it. Or boogers. I hate boogers. Nor do I have any use for them. Unless I want to BARF.

What else do I hate? Oh, you know, the regular things... climate change and global warming... global warrrring... people who shove at the Skytrain... an itchy bum crack...



moodymel rated for Scenic Postcards #2 on Aug 10, 2009
Comment: Very pretty card - thank you!
suepier rated for Scenic Postcards #2 on Aug 9, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card of the 1000 Islands. It's amazing.
ugachica5990 rated for ♥Quick PC swap #4♥ on Aug 1, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the neat oil painting, and the adorable olympics stamp! :)
Comment: Thanks for the card. Penny Slots are great!
kawaii rated for "I LOVE ART #3 POSTCARDS" on Jul 29, 2009
Comment: Mucho love for Mucha!
Comment: Love the art card. Thank you much for checking my profile!!!
Comment: Hi Katherine, I enjoyed the Edward Penfield card. Thank you!
Comment: Thanks for sharing your books. I'm like you, often have a couple going at a time. I don't know the 1st 3 you mentioned but do know The Kiss. I'm with you and have chosen not to read it despite its rave reviews, because of the disturbing relationship between her and her father. I guess what bothered me the most was how she defended that relationship in the news, which may make women who've been victimized wonder if they were indeed harmed. Anyway, I digress! Thanks for the stage!
hippofairy rated for "I LOVE ART #3 POSTCARDS" on Jul 24, 2009
Comment: thank you for the wonderful postcard! Alphonse Mucha is new to me, and i love his ability to bring out the beauty in women! :) thanks for sharing Mucha with me!
solarts rated for "I LOVE ART #3 POSTCARDS" on Jul 23, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for my first Mucha art postcard. I like his art work and I totally agree with you about what you said about big women in paintings. I do wish also that it ought to be like that in current society especially in celebrity films, magazines and the fashion industry. If you have a chance to see the cute music video or just the song called "Big Girl" (Your So Beautiful) by Mika. With the Ugly Betty star is in it and it's a great video with a positive message about big women are so beautiful.
tobiejonzarelli rated for "I LOVE ART #3 POSTCARDS" on Jul 22, 2009
Comment: A great Mucha card, thank you!
girthta rated for One Skein Challenge on Dec 14, 2007
Comment: I love felting. I love LOVE Noro yarn and have made (and felted) several things from it. Thank you so much and you know I love lavendar!!!!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful scarf. It is lovely and warm!
rintheamazing rated for 52 Cents - Canada on Oct 16, 2007
Comment: Great stuff - thanks!
onlyincambodia rated for Gain exposure to your blog! on Oct 16, 2007
Comment: Now I wish I knew how to knit. It seems so relaxing.
mrsD rated for 52 Cents - Canada on Oct 15, 2007
Comment: thank you, cookie monster!
todsahonchik rated for Prayer Shawl Swap INTERNATIONAL on Oct 14, 2007
Comment: Such a soft shawl! Love it and thanks for the CD and the little tea lights. Loved this swap and my partner was awesome!
chaitea rated for 52 Cents - Canada on Oct 10, 2007
Comment: ~crazy stuff, thanks so much!
monkeybox rated for Gain exposure to your blog! on Oct 7, 2007

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SkippyMom on Oct 1, 2009:

Your post is so refreshing and fun. I had a blast reading your profile and I hope you come back soon.

We need you! Take care and hope all is good in your world.


dreamerkins on Oct 1, 2009:

so, one of your threadfs popped back up in the public forums today.this one. and several of us started remembering how we miss you. just thought someone should let you know...if you check in.... :D

Amandalee on Jul 10, 2009:

Welcome back - will you be angelling the one skein challenge as you said you would for me? I have been waiting an awfully long time now :)

Erdbeersternchen on Nov 14, 2008:

joinSailor Senshi Club

Ashamel on Dec 15, 2007:

Completely random, I know, but I saw that you like the show Firefly! I have to say that it's been one of the best and most addictive shows I've seen! It's so sad that it had such a short run!

Caam on Nov 7, 2007:

You are just freakin' hilarious! I have the scarf done for the lady with no profile (she did say she liked warm colors so I did a tan boucle like wool and a terracotta cotton blend) and it is quite nice--I even put some beading in the fringe, I will pass you on a link.



szreader on Oct 15, 2007:

Hey there! I'm up at 2:30 a.m. because one of my daughter's friends (a guy, of course) called our home phone number instead of her cell. Grumpy Mom, that's me. So my reward is that I came across your profile and read it, and now he's forgiven, whoever he is. At least as long as I can get a NAP in later today. Cheers!

EmilyBemily on Oct 14, 2007:

I'm always looking for fun knitting podcasts. Which ones are you listening to right now?

mrsD on Oct 7, 2007:

'huge whack of stickers' - um, yes it was! holy salmon sticks. thank you very much, nice lady!

TaraInColorado on Oct 3, 2007:

I am so happy you exist!



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