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Ask me anything! ~ e-swap #2

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Ask me anything! ~ e-swap #2
Swap Coordinator:satinification (contact)
Swap categories: Email 
Number of people in swap:11
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:March 31, 2019
Date items must be sent by:April 14, 2019
Number of swap partners:2

For this swap you will have to ask and anwser for 5 questions via email. You will have 2 partners. So 10 questions and anwsers in total (Yup, I did the math ;) )

How does it work?

  • If you sign up for this swap, write down your questions in the comment below. A minimum of 5, but you can write more.
  • When the partners are assigned, they will answer your questions. You need to answer 5 questions. If someone has written more, you can choose 5 of them.

All questions allowed. Just don't be rude. You can answer with 1 word or 5 sentences... depends on the question and how much you have to say. You will have two weeks to send emails.

Rate your partners as soon as you'll receive their emails!


  • 2 partners
  • write minimum of 5 questions in the comment section below
  • answer at least 5 questions to both of your partners via email (their own 5 - to each of the partners, 10 in total - in separate emails)
  • have fun

Be sure to write your username and swap's name somewhere in the emails to your partners. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder. If you won't receive both emails on time, contact me and your partner before rating.

Please, don't answer with just: "I don't know". Answer like that is lack of the answer. However, "yes" or "no" and other short answers follow the rules. Be more precise and maybe you will get a heart for that, though :)

If you have any questions, PM me!

Newbies allowed. I will angel if necessery. Sorry, but I will banned questionable swappers (with recent 1s or 3s & with whom I've had problems in the past & others known as questionable swapers).

I allow the possibility of posting your answers on a blog and sending a link to them.


kittyhahahotbot 03/22/2019 #

1) Whats your biggest fear?

2) An embarrassing moment for you?

3) Give something you are paranoid about?

4) List a pet-peeve

5) Share a secret

6) List another pet-peeve

7) What has been a defining moment in your life?

satinification 03/23/2019 #

1) Do you have any favorite fairy-tale, myth or legend? (please, write a title)

2) Do you collect anything?

3) What is one thing you cannot tolerate in another person?

4) What do you most admire in others?

5) What is your favorite animal?

6) What kind of swaps you like the most?

7) What was the last film you watched and what was the last book you read?

8) Why did you sign up for this swap?

jenmcjen 03/23/2019 #

@satinification Excellent mathing!

jenmcjen 03/23/2019 #

1) What are you top 5 velleities? (Velleity is my new word of the - I don't know, until I find a new one, so if you need to, just look it up. It's a GREAT word and has actually helped me organize some of my thoughts better.) It may be hard to admit something is a velleity, but it doesn't have to be a forever velleity - could just be for now - until you have the time/ money/ kids move out, etc.

2) What is your purpose in life? (I feel like this one can be answered with religion even if that's not something you normally talk about, because some people have that as a purpose in life - not religion itself but purpose provided thru religion)

3) Pick a fictional character you love (notice I didn't say fave cuz who could pick just one?). Who is it, where are they found (what movie or book or TV show or play or whatever), and what do you love about them? This part could be answered by telling about one particular scene rather than just listing attributes if you like. I'd like!

4) What is a life lesson you've learned, how did you learn it, and how has it affected your life, choices, and/or actions since you learned it?

5) Tell the story of a great failure of yours. (I'm so cheery!) Has there been a positive outcome eventually from it, and if so, tell about that, too. (I have no intention of providing questions that can be answered in one sentence!)

6) What is your guilty pleasure, and why do you consider it "guilty"? (Like I read some authors I consider so, um, low-brow, which tells more about what a snob I am than anything, but that's WHY I consider them guilty pleasures. Charlaine Harris anyone?)

7) What's a family ritual or tradition that you had growing up, and have/ how have you continued or not continued it since being an adult? If you've not continued it, is there a reason? Is there a time you will continue it? (like, once you have kids or something)

8) What did you most enjoy about the past week? (as of the date you write it)

9) What are 5 essential qualities in a friend? Do you have a friend that meets them all? A bunch of them? Do you have them?

10) What would your 3 wishes be if you got a genie? (and none of that "more wishes" or "make me magic so I can get anything I want" or those types of things)

Yes. I find it literally impossible to just ask simple questions! Sorry, you signed up, buddy!

ladybehemot 03/24/2019 #

1) Are you able to quit a toxic work environment, toxic relationship and other toxic situations rather quickly or you struggle to do it? 2) What are your feelings about depression? Did/do you struggle with it our you know someone who did/does? What would you recommend to someone who feels depressed? 3) Are sweets make you feel better or worse? 4) What animal is the dumbest one, from your point of view? You can tell a story about a specific animal or your reply with a genre. 5) What kind of unhealthy thing you really enjoy? Why? 6) Are you a patriot? 7) Do you have any medical issues that you really struggle with?

Hugsie86 03/25/2019 #

1a. What book are you currently reading? 1b. If not a reader, which TV show are you currently watching/binge watching? 2. Have you ever had penpals? 3. What is your favorite phone app? 4. How many times have you moved in your life? 5. What would be a perfect day? 6. Why do you join electronic Swap-Bot swaps?

03Scarlett 03/26/2019 #
  1. If you were able to take a trip to anywhere in the world, where would it be to and why there?

  2. If you could pick any period of time in your life to go back to and live over again - when would it be and why?

  3. Are you a crafty person and if so - what types of crafts do you like to do?

  4. If you could make up your own mailing address and still live where you do ... what would it be? Your house #? Name of street? Name of city? Name of state? Zip code + 4 (have fun with it!)

  5. Do you have any pets - if so, tell me all about them!

  6. List 20 random facts about yourself.

  7. If you could meet anyone on earth, who would it be and why?

  8. What's a sound that you hate and a sound that you love?

  9. What was the last situation that made you laugh (I mean until tears practically roll down your face and you couldn't stop) - Who made you laugh so hard and what was it about?

elkalsa 03/29/2019 #
  1. Do you play any instrument? Is there any instrument you like to be good at?
  2. What is your earliest memory?
  3. If money isn't problem, what kind of job do you want?
  4. Do you like to read? What makes you pick a book? (Writer, genre, or synopsis etc.) Do you like pick randomly? (If you don't like book, it can apply to movie, song, etc)
  5. Glasses or eye contact? Would you wear crazy eye contact's color?
  6. What you do when bored?
  7. If you can time travel, what year / period will you go? And why?
Bhindblueeyes 03/29/2019 #

You have someone signed up for this swap who straight up flaked (never sent) on a writing letter swap from a year ago.

@crystalmae has only one 1 rating but should have two. The second partner in this swap clearly didn't bother to rate.

satinification 03/29/2019 #

@Bhindblueeyes - Thanks. Questionable swappers will be banned. I'll check profiles before assiging partners.

counrtygirl 03/30/2019 #

1what is your favorite movie

2what is your favorite director

3do you like black and white movies

do you read movie reviews 5what is the movie you cried though

khronicole 03/30/2019 #
  1. What is your favorite activity as child?

  2. What is your favorite activity now?

  3. Did your favorite activity stayed the same or not? Why?

  4. Do you read story spoilers/movie spoilers? Why or why not?

  5. Would you watch a game play through video or playing a game yourself? Why?

  6. Would you watch an unboxing video prior buying an item or save the surprise?

jessnewson98 03/31/2019 #
  1. If you could do anything right now - without any consequences or repercussions - what would it be and why?

  2. If you could be any animal or insect for a week, what would you choose to be?

  3. What is your most fond memory?

  4. What is something you know to have changed about yourself since being a kid?

  5. Have you travelled outside of your country, if so where have you been?

  6. If you could star in any film (either released or not yet released), what would it be? Why that movie?

  7. Are you more of a dog person or a cat person, or neither?

  8. If you were able to create a new world, where would it be, what would it be like? Would it be the same as earth or completely different?

  9. What is an item you cherish the most?

  10. Do you know more than your native language?

Fabriqueen 03/31/2019 #

I hope you continue doing these swaps. I really enjoy them but I'm just too busy this round. My hubby's back in the hospital.

arimails 03/31/2019 #
  1. What is your favorite children's book ?
  2. Why did you decide to join this swap?
  3. When did you get your first pet?
  4. How did you meet your best friend?
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
satinification 04/ 1/2019 #

@Fabriqueen - Sorry to hear that. Hope he will get better soon. You are welcome to join next rounds!

user4532 04/ 6/2019 #
  1. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
  2. What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own / owned?
  3. What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?
  4. What would your perfect room look like?
  5. What job would you be terrible at?
  6. Do you have a ghost story to tell?

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