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Hello fellow swappers! Happy 2020! For the start of the new year, I would like to start with a GIVEAWAY! This is my first giveaway and I am excited and hope many join! This is meant to create a swap that will help the lucky winner relax, bath, and do some crafty!

I am keeping this swap USA only, but if many are interested, I may consider doing a monthly swap / international version.

When partners are assigned, the partner that I am randomly assigned to will receive a package containing: - A few Tea packets to help begin your relaxation. - A bath product ( Most likely a bath bomb, salts, or scrub) - A craft item! ( Most likely stationary, paper-crafts, or stickers )

REQUIREMENTS WHEN YOU JOIN: In the comment section, write at lest one sentence of your favorite way to relax and craft.


Do you take a bath? Do you go for a walk? Listen to music? Organize first? Make 100 handmade envelopes? ANYTHING GOES.

WHEN PARTNERS ARE ASSIGNED, CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION TO SEE IF YOUR PARTNER ANSWERED THE QUESTION. Rate a 5 if they participated. 1s and 3s can be given if no comment is posted by the deadline, so please keep in communication with me and your partner if you have any questions or concerns.


Hope the rules are pretty straight forward! Let's get crafty!



parakeetmails 01/16/2020 #

I love to decorate envelopes and journal as my expression of relaxation; it's also a great anxiety reliever. I find myself staying up until 12am just decorating envelopes! But, I enjoy it, and it relaxes me. :)

Burger1girl 01/17/2020 #

I love to take a hot bath in my garden tub. I put candles around it and whatever bath product(usually A popular bath salt for aches and pains)relieves pain. After my feet all day in a deli cooking chicken I am so ready to get the chicken smell off me and relax for a few. Then I put on my comfy pjs and fuzzy socks(I received from a swap on here) and grab a book or magazine and jump into bed(maybe with Bengay on my back and feet!!LOL) and RELAX. Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

vcox 01/17/2020 #

To relax I love to craft, watch You Tube crafting videos, and of course sleep.

ilovemrburrows 01/17/2020 #

Lately I have been enjoying cutting things out of books and magazines and making collage. It is very relaxing to me. Just painting a repetitive pattern or a page full of dots is also relaxing.

ChelseaStarleen 01/17/2020 #

Hello, All! I have a lot of different things I enjoy doing to relax, I only wish I had enough time. Lol I enjoy needle and papercraft, painting, writing, gardening and spending time with my dogs. One of my favorite relaxing pastimes is to spend time in my back yard with the dogs near my fish pond. We have a little water fall in the pond and I love to listen to the running water.

Snaileditcrafts 01/18/2020 #

My favorite way to relax & Craft is through writing letters, creating mail, and journaling! Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway! :)

ChrisD 01/18/2020 #

I enjoy a long hot soak with lavender scented salts, burn s candle and listen to soft meditative music. Paper crafting is my enjoyment. I love making cards and tags. Thank you for hosting this event.

Furie 01/18/2020 #

To relax, I like reading, crafting (especially acrylic pour, envelope-making, and knitting), and baking. And because I like multi-tasking, sometimes all three of those at once. :)

Aloquin 01/19/2020 #

Relaxing can sometimes be rare, but definitely special!

My favorite way to relax is to take a nice, warm bath and just chill for a little while.

My favorite way to craft is art journaling!

I haven't figured out a way YET to bath n' craft, lol :)

brooklynboo 01/19/2020 #

to relax i love a empty quite home with a hot bath and a glass of wine with my favorite drama on. My favorite way to craft is rock painting! you can paint anything on them then on the back put your facebook link on it and watch your little master piece travel.

January 01/20/2020 #

To relax, I like to read a book while curled up in one of my self-made quilts. If it's late at night, I might like a glass of rumchata over ice while I'm reading. Mmmmm. To craft, I love to art journal. I like to use all the little pieces of ephemera that I save and incorporate them into the pages. I keep it loose and messy.

Nevi2018 01/20/2020 #

I listen to music ALLL THE TIME!! I rarely never not have it on!! and I love to spend HOURS on the computer. Pinterest is sooooo much fun followed by youtube.

My crafty side is that I like to make for my craft fairs

aprilivy 01/22/2020 #

To relax after work, I usually drink some tea and watch youtube videos. On the weekends, I usually bake which is a major stress reliever for me and make jewelry or write postcards while I wait for the timer beep.

aero 01/22/2020 #

I relax to nature music ,light a nice incense and a couple of candles. And just meditate away👧

ablev92 01/23/2020 #

One of the best ways that I love to relax is sampling spending time with my puppers! It could simply just be taken a nap and having them curl up by your side or taking them out into the woods for their walk and some peace and quiet. I also love to take baths, I also find crafting and swapping relaxing as well.

Hexyr 01/23/2020 #

My favorite way to relax is music I almost always have music on Reading and writing to pen pals Playing with my dogs

Favorite craft etching/drypoint Bookbinding

pastryandprimer 01/23/2020 #

I love long leisurely walks and hikes to relax, but don't take them nearly as much as I should!

Paper crafts and acrylic pour projects are my favorite ways to craft, currently.

03Scarlett 01/24/2020 #

Hi! My favorite way to relax (well, I have a few ways actually) ... one is to take a long hot bath, another one is to read a good book while laying on my bed with my cat, Kyla curled up beside of me and last but not least is to work on my plastic canvas crosses that I make and those are donated to go either to the poor overseas (when someone from here goes on a mission trip) or to people in local nursing homes - both have been recipients in the past and will be in the future! Also love sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and writing a long letter for a swap.

montigneyrules 01/25/2020 #

It is hard for me to relax in theory because I love "doing" something, so relaxing to me is reading, or doing crosswords, or making postcards, or watching tv shows while I do those things. Bonus if my dog is on my lap of chair

fiennesgirl 01/26/2020 #

I have several favorites for relaxing really...I enjoy a leisurely morning sitting in my chair with my two, miniature Dachshunds drinking my coffee and watching YouTube videos. I also relax playing games on my phone and also relax curled up in bed reading the tons of books that I need to read to make room for more. Lol! I also like to color in adult coloring books and zentangle. Both of those especially get me into a “zone”. I also craft for relaxation of course.

My favorite way to craft for relaxation is probably collaging or making mail art although I do love making ATCs, Tag flips, flip books, pocket letters...you name it!

churlann 01/26/2020 #

I love to relax in a very hot bath with lavender bath salts and non scented candles in pretty jars. I also love to watch movies and read novels. My favorite craft is seeing and crocheting. Oh, I also like writing long letters.

BeHappyToday 01/27/2020 #

I enjoy swimming, floating on a noodle in the lazy river & then ending in the hot tub at a local rec center to relax. Fishing and walking in park trails is another great relaxer for me. Currently I am experimenting with learning a different craft/crafts as my available space has dramatically decreased... discovering ATC’s, making postcards, pen palling & journaling.

Hyshu 01/27/2020 #

I relax by sitting in my comfy chair with some tea and think about travelling. I zone out my mind and think about places I have been and places I want to go! I will think of details about the next trip I have scheduled. It is very calming and relaxing to me as I love to travel.

For crafting, I love to relax and crochet (still learning), I love to make greeting cards. As I am able to buy more tools and embellishments, I get more enjoyment out of making cards. It is very relaxing to be creative!

jinxspinx 01/27/2020 #

write at lest one sentence of your favorite way to relax and craft. WHAT ARE WAYS YOU RELAX AND CRAFT?

Non craft relaxing: I love to lay down in a cool room (esp if its the summer and the windows are open and the wind is blowing in causing the lightweight curtains to sway... im imagining it now, so ready for the warmer weather!). Or, i like to sit outside under an umbrella and let the sun warm up my legs.

Craft relaxing: I put on a youtube video and start crafting away! I love to make decorated envelopes or handmade envies while having the background noise. Or ill write a penpal letter and relax while listening to music. Right now Im really into crafting yarn tassels, so thats really fun and relaxing.

MissNyx 01/27/2020 #

I relax with a glass of whine or a nice, cold seltzer water, a book and cozy pajamas on. I also like to wear mud masks, have a hot shower and do a full skincare regime. It makes me glow both inside and out. Swapbot is my main source of crafting. I love writing letters, hand stamping envelopes and getting little gift packages together! I also make jewelry.

ericabella 01/27/2020 #

I mostly relax by crocheting while I watch TV. Sometimes I even crochet in bed! I mostly crochet cat bedding for the local animal shelter.

MasterProcraftinator 01/27/2020 #

My favorite ways to relax are to first, turn on whatever music my mood is calling for (most likely some Glen Hansard or Amos Lee), second - make a cup of tea, and third - have a lengthy bath with a bath bomb or bath salts. Afterward I make a second cup of tea and either keep the music rolling or turn on one of my favorite comedies like New Girl, The Office, or Parks and Rec. Then the crafting commences! Whatever I’m currently working on or inspired by. Topping all that off with some cuddles from my boyfriend makes everything better, but if my two dog babies were able to live with me, I’d honestly have to replace the crafting with playtime and cuddles with them. They make every bad day better! Dog-therapy works!

ATea 01/28/2020 #

My favorite way to relax is by listening to peaceful music, preferably instrumental and meditating. I love drinking tea during this time such as chamomile or mint to help soothe my body.

SatisHuman 01/28/2020 #

I live to relax. My life is designed to be as stress-free as possible. I don't do things that I don't want to do (aside from work) and I'm a very staunch introvert. In addition to sleeping in (I prefer at least 12 hours), I make sure to veg on the couch while cuddling with my cats. I have my boyfriend rub my feet and eat copious amounts of ice cream. And then I craft.

StargazerLil 01/28/2020 #

I relax by putting on some noise-cancelling headphones and listening to music while cuddling under my weighted blanket. I have a small studio space in the backyard where all of my crafting supplies are, though I usually end up bringing some inside so I can craft while watching youtube on the couch instead!

Angeljewele 01/29/2020 #

I love to relax in a nice hot bath and read a good book. I love using bath bombs, salts or bubble bath. I drink mostly water, but it has to have ice, no matter what time of year. I also love making ATC but want to branch out into junk journals and glue books. Thanks so very much for your kindness. Good luck and Happy Swapping to all

Leekoba 01/29/2020 #

I love to relax by drinking tea, taking a nice hot bath, and playing video games! I can play in the tub XD Writing letters really relaxes me, I find it cathartic! I craft whenever I feel like it, make some cute envelopes, mini pocket letters, keeping it creative and fun!

Southsideofthesky 01/29/2020 #

I tend to relax by painting or reading while listening to music with a nice cup of coffee. That's why I love Swap-bot so much: it makes me take time out of my day to do something creative and focus on looking after myself a little.

JoUFancyHuh 01/29/2020 #

I love to relax by doing something such as making cards or organizing or alphabetizing.

threelittlebirds411 01/30/2020 #

I like listening to ASMR videos on YouTube or watching my favorite tv shows.

luvmesum20 01/30/2020 #

I like to relax by listening to music while making envelopes, while my furbabies are laying around me. lol!

DragonflyDreamer 01/30/2020 #

Relaxing & crafting often go hand in hand for me. It always involves incense and sometimes music. I love having nature sounds on; rain or ocean waves. Jasmine or chocolate mint tea is always a nice relaxing treat.

AZmom875 01/30/2020 #

One common way for me to relax is to get a cup of tea, and read a book in my jammies and fuzzy socks.

I can also relax by going for a walk or a hike.

I can go shopping for pleasure and that can be relaxing, esp in the summer when I need to walk but need to be in the AC.

I soak my feet in the tub while reading a book that is not too precious (water damage you know)

I got into my craft room and creat atcs while listening to an audio book

samsstuff 01/30/2020 #

I do find a good cup of tea relaxing! I also like to embroider, sew & crochet. I enjoy reading a good book. I find making things, in general, relaxing & love editing photos!

Sunshine1969 01/30/2020 #

Relaxing for me depends on the day I had. It could be taking the kids to feed the ducks if the weather is nice. I have gotten my grandkids i have 7 of them into doing craft projects. My 7 year old grandson loves to help me paint rocks, draw, color or the foam projects we get at holidays. On my relation time I like to relax with a glass of tea and a making jewelry, painting or ornaments. I handed out ornaments that we made to over 100 customers at a store, the look on their face was a great Christmas gift and taught my grandson a lesson ..... i am not picky and can see beauty where others sees trash ( that’s what my kids tell me lol)

Rosa1 01/31/2020 #

One of my favorite times to relax and craft are late at night, when all the chores are done. I make a huge travel mug of hot tea or even cocoa and sit in the recliner with the TV on and my latest crochet project in my lap! Sometimes I relax too much and wake up with a cat in my lap too :) That's the reason for the travel mug!!

Luckbealady 01/31/2020 #

My favorite wat to relax is eat, sleep, spending time with my little Chihuahua, and crafting. I mostly enjoy putting letters to get her for swaps or writing to anyone who comes to mind. I mainly putting together fan letters for my favorite celebrities or public figures that I admire. I also enjoy drinking some hot ginger or peppermint tea while I watch old movies on TV. But, I think my most favorite way to relax is to get in a quite place, read my Bible, and meditate on the many blessings that the Lord has given me throughout the course of my life. May God bless you & everyone who's participating!^-^

StargazerHM 01/31/2020 #

I love to relax and craft by popping on my PJs and spreading all of my stationary items and post cards stuff across my bed and spend the day just working away with maybe a movie in the background!

mags142 02/ 1/2020 #

Thank you to all those who joined my swap! I am so excited to see how many joined and commented! I love to listen to music to relax! And I love making handmade paper items in bulk (like just start making 100 envelopes). THANK YOU SWAP BOT AND GOOD LUCK! partners will be assigned and I will post the winner!

mags142 02/ 2/2020 #


Leekoba 02/ 3/2020 #

Ahh, thank you so much!!!

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