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Alphabet Aerobics

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If you need to boost your ratings, this is the swap for you :)

In the comments, put one thing that you like per alphabet letter. For example: A: Aardvarks B: Butter C: Candy And so on and so forth.

Rate your partner a 5 if they commented something for every letter of the English Alphabet. I suggest commenting as soon as you sign up to prevent forgetting since this is a quick swap!

Since this is an electronic swap, I do not feel the need to ban anyone, but email me if you know of a bad swapper who has joined!

Have fun!


Cindymt 03/ 3/2020 #

A - Apples B - Butterflies C - Colors D - Disney E - Elephants F - Foxes G - Galas H - Hippos I - Ice J - Jump Ropes K - Kangaroos L - Lemonade M - Magic Kingdom N - Nicknames O - Otters P - Pen Pals Q- Queen R - Rice S - Spinach T - Tarts U -Umbrellas V - Velvet W - Watermelon X - X-Ray Y - Yo-yo Z - Zebra

shellimakes 03/ 3/2020 #

A: ATCs β€’ B: Boba tea β€’ C: Chickens β€’ D: Daisies β€’ E: Ephemera β€’ F: Felt β€’ G: Gnomes β€’ H: Herbalism β€’ I: Ice cream β€’ J: Junk journals β€’ K: Kombucha β€’ L: Lavender β€’ M: Mermaids β€’ N: Nightmare Before Christmas β€’ O: Oilcloth β€’ P: Potatoes β€’ Q: Quips β€’ R: Retro β€’ S: Seashells β€’ T: Tattoos β€’ U: Underdogs β€’ V: Velvet β€’ W: Whipped cream β€’ X: Xyron stickers β€’ Y: Yarn β€’ Z: Zombies

Whee! :)

Charleneuk 03/ 4/2020 #

A: Apple B: bubbles C: Cinnamon D: Doodles E: Elephant F: Flowers G: gorillas H: harmonica I: Ice cream J: jazz K: koalas L: Lemonade M: meditation N: nature O: otters P: pigs Q: queen R: raisins S: snails T: Turtles U: umbrellas V: violin W: walks X: xylophone Y: yoga Z: zebra

Aeon 03/ 4/2020 #

A-armadillos B-big bubbles C-chocolate D-dogs E-Easter eggs F-feathers G-guitar H-hula hoops I-ice cream J-Jimmy Fallon K-kangaroos L-lemonade M-my mom N-neverland O-otters P-purple Q-Queen the band R-rainbows S-sloths T-Tang U-ukulele V-violet W-walks in the woods X-xylophones Y-yoga Z-zzzzzz (napping) :-)

ChristieTrout 03/ 4/2020 #

A. art B. bookbinding C. crafts D. drawing E. erasers F. fine liners G. golden acrylic H. hardboard I. illustrations J. journaling K. Krink markers L. level M. Mat board N. needle O. oval P. pigments Q. quilting R. ruler S. sketching T. t square U. unicorns V. vellum W. watercolors X. xacto blade Y. yellow Z. zipper

nanadiana 03/ 4/2020 #

A: Adventures B: Books C: Cards D: Doodles E: Effort F: Family G: Generosity H: Happy Mail I: Imagination J: Joy K: Kindness L: Llamas M: Markers N: New Friends O: Old Friends P: Postcards Q: Quilting R: Repurposing S: Stamping T: Trading U: Uniqueness V: Vellum W: Washi X: Xyron Y: Yarn Z: Zebras

kasa 03/ 4/2020 #

A. Art History B. Books C. Christmas D. Dreaming. E. Enid Blyton books. F. Family G. God H. Heroic People I. Ice cream. J. Jesus K. Kindness L. Letters. M. My mother whom died last year. N. Nature O. Old movies P. Penguins Q. Quiet times R. Rugby S. Sunflowers T. Trees U. Umbrella V. Voluntary work W. Walks along beaches X. Xena Y. Yarn. Z. Zoo.

dancingtiger 03/ 5/2020 #

A. Artist trading cards B. Books C. Casper the cat D. Dogs E Ephemera F. Frida Kahlo G. Grace H. Happiness I. India J. Joy K. Kindness L. Laughing M. Mooji N. Nestling O. Opulence P. Pansies Q. Quintessence R. Roses S. Sedona method T. Thrift shop finds U. Undergrowth V. Velvet W. Writing X. Xerxes Y. Yards Z. Zenith

PrincessP 03/ 5/2020 #

A – Art :: B – Beaches :: C – Cheese :: D – Dogs :: E – Eggs :: F – Flowers :: G – Gardening :: H – Harry Potter :: I – Ice Cream :: J – Joker Playing Cards :: K - Keto :: L – Love :: M - Music :: N – Netflix :: O – Op-Shopping :: P – Plants :: Q – Quilting :: R – Rabbits :: S – Stars :: T - Trees :: U – USA Holiday :: V – Violin Music :: W – Waterfalls :: X – foXes :: Y – Yorkshire Terriers :: Z - Zippers

cynaemon 03/ 5/2020 #

A - Argonath, B - Beleriand, C - celandine, D - dragons, E - Ecthelion, F - Fingon, G - Glorfindel, H - Haldir, I - Imladris, J - Jimson weed, K - knights, L - Legolas, M - Morannon, N - Nazgul, O - Olorin, P - pipe weed, Q - quests, R - Roac, the raven, S - Sauron, T - Tyelkormo, U - ungoliant, V - Valinor, W - Westfarthing, X - xylophone, Y - Yavanna , Z - zinfandel - Sorry, correcting the misspellings in the above. Please delete the other two.

greenwindow 03/ 6/2020 #

A: Art, Anna, Apple Juice

B: Belle

C: Chocolate, Candy, Cats, Cake, Crisps

D: Dogs

E: Easter, Elsa

F: Frogs, Flowers

G: Gingerbread

H: Hawaii Five O, Howl's Moving Castle

I: Ice Cream

J: Jelly

K: Kittens

L: Love Live!

M: Music

N: Netflix

O: Orange Juice

P: Pugs, Plants, Pansy

Q: Queen

R: Rapunzel, Ramen

S: Snow, Sushi

T: Tea


V: Vanelope, Vodka

W: Watermelon, Wales

X: Xerus

Y: Yellow

Z: Zinnia

CookieMomster78 03/ 6/2020 #
  • Aquamarine
  • Bob Marley
  • Cookie Monster
  • Daffodils
  • Earth
  • Friesians
  • Graphology
  • Happy Mail
  • Icebergs
  • Juke Boxes
  • Koi fish
  • Levi’s brand
  • Mail Art
  • Narnia
  • Orcas
  • Pandas
  • Quotes that motivate
  • ROYGBIV spectrums-in-nature
  • Shamrocks
  • Tigers
  • Ukulele
  • Volkswagen Bugs like Herbie
  • Wolves
  • Xylophones
  • Yin Yang
  • Zebras
mossenmoons 03/ 7/2020 #

A - art B - bees C - creativity D - dreams E - experimentation F - ferns G - gardening H - howl's moving castle I - ice skating J - jasmine K - kittens L - listening M - music N - nature O - oranges P - plants Q - quotes R - rats S - stars T - trees V - valleys W - witchcraft X Y -yellow Z - zebras

mossenmoons 03/ 7/2020 #

I missed X ! A - art B - bees C - creativity D - dreams E - experimentation F - ferns G - gardening H - howl's moving castle I - ice skating J - jasmine K - kittens L - listening M - music N - nature O - oranges P - plants Q - quotes R - rats S - stars T - trees V - valleys W - witchcraft X - xylophone Y -yellow Z - zebras There, phew :')

craftyAnnaLu 03/ 7/2020 #

A art - B books - C calico cats - D dogs - E elevators - F fantasy - G games - H Hubble telescope - I incense - J jokes - K kawaii - L lemon desserts- M mysteries - N night sky - O olives - P pizza - Q quotes - R reading - S sunsets - T tea - U ukulele - V violets - W watercolor prints - X x-ray vision - Y yogurt (frozen!) - Z zucchini bread

Hollyann957 03/ 7/2020 #

A- advacado B- books C- candles D- dreaming E- elephants F- fairs G- games H- haikus I- ice cream J- jumping K- Karaoke L- lemons M- money N- Netflix O- old bookstores P- pandas Q- quils R- rainbows S- sunshine T- TV U- umbrellas V- violets W- water X- X-ray Y- yoga Z- zoos

LiliLuv 03/ 7/2020 #

A – Animals, Adventure, Animation
B – Butterflies, Buttons, Berries, Bicycles, Books, Botanical
C – Candy, Citrus, Clouds, Coffee, Cats
D – Dogs, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Daydreams, Doodles
E – Europe, Envelopes, Ephemera
F – Family, Flowers, Foxes, Food
G – Gnomes, Gingerbread, Gifts
H – Hygge, History, Hedgehogs, Herbs
I – Illustrations, Introverts
J – Jokes
K – Keepsakes, Keys
L – Love, Letters, Lists, Languages
M – Matryoshkas, Mushrooms, Mysteries
N – Night, Nature
O – Oceans
P – Paper, Pens, Patterns, Plants, Piglets, Penguins
Q – Quotes, Quiet
R – Rainbows, Rain
S – Seas, Sunshine, Stars, Snow, Squirrels
T – Travel, Trees, Thrifting
U – Umbrellas, Upcycling
V – Violet, Velvet, Vintage
W – Washington (State), Waterfalls
X – Xenophilia
Y – Yore
Z – Zoological

Bvernon 03/ 8/2020 #

A- Animals, B-Babies, C-Candy, D-Donuts, E-, F-Family, G-Gnomes, H-Horses, I-Ice Cream, J-Joker, K-Kindness, L-Love, M-Money, N-Night time, O-Outside, P-Piggies, Q- Quality time, R-Reading, S-Stars, T-Tents, U-Utopia, V-Vernon's (last name), W-Wilderness, X-Xanthopetal, Y-Yoga, Z-Zoos.

Bvernon 03/ 8/2020 #

Darn double checking and still forgetting a letter. E-euphoria

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