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About Me, Likes and Dislikes

Thank you @LoveToCraftInAZ Lisa and @widelo123 Shirley @MsKuky Liza for being so kind and supportive. You are truly Christmas angels. :)

I am a two-spirit person, which means I am both male and female. I am a US Army Veteran, and former dispatcher for the Fillmore Police Department. I also worked in a Navy Chemistry lab for 28 years.

Dislikes - I do not like pictures of children or babies. I do not like articles about them. I AM SINGLE. I have no children. I have no interest in them!

Teas - since I am doing a lot of tea swaps these days. I like all kinds of teas, and am willing to try any of them at least once. I do not have any allergies. I will be happy with anything you send me, the more unusual the better. I especially love spicy teas.

For Speedy Found ATC's - please do not send me pictures of children or babies. I am not married, and I have never had any children. I do not find pictures of them to be 'cute.' I also do not want any pictures of toilets. Thank you.

Things I love: Middle Earth elves, unicorns, dragons and other mythical creatures. I want an Eye of Sauron Christmas ornament. Oh, and a lego Barad-Dur to put in my garden. It is about 8 feet tall. Eru! I would love this! Swords, beautiful knives, pictures of warriors, especially Middle Earth elven warriors. My two favorites are Ecthelion and Glorfindel.

I love unicorns. My elve loves rabbits

Other things I like - anything about Ancient Egypt. Queen Hatshepsut and King Tutankhamun are my favorites.

I love Hello Kitty. I think I must be the original Hello Kitty fan. I first discovered her in 1976. I also like Strawberry Shortcake and Precious Moments.

Some of you have asked about my name, or at least said that they were wondering. My real name is Nathalie. It is pronounced Nath - a - lee, NOT Nat - a - lee. I was named after my Mother's best friend. Please do not call me Nat, or think of me in those terms. Nath, or Nathi is okay. I hate being called NAT with a passion. A gnat is a little bug that flies in your face and is very annoying.

My nickname is Cynaemon, which is an anagram of all of my names.

For the Imaginative Writing Group and Fantasy PenPal Swap: Hello, my name is Ecthelion, but you can call me Etele. I am an elve and I live in Middle Earth. I was born during the First Age, and died in the Fall of Gondolin. I was remade in the Third Age. You can read a lot about me in canon works, but the history books do not tell all. I have told more of my story in my book, 'Secret Agent Elve'. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes, Etele, Lord of the Fountain. PS - I LOVE Rabbits! I have a rabbit named Fluffy. :)

PINTEREST SWAPPERS - PLEASE NOTE - All of my boards will be Middle Earth related. I really love putting together my boards, and when I signed up for Pinterest it was my intention to make most of my boards Middle Earth/Lord of the Rings/Hobbit related. I don't want anyone to be disappointed in the boards that I do. I really enjoy putting my boards together.It is a great hobby for me and is my escape from my boring and humdrum life.

Absolutely love anything Middle Earth related, especially Silmarillion, and Lord of the Rings. Not so fond of the Hobbit. Please do not send me anything breakable.

Sept 2012 - I absolutely love slash fanfiction. I read everything I can get my hands on, and I write slash when I am not reading it. While this may not be your cup of tea, I love it. I love the freedom it gives me to write about things I would not normally write about. I also write "normal" things, mostly poetry, and, yes, children's stories. You can find that writing at www.writing.com/authors/noelanicat

Update - October 2011 - I just want to thank all of you for your lovely and positive messages. I am doing so much better these days, and am really

Hi, I want to thank this community for the warm welcome and encouragement I have received. I have tried to clear up the many ones I have, but most people from way back then are no longer active on swapbot. There is only one which is, and she refuses to contact me despite that fact that I have sent her the swap, and also PM'd her. I really don't know what else to do.


Recent upgrades from ones

As you can see I have come a long way since I came back. The recent threes are upgrades from some of the ones from the past, and I do not blame those people for giving me threes, as it was over a year before they received their items. Other people were generous to give me 5's. If you have any questiosn about my account, please PM me. Thanks.

Recent upgrades from ones:

crescendo rated for Summer mini journal - 15 pages on Oct 16, 2011

Rating: 5

Comment: I very much appreciate you coming back to SB and surprising me with the altered book summer journal. Love how you used the children's book as the foundation. May you have many happy summers to come.

Response: Hi, Crescendo, Thanks so much. It is good to be back. And I am glad you liked the journal. I had very happy memories of you and I so enjoyed making it for you.

Martij rated for I Wish I could on Aug 24, 2011

Rating: 3 Comment: beautiful journal.

Response: Hi, Joyce, Thanks so much for your re-rating. I am glad you liked the journal.

hoosiergirl rated for List Of 100 Things That Happen Around Me on Aug 1, 2011

Rating: 5

Comment: Thank you so much for contacting me and making up this swap! What a GREAT list and I love the way you used a scrapbook type format. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it :0). I an enjoying reading the list. Thanks

Response: Thanks so much. I really enjoyed putting it together for you, and glad you liked the format.

Favorite Music

Handel's Suite in D Minor for piano, especially the third movement - Sarabande. I absolutely love to play this piece. My other favorite is Moonlight Sonata, by Beethoven. When I worked at Fry's playing their piano, I always closed with my arrangement of Amazing Grace.

I love Hawaiian music, and really any kind of indigenous music from Maorian to Celtic. There are such beautiful harmonies in this kind of music.

Favorite singers are Ke'alii Reichel. and Adam Lambert.

Favorite Movies

Don't really have any favorite movies.

Favorite Television

Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, The Voice, The Masked Singer

Favorite Crafts

I like art journals.

Postcards: I have collected for many years, but no longer actively collect except for nude males. I have found some beautiful and artistic cards of nudes. If you do send me such postcards, I like MALES, not females. Thanks.

Explanation for some ones

I will be explaining some of the ones that I have received which I think are undeserved, but before I do I would like to say that I have met many wonderful, kind and understanding people on this site, and I value their friendship greatly. I look forward to many more swaps with the wonderful people in this community. And I am most happy to be here. Peace, Nathalie

Looking through my profile at the ones that I have, and it occurs to me that I do not have that many open or unsent swaps, therefore I should not have that many ones. After careful inspection, I find that a lot of the swaps I sent out were never re-rated from a 1 to a 3 or 5. After further investigation, I find that many of these people have not been on Swapbot for many years. It is my understanding that even if you send a swap out late your partner should at least rate you a three, since they have received the swap. Obviously many people do not give people even that little bit of respect. So I am posting all the swaps I have been in and sent out which were not re-rated, as they should have been. Also, it is my understanding that people should at least give you a chance to send out a swap, and a chance to be re-rated. Obviously there are people who who do not feel they need to abide by that rule either. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Certainly you can still choose to not have me participate in your swap. Fine. That is your choice and your loss.

Flaked on

@ElixirTree for Christmas Card Swap x 10 - one Christmas card for 2012

@GeeklyChic for Art Journal For Beginners - due to be sent on 15 Jun 2013, as of August still have received nothing from her. @user3209 for Autumn Splendor ATC's, due Nov 1, 2006 @user3192 for ATC's are Dangerously Addictive!, due 7 November 2006 @user1833 - lisa higdon, for Magic, Fate and Fortune ATC's, due 21 November 2006

Non-raters: @user385 for Hand-Drawn ATC @user1549 for Hand-Drawn ATC @user1760 for Why not a simple postcard? @user4376 for Why not a simple postcard? @user4017 for Why not a simple postcard? @user4109 for Ancient Egypt ATC @goodnessrecycled for 5 X 5 handpainted paper swap @3513 for Green Postcards


MSKcat rated for Library Lovers E-Prompt #11 on Sep 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your message!
tammielynn1969 rated for 1 Page Letter#20 on Sep 23, 2020
Comment: Working on your letter now
mermaidery rated for Email pen_pals #1 on Sep 22, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the email. I will be replying soon 😄
Johndeeregurl44 rated for favorite pinterest board on Sep 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the swap. I enjoyed your board.
Response: Thanks.
smartymartyky rated for favorite pinterest board on Sep 18, 2020
draco rated for favorite pinterest board on Sep 18, 2020
Comment: thank you
brooklynbunch rated for GEEK of the WEEK PC Swap #35 on Sep 16, 2020
Comment: Thanks! Susan (brooklynbunch)
replicantrachel rated for GEEK of the WEEK PC Swap #14 on Sep 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you again! Apologies for the mega late rating. I would love to live in middle earth with you! Seems even more appealing right now
Response: Welcome to Middle Earth. It is so nice to have you here. :)
Comment: Thanks for an awesome vintage postcard! I love it!
Response: You're welcome.
suepier rated for Weekend PC Swap #1 on Sep 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the pretty postcard.
Response: You're welcome.
Zander rated for Butterfly/Dragonfly journal page on Sep 11, 2020
Comment: Thank You
Response: You're very welcome. I am so happy you liked it. :)
Comment: Like the idea of having a craft room at the library and I agree about having more computers there. Happy reading.
CherryBlossomLady rated for Bring a friend PC Swap on Sep 9, 2020
Comment: Hope you are having a great week Nathalie! ❤️❤️❤️
Response: Thanks. Great so far.
Rapsy rated for Library Lovers E-Prompt #9 on Sep 8, 2020
Comment: I love that, when a book evokes such an atmosphere that you feel like you are actually there!
Comment: Always such a pleasure to be your partner! Thank you so much for your answers, they were incredible to read through! I hope you have an amazing week :) Stay safe, happy and healthy ^_^
Response: Thank you Jess. Always nice hearing from you.
MCGalaxy rated for 📚 Book GIVEAWAY! on Sep 6, 2020
Comment: I have to confess I've never read that book. It's on my to read list. The boat in Hawaii sounds good though.
Comment: Got you girl! No worries. I wish I could hear you play. You should record something and put it on Youtube for us to hear! Hang in there- I am praying an amazing opportunity will present itself soon! From my heart to yours!
Response: Thank you so much.
Jillemina rated for Usa Camp Happy Mail #5- Farewell on Sep 2, 2020
Comment: SUPER SUPER fun. I loved the whole thing. What a fun letter and the songs brought back so many memories for summer camps as a tween. Loved, loved, loved the camp craft owl. So creative! THANK YOU!
Response: You are so welcome. I am really happy you loved this swap. It was great fun putting it together for you. I will email you a pic of my cabin mates. :)
Comment: Thank you for your email! I liked reading about why you liked libraries.
Response: Thank you.
USAFwife rated for LLU: Weekly Email Prompt week #35 on Aug 31, 2020
Comment: Yes, the covers to Nancy Drew are usually pretty safe. :) There was one, I think it was for one of the Narnia books - it had NOTHING to do with the story. Drove my daughter bats! haha She will choose a book just for the cover or size of the book. So when the cover doesn't match, she gets so angry! haha! Overall, I think I prefer the understated cover art rather than something that practically screams "This is the book I'm reading and what it's all about !!!!!" There are a few that I'd have to put paper over the cover if I were to read them in public I think! haha :) Thanks for another great swap. :)
Response: Hmm. so that's why they have book covers! LOL.

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CherryBlossomLady on Sep 8, 2020:

CherryBlossomLady on Aug 16, 2020:

oopsie! sorry about the last post- i messed that up somehow... hope you are well!

Allylu on Jun 24, 2020:

LLU Currently Reading Profile Comment


I'm reading three books actually, this is one of them. The Moonstone Castle Mystery by Carolyn Keene. It's part of the Nancy Drew series. I'm reading it as part of the #ReadYour Sign challenge on Litsy. My sign is Pisces and my Gem is Moonstone. I like to read Nancy Drew mysteries. It brings back my teenage years. The mysteries are usually good, but the language is kind of funny. Nancy usually "dashes" here and there and wears sweater sets and drives a convertible. I'm enjoying it. I hope adding this image works.

jessnewson98 on Jun 23, 2020:

LLU: Currently Reading Profile Comment

Hi hi! How are you?

I'm currently reading:

Sensible Footwear: A Girl's Guide by Kate Charlesworth.* I'm really loving it at the moment. A bit slow with it because of assessments, but what I've read so far has been good. I love the visuals too.*

Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli. I've not read much of this, only a chapter, but what I have read is really good! I'm just super into sporty ya stuff at the moment, which is funny because I have always lacked the coordination to be sporty.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. Rereading this graphic novel again because it's stunning and I need more of Stevenson's works in my life.

...and there are a few others but I hope this will suffice for now.

Have a great day!

x jess (jessnewson98)

dobiegirl on Apr 3, 2020:

Be strong and courageous Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the lord your God goes with you; He will never leave or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

jaimierandolph on Apr 2, 2020:

Swap: Mega Profile Bible Verse Swap #1

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Hugs, jaimierandolph

P.s. Don't forget to rate...

CookieMomster78 on Apr 1, 2020:

Finally, all of you, be like- minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble . 1 Peter 3:8

simplyjeannette on Apr 1, 2020:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

IDreamOfAfrica on Apr 1, 2020:

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called.

Ephesians 4:4 | NIV |

Mega Profile Bible Verse Swap #1

manaelsa on Apr 1, 2020:

Positive comments Swap

Hi everyone! I'm here commenting on @cynaemon and profile... and I am just amazed. I am very new here so please excuse some clunkiness.

What I have learned from reading this profile is truly astounding. Let me give you some statistics (which may well be inaccurate as you read because this person is so busy!):

@cynaemon has completed 1,528 swaps!!! 👏 Hosted 16!!! 🎁 With 1944 hearts!!! ♥️ @cynaemon numbers should never define us, but you have a whole legacy here you should be awfully proud of!!!

Another thing I observed, and maybe you can clarify, @cynaemon has been a member since at least 2011! 9 years! We all have a lot to learn from your wisdom and experience. You must have met many generous and beautiful people from around the world during this time.

And lastly, @cynaemon 's name is actually Nathalie, pronounced as it is spelled - don't say it otherwise! (I have the same troubles...)

Jokes aside, @cynaemon it has been a pleasure to comment on your profile today. Take care and stay safe during this season. God bless you, Beth.

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