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About Me

Hello! I'm Amanda! I am a 46-year-old mom to two teenage boys, ages 13 and 17. I make hula hoops and teach hula hoop dance to adults. I'm also a laughter yoga leader. My husband and I have a home typing/transcription business. And I work part-time in the town library in the children's room.

I send my swaps out on time, so if you are missing yours or there is postage due, please let me know.

I have a pet cat, Millie. She loves to lick the window screens in the summer. Tastes like the outside!

I love bright colors and whimsical fun designs. My favorite color is purple. My favorite color palette is rainbow. I like all kinds of colorful cheery geometric patterns.

I love googly eyes. They always make me smile. One April Fool's Day (which is big in our house), I put them on household objects and food in the fridge.

I love puns and corny dad jokes, and enjoy Ann Taintor sassy/snarky humor.

I love doing arts and crafts, dancing with my flow toys (hula hoops, poi, levitation wands, fans), playing boardgames, playing Pokemon Go, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

We have a HUGE boardgame collection that I enjoy playing with family and friends. Some favorite games are Takenoko, Lanterns, Dutch Blitz, Backgammon, and Alhambra.

I love bookmarks, stickers, stencils, cartoon band-aids, and tea, so those are always appreciated! I love punchinella, drywall tape with holes, and things with interesting textures and holes that I can use on my gelli plate. I'm always looking for ephemera, maps, and patterned/painted papers for collage. I love snarky sayings and cute smiley kawaii characters. I love shrink plastic charms (remember Shrinky Dinks in the ‘80s?) and mug rugs. I love dark chocolate (no nuts).

Favorite Crafts

I have enjoyed doing arts and crafts my whole life.

Right now my favorites are art journaling with stencils, acrylic paint, watercolor, washi tape, collage, gelli plate printing. And I’ve diving into the ATC deep end, thanks to this website.

I also enjoy crochet projects like dishcloths, scarves, shawls, and cowls. I am working on a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf at the moment!

I have dabbled in many things over the years and still enjoy jumping back in some of these -- rubber stamping, sewing, origami, jewelry making, shrink plastic, mandala drawing, polymer clay.

Favorite Television

Flight of the Conchords

The Office

Parks & Recreation

Girls (my current fave—I’m only on season three)


Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (one of my celebrity crushes)

Schitt's Creek

What We Do in the Shadows

Laverne & Shirley

My favorite cartoons/kid shows are Scooby Doo, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, The Muppet Show, and Sesame Street.

I love watching YouTube and usually watch funny clips from late night TV, cute pets, concert videos, flow toy tutorials, and craft tutorials.

Favorite Music

My music tastes are very Eclectic!

Weezer, Prince, Bella's Bartok (my current fave -- a LOT of fun to see live), Seepeoples, The Smiths, Morrissey, David Bowie, The Pixies, R.E.M., Talking Heads, The Beatles, Crowded House, They Might Be Giants, Bjork, Aimee Mann, Dar Williams, John Gorka, Cage The Elephant, Sia, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, '90s dance music, '80s music, danceable catchy hip-hop, pop, dance music, hang drum music

Most anything except classical, country, and heavy metal, although there are things I occasionally listen to from those categories as well

Favorite Teas

I am a huge tea fan and have a drawer and basket full of a variety of teas. I especially love hibiscus fruity teas (berry and citrus), and chai. (NO licorice/anise or floral (rose/lavender) flavors though, please. Ew.)

Favorite Movies

The Princess Bride

A River Runs Through It

Pretty in Pink

When Harry Met Sally

Ad Astra

Meet Joe Black

The Matrix

Moulin Rouge

What We Do in the Shadows

Hunt for the WIlderpeople

Anne of Green Gables PBS movies from the '90s

Favorite actors: Ewan McGregor, Brad Pitt, and for the moment--Adam Driver


Please no floral scented items. I hate rose scent and do not like floral teas.

No black licorice or banana flavored candy or tea.

Please no religious themes or items.

Please no cheap dollar store or kiddie party favor type stuff that will just end up in the trash.

Other Random Favorites

Colors: Purple, teal, magenta, lime green, orange. I like bright and darker colors instead of pastels.



Animals: Bears, sloths, manatees, llamas, cats, big fluffy dogs (Especially Alaskan Malamutes and Samoyeds)

Baby Yoda! And The Mandolorian on Disney+

Favorite Pokemon on Pokemon Go: Wailmer, Snorlax, Eevee, Glaceon, Absol, Slakoth, Lapras, Dragonite (favorite flying type), Ponyta, Mudkip, Gloom and Ivysaur (favorite poison types), Golett and Wooper (favorite ground types). My trainer code is 1655 8089 8013 (Commanda13).

Snacks: sweet and salty, potato chips, kettle corn, cookies--especially chocolate chip

Favorite Types of Ephemera


-gelli prints

-paper with geometric patterns on them

-whimsical and cute Kawaii designs with smiley characters

-origami paper

-wrapping paper with cute designs or fun patterns

-dictionary pages

-children's book pages

-Bingo cards

-library cards and due date cards


institches rated for USA Last Page Deco - 9/2020 on Sep 24, 2020
Comment: Snakes are mine too. Not sure if I'll add another snake or pick another one.
Comment: The Sudowoodo ATC is so cute; he looks so happy! Thank you for the make up Poison Type Ivysaur, too! Ivysaur is also really adorable, and I love how you drew his flower! I'll have to check out the Pokemon Group you mentioned, too! I love all the stickers that you put on the envelope as well! It was too cute! Thank you so much!
phillaine rated for CPG Blackout Poetry HMPC - US only on Sep 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you! Your card is visually stunning, and I enjoyed your note. :) I did not make the quote stamp--it's a bit beyond my current level--but thanks for the inspiration!
Comment: I love your atc!! The smell of a new box of crayons is iconic!! THank you!
bluemonkeymama rated for TPS: Mail Art - August 2020 on Sep 18, 2020
Comment: I am so sorry, Amanda. I could have sworn I rated you for this, but saw today I hadn't. I love the postcard! Very cool, and I love the colors. Thanks for a great swap! :)
luluvision rated for Postage Stamp Mail ARt on Sep 10, 2020
Comment: Thanks for your funny postage stamp art pc! What a perfect collage!
dally rated for SSM: Mail art supply envelope #4 on Sep 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great assortment of goodies! I have fabric that matches the 2 napkins you sent, hehe.
Comment: Very cheerful and colorful! Thank you!
Bhindblueeyes rated for ATCA: Sender's Choice #5 on Sep 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the Wooper ATC and for joining both my groups! I just started following you via IG as well :) Happy to add this to my collection!!
vanneparis rated for SUSA - Strawberry Shortcake ATC on Sep 2, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much Amanda! I absolutely love her and Custard too! She really brings back memories for me too. Thanks for a very special swap. Take Care -Vanne
Comment: Thank you for the awesome bubble wrap postcard - loved the added stickers!! Thanks for making this little piece of mail art for me 💌📬
Comment: I am so sorry I thought I had rated this one. Thank you very much for your fun creative page.
ktk8 rated for PNS: Pass and Paste Postcard - 23 on Aug 25, 2020
Comment: WoW it took this one a LONG time to get here....always love receiving from you. Just in time to work on it and pass it on....thanks!
Response: Wow, the mail system is so unpredictable these days. That did take a while! Glad you got it!
ktk8 rated for WIYM: Gelli Plate PC #1 - USA only on Aug 19, 2020
Comment: HELLO again is right....and what a glorious postcard.... I love the background and of course the giraffe..... spectacular.....thank you so much.....many hearts to you!
Response: I’m so happy you liked it! ❤️
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute Atc’s!! I Iove Groudon <3
Response: Yay!
penelopesamuel rated for TPS: Mail Art - July 2020 on Aug 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful gelli print postcard! I love the colorful patchwork of prints :) It reminds me of a rainbow. I apologize for the delay in rating :( Between a long camping trip and a bathroom remodel, your postcard got buried in the stack of unopened mail.
Response: You are welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.
Allegrae rated for Collaboration PC #86 on Aug 11, 2020
Comment: What a cool card! This one will be fun to work on--and it's huge!
Response: Yes! You might need more than a typical stamp to send it home, so check with your PO. But it's such a fun collaboration! 😊
Comment: This Lenore deco book looks creepy but it has me intrigued. Hehe. Thank you!
Response: Right?! I had never seen them before. 😂
Comment: Hello Amanda! Thanks for passing along the deco, I agree! I have so much fun doing these, I am so grateful for Swap-bot! Also, thank you for the vintage stamps on the envelope, I love it!
Response: You are welcome! 😊
Frickenjazzed rated for PCA: July Swap on Aug 5, 2020
Comment: Ahhhh!! I scream for a cute PC! I love how the background looks like melted ice cream. I actually haven't played PoGo in a while and while I own a hula hoop, my hips don't know how to use it (though I know how to belly dance lol). Gelli printing though... I'd like to try that!
Response: Glad it arrived! I could use some ice cream right now. It's so hot today!

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ittybittykitty on Sep 20, 2020:

Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

OrigamiGrace on Aug 7, 2020:

Happy Friday!!


bigmamabird on Aug 5, 2020:

Thanks for working in my Flower Time zine! I just love holding a collab work in my hands when it comes home, so cool to feel the energy and see what peeps have done...

kiddomerriweather on Jul 16, 2020:

Thank you for adding to my "Lend Me a Hand" deco!
I love that you added color to the book. Those are my favorite kind of pens!

Hell0Z0mbie on Jul 7, 2020:

Glad it arrived safe! Normally I use some kind of spray-on sealer thing like spray mod podge first, and then paint a couple layers of normal mod podge. I find spray on stuff first helps it not smear, but isn't as sturdy as normal mod podge.

thisismeAXiD on Jul 1, 2020:

Happy birthday

ChelseaStarleen on Jun 26, 2020:

Hey there! I came to say don't forget to join the pog swap before the 29th of you're interested. The more the merrier. :-)

Also- I was reading a bit on your page and wanted to offer you some map papers I have from a large map book, I work at an insurance office and I have tons of those atlas books we give out every year. Lol I have envelopes I have made from maps too if you prefer. I also have a lot of pages from a old copy of The Princess Bride that's fallen apart of you'd like. I have lots and an always happy to share with other crafters. Send me a message if you're interested. :-) Happy Swapping! -Chelsea

warheart on Jun 22, 2020:

Your envelope from the OMAE tag is absolutely gorgeous!! I love that you implemented both hot air balloons and sharks. Thank you so much! I love it!

bigmamabird on Jun 17, 2020:

I'm seeing a party theme on the Stcker Bomb yo sent! Love it, thans a bunch! Wishing we could have our campfire/garden parties, but it just doesn't feel right... The hexagons are my fave...

Poftoffel on Jun 13, 2020:

Omg your APRIL Rak Just arrived!! I’m so happy it made it safely. Thank you for the tyrantrum atc and the cool goodies! I love the pokemon/medicine quiz, so funny :D

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