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Boredom buster #10

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Boredom buster #10
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QUESTION: you have 9 lives to live, as a human or other animal. How would you spend the first 3? Nothing too graphic, but how would you die if you want to add that part.


TO play you need to answer the ABOVE question in the comment area BELOW, and you need tp agree to rate your 5 parters with a 5 and a comment, not a silent 5. Please add a heart, even for this electronic swap. We all need a heart at this time in history. Be kind. If it goes against your principles to leave a heart for this swap, then leave it out, It wont go unnoticed. No one will force you to GIVE a heart. But they are free, and don't cost you a thing, and it doesnt hurt to be kind and thoughtful.

This is a boredom buster and invented for entertainment uses only and is not intended to replace any professional, legal or medial advice.

Since this is an electronic swap, I will allow most people to play. Even those with low ratings. I wont allow you to join if in the past you have not rated other players.

Even those with lower ratings may play, but I might ban folks that I suspect will not RATE their partners or who do not post a comment.

It is not my responsibility to check to see if you left a comment. Do it now when you join, or you risk getting five, 1 ratings and that is silly for something that is electronic and meant to be fun.


myancey 05/24/2020 #

My first three would be. I would want to drive really really fast and die after like going 150 miles an hour

The second way would be bungee jumping and the cord break

The third would be skydiving and something happen to the shoot

ScrapHappyGabi 05/24/2020 #

Life 1 - WWII WAC Pilot - death - Natural causes after the ripe old age of 100

Life 2 - I'd be an Alligator in the Louisiana Swamp - Living well past 100

Life 3 - Part of the crew on a space ship somewhere in the Delta Quadrant - Science vessel (think Star Trek) - Lost on a mission to a Class M planet studying plant life - Life status, unknown

52901m 05/24/2020 #

Life 1: This life, I would live as a domestic house cat and would live a long, happy, healthy life and pass away at the ancient age of 27.

Life 2: I would be a famous writer, and write books to inspire, uplift, and inform the masses. I would tragically be assassinated at the age of 25.

Life 3: This life, I would be a tree, just peacefully growing beside a house in rural Canada. I would watch this family grow through the generations, and my branches would hold a tire swing for all the children. After the last descendant of this family passes, I will slowly wilt away.

I agree to give all my partners a 5 and a heart 😊

klover 05/24/2020 #

Life #1- As a giraffe. Giraffes baffle me with their long necks. Giraffes always seem to be at peace, minding their own business, eating leaves off trees.

Life #2 - I would like to drive at excessive speeds in a Lamborgeni on the Audubon, daily. Yes, I'm an adrenaline junky. LOL.

Life #3 - I would like to live in Paris during the prohibition era. So many great artists and writers came out of that era and area of Europe. To hang out with such talent, during such a crazy time.

kazthegoose 05/25/2020 #

Life 1: As a cat. Perhaps a stray in the city. Maybe even in İstanbul since they're treated so well there :D

Life 2: The richest person ever. Like Jeff Bezos or something. Pure spending, forever. Or until I die lol

Life 3: A free red panda or a fox in the wilderness. Maybe an owl even.

CookieMomster78 05/25/2020 #

Life 1: A Bull Rider makin’ 8-seconds look ea-sy!!!

Life 2: A Wild Animal Enthusiasts like the late great Steve Irwin was.

Life 3: A bald eagle 🦅 , Orca whale, or polar bear in the Northern Lights of Alaska!!!

ceydaozdemir 05/25/2020 #

Life 1: As a person in a very futuristic world with robots and crazy intelligent technology.

Life 2: As a dinazor because why the heck not? Wouldn't that be interesting? A big one though, like a T-Rex.

Life 3: A person from the neolithic or primeval era, a hunter or a farmer. Maybe a druid even, witnessing Stonehenge in the making.

NRGordon 05/25/2020 #

I got nine lives so I’m going to ‘waste’ the first three.

In my first life I would live as a daredevil. I would try everything exciting. I would probably die when my parachute didn’t open or I fell from the face of a mountain cliff. I hope its a long fall. What a rush!

My second life would be spent saving people. A Super Hero wanna-be. I would likely take a bullet shielding a child.

My third life would be in space, where I would eventually be stretched to death, when I plunged my ship into a black-hole to see if it really is like Stephen Hawking described it.

There… got all that out of my system so I will probably only want one more time around. Anyone want my other five lives?

CookieMomster78 05/25/2020 #

@NRGordon I like your way of thinkin’!!! Sure, pass those other five lives over my way so I can try some of the heroic adventures you just described! If I don’t use ‘em all, I’ll pay ‘em forward! 😉

I think I’d like to try life as a farm dog like the Shepard in Babe too...

🧐 This is a fun one to ponder!

Thanks again for coordinating them @AZmom875

Eel9585 05/25/2020 #

QUESTION: you have 9 lives to live, as a human or other animal. How would you spend the first 3? Nothing too graphic, but how would you die if you want to add that part.

For my first life I would..... love to be a cat, I am fascinated by my cats behaviour, plus he is my spoilt prince :)

For my second life I would .... be a bird, I can’t imagine anything more amazing than being able to fly and see the world from above. I would want to be a bird like an Osprey or an Eagle which fly long distances to see as much as possible

For my third life I would .... be a whale so I can explore the oceans

AZmom875 05/25/2020 #

Life 1, a dolphin that travels far and doesnt get caught in a Fishermans net.

Life 2. a bald Eagle before the 1900.

Life 3. A Princess, but one that is happy and kind, in any land any time.
I am picturing fun flowing clothes and a tiara with pearls and a veil and soft slippers, tea, and fruit.

AZmom875 05/25/2020 #

You are all so creative. I wrote my answer before I read yours so I wouldn't be swayed. I guess in all 3 scenarios I live a very long life, and die peacefully after I have seen it all.

QtPie 05/26/2020 #

Life #1 I would want to be a dog so I can go bark and pee in everyone's yard who treated me like crap in my current life.

Life #2 I would love to be a NASCAR driver. I have always wanted to be one.

Life #3 I would want to be rich, live on 20 acres of land, have the house of my dreams built, and have a dozen GoldenDoddle dogs.

DINI2002 05/26/2020 #

Life 1 : I would want to live an adventurous life doing anything and everything and not be scared of the consequences.

Life 2: I would then probably try to live a prosperous life. Maybe try to get rich or become famous.

Life 3: I would love to own my own organisation and travel to different countries to help people in need.

I was going to say an animal, but i would be scared because we treat animals so badly these days. I don't think i could handle it.

me2az50 05/26/2020 #

Life 1: I would have wanted to be a nurse in a MASH unit in Vietnam during the war. If I died in an attack, I would have died serving my country.

Life 2: I would have liked to be able to work during with this Corvid 19 pandemic. I would have died knowing a was making a difference if someone's life; when they had no one to hold their hand and comfort them in their last hours. No one should die alone.

Life 3: I want to be an elephant. I love elephants. I believe I would live a log life and die an old elephant.

koneko02 05/26/2020 #

Life no. 1: Just a regular dude. I always wanted to experience life from the other gender's perspective. Also I like Beyonce's If I Were A Boy Life no. 2: This is going to be trippy but I'd want to be my mom. Or grandma. I think it'd be super trippy. Could write a book about it tbh! Life no. 3: A well known celebrity, perhaps some influencer or even a politician who has a big impact on the world. Good or bad.

mkaylee455 05/26/2020 #

Life #1 Walt Disney's daughter, lily or rose. I would have loved to live during the beginning stages of Disneyland to see what it truly was like.

Life #2 The most successful surgeon alive. Not only would I have a large income, but I would also be a hero saving people's lives.

Life #3 A mom. I have PCOS and for me right now, being a mom has become more of a struggle than ever. It is starting to look like adoption may be our only option (or fostering)

jillybeanie 05/26/2020 #

I'm SO tempted to read other peoples' comments, but I'm not going to until I submit mine. I don't want to be influenced by other ideas!

1 - My 1st life I would spend it living the life of a daredevil or adrenaline junkie (that was kinda my true childhood anyway!). I want to show that I really LIVED life instead of just meandering through life. It reminds me of this awesome quote from Hunter S. Thompson, “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” I would like for my death to be very late in life (like 90-something) to give hope to others who would like to be adventurers but aren't because they are afraid of dying.

2 - My 2nd life would be spent doing all of the adventure seeking and traveling as far and wide as I could go, to see all of the beautiful places in the world from the vantage point of a carefree, solitary, independent back-packer, using any form of travel offered for free or bartered for, using the travel as a way to meet awesome people around the world, proving that there is generosity in all cultures and places around the world.

  1. For my 3rd life, I would like to be a time traveler, going back through time to meet famous people (of my choice) and learn from them or study them and their thoughts, talents, and/or experiments. Some of them would be thought radical people in their day and age, and that could possibly be dangerous. Just a few of who I would love to meet would include Jesus, Jesus' father - Joseph, Caesar, Cleopatra, Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Buddha, Geronimo, Hank Williams, Elvis, Barry Manilow, Johnny Cash, Daniel Boone, Cher, my grandfather (who died of a stroke while my father was just starting high school), my father (who died about 25 years ago), and SO many more. Some of them are out of curiosity, some for research or discovery, and others are for love. If I was truly dedicated to the act of time travel, I could travel back to my birth and keep living my life over and over -- just like Bill Murray in "Groundhog's Day", but hopefully I would change the mistakes I had made in the past and do something different/better. I would probably live my life so much different and better after a few practice runs!
PerArduaAdAlta 05/27/2020 #

Oops, I thought I commented but I don't see it!

I would spend my life performing, being a rebel, and trying to fly....

Death by stage fire due to unecessary pyrotechnics, capture due to being a rebel, and....um..... Trying to fly....

I really did comment at the beginning. I don't know what happened....

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