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Journaling with a purpose

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Journaling with a purpose
Swap Coordinator:Jesshens1125 (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Newbie  Journals 
Number of people in swap:41
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:September 18, 2009
Date items must be sent by:November 1, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

This exact swap was done last month, and I was a big dork and totally missed the deadline. The swap sounds awesome and I really really want to do it, So with EmTabby's (the orginal host) permission I am going to run the swap again, and hope that there are others out there that forgot the deadline and wanted to do it too! Thank you EmTabby for the wonderful idea!

All you need to do is create a journal using these headlines on each page.

Entrys to include:

•An intro

•your fave song & why

•If i won the lottery...

•my dream house....

•I am the one who...

•favourite Disney chracter and movie and why?


•a childhood memory i have with food...

•a day i will never forget...

•a decorated page

•something for you.....(an envie with something for you partner)

•a mixed CD....

•a memory about my early years in school...

•the holiday(vacation) i wish i had...

•i believe...

•I can....

•my dad...

•my mom....


•if i was in charge of the world for a week.....

•my family

•the Tv program i love is.....because....

•a hard time in my life was.....

•my favourite flower is....because

•the best thing about being a child was....

•the best thing about being an adult is...

•if i could go back to being younger, what age would i be....why?

•God...who is he?

•Where would i go in a time machine...

•Describe the feeling of being chased in a dream

•it isn't fair.....

•a good recipe for something sweet...

•a good recipe for a nice meal...

My first love was...

~ A secert that no one knows (or few people) about me is....

Add as many extras as you want... as long as you enjoy doing this swap :)

You must not have any recent 1's, rating must be 4.8 or above! if you have a problem with this please contact me. This is a biggish comitment so only join up if you intend on fulfilling this swap...please send within the deadline and be in contact with your partner if there are any problems. As the host i am here to help and will do so as much as i can! :o) Please enjoy the swap and have fun!

EDIT:: you must have at least 6 mail swaps under you belt to join this swap.... If you are a newbie and really want to do this swap, contact me and we can work it out.

This is also international!!!!!

If there is anything else i have missed please ask and i will be happy to answer


Swan 09/ 3/2009 #

I'm watching this. It sounds interesting, but I have to think whether I will have enough time to commit to this.

Rubyfreckles 09/ 3/2009 #

im watching it too... but not sure that i will be able to do it then either.... hmmm

happylilartist 09/ 4/2009 #

i'm watching this. I'm a newbie and need to free up one of my 5 swaps in order to sign up. hopefully the sent items will be received before the sign up date, it seems like a really neat idea.

hoosiergirl 09/ 4/2009 #

Do you have a preference on the type of journal - purchased, made, altered composition book, etc? Or just senders choice? I love the prompts - got my mind thinking just reading them :0)

jillian 09/ 4/2009 #

I'm not capable of making a mixed cd. Would a profile surprise be an acceptable alternative? Great swap idea. Thank you.

Jesshens1125 09/ 4/2009 #

Hoosiergirl~ The journal can be anything you want it to be. Completely senders choice, be as creative as you want to me! Jillian~ (And anyone else who cant make a mix CD) You can do one of two things, you can create a playlist of your current favorite songs, and send it so that the reciever might be able to download those songs themselves if they dont have them, or you can do a profile surprise that might be music themed, or anything in general.

shfacey 09/ 6/2009 #

I absolutely love journals like this. Thanks a bunch for hosting it! I can't wait to get started.

Red 09/ 7/2009 #

This is a great idea and I can't wait to start.

Magickspirit51 09/ 7/2009 #

I didn't miss the deadline and I had a great time doing this swap. Once you get started it is like a cathardic writing for parts of it. You guys will love it.

Thebluestbutterfly 09/ 8/2009 #

I am a newbie who would love to do this. I am very prolific and will be blogging the progress on my own journal.

Candyn29 09/ 9/2009 #

Im soo behind....I have never made a mixed cd.

Jesshens1125 09/10/2009 #

If you cant make a mixed CD, you can make a playlist of songs you like for your partner to make their own CD. Or you can just send a profile surprise and explain to your partner that you cant make a mixed CD. Dont let that hold you back from joining the swap! :)

DarbyFlats 09/11/2009 #

Hi. My name is Michelle. I signed up tonight, and I just fell in love with this idea! I'd really like to do this. What do I need to do to get permission to join?

Jesshens1125 09/11/2009 #

Darby, as long as you have a well filled out profile, and no recent no sends or ones, and are commited to the project, than you are welcome to join. I dont want to ban anyone. I hope that you enjoy the swap!

temptwithfate007 09/11/2009 #

im a newbie , i would love to do this swap but i have no swaps done yet =[[

temptwithfate007 09/12/2009 #

i was wondering if i could join this , i have so many good ideas for this =]] let me know

diamondsapril 09/12/2009 #

what size of journal/composition book are we talking about? what size of small....not sure...any ideas? thanks....

mellyrose89 09/14/2009 #

I can't wait for our partners to be assigned!!!! Hahaha

mellyrose89 09/14/2009 #

@diamondsapril I am using two average-sized notebooks for mine, Not too small, but not too huge either. lol

mellyrose89 09/14/2009 #

@temptwithfate007 As long as you have a detailed profile, you're welcome to join =)

Jesshens1125 09/14/2009 #

Diamondsapril~ Any size journal that you want it good. As long as it isnt super smaller, not smaller than a normal compostion book. Have fun with it, pick a journal that reflects who you are.

Temptwithfate~ I sent you a private message, but as long as you have a well fileld out profile and are commited to the swap you are welcome to join. Just make sure that you really have the time and the abuilty to fulfill this swap, we dont want to leave anyone hanging... :)

Wel have about a week until partners are assigned! Cant wait! This is going to be so much fun! You can be working on your journal ahead of time if you want. :)

happylilartist 09/14/2009 #

@jessjens1125 - would you mind making a note in the guidelines that an alternative to a mixed cd is a song list - just for clarification? I'm not sure that everyone reads comments, and it'd be unfortunate for someone to receive a bad rating based on a misinterpretation of rules.

happylilartist 09/14/2009 #

is a 6 3/4"x9" journal sufficient for size? it's about 1 inch smaller on one side and 1/2" smaller on the other side than a composition notebook.

Jesshens1125 09/14/2009 #

Happylilartist~ That should be a fine size. As long as it is something you are happy with, that will allow you to do what you want with the journal. :)

ProudNanaUK 09/16/2009 #

This swap sounds like lots of fun, I hope someone maybe does it again sometime as I am a complete newbie and can't join yet.

studiomnivorous 09/16/2009 #

I've just got home from work and while I think this is an awesome idea, I'm also a little confused...are we filling out the journal with our own thoughts, or are we just creating a blank journal with prompts for our partner? Thanks in advance for the clarification, -m

Jesshens1125 09/17/2009 #

You will be filling out the journal yourself and sending it on to your partner. :)

studiomnivorous 09/17/2009 #

Thanks! -m

Faerlyfaerie 09/18/2009 #

Thanks Jess! You have awesome ideas for swaps!

Jesshens1125 09/18/2009 #

Holy Cow guys we made it into the top 10!!!! Yay! I am so excited!! I am so excited that everyone is lovig this swap idea! i think it is awesome!!!

Thanks guys for making this my frist top ten swap!!!! :)

owlbookdreams 09/18/2009 #

I am so excited for this. I've been working on mine, and I can't wait to send it. It's such an awesome idea.

ProudNanaUK 09/18/2009 #

I am enjoying writing my journal so much, thanks for a great first swap. I can't wait to finish it and send it to my partner. Thanks Jesshens1125

mellyrose89 09/20/2009 #

When are we getting our partners? It's the 20th now.

diamondsapril 09/20/2009 #

anxious to get my partner; when are we going to get them?

djmom11 09/20/2009 #

She has a week to assign, but hopefully we will get partners soon.

mellyrose89 09/20/2009 #

Ah okay cool =) Me too

Snason 09/21/2009 #

Whats with all these people and not assigning partners. I have been in 2 swaps now like this.

Jesshens1125 09/21/2009 #

I am so sorry I didnt assign partners sooner everyone. My internet was down at home this weekend, I spent half the weekend on the phone with AT&T Trying to get it resolved. I am assigned partners right now. Again, I am so so so sorry for the delay, I was recently in a swap where partners were never assigned, so I know how extremely frusterating it is to wait, I didnt mean to put any of you through that. I am so sorry! Partners will be assigned in a few mintues!

Red 09/21/2009 #

I think this idea is sooo interesting and I love it. I'm almost done with mine and I'm making a copy of it for myself. I've always wanted to do a journal and I want it to pass to my kids when they get older. This is great and I thank you for the inspiration.

owlbookdreams 10/ 7/2009 #

I'm so excited that I'm almost done mine. I hope my partner really likes it. I also really really hope its not one of those one in a million things that gets lost in the mail. I would not be a happy camper let me tell you. D:

papercaper 10/ 9/2009 #

I missed the cut-off for this by a long shot. I've only just found out about it now and I would love to have taken part in this. Does anyone know if there's another one going on swap-bot? Or is there a good search method for me to find out for myself in future? Kinda a newbie still, me. Thanks in advance if you can help.

DarbyFlats 10/12/2009 #

@owlbookdreams I'm your partner to receive your journal! I can't wait to see it! :) I'm sooo impatient.


mellyrose89 10/14/2009 #

I'm working on it some more tonight. Not too much to go!

Artistic 10/28/2009 #

A Priority Mail package (Tvyek envelope) is en route to my partner in Ohio. Happy reading! :)

patty 10/30/2009 #

MellyRose Your journal is being miled today (10-30). I don't think you will receive by Nov1 but just so you know it's on it's way.

patty 10/30/2009 #

MellyRose Your journal is being miled today (10-30). I don't think you will receive by Nov1 but just so you know it's on it's way.

Jesshens1125 11/ 2/2009 #

Hey Everyone!!! This is an UPDATE!!! While I know that some of you worked really hard and got your journals out before the deadline the majority still havent sent. so Rather than everyone being late, I extended the deadline an extra week. I know I personally just have a few more items to add to my journal and then I will be done. I hope this isnt to big of a problem for anyone, and a help to others! I cant wait to get my journal, and to send mine out! :) Thanks for the hard work everyone!!! :)

Snason 11/ 2/2009 #

It is a problem. Not only did I go above and beyond for my partner by making her a journal she could use I got it there with time to spare. I put a lot of things a side to meet this deadline. If there was going to be a change then it should of been when you forgot to assign the partners on time.

Would you really have extended the time if you yourself were not behind?

Jesshens1125 11/ 2/2009 #

Extended the deadline has nothing to do with me. My partner and I have been in communication for some time and My journal is ready to be mailed out anyway. I extended it becasue well over half of the people in the swap havent sent yet. I thought it would be helpful to people to have it extended.

I have changed it back to the way that it was. I didnt mean to make anyone upset, I wanted to help the MAJORITY of people who needed some more time. It dosent hurt anything to have a little more time. Just because it was extended dosent mean your partner was going to be sending it that late, also, it dosent mean your partner will send at all. I was just trying to help... But nevermind. The swap due date is back to where it was.

lynnemcf 11/ 4/2009 #

I am so sorry but my journal is not finished. I'm going to need a few more days. I've sent a message to my partner.

djmom11 11/ 5/2009 #

@Snason what's the big deal if she extends the date - doesn't mean you can't send it earlier - gees And a host has a week to assign partners and she did so w/in the alloted time.

Looks like a lot of people will flake on this swap, including my partner @Audie

Jesshens1125 11/ 5/2009 #

I am hopeing that no one will flake. This is alot of work and I dont want to see anyone get flaked on. Please let me know if this happens, give it a few weeks, and we will see. This is alot of work, i dont want to have to angel, but I will do what I can. Just please let me know.

lynnemcf 12/20/2009 #

I am so sad to have been flaked on in this swap. It was such a lot of work and now I have nothing in return.

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