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Important Updates

5-25-2011: Hello all! Life is busy here, but I wanted to say hello and "Good Day, Sir!" to all of my fellow Swapbotters!

New things in the works: When I'm not on Swap-bot, I'm part of an artist collective here in Nashville, TN. We've recently gone through some changes for the better, and are in the process of looking for a new studio space! As we do, I'd like to hear from YOU! Share your thoughts about Nashville arts! is a brief 5 minute survey that will help us understand how the rest of the world sees our city, and how we can help improve the state of the arts in Nashville!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU! to everyone who sent in their mindscapes for my project and played a part in Phase 1 of The Inbound Lands! Phase 2 is currently on tour with The Fiction Project at Art House Co-op, thanks to all of your feedback! And if you'd like to be kept up to date when Phase 3 goes live online, please follow the link above!

Thank you all!

About Me

I'm a painter, designer, illustrator, dreamer, doer, maker, thinker, sender, giver, finder, builder, tinkerer, writer, drawer, laugher, happier living in Nashville and open to any conversation.

I work in oil paints, gouache, graphic novels, watercolors, the occasional acrylics, furniture, inks, digital, performance, conceptual, found objects, altered documents, poverty, paper, the psychology of spaces, and a constant push to challenge my preconceptions and techniques.

I'd like to go to grad school for architecture or to teach studio courses, but in the meantime I immerse myself in my studio community, writing old-fashioned letters, and in the fastidious observation and recording of life.

Oh, and I PLEDGE TO RATE. I'll rate something as soon as it arrives, so if you've sent it and am worried I may not have received it, please message me! If you're going to be late or there is something going on in your life, please message me! I am very flexible and accommodating if you let me know what's going on. I am also very dedicated to my swaps and PLEDGE TO SEND, so if you haven't received anything, please let me know if I don't message you first! Thanks, and I look forward to swapping with you!

The Big Questions

I'm currently doing a project:

If your mind resembled a physical location, what would it look like?

And if your thinking processes/memories resembled a physical object, what would it be?

After you've considered these questions and think you have an answer, please let me know. I will respond in kind.

A big thank you to everyone who has already contributed! Phase 1 of the project is complete, and now you can view Phase 2, "The Inbound Lands," on tour or online with The Fiction Project at Art House Co-op ...and you can sign up to be notified of Phase 3 of The (Unabridged) Inbound Lands! Thank you for being a part of this!


I'm also trying to fill my profile out more, but I'm terrible at knowing what the small questions are. If you have any, please ask, and I'll shake a little bit like a magic eight-ball, and spit something up =)

The Small Questions

  1. I like spices, aloof cats, unexpected plot twists, tempting design, and gourmet stationary. I enjoy unusual items, the unexpected, your perspectives, and the clean smells of lemongrass and natural peppermint. I'm attracted to hues of greens, browns, neutral tones, jewel tones, and reds. My cat is particularly fond of yellow, and that's a point of minor contention between us.

  2. I collect art postcards, ATCs, interesting people, vintage and interesting medical items and bottles, small memories, and random bits of information. Lately I've also been looking at newspaper photos of soldiers and the Middle East; not sure where that's going yet in terms of visual influence, but if you come across any, please clip them for me, especially if you're from another country.

  3. I like learning about wines and alcohols, though I am liable to nurse a glass all night. I'm a sucker for interesting and/or beautiful labels or well-designed typography...which means when it comes to wine, I've picked some real "winners" just for the label art! Oh well. The best way to taste is to throw away the vintage chart and unroll your tongue instead. You can learn a lot about someone by what they order. Tell me what you've ordered. Better yet, send me a label of a wine you'd recommend.

  4. I dislike casual small talk, dolls and overly cute items, inappropriate glitter, makeup, bad acting, and malicious acts. Well, okay, maybe inappropriate glitter is not all that bad.

  5. Teach me something new! I'd love to hear what you've just learned, read, or thought of. Tell me one thing fascinating about you, and I'll never forget it. I penpal often, and if you intrigue me, don't be surprised to see a letter in return...but I do have a large network of people I respond to, so it may be even a bit before I write back...but I always do =)

  6. I have a partner and a cat. After all this time, I think they finally have me housetrained.

  7. Most days, I'm 24. Some days, I'm more like 8, and my partner and I giggle and make pillow forts and read comic books with flashlights under the covers, and I feel very light, like I might float away if I laugh too hard. Other days, I'm 52, and I feel a little weighted down by the things I still want to do, and by trying to make a difference in my part of the world...but also satisfied and accomplished with what I already have done to help out.

  8. I am really bad about salvaging things that look useful. I hate perpetuating a throwaway culture and even though I give away/reuse/remake/recycle things, I tend to retain a lot. It is the collector/recorder/observer in me. At the same time, however, I have a certain sense of pride in knowing how many things I am wearing each day are something that I was given, or that I salvaged, or that has become a meaningful possession. I am proud of my frugality! ...I also recycle a lot of packaging - I love to send decorated parcels and envies just as much as I like to receive them - and I encourage you to recycle mine if possible! =)

  9. I pretty much live off of my partner's turkish-brewed coffee mixed with a packet of hot cocoa mix. Our two tea collections have taken over a corner of the kitchen and continue to multiply and intermingle and develop language and the arts and other markers of long-term civilization, but I always run out of cocoa way faster than planned.

  10. I like to give people something to think about.


Comment: Lovely zine, thank you so much! (Apologies for the late rating.)
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it...and no worries about the late rating. I'm just glad it arrived! =)
ElizabethObviously rated for Moustaches Are A MUST! on Jul 24, 2010
Comment: The braids go so well with the moustache!!!! And who could ever eat a banana with one???? It would be a crime :D
Response: Thank you! I think it's quite stylish myself ^_^ And agreed! (...plus they're much harder to peel.)
Appelflap rated for Moustaches Are A MUST! on Jul 20, 2010
Comment: Can't believe your cat allowed you to stick a moustache on his face :D
Response: Haha, he was both really interested and really surprised by it! I had to sharpen the image because he was pretty twitchy, but he sat for it long enough to get a snap!
Comment: thank you it was so much fun opening all the little gifts
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Putting together the gifts were a lot of fun so I'm glad it was equally fun to open up =) How did you like the book itself? I hope the tips are useful; I went through all my old note sketchbooks to see what I could dredge up as artistic advice =D
Marymint rated for Moustaches Are A MUST! on Jul 17, 2010
Comment: Ha ha! SO funny, I love the fire hydrant - brilliant.
Response: I'm glad you liked them! I had a lot of fun taking the shots and thinking of silly ways to apply the 'stache. ^_^ Thank you for the heart and five!
Comment: I LOVE the paper! Where can I get some? I had some ethnic Christmas wrapping paper similar to that a long time ago. It was on a roll at a boutique, and I asked to buy the entire roll. They gave me quite a bit of it, and it lasted for a while. I used it sparingly, though. Thanks for the papers; I will definitely use them. I will write you later about my loss of smell/taste (too much for here). I am amazed at how much we swap-botters have in common. I have been doing very well not purchasing new books until I use what I have. But sometimes I fall short and give in. :} Thanks for the envie too. I used the same one and received anoher exact fold too. It's pretty popular. It's called a Mennonite Foldnote. Take care and I'll be writing you.
Response: I actually got this as a gift years ago and have no idea where you can get more...I'll keep my eyes peeled, but if you find it first, pass along the links! =) I know what you mean about using it sparingly...I'm saving the last piece for a good personal journal project, as it's so delicious! I'm glad you liked the papers too; they are fun little finds. I'm looking forward to your writing and in the meantime am trying to go to the library more rather than buy (more) books =D
meej rated for 5x7 geek art on Jul 6, 2010
Comment: What an awesome Nightcrawler! I was so excited to open the package (and I love the mail art) and I definitely wasn't disappointed. That baby's going up on the wall somewhere, I don't care what hubby thinks ;)
Response: I'm glad you liked him and his package! (er, wait, that sounds weird...and your husband probably won't like him any better for that comment...!) I had a fun time coming up with the concept and researching his costumes...I thought I'd go with classic Nightcrawler (though admittedly without the funky 80s mullet, haha). Glad you liked it!
Comment: I received your self-mailer today. Thank you! I like how you recycled the page (I actually took a really fun trip to Argentina w/ an ex-bf some years ago) and the zine is really brilliant. I'll send you my reading list soon :)
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! The book (for upcycled pages) was a great find, so I'm glad you enjoyed the fold I made from it ^_^ And I'm glad you liked the zine! I look forward to your reading list ^_^
Comment: OK, you and Craftgasm were in school together (as you each did the same fold) and I love the fold. Thank you very much for the zine and boxtop for education.
Response: Haha! I got a (different fold) self-mailer from Craftgasm so I asked her where she learned the fold. The school was apparently pretty popular as I also learned from BetsyPreston's mailer that it's apparently called "A Mennonite Letterfold" =D It's a small world! ^_^ Hope the boxtop is useful, and hope you enjoy the zine!
Marshmallow rated for Journal Prompts **EDITED** on Jun 28, 2010
Comment: Wonderful Prompts! Thank You, I really like how you put the prompts on individual cards...Sorry for the Late Rating
Response: No worries! I'm just glad they made it okay and that you enjoyed them...I hope the cards make it easy to shuffle them around for interesting picks =)
Comment: Thanks so much for the awesome box filled with goodies, fun, inspiration, and just awesome stuff! I love it all! Thanks again! Love, Mel
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I will be writing soon with some tips on using the natural items ^_^
Comment: Thanks so much for the awesome box filled with goodies, fun, inspiration, and just awesome stuff! I love it all! Thanks again! Love, Mel
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I will be writing soon with some tips on using the natural items ^_^
Comment: Thanks so much for the awesome box filled with goodies, fun, inspiration, and just awesome stuff! I love it all! Thanks again! Love, Mel
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I will be writing soon with some tips on using the natural items ^_^
Comment: Thanks so much for the awesome box filled with goodies, fun, inspiration, and just awesome stuff! I love it all! Thanks again! Love, Mel
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I will be writing soon with some tips on using the natural items ^_^
junemoon rated for Send poems, receive poems! on Jun 22, 2010
Comment: Thanks for sending to very good poems I've never heard of. The Stone is fascinating, Plaint is a new take on autumn.
Response: Both are contemporary authors I've been following lately (one is actually a professor from my old college), and I'm glad you enjoyed them. The idea behind The Stone really caught my ear, and the rest of his work in that volume is worth a look!
Comment: Great poems, nice envelope!
Response: Glad you enjoyed them, and hope the envelope brightened your day =)
fuzzington rated for Pen Pal Intro Mini-Zine on Jun 18, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the super cool zine! Loved the artwork!!
Response: Awesome! I'm glad you liked it! I had a fun time putting it together, though as always I am terrible at figuring out what to say! =)
Knitsicle rated for Pen Pal Intro Mini-Zine on Jun 9, 2010
Comment: I loved your 'zine. I will reply for sure. Thank you :)
Response: Excellent! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I look forward to your reply! =)
tigerlilly327 rated for Design your own letterset on Jun 8, 2010
Comment: I LOVE the letterset you created! The stars were great, but the vampire was just beyond awesome! And I love how he was upside down on the envelopes! Thank you!
Response: I'm so glad! I thought good ole Bela Lugosi was the epitome of monsters, so he was perfect to be your spokesvampire ^_^ I hope you'll find them a lot of fun!
GingerChewRaccoon rated for Stationery, what's that!? on Jun 5, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful assortment of 'stationery'! I loved the packaging job and the extra handmade envelopes!
Response: Thank you; I'm glad you enjoyed them! They are some of my favorite interesting pieces...the pirate sheet is a special one for me; it was the plate pages for an old book and I have the other copy framed as art in my house =D The handmade envies I recommend using with some mail tape, but otherwise they are sturdy =) Enjoy!

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craftgasm on Oct 5, 2010:

Please check out my ephemeral giveaway in the ZMACS forum!

sunnysidey on Jul 26, 2010:

Thanks for "The Cave of Eyes" for the ZMACS WTA! :-)

sunnysidey on Jul 14, 2010:

Please read your PMs :-)

lovelyred203 on Jun 24, 2010:

woah! it rated you so many times!! Like it did to me on my profile! How funny! But hey that was an awesome swap! I don't mind you getting so many hearts! :0

Omi on Jun 21, 2010:

Hi! I was your partner for the Send Poems/Recieve poems swap. I sent out the poems on the 14th and was wondering if the letter had arrived safely, or if I should resend. Thanks!

dandycandi on May 18, 2010:

Okay I'll share my secret with you.....but only because you liked them so much :) I stamped one of each style and then scanned and printed them cos stamping them all individually would have taken up lots of time that I didn't have (plus I was getting ink ALL over my fingers and the paper). The envelopes are all hand stamped. You can hand write on them or just set your bottom border on microsoft word to 3 cm's (or 2inches) and it won't print over them :)

dandycandi on May 15, 2010:

Glad you liked your letterset :D

Katica on May 4, 2010:


I sent @studiomnivorous an e-mail to check on the status of a swap, and she replied today to tell me that her town was flooded; cable, internet, gas, etc, are down, but she tells me that she and her family are safe and sound. Her home didn't need to be evacuated, but her studio was flooded.

Her internet access is very limited right now, so she asked me to pass the message along to anyone who has her for a swap partner and who may be concerned.

She has a perfect 5 rating even after having sent to 214 people, so I don't think anyone who has her as a partner needs to worry about flakeage, but please be understanding and give her a little time while her family is focussing on assessing the flood damage and recovering what they can.

I don't know if she is spiritual at all but I am sure that if anyone has any prayers, wishes, or happy thoughts, she'd appreciate them. :)

MichelleZ on Apr 9, 2010:

The swap partners have been assigned for the Creative Journaling Kit. I'm so glad that you've joined. Enjoy putting your kit together & happy swapping! ~MichelleZ

camelsamba on Feb 24, 2010:

Welcome to the Science! group. And I apologize if you were waiting a while, I didn't realize there were requests pending...

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