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Cheryl Lavon Donation Swap

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If you knew Cheryl Lavon aka @CherylLaVon you were a lucky person. She was one of the sweetest people on here. Someone that even though she was fighting cancer on a daily basis, was still here to swap, to chat and to crack jokes. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was a really fun gal. She is truly missed by so many. She is one of the best people I, personally, have ever known in any kind of online basis.

It's been almost a year since she passed away from cancer. Lung Cancer. I think we should make this quilt something that she would love, what do you think? I have looked over her profile and here are some things she really loved:

  • Dark Rich colors of all kinds especially Burgundy, Midnight Blue, Brick Red (They don't make that crayon anymore can you believe THAT!?!?!?) Plum, Amethyst, and I love all things shiny. I prefer silver to gold and black to white.

  • If I were a teenager I'd probably be one of those little Gothic creatures that roam the earth. I'm not dark in spirit, but I think Gothic things are interesting to say the least. I love cemeteries and headstones the older and creepier the better.

  • On the other end of the scale I love fairies and angels, sprites and gnomes.

  • hummingbird

  • I love pansies and birds of paradise and hummingbirds.

  • I love arctic animals like Polar Bears, Penguins, Eagles, Seals, Foxes, Whales and Dolphins.

  • I love Native American things and all things to do with nature.

So I think we should have a theme to the quilt(s) of animals and/or nature. Most of what she lists has to do with nature and animals, so that fits.

This swap is for any of a range of quilters. Beginners to expert. Hand sewing to machine sewing. The love behind what you are making is the most important part of this swap.

What we are going to do:

  • You are going to make a quilt square. Size should be exactly 12.5in x 12.5in (12.5 in = 31.7 cm). It can't be off even by 1/4 inch or it will mess up the quilt top completely.

  • Fabrics should be 100% cotton. Fabric should NOT be washed before making.

  • Square should be pressed before sending.

  • You can use any pattern you want. Some good ideas: nine patch, nine patch variation, string quilt block, etc. It can be as simple or as intricate as you'd like.

  • Remember the color and theme need to be nature related. There is a list of some of her favorite colors above, but you are not limited to those colors.

What's going to happen: You are going to send the finished quilt squares to me. I will put all the squares together and finish the quilt and donate it to the American Cancer Association.

To your partner, you will send either a photo of the quilt square you made or a note that says what you have went through with cancer in your life. Do you know someone that has or had cancer? Has cancer impacted your life in anyway? Did you know Cheryl? What was it about her that made her special to you?

  • You are not sending any backing or batting. This is just the quilt square for the top.

  • Since I will be supplying the batting (hopefully for more then one quilt...I hope this ends up being a fairly large swap!) I only ask that you send me 3-4 postage stamps. I will be sending this to the cancer center instead of driving it there, as there isn't one close to me. Or if you'd like, you can donate for supplies to my paypal account. My email address for paypal is [email protected]

I'm going to say if you have below a 4.85 we may have to do a private swap. I don't want anyone to flake on this swap, this is a memorial for Cheryl.

If you want to donate materials for this swap, but don't want to actually join the swap, please pm me.

My address: Jennifer Ramey

P.O. Box 177

LERNA, IL 62440

I'm going to contact Rachel so hopefully she can showcase it on the Swapbot blog!


You are more then welcome to incorporate one of Cheryl's major loves: DOTEES This was an idea brought up in the forums. Basically what you will need to do is make a dotee, just minus the stuffing. Then you applique(or sew it) onto a piece of fabric and poof instant quilt block! Any questions, feel free to pm me.

Just make sure there are not any 3d hard items on the block: no beads/sequins/charms/etc. I don't want to run into problems when I am quilting it.


graymojocat 02/ 7/2010 #

I wish I could quilt, but I can't. However, I wholeheartedly support your effort!

niecedenise 02/ 7/2010 #

For those who want to do this and cant quilt- making a block isnt quilting, its just cutting and sewing accurately.

crochetjunkie 02/ 7/2010 #

Rachel has said she is going to show this swap on the blog! Woo hoo!! Hopefully we will get lots of swappers to join in!

RachelB 02/ 7/2010 #

Thanks for running with this one - I would love to send in a square if there is an international version

Are you allowing in newbies and is it to be 100% cotton?

mypoohbear60 02/ 7/2010 #

This ia AWESOME ! As Cheryl was to. The effort that is about to take place in Cheryl's honor is going to be remarkable. Truly inspiring to say the least. My brother past away 3 years ago after fighting TB for 5 yrs and then a double lung transplant. If you have never had a first hand experience with cancer you surely must empathize with those that have. I believe you should contact the American Cancer Association to see if they could possibly auction this quilt off at a charity event or something.

I will contact you personally as I do not feel the need to be rated for this.

spinjenny 02/ 7/2010 #

Thank you so much for making it international!!!

crochetjunkie 02/ 7/2010 #

No problem, spin! I was thinking it isn't expensive to send a square to me or to send a card/photo to your partner.

@mypoohbear60 that's a great idea about the ACA! I'm sure I'm going to have more then one quilt to donate, so I"m going to wait until closer to her passing date to do that. I believe she passed away in May. Plus that will give me plenty of time to get the quilts put together and quilted.

Kicki 02/ 7/2010 #

May I just add, if someone is a beginner at quilting it is ALWAYS better to send a square that is slightly larger than 12.5. People who sew and quilt a lot don´t cut the squares with scissors but use rotary cutters to make them exact size. If you don´t use a cutter it is in my opinion better to send something a little bit bigger so that @crochetjunkie can make it exact. Please feel free to correct me if you don´t think it´s a good idea though :)

May I also ask, would it be ok to send the picture via email?

crochetjunkie 02/ 8/2010 #

Thank you Kicki, I think making the squares a teensy bit bigger will be okay. That way I can use my 12.5 template to make sure they are all exact.

I think it would be best to send the pictures in the mail. It's more personal that way. I, personally, don't like email swaps whatsoever.

crochetjunkie 02/ 8/2010 #

You are more then welcome to incorporate one of Cheryl's major loves: DOTEES This was an idea brought up in the forums. Basically what you will need to do is make a dotee, just minus the stuffing. Then you applique(or sew it) onto a piece of fabric and poof instant quilt block! Any questions, feel free to pm me.

Just make sure there are not any 3d hard items on the block: no beads/sequins/charms/etc. I don't want to run into problems when I am quilting it.

racheljohnson 02/ 8/2010 #

I just featured your swap for Cheryl on the Swap-bot blog here. Thank you for hosting such a thoughtful swap!

Rachel Johnson
Swap-bot Admin

crochetjunkie 02/ 8/2010 #

Yay! Thanks Rachel!

xxkarenlxx 02/12/2010 #

Instead of doing a pieced square would it be okay to do a square that is a solid color and then embroider or applique something onto it?

AynE 02/12/2010 #

This very thoughtful and yes, like every one else who knew her, I miss her poo flinging monkeyshines.....

crochetjunkie 02/12/2010 #

@xxkarenlxx absolutely! You can do your square however you'd like to do it! There is no limit, there is no required pattern to the square. This quilt is meant to be completely fun and whimsical, EXACTLY the way Cheryl was!

@AynE lololololololol me too

Zion 02/13/2010 #

I can help you out in adifferent way i do work for a non profit if you are sending a hand made object, to any othe non profit org you can use or addy label which marks it postage paid by our non profit for instance i make blankets for a hospice oragnazation the non profit i work for supplies my labels my shipping is free, its free for any item not being used by for person use if you sent it to a friend jsut because youw anted to you couldnt use it but to hopistals,reasearch center, old folks homes, etc numerous list you can use the lable if you want ic an email it you and you jsut print it and put it on your box

RachelB 03/17/2010 #

I finished my square - is there a gallery or an album we are using for this? I was pleased with it but feel a bit blue having thought of her the whole time I was doing it :-( RIP Cheryl

crochetjunkie 03/21/2010 #

So for I have received squares from Neca84 and spinjenny.

Not yet, RachelB. I'll make a flickr group and post it here.

crochetjunkie 03/21/2010 #

Click here to join the Cherly Lavon Memory group and/or add photos!

crochetjunkie 03/28/2010 #

Rcvd from @Kicki & @pahasiga

Nice blocks ladies!

crochetjunkie 03/31/2010 #

Rcvd from JenMeister

crochetjunkie 04/ 5/2010 #

I have received from everyone but @FibreJunky

crochetjunkie 04/16/2010 #

I have received from everyone! I'll have the quilt finished very soon and will post pics!

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