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Plastic Bubble Machine Prize 3 ~USA~

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Plastic Bubble Machine Prize 3 ~USA~
Swap Coordinator:Susan (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Toys  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:36
Last day to signup/drop:September 13, 2007
Date items must be sent by:October 1, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

Hello bubble lovers!

This is the same as the 2nd one, you will have 2 partners.

Oh in case you missed the first one...or 2nd

this is a super easy and CHEAP swap! NEWBIES PLEASE SIGN UP!!!! USA ONLY (due to time)

{look for the international one}

What you do is send 1 plastic bubble with a prize inside. The larger one (not the itty bitty)to Each of 2 partners (you can send more if you like) They should be of the 50 cent machine or more. You can find these machines just about EVERYWHERE if you don't know just ask a kid! grocery stores, malls, laundry-o-mats, amusement parks and fairs are just a few places you can find one at.

there are so many things in these machines it will be hard to choose just one I think! SO look at your partner profile and see what you think they would like to receive.

RATING TIP: If you receive your 1 bubble prize then you should give a 5 as long -as you receive you should give 5's. Did you get more than 1? How about a heart. Please don't rate less just because you didn't exactly LIKE what you got this is a totally random swap here its hard to find a machine EXACTLY to a particular taste, then more randomness as to what comes out of it. EVERYONE that send SHOULD get a 5 AND if they sent 2 or more please give hearts. You could make someones day ;)

If you don't think you'll be able to send please skip this one BUT if for some reason someone doesnt get a bubble. I will angel all no sends. So come on sign up everyones going to get something fun!

come what are you waiting for sign up then go get some bubbles!!!

WaRnInG!-- I'm gonna do this every month till I'm swimming in bubbles!


Susan 08/16/2007 #

Ready to go again? here it is. everyone welcome to join!

Susan 08/16/2007 #

Tell us here about a cool machine you found, some are fun in themself!

I was at the bowling alley yesterday and the bubble machine there was HUGE it had about 10 machines to choose from, you stick a dollar in and push the corresponding button to the machine you want to use then turn the handle get your prize then do it again after every turn it says see if you win and extra prize! well I never did win a extra one but it was alot of fun trying! glad I had big pockets on my shorts I had them stuffed full!

Susan 08/16/2007 #

as in the second one, I will also choose randomly via hat draw a lucky bubble swapper to receive an extra bubble sent to them from me. [2 winners; 1 new swapper to this swap and 1 previous bubble swapper] My family is having a lot of fun with this too! they are all running up to me for quarters saying It's for a bubble!

TeraBACat 08/17/2007 #

Woot! Woot! I'm in again! I'm gonna have to go on a search for more exciting bubble machines!

weemonkey 08/17/2007 #

If anyone is looking for neat quarter machines, try your local Best Buy. All of the Best Buys by my house have some pretty neat stuff in their quarter machines.

krazypoodle 08/17/2007 #

I'm in!! I've got bubble-mania! These things are addicting - I have a whole bowl full of bubbles at home and my husband is even on the lookout for new machines:D

Susan 08/19/2007 #

you all are SO GREAT! it IS fun and addicting but a GOOd addiction! I will check out best buy, I found the coolest one at a nice bowling alley. I was dissappointed at 3 laundrys i went to had NONE! i couldn't beleive it!

Susan 08/19/2007 #

now if you all like to send extras after you send your 1 bigger bubble its just fine & dandy to send some of those smaller 25 cent ones! SURE that will be FINE! just FINE! (watched like 3 hours of Andy Griffith this weekend! LOL)

cbzcando 08/26/2007 #

These bubble machines are great - something about turning the handle crank...Love the wierd stickers and charms for crafts. Only problem is, it's hard to stop at just one!

Susan 08/26/2007 #

CBZ Can DO , that is SO true! the charms are very good for crafts! and the strings they come on sometimes good for beading I found! lots to do with these besides fill a drawer with them LOL

Susan 08/26/2007 #

EXTRA PRIZE BUBBLE DRAWING ! I will be drawing 2 names again to send an extra bubble to! 1 will be someone joining us for the bubble swap the first time and the other will be an ole pro at this , having been in a previous bubble swap! I will post the winners here, as soon as the sign-up has ended.

shecooks 08/26/2007 #

oh my god! how did I miss this the first two times??? How?? I've been addicted to these things since I was 19. I have a collection of plastic bracelets, plastic aliens with parachutes and itty-bitty mugs.... That's 7 years of silly machines... my friends and I used to say they were like slot machines only you win a prize EVERY time... I'm so in... I'm going to the mall on Tuesday. I love this. I'm so in all of these swaps from now on... I love you!!

Susan 08/28/2007 #

Welcome shecooks!!

Xebby 08/28/2007 #

Yippy! #3! I just loved doing the #2 bubble swap. It really was a challenge to find some good bubble and I didn't always get the prizes I saw in the machine but it was so much fun, yep, count me in this swap!

Also I found that shipping for bubbles is very cheap, I was able to send my 2 packages, filled with bubbles, for the 1st class rate.

Susan 08/28/2007 #

welcome back Xebby

cbzcando 08/28/2007 #

Susan45062 - great idea about the string, will have to try it. You are resourceful.

Xebby - How did you mail them (in a bubble wrapped envelope)? I thought they might get squished.

OK, I've already gotten a few goodies but am not sure I'll be able to part with them :)

Susan 08/29/2007 #

CBZ Can Do- I know what you mean, when i find one I like I try to get it again.

Susan 08/29/2007 #

almost 2 weeks left to sign up tell your friends on swap-bot about your bubbles!

Xebby 08/29/2007 #

CBZ Can Do- I sent mine from bubble swap #2 in a bubble envelope. With about a few big bubbles and a few smaller ones, the envelope didn't seem to be too bulky and weighed hardly anything, I really hope they don't get squished. I'll report back once I hear from my partners who receives them.

dazia 08/30/2007 #

I'm very excited to be in this one!! I just started swapping here and am having a ton of fun. My 10 year old is going to be a fantastic resource for places to look for these.

cbzcando 09/ 2/2007 #

Xebby - I think you're right, bubble envie for the bubbles should work :) I got some cute ones yesterday at a hawaiian restaurant! Looking forward to sending them off to someone.

Susan 09/ 3/2007 #

WELCOME AMY yes this has become a fun family thing for all of us to do to!

TeraBACat 09/ 5/2007 #

Hello. My name is Terabacat and I am an addict....I think I have collected enough bubbles to keep me swapping well into 2009! LOL! I can't stop buying bubbles. Someone please save me!

I was trying for this big orange lizard thing and kept getting eyeballs so now I have a jar full of eyeballs and no lizard! I hope you all like eyeballs!

I have received my bubble swaps in bubble envelopes, non-bubble envelopes and in a box and all of them have been in good shape when I receive them. Personally, so far I have sent all of my bubble swaps in boxes I make out of cardboard that I recycle from where I work.

Susan 09/ 6/2007 #

Terabacat, I love to recycle boxes from stuff I buy at the store, and packages I get in the mail. I can't wait til I get one of your eyeballs LOL good luck on the lizard.

Susan 09/ 6/2007 #

I'm so glad Terabacat is in the bubble swaps she is so funny, you always make me laugh!

TeraBACat 09/ 6/2007 #

LOL! Thank you Susan! The bubble swaps make me laugh. The whole thing is just too silly... I'm searching the house for quarters so I can go take another whack at getting that darn lizard... and just wait until you see what I am making out of the bubbles!

Susan 09/ 6/2007 #

oh wow i can't wait to see now! I seen the commercial where the guy made his kids a playhouse out of quaker oatmeal boxes so i'm sure you have a clever idea!

cbzcando 09/ 7/2007 #

TeraBACat - I did the same thing! You've got eyeballs, I've got a handful of little neon plastic locks... But I finally got the one I wanted! (retro looking tiny thing - very, very cute) And used it to "lock" ribbon around a present. I may have spent more $ on that darn lock than I did on the present! :)

PlasticCrocodile 09/ 7/2007 #

since I am still new to swap-bot and this bubble swap... what is the best way to send them? in a small box? or does a bubble mailer work?

Xebby 09/ 8/2007 #

I received my bubble from bubble swap #2 and one came in a non-bubbled envelop and the other in a bubble envelope, both arrived safely and all bubbles did not even have a crack. It seems as if any method of shipping is safe for bubbles.

PlasticCrocodile 09/ 9/2007 #

thanks. I can not wait!

Susan 09/10/2007 #

thank you everyone for signing up again glad you all like this swap!

colorfizz 09/13/2007 #

<--newbie here. Excitement!

TeraBACat 09/13/2007 #

Oh I just found some really fun bubbles full of squishee stuff! Wheeee!

purple1740 09/13/2007 #

Ya I am all in this I love bubble machines. My hubby laughs at me because everytime we go to WalMart I want a bubble but he always makes me leave fast he says its a waiste of money.
But I have some really kewl ones. Like Superwoman dog tags, squeeshy balls on a necklace, fun and I put mine on my rear view mirror till my grand daughter decided she wanted it. Oh well. But the Walmart by me has really kewl 50cent ones. Not a waiste I always use my quarters on them. I will this Friday. Yipeeeeeeeeee!!

Susan 09/13/2007 #

Welcome Welcome colorfizz and Scraperjunkie! your just in time for some fun!

Susan 09/13/2007 #

welcome kimberly and everyone else who has joined WELCOME ALL !!!!

libraryninja 09/13/2007 #

I love capsule machines. I use one at the library where I work. We use it to give the kids rewards for reading.

I'm excited to go adventuring around town for fabulous bubbles to send.

PlasticCrocodile 09/14/2007 #

where are partners? I am excited to send out!

jiveknifekiss 09/14/2007 #

does anyone have partners yet?

KimyCate 09/14/2007 #

Thanks Susan, this will be my first swap here.... I'm super excited!!!!!!!

Susan 09/14/2007 #

Partners have been assigned, grab those quarters, get those bubbles, START SWAPPING!!!

Susan 09/14/2007 #

just a note - when a swap sign up date arrives/passes it takes several hours after for the assign partners button to appear for me to click. And *trust me I am checking to see if its there as much as you are checking to see your partners are. *I cant wait either!!!!!

Susan 09/14/2007 #


The NEW bubble swapper winner is ... CBZ CAN DO

and the PREVIOUS bubble swapper winner is ... XEBBY

congratulations - I will be sending your bubbles out very soon.

Susan 09/14/2007 #

Heaven help the person who gets in the way of LIBRARY_NINJA at the bubble machine!

Susan 09/14/2007 #

Be looking for Bubble swap #4 coming soon! any suggestions to improve are welcome!

cbzcando 09/14/2007 #

Yay - I won! I won! Susan4502 - thank you! Today is going to be a good day...

KimyCate 09/14/2007 #

I visited a machine this evening, and I found the PERFECT bubble for one of my gals..... lets just say it involves a farm animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe

libraryninja 09/15/2007 #

"Heaven help the person who gets in the way of LIBRARY_NINJA at the bubble machine!"

Heaven help them indeed! This is my first swap too kimberlyc8... I think it's a great one to start with :D

Susan 09/17/2007 #

have fun everyone see you at the bubble machines :)

Susan 09/17/2007 #

bubble swap 4 is now listed -sign up and tell your friends!

Valleygirl 09/17/2007 #

I got mine done! It was hard to find decent items so I added some extras to my partners. ENJOY!

Susan 09/18/2007 #

cool Valleygirl what a great swapper you are!

Xebby 09/25/2007 #

"and the PREVIOUS bubble swapper winner is ... XEBBY"

Yippy! Thanks so much!

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