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About Me

I'm engaged!!!!! Future Mrs. DiLucchio!! I'm so happy and I cant wait!! Yay! I just started an Etsy Shop online and also Just started Mary-Kay!! I love both of those things so much! I LOVE firefly and serenity. Doll house isn't to bad either. Steam Punk still rocks! Aside from that Spending time in the woods or the mountains is my favorite thing to do. My favorite animals are bats, deer, foxes,and red pandas. I adore our local renaissance festival, mostly because I like dressing up so much. I also have an infatuation with fairies, Dr.Seuss, and anything to do with Miyazake Movies.

Favorite Movies

OOO I love movies. My Neighbor Totoro has to be one of the best. The princess Bride, Howl's moving castle, Spirited Away,The Nightmare Before Christmas,Pirates of the Caribbean(all 3),Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Moulin Rouge, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Goodburger,LOTR, X-men, Big Fish, Guess who's comming to dinner, Schindler's list, Rear window, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Hotel Rwanda, The mists of Avalon, Midsummernights dream,Clue, Down With Love, Finding Neverland, The count of Monte Christo,the fox and the hound, Gone with the Wind,lover come back, Everything is illuminated, Fairy Tale theatre,House of flying daggers, Avatar, just about any good zombie flick(28 days later is fave)..etc

Favorite Television

Fosters home for imaginary friends, Family Guy, Futurama, Invader Zim, The Big Bang theory, FIREFLY!, The no 1. ladies detectives, less than perfect, how I met your mother, dexter, Avatar the last Airbender that, 70s show, east bound and down.

Things I love to make and sell

1) Fairy,dragon,bug,bat ect costume wings to wear!

2)Rennaisance costumes, regular costumes and just awesome clothing.

3)"fairy wear" aka flower head wreaths, shoes, costumes, jewelry, trinkets, masks.

4) Pet snacks and people snacks lol

5)walking sticks

6) soaps and beauty products,

7)bags, Laptop cases,

8)horns, fairy boxes( if you dont know what this is ask),

9) necklaces and jewelry,

10) plushies, blankets, dotees, anything out of fimo clay,

11)I love to give and receive stuffed envies

13) I love making things for someone based on their profile, its more fun to me that way

Favorite people

Dr. Seuss, Emily Bronte, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austin, Yu Watase, Shakespeare, James Macavoy, Wash from firefly, Colonel brandon and edward from sense and sensibility, Night from the absolute boyfriend manga series, Simon and Shepheard book from firefly, Sheldon from the big bang theory, charlie chaplin, Oscar Wilde, Robert Frost, Chaucer and Poe, emily the corpse bride, oh and my sisters, I LOVES MY SISTERS! And my wonderful Fiancee!!!!!


Favorite Quotes: "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities." Theodore Geisel

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." Robert Frost

Truth is the highest thing that man may keep- Chaucer

"No I dont think I will kiss you, although, you need kissing, badly. Thats whats wrong with you. You should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how."- Rhett Butler

"My life is over, nothing will ever happen to me again!" Scarlett O'Hara( upon being widdowed.... oh that girl...*shakes head)

Favorite Month: October

Favorite thing to buy: Undies! and Kawaii stationery products(pens, pencils, memo pads and the like)

Favorite Holiday: Halloween, Christmas

Colors: Black, White, Silver, the color of green tea ice cream (kinda pale dusty green), and a dusty rose pink. I really like muted colors or very deep and rich or dark colors

Weather: Rain, octobery and sometimes snow

Animals: Bats, Lemurs, foxes, Owls, deer, red pandas, hedgehogs and cats

Snacks/Sweets: Strawberry Pocky, Sixlets, Bannana Chips(well, fruit chips in general), chocolate, granola, Japanese candy(especially milk candy), Nutella, Rice, Seaweed, Every nut but a peanut, dofu,Mochi!!, Ramune, green tea icecream/smoothies and whoppers. I will really try anything once... especially if its from another country...

Drinks: TEA!, Italian soda, mint water, juice, merlot, fraps, and milk

Food: Sushi, Fruit, Cereal, cheese and chocolate...(not all at once however) and SALAD! surprised? I am too!

Scents: Dirt(not joking),chocolate,rain, Amber, Roses, Jasmine, Basil, sandalwood, coffee, vanilla, hani mori perfume.

Characters: Chococat, Cinnamoroll, little blueTotoro, Soot sprites,kodama, jiji Ed, Blu and Wilt from fosters Brian and stewie from family guy, Fry and nibbler from futurama, And everyone from invader Zim especially gir Wash, Inara, Shepherd book, Simon from Firefly Night from absolute boyfriend Marianne dashwood Scarlett O Hara and Rhett Butler Sokka and Katara from avatar, and of course momo and appa Edward and bella V Everyone from the importance of being ernest puck harry potter: hagrid, hermoine, ron...

Tiny things: hand sweing needles, marbles, tiny deer/bats/foxes, confetti, stickers, stamps, cute hole punches, thread/thimbles and anything super cute that is tiny

Other random crap I like: I like things native to other countries: candy, home furnishings, anything. I just like other cultures and knowing more about them. I like paintings, Anything fae, Rennaissance crap, books, handmade things, makeup, clothes, lingere, jewelry, tea, dragons,scarves, I love receiveing envies, bubble machine toys, tea and japanese things(kawaii!! woo!!), I love just about anything japanese, I love manga, anything poetry/quote related, journals, bags and materials that I can make things out of. I also really like girl packages and food packages, mythical creatures,cards, paper lanterns, tiny waterfountains and chimes,beads and felt/fabric. I also like learning more about other people..Oh yea! I love zombies and robots!

Books that waste my time but I love anyway: the book series's absolute boyfriend, dearS, Fushigi Yugi, Hellsing, Ouran High School Host Club, anime in general the comic books James and Mutts

Things I dont like

Spiders, FUSCHIA!, pastels, easter(mostly cause of the excessive use of pastels..*ick), sunny Hot weather, country design or music, typical haloween witches, typical rainbow/white unicorns, boring white pearls, sequins, jewel tones in excess. Breakfast tea or earl grey. Liccorice


NEW RECEPIES!(specially a really good foreign recepie)

a "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" wash bag

A bat dotee, a fox dotee and a deer dotee

fun bubbles from those 25/50 cent bubble machines

a fairy jar!

calligraphy stationery

anything dr. seuss related

fun stuff for my little dog angel

something hedge hogish (they're so cute!)

handmade journals


aunt flo survival kit

brides stuff!

cool and different things from other countries/ beads

Japanese pencils and stationery

a momo doll (from avatar the last airbender)

a kokeshi doll necklace

A little handmade zombie stuffie!

Favorite sports

I have fallen in love with a man, and as a result also fallen in love with certain sports! Basketball is awesome! Favorite teams are LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets. Foot Ball I love! Being a Colorado girl I support the Broncos. Alright dont judge me here, i love free running, martial arts, archery and fencing as well. Marching band and drum core are up there too. Fly fishing ftw!!

Favorite games/systems

World of warcraft! I love my pc games! Xbox 360 and nintendo( all forms) rule! I love modern warfare, beautiful katamari, left for dead, ddr, oblivion, all the leggo games and mario games, halo, assasins creed, pac man, monster maddness, prince of persia.... Shall i go on? Lol


bluecrayons rated for Make-up swap series #2- Eyeliner on Feb 27, 2012
HelloCindi rated for Business Card Networking Swap! on Feb 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you for your card, samples & the lovely letter! Also, I'd love to be your penpal :) I will be sending you my business card & a letter soon <3
Response: Thank you!!
ladymel rated for Business Card Networking Swap! on Feb 10, 2012
Comment: thank you so much for the samples. they will work nicely with my coloring. i will check if you are one of my partners. if not, i will send you a mini catalog!
Response: Your welcome, I'm glad they suited you! :) Thank you for the mini catalog too!
catcrazy rated for Business Card Networking Swap! on Feb 10, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for all the Mary Kay samples. I love samples and can't wait to try these.
Response: Your welcome! Please tell me what you think once you do try em :) I had so much fun putting together the packages!!!
breadcrumbs00 rated for 4 elements dotee swap #1 : Air on Aug 23, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package! I love the dotee and the interesting explanation about her, and also the pretty bracelets, papers and yarn - wonderful! : )
elizabeth13 rated for Fairy Jar Canada and USA ONLY on Nov 7, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much, Amber. It turned out very cute!!! The journal and Halloween candy are great as well!!
SilverWing rated for Panties and a Surprise VI on Aug 20, 2008
Comment: ^^ The undies are perfect, very ME, but I'm in LOVE with my Totoro friend! He's adorable! You did an amazing job, thank you so much!
Prpldy rated for ★ Fairy Dotee Swap ★ on Aug 18, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the great swap....loved the extras too...the needle book will sure be handy!
Response: Your welcome, I'm glad you liked it!
rebeccaljames rated for A William Shakespeare's swap on Jul 10, 2008
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Your welcome, I hope you liked it!
angeliams rated for After Halloween sale swap! on Dec 15, 2007
Comment: Loved my package:) TY so much!! I enjoyed this swap lots!!!
sassygalnc rated for Holiday Cookie Tin Swap on Nov 26, 2007
Comment: Thanks so much ! I really do like all you sent..
Response: Awesome, I hoped you would! Merry Xmas!
Comment: Thank for all the extra toys!
Comment: tytytyty love it.

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NaughtyElf on May 15, 2009:

Hey! Thanks for joining Keepers of Avalon! Hope you have a lot of fun in the group!

heatherlayne on Oct 10, 2008:

Hello there! I've extended the signup deadline for my Steampunk - Alter an Item swap until tomorrow (Sat. 10/11) evening! Come on over and join if you're interested, we'd love to have more swappers!

Prpldy on Aug 3, 2008:

Not a problem on being late with the Fairy Dotee....I totally understand.


applehouseuk on Jul 30, 2008:

Hello- your fairy dotee is on the way- she's coming from the uk so please allow 5-10 days (it's a long way for a fairy to fly!)

mutiny on Jun 9, 2008:

Hey! You're my swap receiver for the Shakespeare swap but I don't think you've filled in the questionnaire for it? Could you fill it in and link me back please, that'd be a great help! Unless you don't mind what you receive, in which case I shall make them all surprises! :D

  • mutiny xx
emdgee on Apr 25, 2008:

Hey, I kind of randomly stumbled on your page and noticed you liked dr.seuss... there is a postcard swap and an atc card swap about dr. seuss/dr.seuss books. I think I joined both of them so the swaps are listed on my page :-) Just incase you were into it :D

Xebby on Sep 29, 2007:

Thanks for the heart for the Bubble Swap! Welcome to Swap-Bot, I'm sure you are going to really enjoy this site.

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