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I ♥ Your Blog!

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I ♥ Your Blog!
Swap Coordinator:Jex (contact)
Swap categories: Email 
Number of people in swap:25
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Rating requirement:4.85
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2010
Date items must be sent by:October 22, 2010
Number of swap partners:7

I have a blog, sometimes I really don´t have time to write but I´m always thinking about what to post. I take pictures, I look for graphics and for other sites for ideas and good reading =)

Sometimes I´d like to have more free time to blog, I want to try and write often in my blog, having followers and reading comments...I like to comment in other blogs too!

So, for this swap you will have 7 partners (because is my lucky number xD) and this is what you have to do:

  1. Send to your partner the link of your blog.

  2. Then go to your partners blog and grab a button, you have to link them in your own blog, so your followers and readers will know your partners later =)

  3. Write an entry talking about this swap, and write what you like the most of your partner´s blog. You can link with pics or just a text, it´s up to you!

You will have 1 week to prepare yourself, visit your partners and write about them. Sounds really fun, right? So, join us!

Requirements: Having your own blog of course. Having a button to link you posted in your blog. Newbies are welcome, and this is international too! At least 4.85 of rating, and no recent 1´s. We don´t like flakers right?

If you have any questions, please message me. And if you have suggestions, please don´t be shy ;)

Let´s have fun!! =D


penthief 09/25/2010 #

I don't have a blog or else I would join. But I do enjoy reading others blogs. =) So..if anyone that joins would like another set of eyes to take a look PM me the link. Peace!

crochetangelwings 09/27/2010 #

I want to join but it says I do not meet the min rating requirement.... Even though you said newbies can join.... :(

Jex 09/27/2010 #

I´m sorry but I have to protect the swap from flakers so, your overall has to be at least 4.85 and you haven´t been rate yet =/

racheljohnson 09/27/2010 #

I featured this swap on the Swap-bot blog, here. Thanks for hosting such a great swap!

Jex 09/27/2010 #

Thank you Rachel! =D

MissThundercat 09/28/2010 #

instead of a button, can you also just post a link of the blog under your blog roll list? i don't (know how to) work with buttons myself, lol!

mag 09/28/2010 #

I would love to join this, but I don't use buttons too =/

Jex 09/28/2010 #

Yes, you can join the swap as long as you put a visible link of your partners blog in yours :) and if somebody wants a free Button for your blog I can make you one, just send me a PM

weeatcrayons 09/30/2010 #

How do you make a button for your blog? I don't even know how to decorate my blog up! Any help please pm me!

estrones 10/ 1/2010 #

I tend to put buttons on a separate page I've made for them. I also put links on my blogroll.

Jex 10/ 1/2010 #

Here are some free buttons to decorate your blog: http://www.shabbyblogs.com/button.html http://www.twitter-button.net/ http://www.blogaholicdesigns.com/2010/06/free-cute-twitter-buttons-twitter.html http://www.blogaholicdesigns.com/2010/06/free-cute-welcome-to-my-blog-buttons.html http://leeloublogs.blogspot.com/search/label/Link%20Buttons http://www.momblognetwork.com/resources-services/free-cute-i-love-comments-blog-buttons

You can make your own FREE button or banner here: http://www.mybannermaker.com or here: http://www.bannerfans.com/banner_maker.php

Free Backgrounds: http://hotbliggityblog.com/

Free Premade templates for blog: http://freepremade.blogaholicdesigns.com/

Social Media Icons: http://www.scarymommy.com/social-media-icons/

E-Mail Free Buttons: http://justsomethingimade.blogspot.com/2010/06/more-email-buttons-for-your-blog.html

Jex 10/ 1/2010 #

It´s ok estrones =)

funkylukecosmicart 10/ 6/2010 #

fun fun fun! thank you for all the 411

Riechan 10/12/2010 #

I'm in ^^

Riechan 10/12/2010 #

still have to make a button though ..

sunnisandy 10/13/2010 #

I have a blog and want to do this but I don't understand what the button is? Silly I know, so I will look over the sites above and hopefuly join! I love the thought of this, blog reading is right up there with crafting!!!!!!

Jex 10/13/2010 #

Hey sunnisandy, this is my button: http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn22/jexyland/Blogger/buttons/jexyland-bows.gif

You can make one like this or any kind of button you want =)

hippofairy 10/15/2010 #

aha! i've finally figured out how to make a button! i can join! :)

happymilk 10/15/2010 #

I'm only able to put a picture of my button on my blog but don't know how to provide the HTML for the picture and the URL of my blog for my partners. Do I need to do that or can I just put my blog button on my blog and let my partners work that out?

jterrazas 10/15/2010 #

I have a blog and would love to do this but wont have time in the next few weeks to create a button and don't currently have one. Hope you all have fun!

hippofairy 10/15/2010 #

i found some good instructions here: http://oikology101.blogspot.com/2008/09/make-your-own-button-for-your-blogger.html

but you don't have to use photobucket. i just posted the photo to my a blog entry... made the photo a link (click on the photo then click the link button above and add your blog link)...

then i saved the blog entry, went back in to edit... go to view html mode and copy the whole html code for the photo/link. save your entry again... go to your blog design page, add a html gadget and paste your whole photo/link html code. this adds the photo. to add the text i used this:

Then paste in your HTML from step # 3 and close with

check out my blog and see how it looks. :)

hippofairy 10/15/2010 #

wait, for some reason the comments don't let me add the html code to show the text. you'll have to go to the link i posted to get the instructions. it's under "Create your text area for your button". hope this helps! let me know if you need help! :)

onlyincambodia 10/15/2010 #

I found that this site (My Banner Maker) works really well. It allowed me to design a button using whatever picture I wanted, as well as add text in a variety of fonts, colors, & sizes. I was able to add it on my sidebar with a great html tag for others to grab and paste to their sites.

PisceanMama 10/16/2010 #

It took me a little while, but I finally figured out how to include a button. It's all the way at the bottom of my blog, but I promise you, it's there! I can't wait to get started!

mrswhiffin 10/16/2010 #

Oh no I missed it :(

happymilk 10/16/2010 #


It worked, thanks so much! :)

Brooklyne 10/16/2010 #

Do I HAVE to mail everyone my blog addy? It's on my profile! I know, I know, I'm just being lazy, but 7 blogs in 7 days is a lot of blogs to review and write about. Unless I misunderstood and we only post one entry about all 7 blogs. Let me know so I can get started on this. I would really prefer one post as this is my business blog.

hayleyk 10/16/2010 #

Ok, the people who I am partners for (not MY partners) do I have to do anything for their blogs? I mean, I will visit and comment, but I don't have to do anything else right? I know with MY partners what I have to do, but what about who I am partners FOR?

Brooklyne 10/16/2010 #

OK. I have the blog post scheduled for Oct 19th. I prefer one post per day and already have one for tomorrow and one for Monday. I won't mark as sent until it posts.

AlteredArtFreak 10/16/2010 #

Ive only received links for 3 of my partners. If your my partner and Im supposed to link to you please email me with your blog link. I know who I am to "send" my link to, and have done so already but I still need links from 4 of my partners. Ive recieved from jex, happymilk and onlyincambodia, so if you are to send to me please do so that I can read your blogs and get my posts set up so that I can have them all done before the cut off send date. Thanks!

happymilk 10/16/2010 #


Good question!!


Hey there, by received, do you mean that you just have my blog link?

happymilk 10/17/2010 #

Also, for my partners and pretty much everyone, please put a blog button on your profile so that we can fulfil our requirements for the swap. I don't want to be rated down because you didn't put up a blog button. :( Thanks!

But @Jex ... What do we do if our partners don't have a blog button? Most of mine don't have one and I'm a bit worried...

happymilk 10/17/2010 #

Sorry, I meant put a blog button on your blog*

Amberingz 10/17/2010 #

this is a bit complicated....For a blog follow...A button..Oh boy, ok and ill send my address...But it is on my profile..As @ Brooklyne stated - -Complain Complain But so many just for a Swap? Ok this is what i do....Please go to the SWAPALICIOUS page on my blog and post there, am i bad? I dont want a whole new button just for one swap..OK, im gonna go check it out and ill be back,.,,, And it boils down to just appreciating the follows and love! Kinda grouchy, my BF is leaving on tour and im being a bit bit*hy cause im sad,,wouldnt cha think>>>?? HAH,, nightnow

estrones 10/17/2010 #

I don't use blog buttons, as @happymilk said above. I don't really like them, won't have them! I do have a separate page for buttons where there isn't any choice. But I haven't made any for myself. So it's okay if my partners just use a link to my blog in their blogroll.

Jex 10/17/2010 #

Hello everyone, thanks for writing.

I see we have a lot of things, here are my answers: Brooklyne: yes, you have to send your link to your 7 partners, I know is boring but if you wait to your partners to go to your profile this will take more time, and your rates will take longer too, please do it puppy eyes, and yes, you can post just one entry with the 7 blogs, its up to you.

Remember everyone, this swap is for having fun =)

Haylek: I recommend to visit all the blog, we can make it people, you can post a comment or if you like the blog just follow it. The must it with your partners, they have to post about your blog ;)

AlteredArtFreak: your partners have to send you the links, but must of us have the link on our profile, if you want to make this quickly you can go and just click in the link, or if you prefer you can wait until your partners send you the message =) I will send a PM to all my partners so I can make this easier, but as I said before its up to you =D

Jex 10/17/2010 #

Happymilk: (and everyone) If your partner don´t have a button you can take the pic or the graphic you want of your partners blog and link the blog with it, or if you want to link with text you can do it too. You can send a PM to your partner saying why you are doing this, so nobody will have troubles with the rate. Remember, communication is the key in every swap, but specially in the electronic swaps.

If anybody receive and unfair rate, please let me know, thank you!

Jex 10/17/2010 #

Amberingz: the rules of the swap was very clear but you don´t worry, it´s ok if you put the buttons of your partner just 1 week, then you can erase them (because you don´t like the blog or other reason you have), this swap is for reading other blog, and other people knows yours but I understand if sometimes the button don´t fit in your template, or you don´t like the blog you don´t want the button forever there, right? And this is the reason why you don´t have to be a "follower" of your partners blog, I know just because we are in SB it doesn´t mean we like the same stuff ;)

Jex 10/17/2010 #

estrones, thanks for clarify what you prefer =)

I will keep writing you back if you send me PM, and will check here if you have any doubts. Thanks everyone to join.

Happy swapping!!

buttnakedwoman 10/17/2010 #

I am having problem posting my button code. So decided to post them here:

Please link me.

Thank you

Amberingz 10/17/2010 #

Ahhh, i cee so you dont have to follow! You just need the button! Temporary fix..got it...Guess ill go make a button real quick..Ill put it on the swap page... My blog link is under my profile name under my etsy shops..

onlyincambodia 10/17/2010 #

This is STILL confusing. But, from what I understand...

  • We send our blog links to the partners we rate (aka receiving partners). When they write about our blogs (and hopefully tell us that they have), we rate them.

  • We write reviews about the blogs of the partners we send to (including posting a button and/or a link), once we get their blog links. In order to be rated by them, we need to send them a message letting them know that the reviews have been written, so they can see that we have fulfilled the swap.

Am I right? Is this what we're supposed to be doing?

AlteredArtFreak 10/17/2010 #

ok, sorry to those of you I thought were my partners :) didnt mean to spam you. i sent my link the first time to those in my "see the partners you send to" folder, now per instruction I see Im supposed to send to those in the "rate your partner's and coordinator" folder. I have now sent the link of my blog to them. Sorry once again, I was confused! :)

estrones 10/17/2010 #

@AlteredArtFreak I think you were right the first time, send your link to the partners you send to.

Amberingz 10/18/2010 #

LMFAO!! This is sooo funny, im glad i am not th eonly one that got confused all of a sudden...The first time reading it didnt sound to complicated... No you send your address to the people that would have sent something to you, had the swap been mail or a package...So you pretend like you got a package, go find them to rate them and instead of rating them ,send them your amberingz.blogspot.com


hippofairy 10/18/2010 #

i'm completely confused. i guess i'll follow and grab buttons/links from everybody (send to and received) and rate my partners after i read their post for the swap. :)

PisceanMama 10/18/2010 #

Hippofairy, that's what I'm planning on doing as well. Better safe than sorry is my thought! :D

SilverHealer 10/19/2010 #

Oh man, I was getting so confused!! I sent my link to the partners that I was supposed to send to, and then I've been rating the people whose links I've been receiving. I'm going to go ahead and send my link to those who are sending me links, to play it safe, because I'm still confused. LOL!!

SilverHealer 10/19/2010 #

Oh wait, I DID message the seven girls that I rated; I sent them my blog link so they could see what I wrote about :)

Now I'm going to grab the blog links/buttons of everyone to whom I initially sent my link out.

happymilk 10/21/2010 #

How long should I wait after the deadline for a couple of my partners to finish the swap?

Jex 10/22/2010 #

Everyone must write the post at least today (oct 22nd), if your partner didn´t post about your blog today, you can rate them a 1 happymilk...

Riechan 10/22/2010 #

wait I'm confused ... (like everyone else I think?) I sent my link to the 5 partners I saw on the list, than I posted about the 5 blogs from people I received their links through a message. But when I'm looking who to rate, I'm seeing, other people then people I had to send my link to or had to review... this is getting weird! Help please? :$ (btw I read through all above comments)

onlyincambodia 10/26/2010 #

@Riechan , there are 7 partners. Look up in the swap description.

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