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A personal note:

I try to grow and learn from life, whatever it may throw at me. I'm a very spiritual person and respect all religions/beliefs, but I 'belong' to none. I try to treat everyone with respect and kindness, as compassion is mankind greatest gift. Though I have been through a great deal in the past and I look forward to moments in the future, I try to live very much in the now. As it's factually the only time we ever really have. Living life to the fullest without having regrets, from moment to moment and accepting things as they come... Well, ideally anyway ;)

Some of my mentors are Jon Kabbat Zin, Deepak Chopra, BrenΓ© Brown, Ekhart Tolle and Thupten Jinpa

We recently adopted a kitty from the shelter. Her name is Meesha and I love her to bits :) She turned 2 on April 25th (2016)


I have studied Museology and majored in Education. I obviously love going to museums and galleries. Some of my favourites are; The Louvere and Mussee D'Orsay in Paris, SFMOMA in San Fran, MOMA in NYC, Stedelijk Museum (which I have the pleasure to work in, which is a dream come true!) and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I am a fan of modern art/contemporary art I also enjoy sculptures in the style of Rodin.

I love to travel! My dream would be to travel the world! I wish I could and that money wasn't an object! My faves cities I've been to are definitely Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Stockholm, Seville, Chicago, San Francisco, LA and NYC :) If you send me postcards, I'd love to see views of your city.

A note on swapping:
I have been swapping for several years now, first on LJ, flickr and other sites. Please note that while I do send my parcels on time (will contact you if I send over deadline) and with airmail, the postal system does sucks and it can take a long time to get to you. Esp. to USA/Canada/Australia. But rest assured, I ALWAYS send. So having a little patience from your side will always be rewarded as the fun of swapping in my eyes is making/sending something that you know your partner will love :)

I love seeing new forms of art, it inspires to create more myself. The process of creating brings me great joy. I love challenges and try to create things with thought and effort.

Mail Art is my forte. I love mixed media art, incorporating paper, paint, rubber stamps etc. See the archive section for my Mail Art 365 project I did in 2012/13.

I also love swapping ATC's, altered match boxes and am into letter writing, coloring, journaling and making layouts in my Midori Traveler's notebook. See my blog for my crafty endeavors :)

I used to do a lot of kawaii swaps, but I am not into that anymore. I am selling off my kawaii collection.

Special requests

Anyone from the UK who sends me mail using Doctor Who commemorative postage stamps from Royal Mail UK (from the 50th DW anniversary) - I shall send you Mail Art/profile surprise in return :)

To bring down my hoarding: Please do not send me any extra's with an ATC or mail art swap! I know you mean well to send something fun with the swap, but I am accumulating so much stuff, it's really not necessary to send me any other paper materials/stickers etc. If you really want to send something extra, I would appreciate sturdy ATC backs or ATC sleeves. Thanks so much!


Blue tones(esp. ocean blue, turquoise), burgundy (deep red), moss green, olive green, lavendel (amethist is my birthstone), black & white, red & aqua, green & purple...
No neon colours for me, thanks ;)

Polkadots, retro design, Sakura design, vintage floral prints, celtic designs, cherries, strawberries, mushrooms, owls, deer, matryoshka, hedgehogs, trees, leafs, fairytale prints, robots, monsters, rockets, steampunk, gears, clocks, vintage ...

Mucha, Klimt, Monet, Renoir, Rodin, Andy Warhol, Tara McPherson, Rangar, Fawn Gehweiller, Yosimoto Nara, Ai Yamaguchi, Nerderella, Tokidoki, Hidden Eloise, La Marelle...I love art postcards!

I absolutely love the good old stories and tales from Anderson & Grimm, not the Disney Happy versions, though the movies are fun to watch at times ;) My fave are Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel und Gretel, 1000 and 1 nights, to name a few. What I love most is the Feel of the story. I LOVE independent artists who make their own art based on fairy tales, there's SO much fun & unique stuff on etsy on them! and I would love to see your interpretation of the stories. I also love the original etch and line draw work in fairytale books, like in Lewis Carrol, Grimm and Anderson.
I also really love children's stories! My fave author is Roal Dahl, Mathilda is definitely the book I read over and over again while growing up :) I love the magical feel most children's books have to them.

I have a huge affection for cats. black and ginger cats in particular. But most feline animals are well loved by me :) I also love seals, turtles, elephants, butterflies, dragonflies, koala's, kangeroos, deer, owl, fox, wolf, hedgehog, woodland creatures and birds.

Music; I have a wide taste, but I esp. love rock bands, alternative, classic rock, grunge, metal, 60-70 soul, jazz, relaxing lounge... I love to discover new music, so suggestions of your fave songs/bands/artist/new discoveries are welcome too.

TV shows; (I own so many DVD boxsets...;) WHEDON!! Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse were so awesome! Also cool; The big bang theory, Fringe, Supernatural, Glee, Medium, The Office, Smallville, Felicity & My so called life, (my fave shows when I was in Highschool), Star Trek esp. TNG and Enterprise, Battlestar Gallactica, Dexter, True Blood, ...
BBC series; New Doctor Who series, my fave is David Tennant. Torchwood. Life on Mars. Ashes to Ashes...
Swedish detective series Wallander, cooking shows, esp masterchef.

Movies; I love sci-fi, fantasy, art house, anime, horror and comedy. I'm so sad the Harry Potter series ended :( Love the marvel comic movies and I can't wait for The Avengers! Movies like the Hangover and Tropic Thunder make me laugh so hard! All time fave movie; Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

Books; I admit I'm a total chick-lit a-holic ;) I read everything by Sophie Kinsella, love Jane Greene, Cecelia Ahorn, Elizabeth Gilbert etc. It's funny I love watching sci-fi rather than reading it and love reading rom-coms rather than watching it ;) my goodreads profile I also love reading inspirational and motivational books on mindfulness and compassion.

ATC's, Journalling, Alter-journals, decos, drawing, charcoal drawings, painting, collaging, etching, lithos, rubberstamping (I'm a stamp addict, I admit) Well actually, I may admit it openly, I am a craft material hoarder! Eep!

I have a sewing machine/embroidery and a lot of fabric, but no time to use it :( I prefer to play with paper.

I can't knit or crochet, but have high admiration for people who can! I'd love to see a handmade amigurumi! Basically any craft you are good at, please feel free to share it with me :)

I'm into carving my own stamps nowadays and my boyfriend loves this craft too! So I'm REALLY looking for good quality carving blocks like Speedy Carve and other Artist carving blocks. But if you can find good quality hard erasers in your aria I'd be grateful for those too!

I'm not too fond of

Miffy (you can find a lot of her in Holland already), Paddington, Diddl, Disney, Snoopy, Forever Friends, Nici characters, incence, incence candles, confetti, glitter (have too much already), clown items, religious items, christmas items (unless i'm specifically in a swap for that) things for kids/babies (specific for kids toys), creepy gnomes (cute ones are okay ;), items with skulls on them or anything that's broken/old/dirty or just very used or items that have a heavy scent on them...

Forum/Private swaps

I'm taking a break with forum tagging as I don't have time for it anymore. I do however like to send out mail art RAKs and send mail via the wishlist group.
If you have received something from me that isn't an official swap, please let me know personally via pm or profile note so I know that it has arrived :) thank you!


In 2012-13 I sent 365 pieces and the last ones went out at the end of April 2013! It was a tough journey but a fun one :)
To see all the mail art I sent for the project, please click the picture;
365 Mail Art Pieces SENT!!

October 2012
Featured at Create mixed Media :) I have been Interviewed by Lisa Mason on snail mail, mail art and my mail art 365 project YAY :) Read the interview here the art of handwritten letters part 3

Swapbot Blog: Met Rachel and my swapbot friend @Dreamrains in NYC, june 2010 :D

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tiffanyjoy rated for MA: Scraptastic postcard #1 on May 25, 2017
Comment: I love the postcard you created. Thank you so much!
Comment: Thank you so much for a great swap!! That envelope is adorable and already collected for repurpose! All the goodies are fantastic, I love it all!!!! β™₯β™₯
Comment: thank you so much
Comment: Received your envelope (which I have to say I love the envelope) today, thank you very much. We didn't have time to go to Van Gough museum while we were there, we also wanted to go to Rotterdam but that too will have to wait till our next trip. We did go to Barcelona and Figueres and LOVED Barcelona, hoping to make it a family vacation sometime. The other place I really liked was Athens, and Brussels has the most beautiful square, Rome - so much to see, it seemed like every corner had something interesting on it, but the noise was insane as well as the transit system. Our next visit to Europe is more planned to tour all of The Netherlands and Germany and it'll depend on how long we go for to decide where else to go, would love to include Sweden in that list. Frankly send me anywhere new and I'll be happy, but I will admit Europe has stole my heart and I can't wait to go back, hoping next year as we have some family events this year that we have to attend. Take care and again thank you.
Comment: I love the postcards and the cute owl page markers! Thank you very much!
Created46 rated for HMPC: Sender's Choice-April on May 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely communications and I deeply apologize for the delay in rating you. I adore this postcard and it is posted front and center on my display board. Thank you.
Response: Thank you so much for checking! I am happy you liked the card! Thanks for the kind rating and heart <#
Coss rated for HMPC: Altered Postcard #2 on May 11, 2017
Comment: Loved the end result of your altering. Thanks so much for a great swap.
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely and you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating and heart <3
Comment: How cool is that a vintage movie mag!!!! Thank you so much. A good way to push my knowledge of dutch...:)By the way I have to find out where the museum of communism is...the paper is pretty, too. Oh have a great evening. :)
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely and you liked it :) So happy this mag found the perfect recipient :) thanks for the kind rating and heart <3
geekgirl1001000 rated for April senders Choice on May 8, 2017
Comment: Love the ATC! Thanks for the extras.
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely and you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating and heart <3
Comment: Hi Cheetarah! What a gorgeous envelope and ATC! (And thank you for all the fun extras, too!) I was excited to see that the process for making the card was on your blog, and I really wanted to read more about how it was done...but...I couldn't find the post! Can you help? It'd be so cool to read it. :) Love your fun, colorful, and really interesting work! xo
Response: Hey Paula! Glad to hear it arrived safely and you enjoyed it! The post got a bit lost in scheduling, but it went up a few days ago, https://missthundercat.blogspot.nl/2017/05/atc-poppy-fields.html :) Thanks so much for your kind words and the heart rating <3
Watsonc7 rated for April AMA Sender's Choice on May 4, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the colorful PC! The "kindness" message is totally on point for these crazy days :).
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely and you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating and heart <3
Comment: Thank you for the mail and covered envelope.
Response: Glad to hear it arrived safely and you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating and heart <3
Comment: Wonderful Masterboard PC! Thanx for joining the swap :)! Purrrrrrs ~
Response: Glad you liked it!! puurrrrs back :)
Comment: 2 postcards and very cute bird-house stickers, thank-you. I really like the atlas envelope you sent it all in. Have a great week!
Response: Happy to hear it arrived safely & that you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating & heart :) xoxo
Stargazer008 rated for MA: Sender's Choice - April on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: Wow this is a really impressive piece of mail art. I really like all the layers with the portrait in the middle...thank you. Have an awesome spring time.
Response: Happy to hear it arrived safely and you liked it! thanks for the kind rating (& compliments) & heart :) xoxo
Comment: Thank you for the FAB PCs, love them!
Comment: Thank you for the pretty envelope and special postage, what a pretty tuxedo kitty! Thanks, too, for the note and postcards - hope you're having a great April, too!
Response: Happy to hear it arrived safely & that you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating & heart :) xoxo
graciepie49 rated for MA: Sticker Shock #2 on Apr 20, 2017
Comment: Wow! Very cool card! I love the circular theme and I also Love the city silhouette tape at the bottom. I need to find some of that for my supplies. Thank you for a very nice postcard.
Response: So happy to hear you liked it and thank you for the kind rating and heart :)
Comment: EEEEEEE! Thank you SO much for the fantastic care package! I love the inks, the art, the ephemera, well really every single thing you sent. I think I love the envelope most of all. I'm putting it into my journal. Also just started following you on instagram. I think we'll be best friends soon. : ) I want to hear more about the museums you've visited. I was in the Louvre for about 20 minutes once and it just wasn't enough, obviously. Can't wait to get back there!
Response: Hey Shelly, you are absolutely welcome and I'm happy it all got to you safely :) Would love to hear about your museum visits as well :) xoxo
aladyde rated for WIYM: ANIMAL ART POSTCARD on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute postcard.
Response: Happy to hear it arrived safely & that you liked it :) thanks for the kind rating & heart :) xoxo

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DLRodrigues on Jul 13, 2016:

I am so happy that they both made it!!! YAY !!!!!

rngstgstll on Jun 8, 2016:

Thanks for the "vintage ladies series" postcard!


Elephangaroo on Jun 2, 2016:

I received my swap from you after I had lost all hope in Canada Post!! Thank you SO much for the really lovely sugar skulls! I'm putting them up on my "wall of fame". :)

meeltje57 on Apr 8, 2016:

Wat een leuke verrassing in mijn brievenbus vandaag. Dank je wel voor deze lieve officiele Swap Bot mail. Allemaal superleuk, maar het broche steelt de show. (β—•β€Ώβ—•)❀

zoev1975 on Feb 2, 2016:

Thank you so much for the pretty journal for the January Wishlist!

DaisyTX on Jan 28, 2016:

Cheetarah, thank you SO much for the awesome mail art you sent to me from the Wishlist group! You are so kind to grant one of my wishes! I love it!

Snuggles555 on Dec 31, 2015:

Loved reading/learning about you on the blog today. Happy New Year! :-)

racheljohnson on Dec 7, 2015:

So happy to announce that your Ambassador Intro is finally up on the blog!! Check it out!

JennyLoo on Sep 17, 2015:

I mailed your "Scribbles to Amazing" card yesterday!

ScrapHappyGabi on Dec 31, 2014:

Happy New Year

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