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PISCES: Birthday Presents!

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PISCES: Birthday Presents!
Swap Coordinator:FiWebster (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Nature  Art 
Number of people in swap:20
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 1, 2011
Date items must be sent by:February 15, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Pisceans: we know who we are. We may not (technically) be more special than those born in one of the 11 other sun signs. But we need special attention, don't we? We're not only water people, we're mutable water people, which means we're changing all the time as we swim along through our emotion-soaked lives. It's rough sometimes, to cope with all those feelings, all those changes.

So this swap is to help soothe our fishy souls. How will we do that? By celebrating this yearly occasion for...

...BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! All you Pisceans who want an extra birthday present stick your hands up now! Yay!

And fish will be involved! Double yay!

If you join this swap, you will send one fish-themed gift to one partner. You may make it. You may buy it. It may be a stuffed fish. It may be a wooden fish. It may be a pottery fish. It may be a cool-looking plastic fish. It may also be made of paper--like a fishy artwork or fishy postcards in an envie. It may be an item of fishy jewelry, even. Or a fishy rubber stamp. Use your ample Piscean creativity! =smile= (And please start thinking about it now, because the swap window is only 2 weeks.)

As for money--that's a delicate subject--but I'll say...you may spend anything from 0$ to 22$ on this gift. But you are not expected to spend anything more than your careful attention to the fishy needs of another Piscean like yourself.

Are Pisces cusp people allowed to join this swap? Absolutely!

What about people who have very special Pisces friends or relatives they would like to get a fishy gift for? Absolutely!

Are people who simply adore fish allowed to join this swap! What do you think, my fellow Pisceans? I believe I can hear you sayin' sure, the more the merrier.

Now, on the subject of hearts: swap hosts are not allowed to specify anything about ratings, but if we were, I'd encourage you to give hearts to your fellow Pisceans. I'd say that anyone who gets a fishy gift--especially if it arrives in time for your birthday--should give their partner a heart. But I can't say that, so never mind. =grin=

Now everyone post your birthday in the comment section, please!

Mermaid above is just one of several fishy rubber stamps made by Steve Vander Meer


FiWebster 01/22/2011 #

My birthday is February 22.

Why this swap is "Region: USA": because I wanted for people not to have to worry about postage cost. But I'd be happy to do an international version, if there's interest. Let me know!

By the way, you Pisceans might be amused by what you find if you google my swap-bot name.


HisTechnoAngel 01/23/2011 #

My birthday is March 12 :). I'm very much a Pisces... very dreamy, very artsy, extremely musical... I'm looking forward to this swap :).

pmj1959 01/23/2011 #

My birthday is March 8. And I don't care about this new Zodiac calendar and all the 13th sign... I'm a Picese through and through and through! Love the swap Fi! :)

FarStarr 01/23/2011 #

I'm NOT a Piscean, but am most definitely a fish girl! Bring it on!!

VickiM 01/23/2011 #

Hi, My birthday is March 3 and I am a Pisces through and through.

ladyblades 01/23/2011 #

Hey, I love this swap idea! I'm a true Pisces and I was born on Alfred Einstein's birthday March 14th. My partner was born on the 15th and our boxer dog was born on the 16th. What a fishy household we have!!!

MomZoo 01/23/2011 #


My birthday is March 15. I'm a true Pisces also..

candigirl 01/23/2011 #

I am a very empathic, musical, wishy-washy Pisces...typical, eh? My birthday is March 10.

I have a creative friend who used to send me stuff for my feet as birthday gifts, such as a gift cert. for a pedicure, a set of foot care items with lotion, pumice stones, nail polish, or soft and fuzzy socks....since we are a sign ruled by the feet.

Did you guess that my friend was also a Pisces? Haha...

Saucyknits 01/23/2011 #

I am a medievalist, so I know who & what "Melusine" is -- very kewl!

My bday is March 13 & it's a BIG one this year (ugh)

PisceanMama 01/23/2011 #

You'd better believe that someone named PisceanMama is joining in this swap. ;) I'm stuck right between candigirl and HisTechnoAngel as far as birthdates go - March 11th. And yes, I'm a Pisces through and through!

FiWebster 01/23/2011 #

I'm thrilled to see all of you! =smile=

I'm curious: do any of you know your Moon sign? I'm asking in part 'cause I'm what's called a "double Pisces": both Sun sign & Moon sign are Pisces. I can get seriously watery! Fortunately, my Ascendant is Aquarius, so I do have a small addition of Air Energy in there. A "triple Pisces" would have their Ascendant in Pisces, too. Eeek!

Oh, and @candigirl I'm envious of your foot care gifts: as an older woman (turning 56 next month) I have to be especially careful about taking good care of my feet. And I'm super into socks! I go crazy at Sock Dreams =laugh=

pronounced "fee"

HisTechnoAngel 01/23/2011 #

How interesting... looking up my moon sign, I'm apparently a moon-Saggitarius. So... Sun Pisces, moon Sagittarius. Now, how do you figure out your Ascendant?

FiWebster 01/23/2011 #

I'm pleased to announce that there's an international swap for Pisceans, too: it's called Pisces Birthday Mail . I was sweatin' over the fact that there are a number of UK/Canada/etc. Pisceans out there, so now I'm relieved.

It's different from this swap: it's not focused on fish and instead is for Pisces-themed mail art and a "flat" present. Not that we can't do mailart and flat stuff here, too, but there's gotta be some kinda fish involved! =smile=

I agree with @candigirl the more, the merrier!


FiWebster 01/23/2011 #

As for how to calculate one's Ascendant, I'm afraid I don't know, @HisTechnoAngel --I learned mine when a friend of mine bought me a full horoscope for my birthday. I know the Ascendant has to do with what time in the day you were born. It's supposed to be like your "role in life"--the script that Life hands you, the part you have to play--as opposed to who you really are, which is the Sun 'n' Moon.

I know it's definitely true for me that the script Life handed me was in the realm of Air energy--the mind, intellectual gifts, communication, etc. That role, for me, has at times been at odds with the strong water (emotional) forces in my Sun 'n' Moon.

Moon in Sagittarius would be spicy: I don't know the details, but being a Fire sign, it might add some power into your mixture, some fiery passion--and perhaps a spiritual dimension, too. You should read about it. I've been hosting a series of "5 Element" swaps, and Fire is next up on the roster--but not until after this one!

Even though I don't take astrology very seriously, I think it's fun to play with, to read about. I have a Scorpio husband and have had numerous Cancer friends, so the business about Water signs getting along well, is definitely true for me.


CajunLady 01/24/2011 #

Born Feb 24th here! I'm so a Pisces too, it's not even funny! My Moon is in Taurus though. If it happens to help my partner, I've added some Pisces things to my Etsy favs!!

RadicalRecrafter 01/24/2011 #

My birthday is Ferbruary 27th so I am a PIsces,for sure! (As is my dad-born March 5th).Two in one family! Cajunlady-a fellow Louisiana lady? :D. I was born in Fort Polk ,Louisiana!

IrisLightofMyLife 01/26/2011 #

My birthday is March 17th.

lmhruska 01/27/2011 #

My birthday is feb. 24th, check out my profile for helpful hints.

AlphaChick 02/ 1/2011 #

My birthday is March 4th I found a moon sign calculator here but make sure you put day/month/year as it is an UK website

merlainne 02/ 1/2011 #

I was flaked on a birthday swap last year and subsequently swore off them for perpetuity. But, I can't resist--this one is special. Oh yeah, March 6.

FiWebster 02/ 1/2011 #

No one needs to worry about bein' flaked on: I have enough fish to angel several folks. =laugh= Seriously, I do!


daffyd1963 02/ 1/2011 #

hi just wanted to let you know i joined because i thought my husband would enjoy receiving something fishy it looks like a fun swap

GypsyRose 02/ 1/2011 #

Hi! My birthday is March 18. I am a Pisces through and through

candigirl 02/ 2/2011 #

Well, I was always told that I couldn't know my moon sign because I didn't know my time of birth (I was adopted), but I plugged into the "moon sign" link that AlphaChick put in her message, and it appears that on any time during the day I was born (March 10), I would be an Aquarius moon sign. I read it, and it didn't really describe me to a "T", but maybe someone else WOULD recognize those qualities in me. Not sure.

FiWebster 02/ 8/2011 #

For what it's worth @candigirl , I don't think that site has very good descriptions of the moon signs. For one thing, they read exactly like the sun signs! I would look elsewhere, like in a book, for what your Aquarius moon sign might mean...

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