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Country: Canada

About Me

This is hard for me to write but I think it is important and need to have any future partners understand.

Sometimes life falls apart and they are beyond your control to fix them......no matter what or how you try.

I have since gotten my life back on track and hope to be able to prove that I am not a (I hate this word) 'flaker."

I have already started contacting old swap partners to try and resend and awaiting their responses. (One way to redeem)

For those that did not receive (a few), I will make it up to them however I can........given the chance.

I'm a mom of 4 very active kids. 2 boys (18 & 15) and 2 girls (17 & 8). Used to be a stay-home mom but now work. Life/kids keep me busy. I don't look my age (love it) and have been told by my kids/nieces that I'm a hip dresser & very "modern". I love to laugh.....very important. Nothing phases me. Love to scrapbook, cook/bake, photography, SHOP, music, gardening and swapping, and my passion is reading, reviewing/blogging.

I speak & write 4 languages........Greek, English, French and Italian.

Love equestrian.......prefer english saddle but do western also.

Since I'm a water sign........love anything to do with water....swimming, oceans, bubble baths, pools, etc....

I'm 5 feet tall......yes, I'm petite, but have the energy, drive and stamina of 2!!! I wear a size 4 (after 4 kids.....I'm blessed).

I love shoes!!!! Runners, high heels, boots, flip flops, stiletto sandals!!! A girl can't have too many! (size 6/small)

Love girlie girl things, but can compete like a tomboy!!!!

Love watching comedies.....whether it's a big screen movie or a sitcom. Laughter is the best medicine!!!!!

Love to read!!! My interest in books ranges from supernatural to romance/erotica/bdsm. I also love the classics.......Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austin, etc........

Music interest varies also. It ranges from Techno, Bellydancing (Mediterranean blood), some country, to Sean Paul, P Diddy, Pussycat Dolls to old school rock (KISS, AEROSMITH, AC/DC).....when your children listen to different varieties of music.....you learn to go with the flow.

There are no allergies in this household!

Other than my husband and 4 children, we also have 1 spoilt and lovable dog (6 year old Male) and 3 cats (2 females, 1 male) and 1 male, LOPS bunny

I think it's great to have a forum just for swapping.

I am entering this info for myself and my kids (they are a BIG part of my life). They so enjoy getting things also in my mail, and they also like to help pick out things for my partners (they are becoming excellent future swappers)

Things We Like/Wishlist

Anything pink/blue/purple (girls and myself)

Baby-blue or purple (eldest daughter)

I seem to love anything in light earth tones.

Real seashells (have a beautiful large vase and slowly filling it up)

Hello Kitty (my 8 year old & I trade together)

Family Guy related items (especially Stewie) or Bing Bang Theory (the boys) and/or Wizard of Oz/Supernatural (me)

Anything with Fairies or Unicorns, dragons, gnomes, mystical creatures

Mythological items/books/drawings

Would love to learn more about Wicca


Lip balms (fruity flavors)

Surfer related items (my son)

Soccer (football in Europe) related items (it's a fever in this household)

NFL football related items (both sons are in teams......worship the sport)

Wrestling (the boys)

Anything Disney




pens, hi-lighters, pencils, erasers (I have little monsters in my walls that walk away with half the stash!!!!)

Anything Hockey related

Vintage postcards/stationary

Gardening (perennial & vegetables)

hair accessories (for myself and the girls)

Unique fridge magnets

Bath products (citrus or vanilla scented)

Body lotions (citrus or vanilla scented)

Vintage tins or recipe boxes

Printed blank recipe cards

Pierced earrings (a woman has to accessorize)

Candles and/or tart warmers (citrus, vanilla or apple/cinnamon and light lavender)

Have always wanted to learn about Wicca (it picks at my curiosity)

Scrapbooking items (sheets, ink pads, stamps, stickers, punches, etc....)

books (LOVE TO READ)

Belly dancing cd's (it's a great workout)

Comic books (Archie, Red Sonja, Conan, Batman, Dudgeon & Dragons)

Fantasy related items (fairies, witches, leprechauns, dragons, etc...)

Love vintage books

Love anything associated with the British/Scottish/Irish country-side (legends, knick-knacks, magazines, estate sale finds)

Love animals

Coloring books, crayons (jumbo for toddler), markers, etc...... (the kids are big time artists!!!!!!!!!!)

Sparkle glue, craft related items (kids and I enjoy doing this)

Love Wizard of Oz.........anything!!!!! (When I was young started collecting; then I moved....and the movers "lost" a few boxes!)

The girls love collecting Disney stationary, pens, dolls, etc....

The boys love Dinsey "boy" characters (Goofy, Donald, etc.........)

If sending tshirts, the sizes are listed: me......size Small
1st son.........size M 1st daughter......size Small 2nd son.........size M 2nd daughter........size 8-10

I just love anything to do with fairies, sprites, magical creatures, unicorns, dragons (the kids share my interests......chip off the old block)

Favorite Books

I've mentioned that I love to read. Some of my all-time favorites are:

Hotel Transylvania by Chelsea Quinn Harbro.........I've had this book since I was 15!!!! Came across it while on vacation with my family in Maine. The innkeeper gave it to me as a gift...I kept reading it every night in his library!!!!!!!!! (it is amazing). Apparently there is a sequel but I can't find it.

Paranormal Romances (vampires/werewolves/witches, etc.....)

Julie Garwood Josie Litton Shannon Drake Anne McCaffrey (The Dragons of Pern) Beatrice Small Jane Feather J.R.R. Tolkien contemporary chic lit/comedies

Favorite Television

I love tv!!!!!! When the kids go to sleep at night, I do my housework, and usually sit in front of the tv..folding laundry or making notes for the next day!

Gilmore Girls (have seen every episode and still enjoy watching the reruns)


Vampire Diaries

Hawaii Five-O

Charmed (have seen every episode)

According to Jim (that's my household!)

Everybody loves Raymond

The New Adventures of Christine

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Food Network

Ghost Whisperer

Moonlight (anyone know where I can find a vampire like him????)

Sleepy Hollow


Hoperin rated for Interest me in a new book No. 18 on Dec 3, 2014
junemoon rated for Interest me in a new book No. 18 on Nov 29, 2014
Pancakes rated for Your new best friend swap!!! on Apr 21, 2011
Comment: Disappointing, Youre given a second chance here and you completely blow it. Way to be an awesome best friend I guess!
Fever rated for Beauty Swap (with a wishlist) on Apr 14, 2011
Comment: I'm extremely disappointed! After making so much fuzz about having a hard time and stuff and lying to me about having sent it or sent it late due to someone else's fault I still haven't got anything. I would be happy to change this rating once, but to be honest I don't believe it. It's a pity, that the swap coordinator believed you and actually did let you in that swap. Because it was not a cheap swap and it would have been nice to receive a package, too, after sending out quite an expensive one.
lukrecja rated for Package up my favorite colour on Apr 4, 2011
Comment: I've never received anything and considering, that you're suspended, I can't even contact you... I'll re-rate if I ever get something from you...
fairypretty7 rated for Favorite Color Swap on Apr 3, 2011
Karenmomofthree rated for Apron Swap on Mar 31, 2011
Comment: Will re rate if I receive anything. Very disappointed I had taken a chance on you.
gony rated for Not For You Swap!!! - Edited on Mar 30, 2011
Comment: I was really looking forward to receiving something for my niece, but swap was due Feb 14th, and on March 9 you said my parcel just left, delayed due to husband's mix-up at work... I asked about what kind of mix-ups you talked and you never replied, although you read my message. 3 weeks later I still haven't received anything from you. And I do not think I ever will...
lovesmail rated for Valentine's Day Pen Pal Swap on Mar 25, 2011
Comment: I will be glad to change the rating if you would like to send something out.
Sissi rated for Surprise Me! Profile Swap #1 on Mar 20, 2011
Comment: And for me as well as other 7 ones... nothing received. Got a reply to my question on March 3rd. You wanted to "double check" it - never got any result then. Dateline's a month over and since there are quite many swaps that never arrived, I have just a bad feeling about your shipping habits. Sorry. If your swap will ever arrive me, I'll change my rating of course. But I jsut give you the advice: Be more honest to your partners. It's not fair to receive packages and never send out any...
Lexidh rated for Private swap - Lexidh/MomZoo on Feb 16, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much =) The cats are going completely bonkers over the fish treats, even the picky one is enjoying them! The pork with peach recipe looks sooo good! Too bad the bbq season is so far away, we usually don't get the grill out until late May. The turkey scallops are soon on our menu for sure =)
Response: I'll send you some more treats for the fur babies. Also, you're welcome
Ogma rated for Soft hands and soft lips! on Feb 12, 2011
Comment: Never received anything--been over a month now. Emailed many times. Will change rating if anything is sent at a later date. **This swap was from almost 3 years ago (in 2008). I just received something. I see you were in an accident and couldn't email and I'm sorry about that but we emailed back and forth several times when this swap was due so this particular swap didn't have anything to do with that. I'm glad you're feeling better.**
snarkystitches rated for Soup or Stew Recipe on Feb 4, 2011
Comment: :) Thanks so much! Can't wait to try them!
lilmouse rated for Soup or Stew Recipe on Feb 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the delicious recipes! I can't wait to try the Greek Style Yogurt and Tomato Soup, it sounds delicious!!!
Comment: I am absolutely blown away with what you sent! Above and beyond all expectations, I would absolutely recommend you as a swap partner. Welcome back.
Response: Thanks I'm still trying to learn to downsize...lol. Hope you enjoy.....tried to think of you and the boys.
Dibrittain rated for I LOVE STICKERS!!! on Feb 13, 2009
Comment: I think I got these. I am trying to rate all my old swaps I let slip by. Not like your doing any now.
mominolney rated for Boys boys boys on Jul 18, 2008
Comment: very disappointing to have my little one so disappointed. I will be glad to change the rating if I get any package. thanks annette
kacka rated for PenPals For Me, Penpals For You! on Jun 25, 2008
Comment: thank you for great letter from you. It finally arrived:)), took really long time. Will answer you:)

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SimpleJess2 on Apr 25, 2009:

hi please jion my swap it is called


TeaNi on Apr 26, 2008:

thanks for letting me know, we'll be on the lookout for it:)

wygirl on Apr 22, 2008:

HM/HSM items are on their way :0)

Shiv on Apr 21, 2008:

Don't hate me, but I'm actually a Bruins fan! Born and raised in Boston.

Perhaps not the best time to admit this, since they're down 3-0... :(

RogueArtist on Apr 13, 2008:

Welcome To Wild Women!

I hope you enjoy the group. Please send a PM to me if you have any questions or concerns. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm an online junkie, so Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll respond to you quickly.

There are several group swaps to join and more are being added all the time.

There are also some great discussions in the forums. Post early. Post often!

Thank you for being a part of the group

debbiesw on Apr 8, 2008:

Thanks for joining the

'small surprise package for someone close to you' swop.

goddessamy on Apr 8, 2008:


Just letting you know I have created a new swap for our "Wild Women" group.

I hope you join!


RogueArtist on Apr 4, 2008:

Welcome to Wild Women!

Glad to have you as part of the group.

SimpleJess2 on Apr 1, 2008:

hi please jion my homemade bread recipe if you are interest

SimpleJess2 on Apr 1, 2008:

hi i got your message about the pefences , you can send any kind of recipe to me . for the Easy recipe card swap.

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